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Nathan Ramos
Nathan Ramos 4 hours ago
jesus christ their teeth at 1:02 👀
Tony Ke
Tony Ke 5 hours ago
My crush: Catwoman Me: Batman Bane: P.E. teacher that I hated back in high school Gordon: My best friend Alfred: My crush's dad Robin: My 2nd best friend.
Ghost Luka
Ghost Luka 5 hours ago
Best movers
Ida Griffenfeldt
Ida Griffenfeldt 5 hours ago
So like, is it worth watching?
Conscious Motivations
I hated Anne in this movie... seemed like such a rude egoic b*tch
Among the Stars
Among the Stars 5 hours ago
Voldemort is kinda fine with a nose
Kai Jamison
Kai Jamison 5 hours ago
Long live the king. 2:06
Sarah Hughes
Sarah Hughes 5 hours ago
Okay but it seems like the way the trailer starts that they straight up changed the ending and I’m not here for that.
Among the Stars
Among the Stars 5 hours ago
this is so wholesome
Tanmay Mishra
Tanmay Mishra 6 hours ago
What if ..any one of these still remains on earth?
Lester Bronson
Lester Bronson 6 hours ago
Hell yeah. Can’t wait for the snyder cut. Screw joss whedon and wb for butchering snyder’s vision.
Tre Hecker
Tre Hecker 6 hours ago
Great fucking movie
Star Garcia
Star Garcia 6 hours ago
In my freshman year, we read the book and finish the musical. Now I’m going to Sophomore and I hope these new freshman could see this beautiful film one day in 2021
J.K.A.0 6 hours ago
1:12 what's the name of this song
Leslie Atayde
Leslie Atayde 6 hours ago
I watched the entire movie alone then went to sleep and heard 3 knocks that night behind my vanity mirrors. 😂 oh then another 3 later that night
Tom 6 hours ago
Beautiful movie acting filming music everything about it is brilliant
Korean Starcraft League
박원순 시장님 부디 다음생엔 Smile한 삶을 사시길....
Kevin Lagunes
Kevin Lagunes 7 hours ago
THIS is the Justice League I want to see.
Justin The Movie Nerd
With the release of Hamilton on Disney+ you'd think WB would be rushing to get this movie out this year. It should be a holiday release. Oh well. Guess we'll have to wait till next summer.
Jorge Becerra
Jorge Becerra 7 hours ago
In Memory Of The Three Cast That Have Appeared In The MonsterVerse Since Godzilla 2014 Dr. Ishiro Serizawa ( Ken Watanabe ) , Dr. Vievenne Graham ( Sally Hawkins ) , And Admiral Stenz ( David Strathairn .)
EPIC PAIN 7 hours ago
Here's another '80's tune I'd like to Dedicate to Dianna Prince & Steve Trevor (Play it Loud) *"IS IT LOVE"* by Mr. Mister ruvid.net/video/video-ckWy6XlC28k.html
Gab 7 hours ago
New order - Blue Monday
Sophia Duran
Sophia Duran 7 hours ago
Sophia Duran
Sophia Duran 7 hours ago
d.x.n.u 7 hours ago
i came here for thomas fockin shelby
noudi alp
noudi alp 7 hours ago
This is a great movie, don't miss it.
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 7 hours ago
ww 1984 is so cool
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 7 hours ago
swin laso on guy gets over him so cool :)
Adrian Lopez
Adrian Lopez 7 hours ago
Wonder Woman white dress look fire
KIRMIT FN 8 hours ago
Why does Georgie looks like FaZe h1sky
Mukesh Raja
Mukesh Raja 8 hours ago
9 year's ago💓💓🧡
Mukesh Raja
Mukesh Raja 8 hours ago
July 16 💓
Sarmistha Shome
Sarmistha Shome 8 hours ago
I loved this movie..can someone please suggest somewhat similar, rich family, comedy and in Netflix.. please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Евгений Барышев
Нолан гений
Lone She wolf
Lone She wolf 8 hours ago
Thanx... Wasn't scary enough for me.... But I loved the experience....
thetopodrilo sm
thetopodrilo sm 8 hours ago
I am watching JL and I get so mad 😡🤬we don't get the original version. And now, I can't wait for the real version of the master zack snyder. 💪🏽🤙🏽
TheMarsBus 8 hours ago
This movie is gonna suck so bad haha.
