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Run Gunn
Run Gunn 9 hours ago
Sas....is full of sh*t. The pressure is on Kingsbury. A guy who got a HC job after being a loser in college, with no NFL HC experience.
MICHAEL COOKS JR 9 hours ago
It not even close Jordan hand down Greatest basketball Player of All Time no debate
dominique culmer
dominique culmer 9 hours ago
One of my fav players all time, killer instinct!! Penny had the shoes commercials and the talent
Diego 9 hours ago
I'm reading all this comments and I just laughing at many people here. Toronto beat the GSW period. Kawhi got his revenge. Pascal proved to be too much for D Green, Klay playing the clown hurt his knee, nobody had an answer for Kawhi, Curry got stopped by Steady Icy Freddy,, icy Freddy made a name for himself with his playing and 3'. Nick Nurse proved to be not Dwayne Casey, but a studious of the game. And what can i say about Serge? He does ART nowadays.
jefferson cristobal
ESPN making Steph look bad. Lebron was bothered by Steph Dynasty took over 2015 when the story was about Lebron's homecoming.
Billy _Almighty
Billy _Almighty 9 hours ago
Most unguardable move. Double step back..😆😆😆
Flickz 9 hours ago
ME: Rest In Peace a legend in the makin.... no. no. no. a Legend from the Beginning
Dr. Acula
Dr. Acula 9 hours ago
Lowkey thought that was monse from on my block
Nate Downs
Nate Downs 9 hours ago
Ray allen the biggest snake in the nba
Green Green Clone State of mind
Who gives a fu#$k about beauty tips during these pandemics times,sometimes I wonder whats really going on.
ABEL LOPEZ 9 hours ago
I'm Curious how much stephanie a smith Got Paid By lebum to Speak this Nonsense ? What a Sellout ! Don't Matter though , We ALL know THE REAL GOAT IS YOUR AIRNESS MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN 🐐✌
Zedrick Victorioso
Zedrick Victorioso 9 hours ago
I like this fight not the soft trash talks
Titan 9 hours ago
we call Ray Jesus like, "he may not come when you want him, but he is always on time" -K. Perkins
Lil Reiko
Lil Reiko 9 hours ago
Ima die hard packers fan but i would take Russ over Rodgers. Greenbay wasted Rodgers prime years and now sadly, my boy ain’t the same no more. I’m not saying Rodgers can’t ball out still but he is def on the decline while Russ is still on the incline!
JamesPlays 9 hours ago
i thought kd has CoViD-19
ABEL LOPEZ 9 hours ago
People are watching more and more FOOTAGE of The GREAT AIR JORDAN , and they're Realizing that He's For Real ! 🐐✌
Craig Inducci
Craig Inducci 9 hours ago
Ah ESPN, the network that wants to know what LeBron had for breakfast and still passes it off as news just to talk about him
#HEAT LIFER 9 hours ago
U would think the lakers r the only team in the league based off this video
Valentina the savior Shevchenko
The numbers are almost the same and KB should have at least 2 MVP
Andre5star 9 hours ago
Jefferson De jesus
Jefferson De jesus 9 hours ago
Kobe Bryant am love
Jake Lineman
Jake Lineman 9 hours ago
Lmao just shut down ESPN for a few weeks. They getting weird
Diamond Life
Diamond Life 9 hours ago
Fisher wasn't slept on. . He was the 25th best active pg, even in his prime... with that said, he def hit some clutch shots played good hustle defense...
Trey Bens
Trey Bens 9 hours ago
Hanabi Hao
Hanabi Hao 9 hours ago
uhhhh media showing some love to my boy now eh? 🤔 there are stil people saying he a bust obviously dont watch games lol
going peacefully
going peacefully 9 hours ago
Baker Mayfield has a lot of potential. Not his fault the Browns are an overall bad team. Remember the players are human also and have emotion. Stephan A, your opinion doesn't matter about Mayfield, because you liked him when the Browns drafted him. I'm not a Browns fan but, I think your opinion is kind of not worth your breath.
Harrison B
Harrison B 9 hours ago
No lamelo is 1
Dan Jimenez
Dan Jimenez 9 hours ago
Ja morant period
ABEL LOPEZ 9 hours ago
Jann Vincent Regalado
Max Kellerman analyst in NBA 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Max Kellerman analyst in Boxing 👍👍👍
jerome ramos
jerome ramos 9 hours ago
global flop
Daddy Famlittle
Daddy Famlittle 9 hours ago
What a fucn joke!!! Smh......he is not on Lonzo level let alone ANY other prospect in the draft. He is overrated........HIGHLY OVERRATED!
