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octaviakf 10 hours ago
She’s like look here there’s no wedding after this stop pause means no go 😂 damn
vmn512 10 hours ago
Can I hear her message without your stupid monologue interruptions, Jesus wtf
Steezy McCleansey
Steezy McCleansey 10 hours ago
this reporter stinks.... not a good job at all... when she mentioned "remake" for this classic of a movie, you can tell that she is one of those sjw pedo lover libtards...
Ms Precious
Ms Precious 10 hours ago
Kelly you are nOT all that you think you are ? WEIRDO
Ms Precious
Ms Precious 10 hours ago
I like how she covers her face when she saw mark , don’t think she liked his looks
Shauntel H
Shauntel H 10 hours ago
I love david and annie. 😍
J R 10 hours ago
Looks like. David doesn't care about. His health it's like he is getting bigger by the wk plus Annie needs to stop cooking fried okra
Mark Gigiel
Mark Gigiel 10 hours ago
I like Jim, but 5 kids is just stupid in this world. So, I have no sympathy for his distance learning problems.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 11 hours ago
Dad's hot!!
Wheelman 123
Wheelman 123 11 hours ago
Wooow he's only 13?!! And already so tall, so handsome too. Stay healthy Barron.
tall, dork and hungsome
That's an interesting choice of top. Dark grey, with red in there. Almost the same colours as a human hybrid host
rottenrobbie66 11 hours ago
Today’s words of the day are “ Herd Immunity”
Memet Ozbay
Memet Ozbay 11 hours ago
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W. George
W. George 11 hours ago
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Keyona Courtney
Keyona Courtney 11 hours ago
So funny!
C.H.I. 11 hours ago
Very weak!
Del Delos Rios
Del Delos Rios 11 hours ago
It is just karma, for Marilyn Monroe’s death. Kennedy’s murdered her. 🥱
JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com
That's so cute! www.JesusReallyDoesLoveYou.com
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 11 hours ago
Hahaha - 0:51
Roger Moore
Roger Moore 11 hours ago
Hahaha -0:33
Nelly Mayavanga
Nelly Mayavanga 11 hours ago
There is no chemistry and hope they are not wasting each other time
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 11 hours ago
It's sad to see how women have to travel across the world just to be whores I guess she ran out of men she was f****** in her state
Anya Gubar
Anya Gubar 11 hours ago
She is a trend setter. Her hairstyle is cool because pink is a rock star. Love you pink, my favourite song is "Sober".
farber2 11 hours ago
Yes, people complain about quarantine, without 5 kids.
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson 11 hours ago
Really white people . Meghan been doing acting way before she met Harry Just stop it we don’t need y’all help . Just stop it
Evelyn The Greatest
Evelyn The Greatest 11 hours ago
Is just pathetic to see Ms. Pushy Princess lying about "paying her way through college without the assistance of anyone" knowing that her daddy paid EVERYTHING. I feel sorry for Thomas Markle Sr for having to pay thousands of dollars on a college career that never got her anywhere. She said she was "going to be ambassador of Argentina", but sadly it don't happen. Then she said "I'm a famous American actress and I'm well-known in the United States"- like, seriously!. This woman HAS NEVER WON ANY EMMY AWARD'S FOR HER ROLE AS "RACHEL ZANE", not to mention her name isn't even on the walk of fame so she could be calling herself "famous American actress". Since Trevor Engelson wasn't enough for her to get her where she needs to be, which is to be famous, she needed to married a Prince. And now that her doll is born she's even more "well-known". .
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy 11 hours ago
Steven seagal letting himself go.
