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Stoned Civet
Stoned Civet 3 hours ago
I didn’t know Mexico had such nice scenery
bobgonet 3 hours ago
In the future if you get out of the car, just check the tires. They can’t ticket you for hitchhiking or stopping on the side of the road.
TheChrisglasgow 3 hours ago
What's the speed limit ? 65. What were you doing ? 71 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Rikc Skeb
Rikc Skeb 3 hours ago
You tease us with the towing of the car in last amd you wait until the last 30 seconds of the video to show us you got pulled over really
Jordan Poe
Jordan Poe 3 hours ago
You got pulled over the first time near where I live. I've gotten pulled over in that section of freeway by that CHP station. Your lucky they didn't pull some shit out of their ass like they do with me.
Freeyz _
Freeyz _ 3 hours ago
Cars with Kam
Cars with Kam 3 hours ago
I can’t wait to see you guys on Saturday
David Runyon
David Runyon 3 hours ago
Dustin is a fucking pro. He knows what to film and what not to. Also, for sure be thr nicest person possible when pulled over. Even if you're guilty of speeding 1mph over.
Mad Fly Sports
Mad Fly Sports 4 hours ago
NEVER admit to speeding, even 1 over the limit!!! Moron!!! He probably didn’t have evidence and you handed it to him. So stupid. Beyond stupid. Infuriatingly stupid for a car guy to be such a rookie.
Zaim Afham
Zaim Afham 4 hours ago
Every cop like that. They just jealous because they couldnt afford something like that. I’ve never encounted cop pull over if im driving cheap regular normal people car. If im driving my expensive car its different story because one time in one day i got pull over for stupid reason. So cop just power hungry and jealous
мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
Cop really said at the end "Should I fuck with them? hmmmmmmmmmm, I guess"
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh 4 hours ago
Trump Ferrari 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
Are people just that jealous that they feel the need to call in?
kriss4200 4 hours ago
It's nice that the 812 N-Largo owner received a large tax break so that he could buy the car put that stupid wrap on the it.
Nick Marron
Nick Marron 4 hours ago
Normal People: "Hi id like to report supercars for traffic weaving and traveling at high speeds" Me: "FUCK YEAH LET 'ER EAT!"
zykarion ng
zykarion ng 5 hours ago
bro that situation with the cop was handled terribly. never give them any evidence whatsoever lol you could put yourself in way deeper shit
Brendan YZF
Brendan YZF 5 hours ago
Best thing I've seen trump pence on the sides of a Ferrari
Highball 734
Highball 734 5 hours ago
To the KY trooper.: In the Biz, that’s what we call a chicken shit ticket.
Robotcell 5 hours ago
So there's no tolerance for speed limits in the US?
Shmanthony 5 hours ago
I got to sit In a Ford GT at a dealership when I was like 16. I'll never forget it!
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 5 hours ago
Jersey is a shit basket right next to Staten Island the garbage dump. Get out of there!!
Cory Kassian
Cory Kassian 5 hours ago
Wishes he had a GOOD job
cary vegas
cary vegas 5 hours ago
1:38 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Cory Kassian
Cory Kassian 5 hours ago
Just Another loser cop
Hannah Mcpherson
Hannah Mcpherson 5 hours ago
Imagine saying you care about your fan base then showing a trump/all lives matter car over and over.
Danny Danix
Danny Danix 5 hours ago
Cops get jealous when they see beautiful exotic car, sports car, luxury car or just a unique car. They could've told him simply move that Lambo from the cobblestone . . . but they create drama.
Matthew Donovan
Matthew Donovan 6 hours ago
Should say ken block ford gt which is where it came from
Zach 6 hours ago
Is that Randy's wife?
Savage Garage
Savage Garage 5 hours ago
Manish Toor
Manish Toor 6 hours ago
Now i want one ❤️🔥
Lil Blockchain
Lil Blockchain 6 hours ago
People are such dicks. They are just mad they will work their whole lives to drive a chevy spark.
Joshua Osborn
Joshua Osborn 6 hours ago
That was probably the best omaze ad read I have ever seen on this platform
r i s O s i
r i s O s i 6 hours ago
What phone app was that at 3:03 ?
AutoAddiction 4 hours ago
yea i want to know too
Darin Way
Darin Way 6 hours ago
1:30 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Jae Leno
Jae Leno 6 hours ago
Who is the idiot with the trump ferrari 😂
Joni Furlong
Joni Furlong 6 hours ago
So fun living my best super car life vicariously through you guys
Coupe _g
Coupe _g 6 hours ago
Hi I got my fiat coupe coming from Italy in March nice car BTW
Refillz *
Refillz * 7 hours ago
People can be so miserable.. They were hating on you guys plain and simple. People do 100+ on the highway where I live, never a cop in sight. They reported you guys, because you have shit they don't have. Nothing more, nothing less.
Strife 7 hours ago
That Ferrari wrap is fucking awful lmao
SPD Wicked whips
SPD Wicked whips 7 hours ago
Cops are becoming absolutely ridiculous. And all the Karen’s out there calling them and hating is out of control. Almost not worth it anymore. Time attack track days for me 💪🏼
Sxyia 7 hours ago
i live right down the street from the stadium you guys where at the police really dont care in tennessee frfr
jdea18 7 hours ago
Lmaoo 71 in a 65 wow holy fuck lock them up and inbound the car smh wtf was that stop
MegaSturrup 7 hours ago
Hope that 812 burns to the ground. Without the owner in of course
Justin Dunn
Justin Dunn 7 hours ago
I like your trump pence car that’s cool
Gspeed 35x
Gspeed 35x 7 hours ago
Wow Officer Howdy Doody saved the world. He is a hero.
