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JahRandom Day ago
Charlemagne should get donkey of the day for talkin politics when this clip makes it VERY clear that he doesn't know very much on the topic...
psnisy1234 Day ago
I'm only mad I ain't seen this sooner lol
Kevin Hewitt
Kevin Hewitt Day ago
Even though it feels good to see Charlemagne get pumked it would have been even more lovelyr to seat from a light-skinned Street dude.
Reginald Focused
Bem Q
Bem Q Day ago
People on here are so stupid 😔 this dude is a Bullshit Artist! Terrible person
Jason Hulse
Jason Hulse Day ago
Without Lisa, I won't watch.
D Holloway
D Holloway Day ago
Birdman was ABSOLUTELY high as a kite...his heart was beating out his chest and his breathing was very shallow...dont do drugs, kids!
A. E. Silva
A. E. Silva Day ago
Ctg: I support shitty business if they're black owned.
Raheem Hamilton
Lisa is old school she was not only on Saved By the Bell but the first show that Saved By the Bell come out from Morning Miss Bliss.
Trillfate Day ago
3.2k 👎🏾
Gifted Lyricist
Your son wants to be a murderer do you help them or let them be them??
jacques-albert tobno hugo
Right onto C. Wilson.
Truth Source Network
hes right about a lot..just goes off the rocker with his conspiracies lmfao...hes almost senile
Joan Mosby
Joan Mosby Day ago
There are dysfunctional families if ever I seen one.
bearraaaaTV Day ago
It must be really hard having to make good content for a transphobic audience.... time to open up your sphere of content and not rely on the bigoted black base
The Plug
The Plug Day ago
At this point I’m thinking kevin must doing something wrong.
Jeffrey J
Jeffrey J Day ago
Angela Yee has the worst radio voice in history....
Ray Hunt
Ray Hunt Day ago
Charlemange is just pointing out what Mike’s team could have done better. I am a Bernie supporter, but everything Charlemange said was true, not factually, but if they are politicians he had the correct pivot points. If Mike and his team did everything that Charlemange said, he could have had a much better debate. That is all he is saying.
B2B T Day ago
Have some morals and speak the truth instead of following your owners’ agendas.
Tina Howard
Tina Howard Day ago
Angela said ummmm.charlene mad cause he wanna change soon
Shay Buttah
Shay Buttah Day ago
Super proud of our Super woman... She is so real and lives in her truth... I wish her nothing but great things... 💘 her... Last yearcI went to kandi's dungeon tour for my birthday... Lil mo didnt look herself & u could tell she was going thru something.... But she rocked the house...her voice was on point... She was suppose to do 2 songs... She did so good we wanted more... She kept singing... She was litt... That night I went home and prayed for her.... Im over joyed to see she made it thru love u mo....
Bauttie T.H.U.G
Stop and frisk is not so racist more than unconstitutional. A targeted data driven police policy in theory is what we want but in practice may lead to unconstitutional practice. But crime is down in part because of the policy. Data is not racist.
Track Flo
Track Flo Day ago
It's not a mystery why the comments are turned off on that video 😂. It is possibly the worst attempt at a human tryna do anything in the history of mankind
J C Day ago
That 16 year olds social media post is the reason why i say some people should not be procreating because they are pieces of shit, raising more pieces of shits.
Googlee Dood
Googlee Dood Day ago
Charlemagne the Dog.
Edward89 Day ago
It's gonna flop anyways I wouldn't be bothered by it
Cody Haymon
Cody Haymon Day ago
Angela Yee said, “Get the strap” 😂
Phoenix Sun
Phoenix Sun Day ago
As a woman, I’ve always felt tied down, and get very depressed in relationships, it seems the vibes always would die after a certain time . When you are confident and know how to enjoy life relationships seem more of a burden, who wants needs someone calling 10x a day to see wyr/wyd🤨 .... too much control goes on 😡
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Day ago
I'm very impressed with how articulate and intelligent Dutchess is. She is really mature and has her head on straight, which is why she's successful in life and business today. Keep up your hustle, young lady... God bless you!
lee green
lee green Day ago
I hate Angela Yee. Any woman that is her age that hasn't had kids can't be trusted. No man trusts you enough to impregnate you so therefore none of your opinions matter about anything...
Matt O'Halloran
So Charlemagne... how’s your man Deontay now? Fury gave him a proper beating haha
K.O.Y. Stands
"This is America" was garbage
fabulously plus
Rhonda Ross sings. Her oldest daughter.
