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FaZe Rug
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Cudyz 21 minute ago
😂 I did the most stupidest thing ever I’m making videos of call of duty and making it like your first videos 🤦‍♂️
Someones Child
Someones Child 22 minutes ago
You should black light your house
tlani tillman
tlani tillman 22 minutes ago
god please pretect us
Pema Dolkar
Pema Dolkar 23 minutes ago
You hv done superb. Thank you Rug.
Shantel Mcdonagh
Shantel Mcdonagh 23 minutes ago
I went to legoland in England
Gabriel Acosta
Gabriel Acosta 23 minutes ago
6ixmenace _d
6ixmenace _d 25 minutes ago
Nobody: Brian: buys his dad cars over 100,000$ Also Brian: buys his camera man who helps him make money the cheapest car he could find.
Ayanlay Abdi
Ayanlay Abdi 25 minutes ago
Molo good job 100%
Wendy Gonzalez
Wendy Gonzalez 25 minutes ago
I need it because i do not have any toys
Cazanjiu damian
Cazanjiu damian 25 minutes ago
I tink lolas rome is 10 10
Dovie White
Dovie White 26 minutes ago
Do more vids with brawadis and sherman
S M O K E Y 27 minutes ago
I live right next to LEGO land
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez 27 minutes ago
Rug try not to nod ur head it is like a bobble head
JulieXxxx X
JulieXxxx X 28 minutes ago
You don’t ask a spirit how they die! THEY GET MAD BRIAN
Stameteam 28 minutes ago
the real lego land is in denmark stop usa ;(
Nuraan Essop
Nuraan Essop 28 minutes ago
try 1354 on the safe cause of the piece of paper in yout attic
Nathan Wallace
Nathan Wallace 29 minutes ago
Dude you gotta go to chomps it’s a sea food place and it’s sooooo good
Kenna Condoleo
Kenna Condoleo 30 minutes ago
Nobody: Still nobody: ..... I can spell Felicia.. FL 😂
Brooklyn Justice
Brooklyn Justice 30 minutes ago
hell yeah san diego haunted houses are the best
Jay Janis
Jay Janis 30 minutes ago
Go to hotel Alex Johnson rapid in Rapid City South Dakota
Em Coleman
Em Coleman 30 minutes ago
Mkay could have just said “we went to LEGO land “
Mashal Waqar
Mashal Waqar 31 minute ago
FaZe: I went grocery shopping like 2 or 3 days ago and you know me I didn't get a lot of health stuff. 30 sec later FaZe: this is like heaven for me but at the same time I don't like eating unhealthy and I don't really encourag it
Anonimous Gr
Anonimous Gr 31 minute ago
Carrots dry?.. DUDE WTF
Mariano Sandoval
Mariano Sandoval 32 minutes ago
The crazy thing is the money he just used to buy that car he will probably make back in this video alone
Maria Barajas
Maria Barajas 32 minutes ago
Harry Edwards
Harry Edwards 33 minutes ago
I think Kaelyn’s boat was the best
David Phillips
David Phillips 33 minutes ago
I went there as a kid all the time
David Phillips
David Phillips 34 minutes ago
I live in San Diego and never seen him I hope I do some day
Karime Rios
Karime Rios 35 minutes ago
Chimene Wihardja
Chimene Wihardja 35 minutes ago
do a Halloween special XD
Renata Gorolova
Renata Gorolova 35 minutes ago
I think its real
Renata Gorolova
Renata Gorolova 36 minutes ago
I think there vidio
Gaming with The Loot Llama
Misa Is A Lengend
Alan Miranda
Alan Miranda 36 minutes ago
I think If I was there I wouldn’t be scared
Angel Zaragoza
Angel Zaragoza 37 minutes ago
8:18 has me dying bro 😂😂😂. I love your videos rug 💯. One day I’ll be part of one 🙏🏽😂
Bere Flash
Bere Flash 38 minutes ago
Gaming Boy0230
Gaming Boy0230 38 minutes ago
1 billion
Harman Kaur
Harman Kaur 39 minutes ago
She was amazing
Vsco Girl
Vsco Girl 39 minutes ago
The pe teacher hit that dab😂
Adriana Santos
Adriana Santos 39 minutes ago
Stay safe🙏🙏💘 Brian and jessica and girl recording
Sonya Harrison
Sonya Harrison 39 minutes ago
M y fear is strobelights
Maylyn Preslar
Maylyn Preslar 39 minutes ago
Awesome Vid! I Love Scary Stuff :D
fattychewydarks 123
fattychewydarks 123 40 minutes ago
You awesome I dont have intogram but i home i can win here
Wxyumxd -
Wxyumxd - 41 minute ago
His name is cocoa bc he black (not racist!)
michael ferko
michael ferko 41 minute ago
i want the Lego car i sub and i follow. im 8 years old.
