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Perry Mason
Perry Mason 11 minutes ago
Star Wars expo: Gal: "it's all art." He looks at Last Jedi Gal : "that's just a trashcan"
Stefaan D
Stefaan D 12 minutes ago
All the money in the world... and still they cant make a movie that actually feels like its in the 80s... What a fail. Kung Fury felled more 80s then this crap! But only people that lived in the 80s will feel like that.
mayur tapkir
mayur tapkir 12 minutes ago
It's sooo cool when they mix VFX with cool sound effects.
ASHAK UL ISLAM 12 minutes ago
Come and see the future dc
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres 12 minutes ago
Steve: *looks at Charlie's Angels* Diana: That’s just a trash can
Aj Styles
Aj Styles 12 minutes ago
Where is the background score we saw in previous wonder woman movie?
Pablo 12 minutes ago
this looks so bad
movie jockey
movie jockey 12 minutes ago
Blue monday '88... gud background music. Waitin 4 this movie
Joel Philip
Joel Philip 12 minutes ago
2:17 BEST SCENE!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
princeoftidds 12 minutes ago
Gal Gadot is under enormous pressure! All the DC franchises are steaming piles of garbage except WW. How does she do it??
Prince Bhinder
Prince Bhinder 12 minutes ago
What a classic vfx
shakeel ahmed
shakeel ahmed 12 minutes ago
I love this time I mean 1984. Wonder woman I am excited.
Pablo 12 minutes ago
this is so shit
Great History
Great History 12 minutes ago
1984 was a good book
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode 12 minutes ago
qrsx66 12 minutes ago
All I've heard and read about WW84 is not 100% positive, the scenario or its execution may be a bit convoluted, except if they correct it. But from what I see here that looks good, I want to love this movie.
Great History
Great History 13 minutes ago
Book is better than the movie
Pink Transformer
Pink Transformer 13 minutes ago
Pffff ale będzie oglądane
Carl Van Dopamine
Carl Van Dopamine 13 minutes ago
This trailer is ⚡⚡⚡⚡
Magic Tricks
Magic Tricks 13 minutes ago
NFox 13 minutes ago
i don't see any SJW. is this really it? finally a movie without heavy SJW? i don't dare to hope
RealityGamingAZE 13 minutes ago
Does anyone think that Steve must be aged.He must be old
manish shaw
manish shaw 13 minutes ago
Whats the music playing on the background ? can anyone suggest me
TSnake1988 13 minutes ago
2008-2019 belonged to Marvel, the 2020's will belong to DC.
nanda rajani
nanda rajani 13 minutes ago
ANother blockbuster on the way.
Pablo 14 minutes ago
marvel is better
Camryn Zapinski
Camryn Zapinski 14 minutes ago
I would just like to say the VP of warner brothers son is in my media class at Indiana. He brought his dad in from LA to our 8am about 2 weeks ago and this is just a treat all over again
Anonymous Reviews
Anonymous Reviews 14 minutes ago
Wow how original Hollywood’s ran out of ideas and are still trying to push the feminist agenda and giving females a false sense of empowerment this movie is just a TRASH CAN!!!
arp thirteen
arp thirteen 14 minutes ago
Wonder Woman and Batman is why DC is still surviving. Looks great.
Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer 14 minutes ago
Why are people acting like ‘stranger things’ invented the 80s?
??? 14 minutes ago
DC 4 life
intel i9 9900k
intel i9 9900k 14 minutes ago
Bollywood is 🤮 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Twisted 14 minutes ago
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Adam U.
Adam U. 15 minutes ago
Oh, new movie, fresh batch of memberberries!
spacecase8888 15 minutes ago
I was a kid in the 80s and never heard Blue Monday by New Order until the early 90s. Burning Down The House by Talking Heads is much more reminiscent of 1984 to me.
Ashwin Balani
Ashwin Balani 15 minutes ago
Did Wonder Woman just pulled off a Spider Man?
Pam Catalan
Pam Catalan 15 minutes ago
Fantástico!!!! 😍😍
Cory 15 minutes ago
Marvel is better 😏
Bibhuti Pattanayak
Bibhuti Pattanayak 15 minutes ago
Black widow and wonder woman: We are the most powerful female sensation on internet. Ranu Mondal: Hold my mic.
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer 15 minutes ago
So its wonder woman vs black widow
varun siddharth
varun siddharth 15 minutes ago
When i saw this i am like is this for real it looks more interesting than black widow by a long shot Tell me in the comments below
ZAID NASSAR. 15 minutes ago
The grappling lightning scene gotta be the most badass thing anyone has ever done 😍😭🔥 let's hope the movie is good you never know with DC 💔😂
Bolazy Lad
Bolazy Lad 16 minutes ago
DC movie now starting to grab audience likes after all avenger movie end.
AlucardsQuest 16 minutes ago
Looks like some good action and acting, but I can't figure out what kind of story it is. Maybe it's better if I'm surprised in that regard. People think I'm crazy for liking schlocky goodness like Justice League.
16 minutes ago
Frost 16 minutes ago
Imagine revealing a main character isnt dead in a trailer lmao
Lucky's Channel
Lucky's Channel 16 minutes ago
She totally did it haha, oof.
M M 16 minutes ago
Oh so we're pulling some x-men timeline bs here too huh?
jacob vedia
jacob vedia 16 minutes ago
I just wanna know why he looks the same shouldn’t he be older HES FAKE it’s a trap
David K
David K 16 minutes ago
Steve looks at Captain Marvel Diana: that's just a trashcan
Itz_Dxrian 16 minutes ago
*Marvel releases Black Widow Trailer* Wonder Women: *"Hold my shield"*
Rahul Kumar gosai
Rahul Kumar gosai 16 minutes ago
The colors, the music, the expression, and of course gal Gadot. EVERYTHING IN THE TRAILER IS STUNNING. DC has found his way with Ww, Aquaman, Shazam, joker and now wonder women 2.