Jxpzero3 Day ago
He never actually played for Oakland tho😂
PacMADE Chinky
3 to 4 chins
slim kenny
slim kenny Day ago
Dmx is one of the best rappers of all time period
Queen Blessing
1st part that caught my attention FOR REAL was " ordinary black guy " ... What's an ordinary black guy.? Anyone but an officer.?! Smh
Kenneth Williams
There's a difference between pussy& fish
Suthurn Faze
Suthurn Faze Day ago
This World is a WRAP
James Holly
James Holly Day ago
Charlemagne you were "spot on" with your comments...
Ashley Vazquez
Oh he didn't even buy tickets he watched it from his livingroom 🤦‍♀️
Kevin James
Kevin James Day ago
I feel sick 😷🤢. As a child you really don’t know what you want You only know what you see so I feel the child was exposed to it and hey just let it go and encouraged it.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Sad. I feel a person should be what they want to be but at least let them be an adult first 😞
Navi Satar
Navi Satar Day ago
There a lot of people out there stripping to pay there bills,put food on there table and take care of there ..Even pay for there education..Don't look down on them..It might not be right for u..You may not agree with it..But there working and paying there bill.I applaud them for that..Especially the single mother taking care of there children..Or paying for school..You be surprised how many successful woman payed there way through college that way.
a r
a r Day ago
So taxstone can say it was troy ave but troy ave cant say it was taxstone?
Marcus Torres
The guest need some neck mic's both sides
Ana 2210
Ana 2210 Day ago
“Come get yo daughter”😂😂😂😂😂
JoJo Giles
JoJo Giles Day ago
Mama Jones had that poomcash vagina scented perfume back in 2012....
Biddy Bop
Biddy Bop Day ago
S stands for save your god damn self - preach flame 🔥
Sydney Lexi Taylor
One of the best to do it!! So Talented!!
Charles Evans
R Kelly & Charlie Wilson 🔥🔥🔥⛽⛽⛽⛽
Wyatt Russell
Envy ran into Vado...lol
Jin-Roh Day ago
Doja cat fine af
Benito Ramirez
I agree with “Boosie! Not my choice words but screw the PC police
Cedric_theStylist Phillips
Funny as hell I wanna ho to a flame 🔥 show.
Mike Henderson
Lol foolish ... they left the hottest one out
Hustle Game Films and Production
Troy is 😕 confused. He's a mirror reflection of what's wrong with the streets. These succerz want all the Glory of Respect,money, an Reposition to power. But Don't want the weight of Death&Prison This nigga is a succer. He only speaks of that little paper he's got To feel better.Cuz is a 😭baby
Boring 5
Boring 5 Day ago
Papa Stoppa
Papa Stoppa Day ago
Man they Really Need to tell the Story of Tulsa Oklahoma!!..Fa Real!!
Mike Teel
Mike Teel Day ago
I really feel like he has CTE and his story will not end well. Prayers for AB man! 🙏🏾
Black Gemini AL JEROM
Ali will kill her
Xyn Williams
Xyn Williams Day ago
Yee can definitely getta ring from me.
Ana 2210
Ana 2210 Day ago
So proud of DC! Been a fan since the IG videos lol hope he continues to go far in his career ❤️❤️
Not For The Views
Just here to support my guy
Tiffany Wade
Tiffany Wade Day ago
Teddy laughing at the Three Dopes. He telling you History about MLK and they want to keep talking about Bobby Brown. 🤦🏾
Boring 5
Boring 5 Day ago
I'm just glad DC Young Fly's daughter has hair. I was worried for a second. I can tell she gonna get into comedy when she grow up.
Elect Stylez
Elect Stylez Day ago
Man are yall for the black community...that shit crazy our ppl destroyed forreal.. Israelunite.org
Boring 5
Boring 5 Day ago
24:47 Charlamagne a god damn liar. He's the one who started the whole Nick Cannon is corny trend in the first place. Then everyone started dick riding.
I really hate that I missed her when she was at Wakandacon!!! I think she was too far for me to reach walking because of my bad leg and I went alone. 😭😭😭😭
Emma Williams
BeeKaychick1 Day ago
Do envy is annoying af
brady50429 Day ago
Like ..
PG&ErShmekel Shmugglers
Want to see comedy. Compare bank accounts.
PMA II Day ago
Lmao this man doesn’t want to win he wants to burn 2 billion on a presidential race he’s a bored billionaire 💀
Shaya Shay
Shaya Shay Day ago
They're to old for a reboot.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith Day ago
How are you going to be straight and gay. He is a boy and said he likes boys....DUH...he is gay. I agree with Boosie...this is still a child they probably don't know what they like yet.
