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DragonKoal 4 hours ago
Fortnite Memes? You mean Fortnite RECYCLED memes.
xXUknowXx 4 hours ago
0:06 a ese lo mato ojala que el sea la tarde pc. Hdp
Keith S. Hembree
Keith S. Hembree 4 hours ago
People should try to practice before entering the match in bullet force on freegames66, I know it’s exciting to join the matches immediately but you don’t want to be defeated right after getting to know the ground, right?,
Dom Bozz
Dom Bozz 5 hours ago
Song at 4:50?
Yuuki Hirose
Yuuki Hirose 4 hours ago
Dom Bozz Hey it jojo bizarre adventure part 5 golden wind giorno Giovanna theme called il bento do’ro Your welcome and watch jojo
sheitan en caddie
sheitan en caddie 5 hours ago
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 5 hours ago
If you dont sub to viper you will have bad luck for 20 years
deepaxi singh
deepaxi singh 5 hours ago
9:26 Bro tik tok is already lame
thekingofgamers 05
thekingofgamers 05 6 hours ago
Why cant we like fortnite and minecraft
Owen KM
Owen KM 6 hours ago
Don’t get the mask it’s not for free shipping is $14.99
iiCx sperii
iiCx sperii 6 hours ago
death machine
death machine 6 hours ago
We know tfue 10:3
Uriel Ledesma
Uriel Ledesma 7 hours ago
musica de 3:43 porfa
Random dude
Random dude 7 hours ago
Seriously fortnite I stick to Minecraft smh😐
ĐH Gaming
ĐH Gaming 7 hours ago
Storm kill you *But campfire heal you*
Mr.Mcscooderpoop 7 hours ago
The pennywise one actually caught me off guard 😂😂 he just went bop
Ojan Fornite
Ojan Fornite 7 hours ago
8:39 Is he stupid or something? Why he still go to that house?
KNG Rect ツ
KNG Rect ツ 7 hours ago
if u are a console gang member than like this right now 👍 if u are a pc gang member than comment on this comment right now 💬 if u are mobile gang member than sub to me right now ❤️ if u are nitendo gang member do all those things right now 💛💛💛 btw i make montages and im hella cracked 🔥🔥🔥 (not being cocky facts are facts) check me out👀
Imman Rayyan
Imman Rayyan 7 hours ago
i am wanna donated you ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariianna Jaiime
Mariianna Jaiime 8 hours ago
Gojira 2002
Gojira 2002 8 hours ago
What can beat a mech in fortnite *a bush*
coldheart Insane
coldheart Insane 8 hours ago
Love the memes
sheena schweinefus
sheena schweinefus 9 hours ago
Pooga pooga
Mohamed(Miles) Mohamed
4:48 song? Please answer I need this song in my playlist
Yuuki Hirose
Yuuki Hirose 4 hours ago
Hey it jojo bizarre adventure part 5 golden wind giorno Giovanna theme called il bento do’ro Your welcome and watch jojo
HARZAK TV 6 hours ago
I don't knox sorry
Saucy Tv
Saucy Tv 9 hours ago
CODE WILDCAT in the item shop
dark super saiyan wrath
2:20 😂😂😂
Kekolegend 9 hours ago
5:44, So relatable lol and I'm in 5th grade
ZayPlaze 30
ZayPlaze 30 9 hours ago
This vid is so funny Small youtuber trying to grow🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Regina Rocha
Regina Rocha 9 hours ago
Violet Avans
Violet Avans 10 hours ago
Roque Salinas
Roque Salinas 10 hours ago
Stop trying to be fuuny
DAP2.0 10 hours ago
Fortnite is life
PTW Editz
PTW Editz 10 hours ago
your the best!!
Meme Heaven
Meme Heaven 10 hours ago
Next title should be called "Fortnite memes that defaults watch inside bushes"
wildc4t000 10 hours ago
Sub to me
Adam Brown
Adam Brown 10 hours ago
do you acally vape im wondering because the smoke in all your vids
fabian boy
fabian boy 10 hours ago
i actually stole 330 from myself lmao
Anthony Esparza
Anthony Esparza 10 hours ago
Don't worry I have that mask its red purge
Fortnite GAMER
Fortnite GAMER 10 hours ago
FaZe Striking
FaZe Striking 10 hours ago
2:24 when someone says FREE VBUX FUCKERS
Alani Negron
Alani Negron 10 hours ago
Obsidian Penguin
Obsidian Penguin 10 hours ago
1:36 shipping is 14.95
Sayan Majhee
Sayan Majhee 10 hours ago
0:01 closed captions
I._. Srry
I._. Srry 10 hours ago
Anyone else actually got cookies?
money_makin_goon _vell
2:40 exactlyyyyyyyyyyyy
mauricio alvarez
mauricio alvarez 11 hours ago
Cookie 🍪
Josh Karr
Josh Karr 11 hours ago
Richard Mejia
Richard Mejia 11 hours ago
Sub to The original green shadow
The Copycatter81
The Copycatter81 11 hours ago
So im the lame one and u are the one singing about fortnite on piano and im the lame one
Light gawd_Yt
Light gawd_Yt 11 hours ago
Its 2:04 to 2:15
Light gawd_Yt
Light gawd_Yt 11 hours ago
Any 1 no the song of 2:04? Pls let me know I WANT TO KNOW.PLS thx
Maria Saucedo
Maria Saucedo 11 hours ago
I got the mask!!!!!!!!
