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We take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes!
I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on RUvid. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!
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10 months ago
Thanos Sword Build!
11 months ago
Alan Herrera
Alan Herrera 15 hours ago
I thought it was Castlevania’s morningstar
Markjoeseph Concon
Markjoeseph Concon 15 hours ago
Try to make alucard sword from mmlbb
Panda - Fortnite
Panda - Fortnite 15 hours ago
This man really sponsored fortnight 😂🤣😂😂😂😂
Dxonu -
Dxonu - 15 hours ago
Could you do a katana that can shoot out from the sheath? The same one from Metal Gear Rising, JetStream Sam’s Muramasa.
Fordski22 Fordski114
Me plsss
Aparna Gaming
Aparna Gaming 15 hours ago
Who is watching after 9.47 M like me
porçay'ın kayıp çocu
Make cryptos drone in apex
did you notice at the end of the video jarvis turned red
BEHZAD RAJAEE 16 hours ago
Marvel should sponser you guys I meant it You are so freakin awesome
A. B.
A. B. 16 hours ago
Can you make a working pip boy from fallout?
wayne mwangi
wayne mwangi 16 hours ago
J3FFY 10
J3FFY 10 16 hours ago
make mark 1 costume
Hzkym Bruh
Hzkym Bruh 16 hours ago
How can he still be going even his head got hit omg i was scared
Bad15T_YT 16 hours ago
Hi my name is Ayaanzamam
Aceicle 16 hours ago
I would have been worried from the title but I genuinely don’t think James can die at this point
Bad15T_YT 16 hours ago
Was 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
sofjaan 16 hours ago
if this guy was in an apocalypse he would survive well
Bernadette Reyes
Bernadette Reyes 16 hours ago
Can you make real iron man suit made with steel
Sitha Ramulu G
Sitha Ramulu G 16 hours ago
Old because bit is made up of vibranium and it can stop Thor hammer radiation
Tomasz Lachowski
Tomasz Lachowski 16 hours ago
Make wolverine's claws
max woo
max woo 17 hours ago
hahhahaha flamethrowers can’t burn flamethrower burns enemy: it’s not ducking approved bitch
ItsDoge Gaming
ItsDoge Gaming 17 hours ago
This Is SICK Soo Awesome
Rxins fw
Rxins fw 17 hours ago
Vid description player says James does what he wants
Rudra Mazumder
Rudra Mazumder 17 hours ago
4:08 ANyone else get really triggered that he doesn't use the axe end?
Zhenmoron 17 hours ago
Hes gonna become Mark II
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 17 hours ago
Don't want to drop that on my toe
Jonathan gomez
Jonathan gomez 17 hours ago
Can you make me a pair plz?
Trevin Batra
Trevin Batra 17 hours ago
please make -
Cooper Lawson
Cooper Lawson 17 hours ago
Seriously looks like the real first lightsaber
SLS Series
SLS Series 17 hours ago
Hay hacksmith can you make iron man hologram projector that iron man uses in iron man 1 movie can you make it
The Golden Legend
The Golden Legend 17 hours ago
You should’ve named it H.A.C.K
Clyde Jasper Ricahuerta
Every RUvidr: have you heard of Me:what Every RUvidr: raid shadow legends :) Me: alright enough
Poѕeiԁon 17 hours ago
These are the only guys who have a lot of chance to survive a zombie apocalypse..😂
Logan Wentzell
Logan Wentzell 17 hours ago
Can you make the staff from seventh son plz
Brent Keys
Brent Keys 17 hours ago
The mammoth
Bryce Rogers
Bryce Rogers 17 hours ago
since when were they in nevada!?
Noah_Nation 10
Noah_Nation 10 17 hours ago
Smh if you know you know
Fischer Price
Fischer Price 17 hours ago
You most definitely won’t see this hacksmith but I love your channel and I would love to work with you I’m turning 17 in February and I’m in tech I take up mechatronics engineering and I’m In love with it I love marvel
John Gamble
John Gamble 17 hours ago
Now double the voltage! 🤖🤖☠
Blizzard Frost
Blizzard Frost 17 hours ago
Do the otto four arm plz (spider man last boss)
Traveler’s Chosen
Traveler’s Chosen 17 hours ago
Isn’t an arc reactor just another version of a quantum battery?
