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Looking for a new gaming keyboard? Want to build a gaming PC? How about some cool tech gadget's under $50? I gotchu.
E4W 8 hours ago
I have this mouse, it is the worst mouse I've ever used. The only thing good about this mouse is the feet. The quality of the plastic is worse then dollar store plastic. The right click is mushy and the travel time is super long, but that's just my opinion! Edit: the right click is really squeaky, like if I have on my headphones I can here the right click
blake griffin
blake griffin 9 hours ago
product- filehub Why- f*** cables
Demir's Drawings
Demir's Drawings 9 hours ago
2:35 what ? he is just a friendly mouse ima buy it
Fusion 9 hours ago
thats not green???
Pyther Gaming
Pyther Gaming 9 hours ago
I’m certain i do NOT need the D.
HALAY_VEN 9 hours ago
for the equaliser thing you should have a power cable to power it on using home electricity then you plug in your pc and you plg in your speakers
leaq 9 hours ago
I currently own the g502 and I’m wondering what model would fit my hand better as I’m comfortable with the g502
wOkEbOi 9 hours ago
Once you Clack You never go back. -JSchlatt
nejiMX on ig
nejiMX on ig 10 hours ago
legend says if you put razer gaming drink down your eyes ears nose and chug it you’ll be the most cracked player
SupremeTijger 10 hours ago
I really prefer the model 0
TheGrandPrixGT00 10 hours ago
Anyone have any idea what "Aprilmayrain" has for her Logitech Brio webcam stand? Or where I could find something like that? That's amazing and would be perfect for my set-up as I literally have almost the exact same set-up, but mine are dual curved monitors. But I'd love to find out where you can find something you mount your webcam right underneath your monitors
Joseph Lance
Joseph Lance 11 hours ago
I’m trying to find that small under the desk pedal exercise in one of your cool tech video. Help
Unxke 11 hours ago
Linear and quiet 45g 4mm 2mm
Zach Tabibian
Zach Tabibian 11 hours ago
Kingston SSD
I Love iCathMiauw
I Love iCathMiauw 11 hours ago
the title had to be KEYBOARD SWITCH ASMR 😂😂
Alex Phagan
Alex Phagan 11 hours ago
2020 boy coming through
Fer C
Fer C 11 hours ago
39.99 on Amazon right now..... Just saying....
DropDeadDuckie 12 hours ago
Anyone know where I can find the coffee table in the last setup? Aprilmay’s?
DropDeadDuckie 11 hours ago
It’s at 7:53
Drew Fletcher
Drew Fletcher 12 hours ago
Can’t find this anywhere.
Martijn Frenks
Martijn Frenks 12 hours ago
Change your fov in bf v.
John Coffill
John Coffill 12 hours ago
I would get that mp3 player but my wife said "1 and a half inches isnt enough". :(
Karma_joel 12 hours ago
I bought the blue switch and I don’t know what it did
Jaden 12 hours ago
what happen to his eye?????
Gaming with Sammy
Gaming with Sammy 12 hours ago
Can you connect these to Xbox?
buks on
buks on 12 hours ago
Isnt aoc chinese
Suzan Sami
Suzan Sami 12 hours ago
i could buy it from you if u r willing to sell it
Suzan Sami
Suzan Sami 13 hours ago
hey bro if u are going to sell it please notify me bro
GaM3r_Chan 13 hours ago
SteMir ReViews
SteMir ReViews 13 hours ago
Useful! Thanks!
PhantomsEyeXI 13 hours ago
The second setup's mouse is actually the Rival 600, not the Rival 710
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell 13 hours ago
I Love Micro Center. I wish they build one in Manhattan..
Alan De la garza
Alan De la garza 13 hours ago
How do i get those cables
Alan De la garza
Alan De la garza 13 hours ago
For the PS4
Bradystvns 13 hours ago
They should make the functions removable if you want it smaller for gaming but you want the functions to edit
SF_ XeHn
SF_ XeHn 13 hours ago
Well I want the D(no homo) but the ergonomic shape cause my hand to hurt Does that mean I should get the O?