Provo firefighter
Provo firefighter 8 hours ago
i would not given a ticket for 6MPH over the speed limit.(the cop pov he said we are wasting our time with you guy)and i'm like if you are wasting your time they why did you right him a ticket.
EYEFLY82 Russell M
EYEFLY82 Russell M 8 hours ago
Bs . You have to keep up with the flow of traffic in California. And they allow 10mph over .
Methods 8 hours ago
weeee wooo weeee woo WEEEE WOO WEEE WOOO WEE WOO
Jayy 8 hours ago
The wrap in the 812 is a disgrace 🤦🏻‍♂️
steven yia
steven yia 6 hours ago
Sleepy Joe voter I guess 🙃
b stiglich
b stiglich 8 hours ago
Why do you all feel the need to pull over also after someone gets pulled over like they are 10 years old and need your help. DDE used to do the same and got in trouble for it.
Isaac Shapiro
Isaac Shapiro 8 hours ago
That CHP Tahoe knows full well he will get the doors blown off if they decide to book it.
Isaac Shapiro
Isaac Shapiro 8 hours ago
TRUMP 2020. Make Japanese Imports Great Again.
oplix 8 hours ago
Best car @9:58
Dane Whaley
Dane Whaley 8 hours ago
Well, he didn’t pull you over the first time.... I don’t know if I would ever hear him, but the fact that he at least let u know without pulling u over first was cool.
Martin Sabol
Martin Sabol 8 hours ago
I am surprised he pulled over S65 instead unlicensed Ferrari
6191904life 8 hours ago
Bet he got pulled over for the window tint. Cops harass the working class and ignore the criminals.
Martin Sabol
Martin Sabol 8 hours ago
Love that Trump wrap on Ferrari
Andy Adams
Andy Adams 8 hours ago
Loving the Trump wrap on the Ferrari
Koy The Best
Koy The Best 8 hours ago
Wow! Cool Lamborghini! I didn't know it was made today!
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores 8 hours ago
Bruh they passed on the 101 by Santa Maria where I live
Ace 8 hours ago
This is why the California population is dying off
Josh Bedo
Josh Bedo 8 hours ago
You know ferrari with no license plate not a concern because it has trump on it but the car behind him going to speed limit.... that son of bitch better have his license and registration. What the hell is America anymore.
Richie Rich Mo3
Richie Rich Mo3 8 hours ago
So he don’t pull over the stupid trump car with blue life matters WITH NO PLATES on it but decided to pull y’all over..... AMERICA SMH
VanAllen garage.
VanAllen garage. 8 hours ago
I love the Trump Ferrari. Pissing off snow flakes! One mile at a time. 😂
Anthony Weber
Anthony Weber 8 hours ago
Did the lambo put on Maryland tags
Dylan 8 hours ago
why did the S65 get pulled over, for going the speed limit past the cop??
Divine Drift
Divine Drift 9 hours ago
Why can't people mind their own business and not call in on people driving fast. "Hey 911 I was driving 65 on the freeway and a bunch of expensive cars flew past me". WHO CARES, move over then, and keep quiet.
Z.I.T.U 9 hours ago
Z.I.T.U 9 hours ago
Z.I.T.U 9 hours ago
David Jeffries
David Jeffries 9 hours ago
is there a reason you guys refuse to put plates on cars, especially if youre averaging 160mph??
Nathan Adkins
Nathan Adkins 9 hours ago
For me being from Kentucky and seeing that state trooper give you a ticket for no reason at all just because you have a super car seriously makes me upset. I do want to apologize for that state trooper for not knowing how to do his job and targeting you just because of your vehicles.
Nour Abicha
Nour Abicha 9 hours ago
9:05 eargasm woahhhh
Adan Arceo
Adan Arceo 9 hours ago
99.9 of all cops in this country can't afford any of this cars, so that's why when they one and is a little bit faster than it should, Boom, they stop them and gave them a ticket.
David Jeffries
David Jeffries 9 hours ago
that poor ferrari with that fukn idiot on the back of it, they should've pulled that guy over & handed him his cease and desist from, straight from ferrari america... or at least make him tape a mask to the rear bumper to cover that losers mouth
Bukan Besher Besher
812 sounds a lot better
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts 9 hours ago
This would be a better video minus the politics
Delano DYLONIOUS 9 hours ago
How can I join this group if I anyway have s super car?
Voltage272 9 hours ago
I thought the cop reacted normally. Usually they let you go like up to 5mph over. He was just doing his job. He wasn’t too aggressive either. I got pulled over at 15 years old for not wearing a helmet while riding my bicycle. I was going a staggering 12 mph. Cops have to respond to a call. Even house parties near my home get called on by some old lady Karen. The cops already know her since she calls on everyone and the cops like meh. They just tell us to lower the volume because they have to. Californian btw.
donnavan m
donnavan m 9 hours ago
love the trump ferrari
Op Built
Op Built 9 hours ago
Effspots 12k exhaust ?? Lol