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bkzlatan Day ago
this kid has the ugliest hairline in history. he looks like turkey after fight with another turkey
g35x518 Day ago
Back when the NBA was good
Torenzo Gregory
Crazy you really can’t talk basketball without mentioning Kobe💯
Sherman Pearson
Trae you're gonna to be ball my brother
Alpha White Male
Because its fixed...
vlonethuug yadigg
One word ..... SUS
Leo Billgren
Leo Billgren Day ago
Max Kellerman is a disgrace trying to be "woke"
EP BEATS Day ago
She works for HR
Prashant Choudhary
Man zach should have been in the all star game... He's a top player
Hank Hill
Hank Hill Day ago
I’ll tell you hwat I say “that boy ain’t right” when referring to my son Bobby but he’ll never mutilate his... ah... genitals like this one
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Day ago
Lol they do this who’s better lakers or clippers talk everyday on ESPN
The Essence
The Essence Day ago
I would of laughed if after he said welcome to the world of professional dunking he bricked the dunk
Sean Collins
Sean Collins Day ago
Lillard is a spoiled brat who will lose on the first round, if the even make the playoffs.
Carl For President Anthony
Im with Steve
Jay Lew
Jay Lew Day ago
It is absolutely impossible to dislike this kid. His parents did a stellar job. In 10 years we can find out hes the mastermind behind a million dollar a month cocaine ring and people will shrug and be like Zion..now you know better buddy, don't do it again please
Eric Shelton
Eric Shelton Day ago
Celtics VS Lakers. Celtics win in 6. (2-15-20)
Sosa Miyagi
Sosa Miyagi Day ago
Browns fan here. I’m very, very disappointed in Myles Garrett. I don’t want to say he is lying but he’s giving me every indication that’s he’s lying in this interview. His body language says it all when he’s explaining Mason calling him the ‘N’ word
Bryan C
Bryan C Day ago
New England must be happy that they aren't the most hated team in sports anymore....
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Day ago
He didnt even know the Tim was so called bent dats how u know he ain't did shyt but shaq broke goals backboards n pull rims off
Adam Hobden
Adam Hobden Day ago
Molly just please shut up 🤦🏻‍♂️
rocko p
rocko p Day ago
Because all sports is scripted
Lil BAGDADI Day ago
Chrysostomos Papademetriou
nba refs suck .... they miss at least 5 travel calls each game ... and let's not say about the fouls
JB Kuz
JB Kuz Day ago
L boosy boy 🤑
713sound Day ago
lmbo dude definitely using props
Rysh Khasn
Rysh Khasn Day ago
Team USA will be dangerous with these two and Jason tatum
Cole Reed
Cole Reed Day ago
Short answer: they’re going to be very scary
John nie
John nie Day ago
I'm a Steelers fan, and I believe him.
Fuego Sports TV
Zion and Ja in the same team would be 🔥
sundiata365 Day ago
The Black man is always made to tuck his tail for a job. F mason and the interviewer. She's s on some gail king ish.
Ro Day ago
“Men shouldn’t be coaching in the WNBA” is the worst take from Stephen a and it’s sexist, they take whoever is the best/most experienced for the job. You’re not supposed to look at gender/race/culture when choosing candidates
Jstreet Day ago
I'm just here to see Mina
Justin G.
Justin G. Day ago
Paul needs some english classes...or something
LeeTravius Mckay
Miles had a great game and won mvp what about him?
FOOZ3R Day ago
If the show was for missing most your dunks, than yes, it was quite a show.
floydg16 Day ago
Also what about how that boy REAL mama feel about it. Him and Gab basically bullied the woman in court and stole her kids from her.
Troy Mason
Troy Mason Day ago
Mcgregor vs adesanya
Von Day ago
Zion gets a "10" on missed dunks!!!
Troy Mason
Troy Mason Day ago
If jones goes to 85 he will look like mcgregor 145.
koop Slime
koop Slime Day ago
Shut up Adam he's playing ppl forgot about it till ppl brought it back up so I doubt that will happen
Joshua Riston
I like Wilbon. He's always been cool.
LeeTravius Mckay
Never been this impressed by young players. They look so polished already. The NBA is in good hands
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Day ago
These narrators seem a little bit unhappy.