Darian Martin
Darian Martin 9 hours ago
This is what I have to say to Dominique 🖕🤦🏽‍♂️smh
Me Me
Me Me 9 hours ago
MJ have any teammates or won on his own?
Daddy Famlittle
Daddy Famlittle 9 hours ago
The fact that LaMelo Ball is ranked in the top ten of ANY DRAFT board is laughable and clearly shows you the POLITICS of the NBA! He is HIGHLY OVERRATED!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️
Richard Hill
Richard Hill 9 hours ago
He definitely should be the QUARTERBACK of DUMB SH^T HAIRDO-R-US!
Jeff Kent
Jeff Kent 9 hours ago
Jordan would average 50 in this era
Vintage X Collectibles
Actually I would have taken Dwyane Wade over Melo. Wade would have also fit that tough Detroit mentality.
Vault 614
Vault 614 9 hours ago
No pressure on Kyler next season, Rona is taking the Super Bowl if the politicians have anything to say about it
Jerry Woodson
Jerry Woodson 9 hours ago
This guy here is on meth and didn't watch a lick of basketball
Moon Man
Moon Man 9 hours ago
Lol he leaves behind a deadbeat wife and an ugly nobody daughter. Both of them are weak! Crappy news story. I hit dislike
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey 9 hours ago
As I die never Boston Celtics fan in the Midwest I wish we would of gotten KG 2 or 3 years earlier so he could be the 2 or 3 time champ he deserves. Also while it sucks Kobe has to go in this way with all he was doing for woman's basketball and mentoring so many young ballers (Jayson Tatum being one of them) I am glad for his family and friends and our forever rivals Laker Nation they get to cheer and love him for all his amazing accomplishments.
Hell Rell Bricks
Hell Rell Bricks 9 hours ago
Stop lying j will MJ never won a playoff series without Scottie
Hardstyle818 9 hours ago
My outfit I used 100 points of view. Fury kicked his behino
Daryl Wong
Daryl Wong 9 hours ago
How about if you can invest money into either one of these greats, who would you pick? No disrespect to Lebron or MJ, I will put down money on MJ's team of staffs.
James Desch
James Desch 9 hours ago
It's always good to hear from the "Golden Bear". Hibernation is no big deal for Jack. Lol
David R
David R 9 hours ago
Postpone until everything is better 🤔
Keepinit100 Everyday
Who cares both have a billion dollars
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 9 hours ago
LeBron won’t be able to catch MJ’s zbrand wise simply because MJ’s brand itself has maintained it’s relevance through public support versus Lebrons brands are being accumulated through negotiations.
David R
David R 9 hours ago
Carnegie koh
Carnegie koh 9 hours ago
Maybe this is why the other guy had Rajon Rondo mistaken for Chris Paul
David R
David R 9 hours ago
Jesse Galvan
Jesse Galvan 9 hours ago
This guy played for 14 different teams & was a bench player his whole career.
Big D
Big D 9 hours ago
Deshaun watson
Ball Magnetic
Ball Magnetic 9 hours ago
Lebron is mostly media hype. People have deep rooted convictions about Jordan.
Jongeun Kim
Jongeun Kim 9 hours ago
Is this a real topic?
Makaveli Morales
Makaveli Morales 9 hours ago
4:59 why I'm here
Bendji Nzau
Bendji Nzau 9 hours ago
I'm shocked ESPN ( a Disney property ) can sanctioned that.
sadria olarte
sadria olarte 9 hours ago
"cup cake era" 😂😂😂
Hardstyle818 9 hours ago
“That’s embarrassing!”- Stephen A. So true
Paul Dupey
Paul Dupey 9 hours ago
Best bank shot shooter all time his Spurs team most underrated DYNASTY in all sports. They had a mf squad
Channel Of Kool
Channel Of Kool 9 hours ago
This is why I don't watch ESPN anymore. Snoop ain't smart not is he sports savvy. I don't care if he coached kids
Messy Laneyus
Messy Laneyus 9 hours ago
Magic Johnson is a geezer
Daniel Ceballos
Daniel Ceballos 10 hours ago
Stephen A.- "This Corona is a Baaaaaaaad Man."
M Realzola
M Realzola 10 hours ago
And I disageee with the notion that Tom would've stayed if they offered Pat Mahomes money. Tom has never been the highest paid player contract wise. I mean look at his Bucs contract. 25 mill a year. That's Derek Carr money. Stop with the false reports. Tom was like yeah yo I think my time here is pretty much done.I want to see my options in 2020. Bill was like okay cool I love you man best of luck goat.
mg19cal 10 hours ago
Everybody at ESPN trying to claim credit for what Tom Brady said and did, when all they EVER did was GUESS because he told nobody until Howard Stern. Damagggggggggge Controlllllllllll
Red Light
Red Light 10 hours ago
What was the follow-up Race question Bomani thought should have been asked?