Ree Barr
Ree Barr 11 hours ago
Always going to be difficult as crazy about elephants, all animals for that matter but loathe and detest sociopath Megalomaniac. However, for sake of the charity decided to support this but not able to lie and say Megain was good. She was not, she was horrific, no wonder Bob Igor got fired. There was no passion, no empathy, no love for elephants in her voice, which is understandable as narcs don’t feel those emotions hence unable to transfer it genuinely in their voice. MeAgajn sounded fake, flat and boring. Disney messed up big time, Denzel would have been a perfect choice for the film or even Attenborough. Smegs messed up too as this work qualifies her for the rotten tomatoes or wooden spoon awards, definitely not a re-launch for her desperate pursuit of a Hollywood career. However, for the sake of these magnificent mammals and the message that, ‘family does matter’ (oh the irony, I know) people should grit their teeth and support it or allow their children to watch as they do not understand voice/personality of a narrator. Educating our youth on this incredibly, beautiful and intelligent animal is their future protection against trophy hunting and mass slaughter for ivory trafficking. Forget toxic Megain and think of the elephants, please.🙏🏻
RetroRockdriguez Rock
The Flav.......one of a kind Terminator X ......one of a kind Legends........
Valenz Marky
Valenz Marky 11 hours ago
Adrienne King
Adrienne King 11 hours ago
How could anyone not like this family, they are so amazing to overcome the challenges and insanity that has come there way. Steve would be so proud! 💗👍😕😀
Inti Star
Inti Star 11 hours ago
i blame publicity and social media 😣😢
TRAP BOY SKRT 11 hours ago
Ernesti Echevalier Child prodigy
Dude THAT is not fit abs. It's healthy but fit shredded is like npc girls or athletes..
Nne Nna
Nne Nna 11 hours ago
Baby Harry, mummy,!!! Mummy!! Grow up Harry many children lost their mothers .
Laurie Knight
Laurie Knight 11 hours ago
Being a Christian and having had a gay brother, I certainly would have attended his wedding if he had chosen to marry. John 13:34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. / We are all a work in progress until graduation day who need grace and more grace. Must love others into the Kingdom and be accountable for our own actions. Best to the Feek family.
person 1
person 1 11 hours ago
Honestly we don't really know much about these celebs. All I can say about Vanessa is that in their public appearances she always looked at him with such adoration, longing, and desire. May have been different in private. But publicly it seemed she kept Kobe well taken care of. Still procreating and having babies closing in on 40 is not as common as people think. I think she was still putting it on hyper-horny Kobe until his death. Happy for them.
Arianator Hoe
Arianator Hoe 11 hours ago
So what.... he should’ve let her hanging
William Wolcott
William Wolcott 11 hours ago
She is so fos.
Amanda Pierson
Amanda Pierson 11 hours ago
He has been in quarantine. He is a healthy guy. Dont see why he needs a test. Other people need them more. I love him but dont see how this is news worthy.
Michelle Forbes
Michelle Forbes 11 hours ago
I think is to soon he need to see like one year and see this girl is the right one .. I hope he doesn’t regret
you know this! 757
you know this! 757 12 hours ago
This made me happy🎵🎶☺, thanks guys! Looking forward to the next video. Dad's hanging tough with you youngsters😁!!
Happy Me
Happy Me 12 hours ago
That’s awesome!! People should rescue and adopt more puppies!! Not shopping them!!
K. ToTi
K. ToTi 12 hours ago
He does not give a shit that he cheated lol these public apologies are so pathetic not on Kevins part but to the people thar eat this shit up
Sam E
Sam E 12 hours ago
Sounds like she's saying bye, bye ... listen to the full speech .. she says "and when they come after us" .. yeah, they're coming for you for killing Diana! The world is AWAKENING!
Camilla C. S.
Camilla C. S. 12 hours ago
🙏❤️ " If we remain united and resolute , then we will overcome it . I hope in the years to come everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge . And those who will come after us will say that the people of this generation were as strong as any . And the attribute of self-discipline , of quiet good human resolve and a fellow feeling still characterize this country . The pride in who we are is not a part of our past but it will define out present and our future . " 🙏❤️🌹
Yaacov Simon
Yaacov Simon 12 hours ago
It's GULF not GOLF!
Rennia MUA
Rennia MUA 12 hours ago
Idc what nobody says... it is very very weird for a man in his 50s to be dating a 20yr old.