THE DESTROYER 7 hours ago
You suck
Олег Щербак
Какае-то хуета непонятная
Zachary Holler
Zachary Holler 8 hours ago
Wonder if that black actor earned the part or the studios needed a *diversity* checkmark.
Duarte Morgado
Duarte Morgado 9 hours ago
Still Fucking amazing
Duarte Morgado
Duarte Morgado 9 hours ago
Still fucking amazing...
Алёна Костина
12.07.20 I have terrible and scary thunderstorm in Laguna. Russia. This is so scary weather in my life.
Krishna Yadav
Krishna Yadav 9 hours ago
Meh kabhi kabhi conjuring ,,nun ki stories meh confuse ho jataa hu....😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😎😎
nishit bansal
nishit bansal 9 hours ago
So much better than black widow trailer..
EyeseeU P
EyeseeU P 9 hours ago
Pizzagate and adrenochrome
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta 9 hours ago
2:16- The World Emerging After Lockdown
Dangui Oduber
Dangui Oduber 9 hours ago
Pennywise is basically trolling them but in a really terrifying way
Matthew Melchor
Matthew Melchor 9 hours ago
I like vr
Emmanuel Vaughns
Emmanuel Vaughns 9 hours ago
They should just try to re-release this in theaters!
Ansuk Shukla
Ansuk Shukla 9 hours ago
Interstellar, Prestige, Memento : Am I a joke to you?
Kimberly Brooks
Kimberly Brooks 9 hours ago
I will watch this trailer until the movie comes out.
iiStarvie 10 hours ago
My mom has. Crush on Aquaman
Justin Wright
Justin Wright 10 hours ago
Happy 9th anniversary
David Fahey
David Fahey 10 hours ago
Best movie ever ever made for a horror film
Chals Paul
Chals Paul 10 hours ago
I watched this after 9 year in july 15th with full excitement i think woldermart returns with a new name of *CORONA* 😶
Aram Bos
Aram Bos 10 hours ago
This just maken me want to wacht the movie over and over again !!!!
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz 10 hours ago
Man those trips to the cinema for the next Harry Potter film we’re really something special
Why do I exist Just why
I still can’t believe rampage got a movie
ViCtRoCtOpUs BoOm YT
At 0:43 someone farted
MD Turag
MD Turag 10 hours ago
Never watched a crishoper nolan movie in theater.. when the first trailler came i was so excited and planning to watch the movie with friends in theater.. But Corona mess up everything... N.B: Don't make a plan earlier they said, well said..
M SHANMUGAM 10 hours ago
I'm big 😎Fan💓🙏 Batman
ilmanthaqif 10 hours ago
Funfact: Christoper Nolan bought a plane just to be destroyed in this film
Jason Chilado
Jason Chilado 10 hours ago
Remember when we were all so hyped for this movie? What a disappointment.
Slick 11 hours ago
Priyank Srikanth
Priyank Srikanth 11 hours ago
Everything here is dangerous and haunted Stupid teenage girl- I WaNt tO SeE iT This is why there are no teenage boys in these movies cuz we are smart we plan on the route we take back to our bed before switching off the light in the hall
Ler Louis
Ler Louis 11 hours ago
Damn it, I hate Covid-19 so much
GetHyped 11 hours ago
Me just dancing for no reason me is to tired and watches video at the end Then me see the melagod and throws iPad Dubai to Germany and dies Its still bogels me that some people think melogdon are real my friends dad went scuba very deap down and no die 🤨🧐 and no see melagondon And then I die when me see meladogon eat ship 😟💩
Jennifer Alicia
Jennifer Alicia 11 hours ago
i accidently in love with luna's clothes oop
Viral On YouTube
Viral On YouTube 11 hours ago
Worst Part ever created DC 😡
90'spoets 11 hours ago
You know what i'm saying?
Zover DZX
Zover DZX 11 hours ago
Scoob ! (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ----------------------- >> boxoffice-full.blogspot.com?HD-Scoob Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? ....
765Dmar Johnson
765Dmar Johnson 11 hours ago
I highly recommend this movie!!!!! watched it last night... I was 3 years old and my uncle was there when the bomb went off....deff a great movie start to finish. r.i.p. Richard jewell
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar 11 hours ago
Me to Nolan - You can't make a time inversion movie. Nolan - Give my beer back now.