May Wooltorton
May Wooltorton 17 minutes ago
Starcourt mall is there .,?????
LIL HONEYBUN 17 minutes ago
Soo she gets her second movie wich i mnot mad but what about SUPERMAN show so dam respect
Moisés Castro
Moisés Castro 17 minutes ago
Interesting! ImI.
Picu 17 minutes ago
It looks like they are trying to pull off the whole “Thor: ragnarok” kinda vibe. it feels a bit fake to me. Too much 80s. Let’s hope it’s good!
ace ansari
ace ansari 17 minutes ago
Other watch movie because of actors directors, I will see wonder woman for Hans zimmer... score....
Bianca Ferreira
Bianca Ferreira 17 minutes ago
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 17 minutes ago
If he isn't an illusion, shouldn't Steve be old af rn
Zidane ZiZu
Zidane ZiZu 17 minutes ago
So why is it called 1984 ?
Ronin Editor
Ronin Editor 17 minutes ago
PREDICTION: Steve was brought back through time (thus the watch metaphor) by the 'bad guy'... but in the end, Wonder Woman will have to choose between saving the world or Steve being sent back.
DMG G 18 minutes ago
I thought wonder woman can fly she swinging like spiderman
WeAreVenom5 18 minutes ago
It’s all art: Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Joker Steve looks at Suicide Squad Diana: That’s just the trash can
DrMario Pepper
DrMario Pepper 18 minutes ago
Awesome! I didn’t they got Taika Waititi to direct this one🙄
garth james
garth james 18 minutes ago
Holy trailer batman
Vishal Vaishnav
Vishal Vaishnav 18 minutes ago
DC please release this in hindi language and use only dubbing artist not Bollywood stars. #ww84hindi
pyro 18 minutes ago
the radiohead scene was sublime
Julio Xúm
Julio Xúm 18 minutes ago
2019: American Horror Story 1984 2020: Wonder Woman 1984
HAFENI 18 minutes ago
Guys this is hard yo! ruvid.net/video/video-4dMd7FIj6CA.html
bharat sharma
bharat sharma 19 minutes ago
thor l
thor l 19 minutes ago
1:39 epic 🔥🔥
Khabib Time
Khabib Time 19 minutes ago
Gal Gadot is art
Dhanraj Gaikwad DG
Dhanraj Gaikwad DG 19 minutes ago
Watch next ruvid.net/video/video-nmrouI9bAyA.html
Mahesha Rudregowda
Mahesha Rudregowda 19 minutes ago
#movie of the century
Zach Soto
Zach Soto 19 minutes ago
Anyone else notice Steve giving WW that Casio digital watch #BrokeBoi
Rachel Roth Mano 2.0
Rachel Roth Mano 2.0 19 minutes ago
The power couple is back baby!
Well Read Bull
Well Read Bull 19 minutes ago
Fuckit! Please try to write a script where dead people stay dead! This trope is a cancer on creative storytelling!
Ijneb1248 19 minutes ago
Obviously theres gonna be a twist to the story lmao
Sunny M
Sunny M 19 minutes ago
Does not look very good to me
Dhanraj Gaikwad DG
Dhanraj Gaikwad DG 19 minutes ago
Ijneb1248 19 minutes ago
How is he still alive after like 70 years
VoramonGaming 19 minutes ago
What a pointless trailer. Told nothing of the movie. Nothing.
Birds Of Prey
Birds Of Prey 19 minutes ago
Pedro Pascal the racist uncle
Mr Pro
Mr Pro 20 minutes ago
The music for this trailer couldn't have been better
Rayansh Srivastava
Rayansh Srivastava 20 minutes ago
hey I want to ask one question why in the movies the heroes love ones or partner never die
DrMario Pepper
DrMario Pepper 20 minutes ago
This Thor I mean Wonder Woman trailer looks great🙄
dinobot 82
dinobot 82 20 minutes ago
Spider-man here too
A 20 minutes ago
Steve is back
Mateo Velascl
Mateo Velascl 20 minutes ago
From of 1984
MC_Gaming 20 minutes ago
They are really going after the Stranger Things vibe!
DrMario Pepper
DrMario Pepper 20 minutes ago
Can’t stand that accent. First movie sucked too. Only good ones were Shazam and Aquaman. Trailer looks like crap. Trying to be like Ragnorok.
Ijneb1248 18 minutes ago
Aquaman wqs trash fym
stylus850 21 minute ago
Awesome. Wonder Woman, Captain Kirk and The Mandalorian in the same movie. Nice!
Mateo Velascl
Mateo Velascl 21 minute ago
Fine Apple
Fine Apple 21 minute ago
1:45 That cinematic shots though
Katabellion 21 minute ago
Is Steve an Illusion
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 21 minute ago
Diana vs Big Brother
WasKangs 21 minute ago
Steve: Looks at Banana on Wall Diana: "iTs AlL ArT"
Ekow Brew
Ekow Brew 22 minutes ago
Am i the only one seeing thor ragnarok written all over
Musings of a Nobody
Musings of a Nobody 22 minutes ago
So hyped for this! "Welcome to the future!" ... in 1984 haha. Then again, people thought we'd have flying cars by now...
Taha Hameed
Taha Hameed 22 minutes ago
marvel trailer !!!!
Turtle P O R G
Turtle P O R G 22 minutes ago
Me: *looking at BvS, JL and SS* My brain: oh that’s just a trash can