Ayato Kun
Ayato Kun 11 hours ago
0:34 RUN
Jordan Tarver
Jordan Tarver 11 hours ago
When it’s says you will have bad luck for 5 years Me: leaves video
Rosa Iraheta
Rosa Iraheta 11 hours ago
Where is my cookie
Firenze Off
Firenze Off 11 hours ago
Fortnite memes that make epic games hear the fans
Max Jssjjsj
Max Jssjjsj 11 hours ago
Damon Ferguson
Damon Ferguson 12 hours ago
The Reaper YT
The Reaper YT 12 hours ago
Every like is 1000 v-bucks in your fortnite account.
Jayon Nedick
Jayon Nedick 12 hours ago
THUG LIFE, for the guy in bush who took out the player in the mech
Nekitra 12 hours ago
2:40 song?
Mekhi Jackson
Mekhi Jackson 12 hours ago
Xbox 360
Mathew Hughes
Mathew Hughes 13 hours ago
fucking vault the brute mechs
IceyLogan 13 hours ago
What the song that was at 0:10
Lydia Ocampo
Lydia Ocampo 13 hours ago
I have tik tok i have an acount markwynnramilo
The Prsa
The Prsa 13 hours ago
1:00 just like 🤣
valentina martínez juárez
Name song 4:03
Marc Samba Maiga
Marc Samba Maiga 13 hours ago
RandomPersonRee 13 hours ago
Rafael NegreteFonseca
1:11 song?
Seakayou1 Ou
Seakayou1 Ou 13 hours ago
8:10 when my Bubbles poped
beast 13 hours ago
Me rod
Me rod 14 hours ago
Death to the infidel
Johnny-Ray . . .
Johnny-Ray . . . 14 hours ago
25 the way he fell of lol lmfao 0:26
Oluwaseun Oloruntoba
I’m doing it all for god
Benjamin Mannes
Benjamin Mannes 14 hours ago
This is very funny.
edi ademovi
edi ademovi 14 hours ago
hiqe fortniten
MLG KING Garcia 14 hours ago
Your a mean person
I gay
I gay 14 hours ago
Please stop fortnite is dead
Chimadakid2006 14 hours ago
10:40 who is this guy i saw him crack a egg once
Your Mom
Your Mom 14 hours ago
These are not even funny
Gina Santangelo GLOW Gina's Lifestyle Of Wellness
I thought the sponsor was a meme
Ferprro 17tv
Ferprro 17tv 14 hours ago
Like si no le entiendes aloos comentarios😂
strongbot1 switch
strongbot1 switch 14 hours ago
Evrey one subscribers to strongbot1 switch please
fayza ahmed
fayza ahmed 15 hours ago
I dont have money for shipping
XxNevadaxX 10
XxNevadaxX 10 15 hours ago
The masks are not free u lying
Jefffsffsfs Hdhbybd
Jefffsffsfs Hdhbybd 15 hours ago
Y would u say it’s free when it’s 14 bucks shipping👎
Tiphany Son
Tiphany Son 15 hours ago
Congrats 900k
Justin Felix
Justin Felix 15 hours ago
The guy doing the pennywise voice is azzerz
Imad_284 15 hours ago
2:32 name of the song
Andres 5 hours ago
OGFZ ItzCaleb
OGFZ ItzCaleb 15 hours ago
Luke Roche
Luke Roche 15 hours ago
3:03 song name ?
susan Bays
susan Bays 15 hours ago
I love you so much duking much
Nicholas Ingram
Nicholas Ingram 15 hours ago
I seen almost all of these on TikTok
Pink Water
Pink Water 15 hours ago
fortnite is gay and sucks
James Wilson
James Wilson 15 hours ago
Gale Williams
Gale Williams 15 hours ago
Don't go to greasy ever again
Giovanni Contreras
Giovanni Contreras 15 hours ago
I like your videos so much
Wyatt Lowe
Wyatt Lowe 15 hours ago
I love your vids
Michael SpamsL2
Michael SpamsL2 15 hours ago
2:40 song or remix name?