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I didn’t wipe my ass Today
Do your googles.
Joe Kay
Joe Kay Hour ago
People should stop expressing their opinions without 💯Facts
Latroy _x.
Latroy _x. Hour ago
We will never know the facts because the police department will always protect itself.
C. M. Morton
C. M. Morton Hour ago
Monique Hour ago
I swear we focus our attention on the wrong things sometimes🤦🏽‍♀️
Carlton Lou
Carlton Lou Hour ago
I feel bad for dude... kinda. That new album going platinum 🍩. He should've just let her walk away.
Tiggertron Hour ago
Aaannd yet again!, Trash editing.... What's goin onnn?? My peeve is a horrible ending song, movie, sentence period lol smh .... Y'all got money! so play like you paid ya Digg lol... Too many mistakes (on RUvid) that shouldn't be cuz it's the final draft, not live. Feel me?
CT Chevy
CT Chevy Hour ago
The neighbors literally heard them knock and yell “police” he knew they were cops and shot at them because of that
Kenya Mitchell
Wait I heard Breonna Taylor was sleeping when this incident went down. I didn't know they were up watching movie. The boyfriend quotes " it was about 12am and me and breonna was in bed watching a movie" wtf is up with all the misinformation and twisted narratives circulating the internet
51 50
51 50 Hour ago
Sad sad day, Welcome to Kentucky smh
Ms Jaye
Ms Jaye Hour ago
4:00 Dave Chappelle...
Episode Beats
Episode Beats Hour ago
The only time Black people will learn to work together is when we can agree to disagree. Unfortunately this show's host is a paid donkey of the mainstream media.
B Jvu
B Jvu Hour ago
Didn't realize people watched TV to see themselves in it compares to being entertained ... That's the problem with the black culture is that they seek information, validation and relevance from tv instead of from the home and ambitions
Norrr Hour ago
LISTEN TO THE ALBUM! y’all didn’t listen to shit 😂😂
Lonny DaDon
Lonny DaDon Hour ago
Its funny Nick wasn't blackballed until Paul Rosenberg pulled strings ..stay woke
Al Sal
Al Sal Hour ago
So Republicans think that the 2nd amendment doesn't apply to black people? Bunch of Hypocrites.
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Hour ago
Check out the white power troll bots in the comments
Lboogie Entertainment
Ctg is definitely whoopi 🤣
Neo Vinci
Neo Vinci Hour ago
Angela Yee be killing me with the Reading
Angry Bird
Angry Bird Hour ago
Everyone needs to just STFU. You don’t need discussions debates or audio clips of statements. You don’t need her boyfriend. You don’t need her death. All you need to know is there’s no body cam footage. This happened in 2020. No body cam footage. Period. Do what you gotta do with that
WillFree Hour ago
Sadly if cops have a warrant they are coming in if you have a gun you will be shot if you didn't disobey the law the police wouldn't be at your door. I rest my case.
Michael Lam
Michael Lam Hour ago
Charles is smart. He realizes the truth that the breonna case is not like the other case. It’s not racist cops shooting and killing a black. The cops were being shot at so they had to return fire. The cops made a fatal mistake of going to the wrong apartment. If the boyfriend didn’t shoot them , all of this would’ve been sorted out without violence. When you get guns involved in a situation things can go south very fast. It’s a tragedy for everyone involved. Bravo to Charles for being reasonable and understanding the facts without jumping to conclusions.
Kevin Moodie
Kevin Moodie Hour ago
angiee is maaaaaaad bias lmaoo did yall listen to the album or nah? sloppy coverage
Miss ZabrinaTaylor
I’m so glad that you guys are having these conversations. I was literally appalled when I rewatched gf as a mature woman. I felt that the show had shaped my reality in a way that was super scary. Because the show was very stereotypical! I didn’t know that at 15, 16 years old. I thought I was just admiring the life of four beautiful black women. This discussion is an admission of that and I appreciate you all for understanding the powerful position that you were in. I love the idea of the miniseries being about healing, self love and evolution.
Smokecuh Hour ago
Okay I never yelled at a youtube video so loud before. Charlemagne you obviously know a damn thing and truly spitting out lies.