Mr Slate
Mr Slate 12 hours ago
Over a damn ball
stringbender57 12 hours ago
Jim is an awesome comedian! Loving dinner with the Gaffigan's. Jim's wife and kids are great!
Brian Cooley
Brian Cooley 12 hours ago
‘Praying to god’? Which god? The god of the elite class? Aka satan
davin ross
davin ross 12 hours ago
i have no respect for this lizzard
Paige 12 hours ago
Waiting for Fred Goldman to comment.😂😂
gjunw 12 hours ago
Gawd peop!e! Haha. This guy does not even walk like this in other runways. This is a fucking show and he's meant to walk like this as directed. Its all forvthe concept. He was stomping to stress the drama as he close the show.. people suddenly thinking that they can all be a model becasue they walk the same are delusional haha
arin sachdev
arin sachdev 12 hours ago
kelso and fez forever
Robloxproffesional spy
Miley, pls dun invite Selena if its only to let her talk alone while ure browsing yr hp... It's nice thing to do if ure a host.
person 1
person 1 12 hours ago
The Brits are throwing a temper tantrum in the comments section. Lol. This woman did nothing to earn the disproportionate hatred aimed at her. In the end she and Harry will succeed royally. Pun intended.
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 12 hours ago
Portman is awsome
zpyang 12 hours ago
I've heard from numerous people who saw all 3 of those movies mentioned and they agreed parasite vastly exceeded them
Mamamia 12 hours ago
Meghan wants to be a star she wants to be noticed,full of inferiority complexes,has to do more to feel bigger
northern ireland
northern ireland 12 hours ago
Megan markel is a spoilt little brat, my way or the high way. Threw her father to the wolves, the guy who looked after her an helped her immensely 🇬🇧 little miss victim, the way she has treated the royal family an British people is horrendous 🇬🇧 #evil
Mamamia 12 hours ago
Canada has no celebs to admire them
person 1
person 1 12 hours ago
A very credible job if you're objective. To the others she can do no right even if she walked on water, or died, and rose on the third day. Lot of petty people in the world.
Blue map
Blue map 12 hours ago
Yup it's true she is not VERY famous in India, bcuz Bollywood only wants to cast fair actresses to play any major lead role, and Freida will not be suited to play those silly female love interests anyway. Being an Indian, I love her soo much, I have watched all of her movies so far!
Ryan Howell
Ryan Howell 12 hours ago
Glad she and her son are doing okay
Rococo Chocolate
Rococo Chocolate 12 hours ago
caswallon1415 12 hours ago
Fair enough!
Terry Ritter
Terry Ritter 13 hours ago
Golddigger Golddigger Golddigger Golddigger ha ha ha ha
Cheryl87 11 hours ago
blabla62871 13 hours ago
she looks even better than before
Ethel Jane Fontenot
Ethel Jane Fontenot 13 hours ago
We are so proud of Drew.
fierro por la 300
fierro por la 300 13 hours ago
I dont care what she said, just open the wallet and help people who is having a hard time, Maintain hope': Drew Brees talks decision to donate $5 million to help Louisiana
Liyah Porter
Liyah Porter 13 hours ago
Sorry guys I meant cesar
Liyah Porter
Liyah Porter 13 hours ago
I am so sorry but did he say that he hopes that monse and spooky have a happy relationship together
Liyah Porter
Liyah Porter 13 hours ago
I meant Cesar
ohio player1177
ohio player1177 13 hours ago
Cocaine.is.a hell of a drug!
Roger Wauters
Roger Wauters 13 hours ago
My condolences to the all family! However this happened indeed way too many bad things already happened to the all Kennedy family.
