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SoCalFreelance 11 hours ago
A grown up full scale version of an RC car.
yellow k
yellow k 11 hours ago
한국인 댓글이 없네
Keith Sim
Keith Sim 11 hours ago
Bugatti current ceo/president got all sorts of ideas for making all these claims... The huracan either the performamte/evo forgotten which one exactly claim a timing much faster than a p1!?? 😂... Try to believe it when buying one to make oneself feel better.
DidYou Know
DidYou Know 11 hours ago
Absolutely brilliant
KURIA NJUGUNA 11 hours ago
Toxic masculinity at it's best. Testosterone is running in their veins like river Nile. I bet if Jeremy was a politician we could now be waiting for world war 4 after successful ww3.
Zvi Gomez
Zvi Gomez 11 hours ago
The most incredible thing is that they did 2 of the 5 things that it needed to do. NASA can’t even do that first try
Furkan Ayas
Furkan Ayas 11 hours ago
buy 2015 sedan, it's cheap
Critical MudWing
Critical MudWing 11 hours ago
I know they're rare af but Drive a Soviet BT-7 Fast Tank with its USSR markings and they'll pelt you with rocks. And another thing if you did that on an American tank they'd be even more furious despite them agreeing with Nazis.
Krzysiek Xxx
Krzysiek Xxx 11 hours ago
Dodge that shit! Only good on a straight! Controllability and comfort in this car does not exist. It looks, or doesn't look like, an old box on wheels. He is hideous tfuu 🤢🤮💩
nick miller
nick miller 11 hours ago
The scenery is as bad as the cars
jondrew55 11 hours ago
Why’d he puss out? Looks like 400 was in reach
Braxton Burtis
Braxton Burtis 11 hours ago
the track version looks a little like a hatch, but they had to make it an suv.
Anthony Makara
Anthony Makara 11 hours ago
Ls power too
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez 11 hours ago
Huh... For some odd reason those demolished buildings fell the exact same way as the twin towers when the "terrorists" "attacked" it lol
Mal Function
Mal Function 11 hours ago
Ya canna change the laws of physics laws of physics laws of physics Ya canna change the laws of physics laws of physics Jim. Oh!!! we just did
fins59 11 hours ago
Lose the stupid music.
Ben Sutton
Ben Sutton 11 hours ago
Oh sorry for bothering you guys. Came here looking for top gear not flop gear. My bad
Nazim Rahman
Nazim Rahman 11 hours ago
SSC Tuatara watching this saying its lightwork
Mitchoforza 0
Mitchoforza 0 11 hours ago
Bugatti: *BRUH*
Keith Sim
Keith Sim 11 hours ago
Imagine one so proud driving his bugatti chiron 300 plus waiting at the traffic light junction, then beside him arrived, the koenigsegg jesko absolute and ssc tuatara. How would he feel😂😂😂? Non of the production customer cars able to attain the so called 302mph as being locked for "safety" reasons.. And by just modifying a car and giving it a name then produce as production cars the same look but declare as this way, many car manufacturers can do it easily. The track they owned, dangerous to run the 2 way to get guineas world record!?? How they able to do it twice before then, by the veyrons?? If this make sense to be the first one to be the first car to break 300mph barrier, bugatti not the first one to break it...Ford did it first with a modified Ford gt road legal. I love bugatti chiron in my dream lists.. But to have all these money dropped from heaven, I won't even think of buying one stupidly claimed chiron 300 plus and looks much uglier.
Francis Coop
Francis Coop 11 hours ago
Yet another review hampered by the presenter's ongoing battle with straight pronunciation difficulties with anything ending 'LE' - Vehic'EWE' Ax'EWE' Nick'EWE Configerab'EWE' Tunn'EWE' Road Leg'EWE' and add to that the inability to pronounce Exactly (Eksackly?).....with poor grammar 'there's no windows' erm there aren't any windows I think you'll find......other than that a great attempt.....
João Lauriano
João Lauriano 11 hours ago
The car looks fun but is no Mustang. Who the hell is in charge of this project?
Raul 4.r
Raul 4.r 12 hours ago
How did that look so effortless sheeesh
Joshua Cousin
Joshua Cousin 12 hours ago
Keith Sim
Keith Sim 12 hours ago
Can someone tells me? I the gear ratio sounds so wide set for high top speed obviously.. Then if this is the customer's car, is it there are different modes that set gear ratio different??? Or else it doesn't have good pick-up speed.
J Horn
J Horn 12 hours ago
I like it! But it's not a Mustang!
carlos Larrain
carlos Larrain 12 hours ago
Only top gear can make such a political slogan full video so apolitical
Junior Theking
Junior Theking 12 hours ago
So this gonna be our new update on gta5?
Stoopid Vlogger
Stoopid Vlogger 12 hours ago
Ayman Abdusadek
Ayman Abdusadek 12 hours ago
He said YESS with his hand at 205MPH. where at such speed you hold the steering of any supercar with your both hands and legs :)
slenderman 0735
slenderman 0735 12 hours ago
Nice james.
Joeann kim
Joeann kim 12 hours ago
Okay, I see alot of comment of people thinking its like a bigger company than bugatti... NO, AND SSC STILL MANAGED TO DESTROY BUGATTI. Look, bugatti has over 600 employees, only made a non production car that goes 304mph. Look at ssc. A small company of 24 people working together making a PRODUCTION car capable of 331mph, and even 345mph!!! Stop saying dumb things kids. ssc is amazing
Oran FF
Oran FF 12 hours ago
No not the c class please
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 12 hours ago
Try harder! Put sand in the gas tank, run it into a concrete wall, put a bomb in it, or make it go head to head with a full size truck, not your fault though, over there you have lame roads that cant handle big vehicles so you have to play with these kids toys all the time.