GamerGuru112 11 hours ago
watching the trailer before the movie: damn i wanna watch this watching the trailer after the movie: damn i wanna watch this
Filipe Lima
Filipe Lima 12 hours ago
Branko Stojković
Branko Stojković 12 hours ago
NAMJERNO JE STVORENA KRIZA U CIJELOM SVIJETU SA CORONOM KOJU PRVENSTVENO PRENOSE ŽIVOTINJE PSI. Gledam te ljude sa maskamana na ustima i nosu, i sve očito je poludjelo do kraja. Pitam vas: Koga može jedna krpa spasiti na licu; od neke zaraznog virusa koji zovu "Corona". Sve više su "sotonski ljudi" nakotili pasa i snjima se druže na sve načine. Ližu se sa psima i služe ih bolje nego kakvoga Boga. Neka ljudi manje idu u parfomerije i kupuju kozmetiku... On ne znaju da je sapun higijensko sredstvo, da se trebaju prati,.., a ne sprejati sa sprejevima po sebi, i to po znoju, itd. Taj otrovo kao kemikalija dođe vam u usta i u pluča, i sto puta se tako nasprejate i pitate se što tu nešti... Isto tako klima uređaj nije prirodni zrak, kao i velika kličina auta na Planeti zemlja. Bolje vam je da slušate Branka Stojkovića-Štit i biti će vam bolje u životu. Barem će te biti zdravi i zadovoljni. S novcem ne možete kupiti svoje zdravlje. BRANKO STOJKOVIĆ - ŠTIT HRVATSKA / B j e l o v a r, 43000 0958148290 (Tel/mob.)
Christiant Game
Christiant Game 12 hours ago
WoW fuck je me suis perdu sur RUvid
Maria Ysobel Agudelo
😖😖I don’t like this movie it’s scary
Ethan YT
Ethan YT 12 hours ago
Me when I say a bad word for the first time: 2:16 when ur seeing the jumpscare Me creepy as hell!!! Also me: Creepy as fu- jk
Ander Lane
Ander Lane 12 hours ago
I broke the replay button
Professional Noob
Professional Noob 12 hours ago
I'm picking up re:zero vibes
Endz _
Endz _ 12 hours ago
So this movie a reversed card?
Margareta Maxim
Margareta Maxim 12 hours ago
casey neistat
p l x n e t
p l x n e t 12 hours ago
Adam Azam
Adam Azam 12 hours ago
This movie is AMAZING. The Ultimate Edition (can watch on HBO Max) is the best movie I've seen.
Vansh sharma
Vansh sharma 12 hours ago
i request to Harry Potter creaters pls make one more Harry Potter movie😭😭😭
Haya saad
Haya saad 12 hours ago
Great Trailer ! I’m soooo exited to watch the movie 💙🔥
Love bohemian rhapsody ❤❤❤❤
Prem Jeet Ghosh
Prem Jeet Ghosh 13 hours ago
I'm here only for #BillieBrown ❤️😌
I can't understand how the boss bitch and this movie connects??????
Maciej Popek
Maciej Popek 13 hours ago
Watched ten times already,now waiting see for the first time
RK official
RK official 13 hours ago
When will this movie be released in Hindi?
Forgotten Potato
Forgotten Potato 6 hours ago
Just watch it in English lol. It doesn't have a lot of dialogue. You'll understand it
Shiny TV
Shiny TV 13 hours ago
i cant understand what hes favorite mecha anime as a kid can someone spell it for me?
Wolfie Person
Wolfie Person 13 hours ago
It’s funny how much he changes
Derin Hanım
Derin Hanım 13 hours ago
Really, still Harry potter? After all this time? For me: Always :)
Saeba Ryo
Saeba Ryo 14 hours ago
If he had to beat pantheon 5 on radiant difficulty the world would still be fucked.
just be møre chill
just be møre chill 14 hours ago
Anthony Ramos is gonna NAIL that role. just you wait
Dhiren Perera
Dhiren Perera 14 hours ago
This is going to be another Christopher Nolan MASTERPIECE🔥🔥🔥
_mqds 14 hours ago
I have really bad thalassophobia so why the FUCK am I here