This Cre3py TV
This Cre3py TV 10 hours ago
max kellerman is not a bias boxing analyst,,, hes saying what the truth what in hes analysis ,,, not like that man stephen A obviously bias
Lance J.
Lance J. 10 hours ago
Dream was waiting for Jordan in the 95 Finals. Michael was busy losing to Orlando. 🤷🏽‍♂️
hector j gonzalez
hector j gonzalez 10 hours ago
At this point I’m totally with the NBA doing something but my opinion is rather see them shut down and start playing next season..... or have like a March madness type of tournament in 1 month but that’s the most options I could think of....
Hardstyle818 10 hours ago
What a baby 🍼 All his fans are going to pathetically defend him and say Fury cheated, but Fury put him in his rightful place
Alf P
Alf P 10 hours ago
Vanessa if you need anything let me know
WillyYap1 10 hours ago
As a Seahawks fan no doubt that i love how Russ can make no name receivers a star, and we will love him always. But it takes an idiot to ignore the magic Rodgers has, that man is a god tier qb. Lets be fair both are great!!
Gian Pangilinan
Gian Pangilinan 10 hours ago
No, Melo Ball is number 1
nb Brooks
nb Brooks 10 hours ago
Some Desperate! Kahbib got shafted too,Sad.
Robert McCoin
Robert McCoin 10 hours ago
Hey Stephen A. STTDB!!
M Realzola
M Realzola 10 hours ago
I'm a fan of SAS. But come on man. Quit acting like you're all close with RK. You had no inside scoop bruh. You don't always have to look like the person with the scoops.
J M 10 hours ago
Man forget basketball how can I cook dinner for this beautiful moderator
Stuart Maher
Stuart Maher 10 hours ago
make jay a pernament
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 10 hours ago
Dana you the man
Marvin's Room
Marvin's Room 10 hours ago
Did he say Zab Juder?
Boyd Bouf
Boyd Bouf 10 hours ago
Jordan as a brand is untouchable in the world of basketball. Even his clothing brand is miles away from everyone else; his trainers (sneakers) are seen as a holy grail trainer for lots of people, iconic trainers to the level of Chuck tailors and is still rising in popularity. Also there is no way Jordan:LeBron is only 5:1 in sales
Wang James
Wang James 10 hours ago
Avdija or him to GSW this year
Luke Connors
Luke Connors 10 hours ago
I thank him for beating the patriots in week 17
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 10 hours ago
I think that Duncan may have been the better player but, in terms of greatness, Kobe is miles ahead.
J2rfitness 10 hours ago
McGregor vs Mayweather 100%....... lol jk
canucturbo2224 10 hours ago
I love watching or listening to RJ talk about ANYTHING!
JTJumper 10 hours ago
Lamelo going to the Pistons
Mingma Tenzing K.C
Mingma Tenzing K.C 10 hours ago
If dude hadn't done what he did with Matt...he'd already be in HoF IMO.
Itsahil 10 hours ago
Look Kobe Copied Mj But Wasn't An Mj 2.0 But 2nd in The Goat Rivalry And Max is Saying This "LeBron James is Taller And Stronger Which is The 3rd Scorer in NBA History". I Agree with Max.
Daz 10 hours ago
Bigs and guards should never be compared. Both great in their own right. Let it rest.
NinjaSquirrel30 10 hours ago
Ruining that D (which they are fast running out to keep as a unit) with a sub standard O and passing over the best QB PM and another top option in DS the GM and coach need to go.
Phil Moore
Phil Moore 10 hours ago
Penny was my favorite player when I was a kid, I had like 2 pages of basketball cards that were just him
Mel Man
Mel Man 10 hours ago
What do these bubble boys know about GLOBAL brands? Bron is not as big world wide as you think. EVERYONE knows Jordan. At barber shops in Kenya TODAY, even in the villages, when you need a clean shave, you tell the barber Jordan and he knows what you want. Half of them have never heard of LeBron.
ROSTOV TV 10 hours ago
Thank you Max Kellerman,
Ben DC4L
Ben DC4L 10 hours ago
Wilt Chamberlain is the true GOAT and it's not even close.. 50+ ppg for a season?! 100 pts in one game?! Yeah I'm going with Wilt
The Real Craig Sutton
Lambron will "Never Ever" be anything like"Jordan" 6 championships with one team= GOAT!! Lambron 3 championships with 3 teams= GoOnAnotherTeam
遥俊 10 hours ago
Katakuri 10 hours ago
Love Kobe but Timmy easily every season his team had won 50+ games and always made the playoffs
SteAlth_Reflex15 10 hours ago
Stephan a bums up Durant