Fuego Sports TV
A whole generation grew up watching Howard be Superman in Orlando
21DaHoagie12 Day ago
LMAO Idk who’s lies are more pathetic, Miles Garrett or Jussie Smollett 🤣🤣🤣
J T Day ago
Refs are ruing the game. It's about time they be put into accountability. So unacceptable to the fans all around.
philip cooper
She sexy
sam hawkz
sam hawkz Day ago
Who cares! Astros are champions. They won fair and square.
sour airhead
sour airhead Day ago
Cuz of point spreads thats why
Ona Ebodaghe
Ona Ebodaghe Day ago
Zion and Ja as a duo on the same team would be dangerous 💪🏾🐰
Khoa Do
Khoa Do Day ago
Yea if it was real 225, his rotator cup would have been fucked all the way up at the end when he slipped trying to rerack. Nice try ESPN
Jan Nelle
Jan Nelle Day ago
Being an injury expert has to be the saddest TV job
nishad gavande
I can totally a Disney movie SPITFIRE in 2025
First Last
First Last Day ago
Clark’s just mad Eli is getting in and he never will. Talk about garbage. 14 years in the league and the only pro bowl he made was due to Ed Reed getting hurt. There’s one thing that’s for certain. Clark is better on tv than he ever was on the field
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Day ago
ESPN loves making up records. Luka and Trey Young both had 32+ pt games last year as rookies. Brandon Jennings had 55 pts his rookie year.
Andre Collier
Scottie pippen,will forever go down as mr.migraine To me
John Van Warrebey
Wait a second. I don't like the astros at all for what they did. But statistically, shouldn't the Astros have scored more runs at home because of their cheating, how does that affect the yankees and how many runs they scored? The cheating was taking signs from Yankees pitchers, not astros pitchers. If the yankees only score 1-2 runs, or 0 runs, in Houston, how is that a result of the cheating scandal, as it has been described? Am I missing something? I can understand if the astros score 5 runs a game in Houston, but only 1-2 runs in NY.
IndSoikari Day ago
Zion Ja and Bridges are really good
Dar Eus
Dar Eus Day ago
No debate Bron lost that debate the first time he lost in the finals Jordan perfect 6 for 6 no game 7s 2 3peats kobe 5 wins from 7 attempts a 3peat and back to back Bron 3 wins from 9 attempts we honestly have to go there again that can't be swept under the rug no matter how much points he has or assists he has at the end of the day the game is played to win chips if Jordan and Kobe were focused on stats do you think they would have that much success in the playoffs no because they did anything to win and were not concerned with individual stats and padding while competing in a way more physical defensively charged era of basketball as opposed to this era where challenging a shot without any contact warrants a foul and oh by the way Hirdan and Kobe were 2 way players I.E they were defenders Lebron and defense can't be used in the same sentence
George Ybarra
The only thing Bregman learned from this is be better not to get caught what a douche bag
sammy dylan
sammy dylan Day ago
He's a liar, that's what he'll be remembered for.
Brother Nature
Bron gettin the ship this year
ibr bak
ibr bak Day ago
Stfu Guy Dupuy. It’s not harder than being a professional basketball player, gtfo.
Obediah Poteat
Bad need? Does Giannis not exist?
7of Spades Choctaw
Nobody is above the rules of the laws of the game including the referees. They need to be held more accountable because they have become so blatantly corrupt and unchallenged.
Ashlee Long
Ashlee Long Day ago
Isiah Thomas is so smooth man!
This is the worst thing I've ever seen not even basketball wise just in general
David Cano
David Cano Day ago
The Dodgers still a bunch of losers how do you win a 106 games and lose to the wild card team in the first round of the postseason. pathetic
Marqus Braddy
This nba class gonna have a few H.O.F
Shut Up!
Shut Up! Day ago
LeeTravius Mckay
Imagine Ja and Zion on the same team 🔥🔥🔥
Matt Rowland
Matt Rowland Day ago
they could miss so many dunks together!
Brian Winnie,needs to lose weight...he looks like a skinny guy in fat suit...lose weight extend you life
Judah Licht
Judah Licht Day ago
letsgetsocialinfo Let the man live his best life dawg
Andre Collier
Isiah,was right because the better team won,when chicago was better as a team they won What's wrong with things being this simple. Chicago won 6 rings that means they was better then everybody head to head 6 times.detroit was a great team for about 5 years or so.they should have 3 peated,to be honest. I hate that people dismiss the pistons as one of the best teams ever
Jon Anthony
Jon Anthony Day ago
Ironically, his continued lies serve to propagate the alleged rascist allegation in the first place!