Iris 13 hours ago
The adonit photogrip and the digital word clock are over A$200 in AU Amazon. wtf ..
evan heilman
evan heilman 14 hours ago
I've been looking for a gaming monitor with these expect specs
Skyblock Legend
Skyblock Legend 14 hours ago
What is faster? Razer red switches Razer yellow switch
Sam Yang
Sam Yang 14 hours ago
Just wondering where did you get that brass/ gold knife?
McCluregamer447 14 hours ago
I think the desk mic and cpu cooler are the coolest their. The mic is really handy for a cheap option and it was a really good sound quality for the price and the cooler looks really cool and fancy and will give any pc a nice new look to it.
RySipt 14 hours ago
8:14 - “pretty *beep* good”
sunnyde 14 hours ago
Yo I did the vlog and got 3 entries man theres like 40k entires hope I win, it was at like 10k when Shared!
Letto Jr
Letto Jr 14 hours ago
2:28 SK621
Kaylee Cragg
Kaylee Cragg 14 hours ago
what monitor is that? it looks sick!
ItzLord Bacon
ItzLord Bacon 15 hours ago
I still love the Rival 650 best
Kaz 15 hours ago
my razer kraken x broke in a few weeks thats why im trying to find new headphones
Daryl HARRISON 15 hours ago
Any console game setups ?!
Tin Man
Tin Man 15 hours ago
God Slayer
God Slayer 15 hours ago
This keyboard is better than mine rn 😂
Team Trees
Team Trees 16 hours ago
Can you turn off the Rgb for the logo only?
Denis Strix
Denis Strix 16 hours ago
Where I can buy the orange switches need to replace mine I have no problem to solder the new once on mine
mike mikey
mike mikey 16 hours ago
Just bought the hs70 se. I'm returning them. They are really heavy and tight, absolute skull crushers. I need something that is more comfortable. Think about this before you buy them.
Matiar Shahri
Matiar Shahri 16 hours ago
I have sony gold and it’s trash Should I buy this ?
jgolden1309 16 hours ago
3:24 I legit thought my video was lagging
Vlado Arboleda
Vlado Arboleda 16 hours ago
Marshall stanmore 2 is my speaker
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 16 hours ago
It looks cool and have some neat feature. But it’s still 200$😂 My peripheral set up includes keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset aren’t even close to 200$. It’s only like little above half of that keyboard price lol
selJuk 16 hours ago
%1 Movie %99 Explosion
BLG_Spades YT ψ
BLG_Spades YT ψ 16 hours ago
What game was he playing
Lucas Soto
Lucas Soto 17 hours ago
V0iD Clan
V0iD Clan 17 hours ago
Where do you find the gateron Inks... I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE!!
Nick 17 hours ago
Yeah that screen isn't HDR. Was interested until that lie came up.
BlazeGamer420 18 hours ago
Domino's: hello everyone we got a special offer for you guys. Get at domino's Blue switch mechanical pizza with special our iconical topping white key caps and our delicious RGB flavourings.
Follow Cyco_lol on ig
So does it come in right or left to start out witn
Shmiite 18 hours ago
Good timing Frank! Pre-ordered this monitor a month ago, getting it tomorrow. Should be a lot better than my 1080p 60hz monitor.
magicmix13 18 hours ago
Personally, for a budget headset, it was about what I expected. Sound quality was good (just stereo, not surround), mic quality better than expected. I liked the braided cord and the auto mute mic. My only issue was that the minimal head padding and ear clamping force was making me physically sick just wearing them. I had to give mine away. Naturally, your mileage may vary.