Claudia Patterson
15 years is girl not a woman. Get over it , that was a kid 🙄🙄
Mr. Dan Freeman
All this interview exposed was that entertainers are druggies, blacks never did mushrooms, acid, lsd
sazon west
sazon west Hour ago
so no one heard anyela say fight you through the phone after soulja boy said chris called him lmfaooooo
Steven Your daddy bitch
I fucken love u moneybagg
B Jvu
B Jvu Hour ago
Chris, ask yourself if black people treated white people as how whites treat the black community, would they allow you to just apologize and start over . That's a black people thing ! The cop killed the dude in his own apartment and the dumb family or his brother wanted a hug which he was only trying to get his hands on his white god to cop a feel. Stop with the we forgive and let's do on to others as they have done onto you since the bible is the holly gospel
traffic lights
Look up Tamara Magdalene
Non verbal learning disorder? There will be a medication for it soon.
traffic lights
Look up Tamara Magdalene
How dare this black guy not follow what we liberals told him to do! I'm so sick and tired of you black people not listening to us! You can't achieve nothing without us! So stop researching and listen! Vote Biden NOW!
Blackbird Hour ago
Charlemagne the clod more like
Adrian Holguin
Yo what the f is going on here?
TAD Hour ago
Daniel Cameron did the right thing. He allowed the investigation to play out without interfering, and he denounced the Hollywood A and B listers telling them publicly that their opinions didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered is the facts of the case. The information is public. There is a lot of evidence that Breonna was involved in her lover Jamarcus Glover’s drug ring. There is video evidence, transcripts from recorded jail phones, a rental car that was rented in Breonna’s name that a dead body was found in, etc..... Breonna did not deserve to die, but the police had the right to go execute that warrant based on the information they had. It’s sad that she died but the officers were shot at and they returned fire. This case shows that maybe the laws of executing search warrants need to be changed
kaykay69 Hour ago
We ain't NEVER gonna let her name die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😢
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Look up Tamara Magdalene
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat Hour ago
When all the facts come out, you will realize how stupid you sound.
Shhh Perry
Shhh Perry Hour ago
Ladies don’t wait until you’re damn near 60 to forfeit you’re class and grace. What is a 60 year old woman doing talking about someone’s package? Please hold tight to your self respect even after you go broke and your Brad drags you through the mud.
JOSEPH Hour ago
Breakfast Club, the Black Supremacist channel SMH. Nothing you guys do is wrong eh?
415 Hour ago
Wtf this gotta do with Breonna Taylor??
kaykay69 Hour ago
Mookie. I don't believe they need a president. We really don't have one now. Or split it up. Sick of this BS. Give us our due.
Tabu Seventythree
Well I hope some men try to break into his house unannounced, then when he fires at them (as is his right to defend his home), they open fire and kill someone HE loves. Oh, and the caveat - they were cops who had the wrong house... ...and they don’t go to jail for it. Bet! He changes his tune THEN!
Gideon Farr
Gideon Farr Hour ago
Fat is not thick there is a distinct difference
hydro px
hydro px Hour ago
one more thing, when/if Charlamagne gets killed by one of his own, can we get him a BIG ass DONKEY as his tombstone?
E Gaming
E Gaming Hour ago
JOSEPH Hour ago
George floyd had so much Fentanyl in his system it would have killed a horse, autopsy proved it.
Milton Wright
Milton Wright Hour ago
He without a sin cast the first stone
James Cornish
James Cornish Hour ago
Why does RUvid keep pushing this fake ass Breakfast Club they ain't nothing but a DJ's bad knock off
Hello my name is Juan.
Only a stupid ass,irresponsible gun owner would discharge a weapon without first seeing what it is he’s shooting at. The donkey of the day isn’t Barkley it’s the narrator of this video.
Chicano Powers
Sad how she was trying to get out of the game, yet her past involvement got her caught up.
E Gaming
E Gaming Hour ago
That's why it's best not to even pick up the controller.
Joseph X
Joseph X Hour ago
Well I can say this abt Chris the black man kept it real by admitting that he and his rich peers sit on a hill watching us the poor go threw the fuckery and the injustice that goes on in fuckin america. But I got bitter sweet news for you y'all days are numbered cuz God (Allah) is on the scene and you will get the chastisement the other ones that run this shit will get it's coming the fires will rise I promise you.
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Look up Tamara Magdalene
daskinder Hour ago
I want to go to Chris's house, looks nice
traffic lights
Look up Tamara Magdalene
hydro px
hydro px Hour ago
Charlamagne gets asambo award of the day, GIVE it up for him.
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Jason Jason
Jason Jason Hour ago
Let's deal with the reality, there was a warrant for the residence, 4 other warrants were served. Drugs and guns were found in the other homes. The bf fired first. Charles is a legend. Charlemagne is a permanent donkey.