Mech Frza
Mech Frza Day ago
Female rappers are so mediocre
kahween113 Day ago
With the Tyler perry aspect that why his stuff is usually the same or predictable he should have other perspectives
Darra m
Darra m Day ago
inesita365 Day ago
Even if you don't agree with the Islam or NOI, they were able to gain the respect and make the white people scared about them. NOI and Islam has a very important place in America's Black History
Lekeisha Jones
Why didn't anyone try to bust Suge in his ass?
king Rolle
king Rolle Day ago
Why couldn't they give this man a real interview.
Andrea Butts
Andrea Butts Day ago
I may get a lot of negative replies for saying this. I personally feel if something is little legal it is legal. Marijuana however is one of those things that I watched a 4 to 6 hour documentary about the benefits and how it has helped so many children with seizures and other chronic illnesses for other people. I don't smoke it or eat it or whatever. I tried it maybe six seven times. Each time it ends up the same way. I cannot walk straight for anything and the world. I'm just so Tiffany and don't know why. It makes my eyes look like a Chinese and I already have slanty eyes which makes them look almost close together. Then I feel a little Paranoid by looking at me and that they know if I have some because of my eyes I don't know why it is you cannot keep your eyes open. it makes me hungry. Once it starts wearing off a feel so sick and I cannot walk straight for anything in the world. Honestly speaking, if it were not for having that sick feeling like a hangover when it wear off I would keep on using it. But every single time like I said get out of five or six times I end up with the same results. Feeling like a bad hangover from drinking. Therefore I cannot handle it. But I have seen so many positive benefits that it has I'll weigh in the negative. Therefore I feel there isn't anything wrong with it as far as in the way of harmful to people. Cigarettes will kill people every day until they stop making them but they still sell them. How many people have you heard of dying from smoking or eating marijuana? Honestly if I had been there Uber driver and found out that what was going on I would have just handed the stuff over to the guy and kept moving. But you know we live here America and we have the freedom of choice and speech or what have you sold that was the Uber drivers business as to whether or not he wanted to turn it in. Which I would have not I would have given you guy back and stuff.
ALL Created By One GOOD God.
who was breathing all pervy in mic?
south alabama coalition investment group llc
Now it seems it's Gabby who's really leading this campaign for her step son but it's D Wade on the forefront defending this madness, now Gabby just got fired from her job as a judge, my point I'm trying to make is that she believes was discriminated because of her looks and didn't like it at now my thing is that she is exploiting D Wade's son to get back in the graces of the powers to be to help promote the Black gay agenda in order to get back to status in Hollywood, what a fucking disgrace Gabby. Why to call that shit out Lil Boosie 💯 all fuck'n day long
Prentice Johnson
Young Fly... Yeah the music is Smoke.
Michael Gordon Penn
Flame was burning hot!
Head To Soles
Correction Charlemagne, sexual accusations weren't against Sanders like they were against Bloomberg. Comparing a campaign vs the runner who has admitted to saying inappropriate sexual jokes.
JEN W Day ago
This cast of sellouts is sad also all this PC SJW nonsense is destroying society. Dwade failed his son. Unfit to be in charge of a child let alone himself as for G Union she is destroying that man and his offspring
Alfred Oruwariye
CTG keeps getting worse each year man. I used to love this dude for keeping it a buck but he’s now a sellout. Lol got my dawg Bernie fucked up. This the same clown who endorsed racist Mayo Pete and Detective Kamala 🤦🏾‍♂️ you trash af now
ALL Created By One GOOD God.
I didn't get this notification 😕
vee0522 Day ago
Dr. Uma is so from the heart! I've encounter several white/other race men however I can't & will not date outside my race period..besides the smell of them, they'll nvr understand our injustices, mistrust, experiences, struggles, history, pain, fam values etc...
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Day ago
I don’t think women want to be single, I just think most women want a good life and a lavish lifestyle. If a man can’t or refuse to provide that, then most women would rather be single because we can do bad by ourselves. No point in having a man if you’re struggling. It’s called having standards and not settling for anything with a penis.
yee haw
yee haw Day ago
oprah's evil y'all, why is she so against Michael when there's no evidence to claim him guilty but yet stands for Weinstein like a puppet.
Eric Cajigas
Eric Cajigas Day ago
Can we take his n card and give it to post malone for that comment
cmbsoldja Day ago
Charlamagne, Bloomberg HIMSELF was accused. NO ONE accused Bernie personally.... 🙄.
Ya'a Day ago
Black girl magic!!!
Aamir Wilson
Aamir Wilson Day ago
Female rappers pit themselves against each other. Nobody force them to beef md Angele Yee is wrong there is mad female rappers y’all mf just don’t put on these dope females
Track Flo
Track Flo Day ago
So he got the donkey for defending his blackness????? Lmao I'm so conflicted
taz santiago
taz santiago Day ago
He’s more fucked for obliterating a serial number on a firearm, In Massachusetts that’s an automatic 10 years federal