AMIRR H 18 hours ago
Nice try, u r not funny
Luis Fuchs
Luis Fuchs 18 hours ago
5:03 this is not clean, this is zero effort. Nothing to show, nothing of emotional value around, no personal belongings. Looks like a make shift solution for a guy who just setup his pc after moving in a new apartment after getting ditched by his gf because he was gaming too much
nejiMX on ig
nejiMX on ig 18 hours ago
i’m having problems connecting it on to my xbox and i just got it rn i’m plugging it in the usb port and it’s not turning on
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 18 hours ago
Zero buyer's remorse.
BRAWLER22 18 hours ago
where can I get the wallpaper in the beginning? Cant find it anywhere.
Daniel Leon
Daniel Leon 18 hours ago
F for the g502
Simon Rockstream
Simon Rockstream 18 hours ago
Why is everyone rich except me?
RBJayden 18 hours ago
Feather Black
Feather Black 19 hours ago
There is no such thing as G-Sync on FreeSync monitors. It's nVidia decision to implement FreeSync support on their graphics cards.
Brenda Soto
Brenda Soto 19 hours ago
I feel bad 4 people who bought it aand it broke when they bought it wow final mouse woke up in the wrong side of the bed
Hassaan Bhatti
Hassaan Bhatti 19 hours ago
Is the huntsman just like the elite just without the wrist resting thing?
Qwertzuiop Qwertzuiop
Unpopular opinion: space cables suck! At 1:48 the entire cable is hanging of off the keyboard and the only place the cable is bending is after the coil. Totally defeats the purpose of the coil which is way too stiff and the cables weight probably doesnt help either
On Air Mastering
On Air Mastering 19 hours ago
Finally a great switch video, I made my choice, thank you!!!
ClicheName123 19 hours ago
lol budget keyboards hahahahahahahhaahahahahahahalololololololololololololololololololololol.
Ryan Vertein
Ryan Vertein 19 hours ago
$300 for an ITX case though???
corvus1k _
corvus1k _ 19 hours ago
can you change the color of the glorious mode?
TCYT7 19 hours ago
I want the hyperx mic but i cant afford it
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 19 hours ago
great review
MaxImpulse 20 hours ago
I want my razer naga epic 2012 with 12 buttons back, not this new 12 button crap
Milan Zeeman
Milan Zeeman 20 hours ago
I need this community's help I want to mount my monitors (3) it can't be on the wall needs to be a grommet because my desk that is like on the wall I have run out of ideas legit.
Jason Hough
Jason Hough 20 hours ago
Frank can you drop a link to that animated wallpaper at 0:42?
ClicheName123 20 hours ago
hitler liked the white switches.
TurtleSpeed James
TurtleSpeed James 20 hours ago
removable battrry will be helpful when u travel by air :-)
AJMI 20 hours ago
Its corona time!
U A saad
U A saad 20 hours ago
Who from 2020 😅 ?
Esenfur 20 hours ago
yo @randomfrankP do you recommend any powered usb hubs? could you squeeze it in next viedeo?
FramedThunder 20 hours ago
The logitech pad had in built receiver for mouse?
Dubz Fishy
Dubz Fishy 20 hours ago
Who here in 2020?
Evan 187
Evan 187 20 hours ago
I have been doing some research and that is my dream keyboard. The only problem is I don’t have 250$ to spend on a keyboard.
Amna Salamn
Amna Salamn 21 hour ago
Legend says that I am fake cuz you don't glow rgb colours.
Athomica [DE]
Athomica [DE] 21 hour ago
3:12 Im sorry what you meant was "hear" not "see"
Taavet Tikerpalu
Taavet Tikerpalu 21 hour ago
I hate it when keyboards use the F1, F3 ect keys for shortcuts, not usable for gaming
archell vergara
archell vergara 21 hour ago
Did you change the keys in your hunstman elite keyboard? what's the best key you can recommend?
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller 21 hour ago
Does anyone notice that his monitor background is different in almost any vid. Respect
Milan Haver
Milan Haver 21 hour ago
Where's steelseries?