Chocolate Thunder Cherry
Followers and other forms of attention can be bought sooo having lots of followers means nothing
Desirey Blomquist
The nerve of any of these celebrities talking about morals or a right and wrong time to capitalize off something. Bottom line its about making money. Right?
Ron Morgan
Ron Morgan Hour ago
I own my masters also thank god wheww
Asmr junkie
Asmr junkie Hour ago
Tory lanez came out with the album on that day because it's the anniversary of his mother's passing and it's her birthday it has nothing to do with trying to use breonna Taylor but I'm not suprised ppl are trying to use breonna Taylor's name to punish him without even knowing the truth THATS HIS MOTHER HE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DROP AN ALBUM ON THAT DAY AND I WOULD OF DID THE SAME
Lifegoeson100 Hour ago
This is gonna be even more of a mess
F4R0 Hour ago
Don't be this guy's Wife. You leave. You run and never look back.
Bgunna410 Hour ago
D F Hour ago
Charles Barkley is fucking disconnected. Breonna was not the threat in this case. They came into this womans home guns a blazing when there was 0 evidence that she was involved in such crime
Tall Allen
Tall Allen Hour ago
Angela calling thst sexist or whatever is bullshit. As a woman..... Puffy and Biggie made it big using others classic beats.is thst sexist,me slef hating blacks or the truth ? Now is her redoing others songs sexist or the truth? I couldn't talk to be around or work with Angela saying shit kike thst when its not sexist. How do ypu ja e a conversation with someone thst does thst when its not? I cant disagree with you or its sexist? Thats why ypu don't think I agree with you?
Prince Dior
Prince Dior Hour ago
Omg!!! I love Wallo & Gillie!!!They are hilarious!!!
split Hour ago
Ok so who else watched it twice
Demitrius Bragg
Woman ain’t shit! Let me tell my side of the stories but I’m gonna stop you from telling your story that I told years ago!🤦🏾‍♂️
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown Hour ago
GOOD. Im glad to see theres still some sense among US.
NicoMobbin Hour ago
This interview was so cringe
Frankie Hampton
I am waiting for the damn show. I love these ladies. 🤗
hpc Ghost
hpc Ghost Hour ago
Rip freedom of speech.
FTF Productions
Shaq agreed so add shaq into the donkey category too
Aundra McGlockton
It’s like all these people take speculating as fact. Revisionist history as a justification. Act like they don’t know what a cover up is. They try the dead and make these leaping accusations. She was holding money for her ex boyfriends drug ring according to some of y’all. It’s funny none of you mention that the ex was already in custody. There were two sleeping individuals there in the apartment. Let’s just use logic here. Who tf goes through the trouble of obtaining a no knock warrant to then knock? You fail to mention the number of no knock warrants the judge was firing. How tf did they obtain such terrible intel. NO BODYCAM footage. Leave that off when you expect to go by the book or when you’re going to ignore the rules. This flimsy line of logic that you’re trying to use to justify is complete bullshit and you know it. The subtle racism here is the over policing of black communities and the willingness to engage in negligence. Those cops saw screw diligence instead of due diligence. With the whole nation looking at the city you actually think they didn’t take as long as they did to not cover it up revise the facts. It’s mind blowing how easily you accept some things as fact and how much you try and poke holes in reality. I just had to provide some sort of response for some of this bs I’m seeing in the comments. I don’t want to hear you excuses and accepting of alternate reality because it seems justified in your warped mind. The fact that people don’t understand the systemic racism inherent in all southern institutions should prohibit most of you commenters for opens up your lips. But here you are, no knowledge of what it’s like to be policed in this manner, commenting away. Spitting every conservative pundit bs theory as fact. I’m not here to change that little thing you’re passing off as a mind. You’re heads have been too far buried up your asses for too long. Tulsa, rosewood, Seneca village etc. nothing new here. I’d compare this more to Emmitt Till than George Floyd. 55 years apart
Datsizer Hour ago
Angela Yee is the enemy at this point .... Cuz Bri Fiance Bust at the cops doing his best. Shed rather blame black men than the ultimate culprit. . White supremacy!!!! F her!!
I didn't realize Charlemagne was so short
R Hour ago
he questions everything except his own ideas
Janice Green
Janice Green Hour ago
Bass player fisher Chill
Barkley was 100% correct
m98blue B
m98blue B Hour ago
Trump gave condolences to both Brianna and the cop’s families. How come you’re not speaking on that breakfast club?
GT Talks
GT Talks Hour ago
Charles is right