Annoying Qoqo
Annoying Qoqo 12 hours ago
Why does those cars have Georgian plate ?
Klaus Müller
Klaus Müller 12 hours ago
On German autobahns, it would not have taken long for him to be flashed! Rechtsfahrgebot!
Yoga Girly
Yoga Girly 12 hours ago
More SUVs to come on the Road... Ridiculous...
dodo-71@hotmail.it 12 hours ago
ZentyCraft 12 hours ago
Alex M
Alex M 12 hours ago
You could tell he wasn’t even going wide open with this thing. It had more juice in it.
James Smith
James Smith 12 hours ago
4:54 that low by today's standards... 33k for a lotus with a super charger!
Fabrício Pereira Brito
carsrobotsandgames 12 hours ago
Yacht on wheels
tim james
tim james 12 hours ago
"The top gear police department eaty thing of devastation"
Besart Kastrati
Besart Kastrati 12 hours ago
the new top gear sucks :\
86 Olds 442
86 Olds 442 12 hours ago
Is there any information as to how far he traveled to reach the speed he did? Such as Bugati fastest speed reached was over a closed course distance of like 5 miles. This seemed to happen pretty quick and car has more left in it.... Got to love American V8 cars
Paul Bancroft
Paul Bancroft 12 hours ago
It’s a Mazda CX-5 from the side 😅
Salty Bill
Salty Bill 12 hours ago
Excellent video Top gear, once again you have managed to edit a video and completely destroy any real footage of the actual car, with stupid effect and cut scenes...
Giuseppe quello
Giuseppe quello 12 hours ago
dream car!
Jan-Jaap Haasnoot
Jan-Jaap Haasnoot 12 hours ago
Cool trailer, can't wait for the full lap vid.
ricciuccio 12 hours ago
Not the best camera positioning ever, I must say. 😂
chaseszombies 12 hours ago
now what you've done is made an ICBM with a reliant robin attached to the back.
Nicolas Silva
Nicolas Silva 12 hours ago
can't believe the top speed would have been broken by an american branded car, i would have expected a new koenigsegg or bugatti
Chris Pakalns
Chris Pakalns 12 hours ago
smoke so much cannot understand which european he is it
PatronusHelice 12 hours ago
If I would build the first electric horse, I would name it Saber Rider.... The new Ford Saber or Ford Saber Rider edit: I just googled the name of the horse, its name is Steed..... Ford Steed
id104335409 12 hours ago
After 400kmph you can't even hear the engine. The sound falls back behind you, lol.
jordiejonny 12 hours ago
Jeremy - "Only one person can win this" *Cuts to the Stig*
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 12 hours ago
Can't see myself getting used to that grill.
Necrosis AR-CarX
Necrosis AR-CarX 12 hours ago
If the stig had played bass boosted music at full volume, those subwoofers would have added more downforce without the need of going fast until the aerodynamics kick in
Paweł F.
Paweł F. 12 hours ago
I was interrested in the car... Until I heard that guy.
Etienne 777
Etienne 777 12 hours ago
I'm waiting for fully electric ferrari. Koenigsegg, Ferrari, lamborgini should come together and produce the ultimate car.
Deputy Godzilla
Deputy Godzilla 12 hours ago
Is this road legal?
DANSIM RG COMPARE 12 hours ago
Flooded Aquatics
Flooded Aquatics 12 hours ago
Introducing Fords new crowd destroyer. Instead of taking out 50ft of people it will take out 50 yards.
sudano6 13 hours ago
Great road for tester my audi A6 diesel 🥴
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 13 hours ago
Imagine how slow the speed limit must feel after that
Zombl337 13 hours ago
Diego Paz
Diego Paz 13 hours ago
Looks like a Maserati/ alfa romeo front
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Richard is more American than I am.
gaming & Tech
gaming & Tech 13 hours ago
It's funny they were able to achieve 331 mph with a turbocharged v8 and on other side bugatti is using w16 to achieve 300mph mile stone
leon 13 hours ago
Why is the Bugatti so significant if there is a car that can go 100km/h faster ?
Jesus Fernandez
Jesus Fernandez 13 hours ago
Any second now John Hennessey is gonna shave his head
Astr0s 13 hours ago
i dont think vietnam makes for a good car
derps gaming
derps gaming 13 hours ago
use this as a button for wanting chris harris to drive every car
Elizabeth Pagan
Elizabeth Pagan 13 hours ago
1:25 So funny
Kobe Teeth
Kobe Teeth 13 hours ago
Also, worlds fastest fist pump.
pohmakas33 13 hours ago
That is so sick, jesus christ. 331mph is mind-blowing
Grigore Giorgian
Grigore Giorgian 13 hours ago
I suppose This means another ten years off work from bugatti ...
FrogSqueal 13 hours ago
A bunch of shitty camera angles and edits is definitely what I came here for!
john evans
john evans 13 hours ago
Shame, if it had got 333 I would have bought one.
john evans
john evans 12 hours ago
@DANSIM RG COMPARE don't tell anyone or I will have to buy one. Thanks for the info.
DANSIM RG COMPARE 12 hours ago
Top speed is 350mph, but they didn't do that for the risk of tires and lack of track
mathew tunstall
mathew tunstall 13 hours ago
what a waste of money, why do we need cars that go 304 mph, like seriously?????