Lilblack Fitness
Lilblack Fitness 41 minute ago
alex just wants oreos
Hungry Sharkie
Hungry Sharkie 41 minute ago
It scared me when I saw the dog under the desk
Stephen Tillett
Stephen Tillett 41 minute ago
isavix 42 minutes ago
I love LEGO land 😂
Jace Barry
Jace Barry 44 minutes ago
"we went to an amusement park made of 50 million lego’s"-FaZe rug-2019 so basically "we went to legoland" bruh🤨😂
Reqhzi 45 minutes ago
What is the Jacket your wearing, thought to come back and ask 😅??
Kenna Condoleo
Kenna Condoleo 45 minutes ago
My friends name is Giuseppe 😂😂 *thats how you spell his name*
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 46 minutes ago
Room wins
1734 konkle
1734 konkle 46 minutes ago
Travis and his wifey also met at LEGOland
38 Bandit
38 Bandit 47 minutes ago
You will be rich like Donald
MR.Mitche11 47 minutes ago
sub to meeeeeeeeee
Young Gaspipe
Young Gaspipe 48 minutes ago
9:28 beat sample?
RainZy 50 minutes ago
Gucci = Coochie
Anthony Valerio
Anthony Valerio 50 minutes ago
Molly is better than kaelyn
Thea rius
Thea rius 52 minutes ago
3 am is the witches our, that's when all paranormal gets the strongest. and the blanket got pulled 3:33 AM
Pro strats Doche
Pro strats Doche 52 minutes ago
I wish I can meat you cause you are my favorite you tuber
Pro strats Doche
Pro strats Doche 54 minutes ago
My favorite was missa
Juiice 54 minutes ago
Thought the video idea was different ngl😂
pedro esparza
pedro esparza 55 minutes ago
Me sees dislikes on vid :O YALL DONT LIKE FOOD
TTV Cypher
TTV Cypher 55 minutes ago
Dude this is sketch because I am staying at a hotel
Beckham LaPenna
Beckham LaPenna 55 minutes ago
Risha Kay
Risha Kay 55 minutes ago
Faze come to jamaica plazz
Mari Rivera
Mari Rivera 58 minutes ago
Can I have the lego car set pls I did ever thing
Jrsuperman22 59 minutes ago
U should go to six flags if u think that is a scary ride Plz like lol
Rita Glosser
Rita Glosser 59 minutes ago
Naked news
Sandra Dominguez
Sandra Dominguez 59 minutes ago
I would have ran the girl over
Hey rug my name is camila and I’m 13 years old My family is haveing a hard time my dad has no car and he is trying to pay the rent but we don’t have money and my sister is in collage trying to save up money to help pay the rent and my brother who is 15 and is hard worker
CGFOREVER Gurrola 59 minutes ago
I hope you see my comment and anything will help my family please contact me back whenever you can I love you rug and have a nice day ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Belit
Alex Belit Hour ago
Stop using a filter, ur still not gonna look good
Myla Almandrez
u know what u guys really good together ♡
Ndriqim Ferizi
imma be honest noah is fast AF
Laura Käiväräinen
What's the name of that music that you played in this video twice?
Kurtel Downer
Kurtel Downer Hour ago
Who like him 👇
24/7 Sports
24/7 Sports Hour ago
everyone look at the part where they had to catch it with lacrosse sticks it was so fale
Stephanie Rodriguez
I've been watching your vids and I like your videos they are so entertaining so I'm going to subscribe
Plus_Subtract Hour ago
I haven’t seen this type of video since 2016 or maybe they have been posting this topic and I just forgot about this dude
Ariana Monroy
Ariana Monroy Hour ago
god help me
Tyty Moton
Tyty Moton Hour ago
At the end is did anyone see peppa pig on the pole thing
Nick Cachu
Nick Cachu Hour ago
I went to the same Lego Land on Friday it was lit
paula moore
paula moore Hour ago
His elephant looks like a blob fish
Jamie Emenheiser
Kay did go pro bruh that's Loki expensive
Sandy Goyette
Sandy Goyette Hour ago
I love your haunted videos
Matchstick75 Hour ago
Is it that hard to say LegoLand?
Frannxoo Hour ago
11:10 what about the old faze house?
Push Push
Push Push Hour ago
Now this is FaZe Clan material. Those trick shots are epic, my man. Keep it up!
pa_pane2 P_a
pa_pane2 P_a Hour ago
who else think these Legos come alive at night time
Brett Bellisle
bro apex is short
BE LIKE Hour ago
Faze rug
It’s called *LegoLand*
Sherry Stielow
I want it because I love ❤️ LEGO
katsika12 gia
katsika12 gia Hour ago
we love haunted houses vids
Brandon Landis
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza Hour ago
Lol this guy is a fuckn joke bro 😂 he has all the money in the world and gives him a shit car.... get him a better car bro your stingy asf.
deondre9124 schmerber
If it's his ask him what the code is
Anthony Franco
Just go to LEGO land
Tristan Camacho
The Lamborghini why