Maggie Osasere
Maggie Osasere 13 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I know some ppl will not think before clapping for the so called queen of uk! After how many months of pains, death etc now she want to speak , about what ? When the good ppl of world, leaders, other queens , kings, men of GOD ESPECIALLY the POPE FRANCISCO, BENEDETTO 16, they hv all prayed, the doctors , Nurses, Sanitary staff , good ppl hv donated, help out in one way or other, my question is how many ppl hv dead in UK, how many in hospitals or self isolations , now this woman , who thinks she is above others is speeking when more than 2,000 PPL hv died, more 3,000 affected. Or they forced her to make this speeches, like what happened when Diana died. Thank GOD this virus don't know the poor or rich ppl! This woman is selfish and selfcentered, she only think of herself and the firm. Ppl are suffering, she sat there with outfits worth of milions of dollars and her office, what is she talking about now After many months? Is a pity that this woman don't kniw what ppl are going through in their lives, the painful parts of it all , is that u can't say farewell to ur loved ones who lost their lives in this evil VIRUS. LORD HAVEN MERCY ON US IJN AMEN . PEACE. QUEEN ELIZABETH 11try to hv human feelings and stop pretending to the world. GOD IS A LIFE !
Charlotte Tan
Charlotte Tan 13 hours ago
"I was the Dolores consultant on set" This totally takes on a different meaning now.
Darlene Tillman
Darlene Tillman 13 hours ago
Keep advocating for your health 💯
vallan 13 hours ago
She should have done a voice over as a leech....but they're silent
chicken soup
chicken soup 13 hours ago
Eminem in her next rap "this goes out for all the back stage bitches"
Paula Torró
Paula Torró 13 hours ago
dude, the fucking journalist...shut uppp! we don't wanna know who is in Hale's head if we haven't seen the season!
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres 13 hours ago
Alot of very intelligent and successful people are bipolar and/or have other mental health issues. Amazing that she's sharing it openly...to help others and so it's not leaked in media.
JonTukaGam3 13 hours ago
Parasites is an ok film however The Host and Train To Bussan thats what i call dang good cinema
Game 4Free
Game 4Free 13 hours ago
game recognize game lol
Jackie Mills
Jackie Mills 13 hours ago
My family and I enjoyed it very much! I cried. It was beautiful! I didn’t even know it was Meghan Markle until I saw the credits. I had told my daughter I like her voice it’s soothing. Disney always come thru. I was Excited to see it was Meghan Markle. She did a beautiful job!🙌🏼👏 I’m buying this movie! It was so beautiful!💕🙌🏼👏 my hats go off to the producer and voiceover Meghan Markle!👏👏👏👏😁
Nomens NoNescio
Nomens NoNescio 13 hours ago
5? wtf is this the 1930's, no wonder mother earth is trying to get rid of us
movie gurl74
movie gurl74 13 hours ago
Distance learning...Cause we all want too get away from it😂😂😂😂😂😂
kelly williams
kelly williams 13 hours ago
He looks like that thing in Weird Science that Lisa turns Chett into for harassing Wyatt and Gary.
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith 13 hours ago
She lent her voice. Any voice on a documentary would be alright. She doesn’t have to lend her voice for a big money. Gosh she is disgusting
elodita nsibu
elodita nsibu 13 hours ago
La princesse devrait prendre conscience de rentrer avec son mari et l'enfant.... On joue pas avec la Reine... Je suis une femme noire, c'est honteux.
i'm getting map of the soul 7 album in a few days
Selma Lise
Selma Lise 13 hours ago
this is so sad , I feel bad for even watching something that should be private
Morris Morrison
Morris Morrison 13 hours ago
I wonder if V ever got his glasses back ...
FDHNullachtneun 13 hours ago
Plottwist: this was deepfaked as well
Saeed Alshehri
Saeed Alshehri 13 hours ago
Don’t worry Mike Ross did more 😂
Xia 8xxx
Xia 8xxx 13 hours ago
No more adrenochrome for you wicked satanic bitch!
nis lol
nis lol 13 hours ago
Jessica was one of the most problematic people in this show..
JAke da snake
JAke da snake 14 hours ago
Dude is a human Mike wyzowsky.
Kat Brax
Kat Brax 14 hours ago
Olympia is growing so quickly! Serena I pray God blesses y'all with more darling babies.🌬️💕💕💕💕
Jenny Alarcon
Jenny Alarcon 14 hours ago
Annie is so precious.