Keegan ___
Keegan ___ Day ago
sangawashere Day ago
Reffing is not that easy. The refs dont have a bird's eye view and they're making the calls in real time. No slow motion replays and no multiple cameras angled inside their brain. Plus nba players are some of the fastest, most athletic people in the world. Trying officiate them in real time is not easy.
ruebascu Day ago
Brian Windhorst looks like he ate Zion
Grim Kreaper
Grim Kreaper Day ago
Greeny that’s dumb. You have to stop the play and review it. In a close game a point or two difference dictates the plays a coach will call, or how the players approach the game. So to say continue playing the game as it was until some random person gives or take away a point is laughable at best.
MaryKay Reese
Mason is no boy scout. The refs missed Mason going for Myles groin area. Yes, helmet to helmet is the worst, and yet I believe Myles did hear Mason use the slur. Moving on, Roger G. did the right thing.
The groin area happened because Myles is a CHISELED BEAST & lifted him by his helmet you f uckin i diots. Yall keep saying this & it just shows yall dont understand physics, AT ALL.
Freddy Sharctuation
Imagine them on the same team
hotepmoor Day ago
"If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism)-what it is, and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you." Neely Fuller Jr
John Rodriquez
The fact that the pelicans lost this game tells me the NBA is absolutely rigged. This man can take the game over at any point and time. He doesn't even have to take the game over actually 😂 he just needs to ball more often.
Bruh once he loses a lil weight his hops gone be ridiculous then dunks aren’t gonna be nothing to make 😭😭
Kawhi and Giannis do have a better Hair/line than Lebron - (NO OFFENSE...)
n0realreason Day ago
And uh and......Marcus Brown...Scottie you ok?
Youngblood1962 Hurt
Zion is a bad MF
michael murphy
Yea wade is magic for ESPN man
Chris 576
Chris 576 Day ago
TKe Long
TKe Long Day ago
You know what’s really interesting about this? People say the Astros are cheaters and they’re this or that, but with the NE Patriots you hear Billicheat often described as the greatest NFL head coach of all time and his cohort Shady Brady also described as the greatest NFL qb of all time when in actuality they’re no better than the Astros. They’re cheaters. Neither the Astros or the Patriots deserve to be held in high esteem because they cheat to win. The Astros are receiving the treatment they deserve. The Patriots are not. The Patriots should have an asterisk on every title they ever won and the Astros should have should have an asterisk placed in the record books for last year’s title. It’s time to hold aLL professional sports teams that cheat, to account. Not just the Astros.
They WONDER why ratings are so low. How about stop blowing the whistle every 5 seconds for ticky-tack fouls, that have NO effect on the action, and ONLY call fouls when a player is Hand Checked, trying to drive to the basket, Gold Tending, and when a player is fouled on a jump shot. Stop being concerned with calling fouls nonrelated to the action of the game, or scoring. The awful officiating is a major reason why ratings are low, and I love basketball.
A couple of tacos
Because it's fixed. It's a multi billion dollar business. It's always dirty when that much money changes hands
Samuel Kiger
Samuel Kiger Day ago
So D-Wade is telling kids to be bad teammates, shoot the ball even when it’s not the right play, and be an inefficient scorer? Yeah, that’s not gonna help many kids.
James Winchester
Because there egos make them bad at there job. That or it’s all rigged.
thatonegirl Day ago
as a filipina I am proud of this
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia Day ago
Perhaps Mueller should have investigated The Houston Astros for trying to rig the elections?
Trap Town NCS
Lovely content! Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :]
The Cool Nerd
Trap Town NCS
Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :]
John Hunter
John Hunter Day ago
Eating at the keg out of Murray KY just shed a single tear for my boy ja :')
Prettyboi Killuh 777
Zion is 6'8 285 lbs with only %8 body fat. I saw him hug melo and the kid is definitely huge. It looks like he is still hurt though
Levin Long
Levin Long Day ago
Once Zion gets comfortable on a professional athlete nutrition lifestyle it's over.