Sizzle96 17 hours ago
You did a He’ll
Iszak Chan
Iszak Chan 17 hours ago
Us castlevania fans got baited so hard
ink salinas
ink salinas 17 hours ago
Dustin seems so calm
Miguel Angelo Estandarte
Hacksmith? More like Spellsmith!
Erik Huisman
Erik Huisman 17 hours ago
Call the time stone the blind stone :)
Gubbes 17 hours ago
13:13 James need to be more careful, I dont want him to die
nyan cat
nyan cat 17 hours ago
How’s the plasma one coming
Rock Patrick
Rock Patrick 17 hours ago
Just saying you’re a awesome in my book sure I can’t do anything yet because I don’t have enough money
Isabel Lima
Isabel Lima 18 hours ago
I really like your videos
Mr. Mcringle
Mr. Mcringle 18 hours ago
Hacksmith and Mark Rober need to calibrate
Hansi khulve
Hansi khulve 18 hours ago
Hey The Hacksmith! there was a mistake in the timestamp named Final Assembly begins You Know when you were showing the full iron man helmet and iron man gaunlet In the iron man helmet I can see an eyeball in the left eye of the iron man helmet
Glenn Delacruz
Glenn Delacruz 18 hours ago
Zabuza’s sword from Naruto?
Wynne Gallano
Wynne Gallano 18 hours ago
Can you use flyboard air and combine with the technolgy by richard browning
Shado _0__0_
Shado _0__0_ 18 hours ago
Hello sir, i am a big fan of your works , this year i finished high school and i love to make things like you’re making but i confused which engineering should i study for college and do those kind of things , which engineering is the best for making new technologies and making things like yours ( mechatronics engineering or mechanical engineering or is there any other engineering to make some stuffs like yours and new technologies and study for college ? ) i hope you or anyone else who have any information answer me 😇❤️
Lucas Roberts
Lucas Roberts 18 hours ago
Do miro bots from big hero 6
I.E Rennz
I.E Rennz 18 hours ago
So Micheal Morningstar from Ben 10 is in marvel
thetrueLizard 18 hours ago
the flail is one of the deadliest weapons... to its user that is
XxTitanxX 18 hours ago
That looks so sick!!
Wynne Gallano
Wynne Gallano 18 hours ago
Can you use the hoverboard technology
Wynne Gallano
Wynne Gallano 18 hours ago
I mean from flyboard air and combine with the technolgy by richard browning
Wynne Gallano
Wynne Gallano 18 hours ago
Because Tony stark make the foot before the hands
Neetu Sharma
Neetu Sharma 18 hours ago
Try to make Corvus glaive's spear Doctor octopus's arms Ghost rider's bike Guillotine' sword Heimdall' sword Loki's sceptre Magik's sword Red guardian's shield Tasks master's weapons Thanos's armor From marvel contest of champions Please Please please please please
I'm a video grapher sir since i was 10 years old i would love to work with u
MVP Productions
MVP Productions 18 hours ago
Are you sure this videos not sponsored by vault-tec because I see a vault Tec symbol on the top of Casper
MAANVIK BHATIA 18 hours ago
bro can we buy it
Chris Jayden Morales
make the infinity gauntlet
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart 18 hours ago
That looks like you should need a license to wield it
Jess Golds
Jess Golds 19 hours ago
Kristi Inoferio
Kristi Inoferio 19 hours ago
While unspeakable opened it using a hammmer and a fooking scpopter
Savage Bacon
Savage Bacon 19 hours ago
I have marvel contest
Taevan Lynch
Taevan Lynch 19 hours ago
you should sell your inventions
Conner Karem
Conner Karem 19 hours ago
I would like for you guys to make a hidden blade and make cables gun!!!
JoBlumi 19 hours ago
Nobody: Random movie protagonists in a chase when they see a skateboard: 3:30