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Barnette Williams
Barnette Williams 12 hours ago
Boy... why is he sticking his tongue out SO FAR???? WTF dry mouth ass.... get that man some water.
Ricky Hampton
Ricky Hampton 12 hours ago
Kanye is the Goat and charlamagne and envy are some haters 🎯💯
Ms.Twanii 12 hours ago
See this is the shit that I don’t like I don’t watch this shit I like Boosie but they’re not letting him have his opinion they’re trying to persuade him and his opinion not gonna change I wish they would stop and their voices are annoying and talking at once. #team Boosie
Dialo Dima
Dialo Dima 12 hours ago
Respect Boosie 100% agree they forcing this to the world and future generation and they used ⭐️ music stars Industry to promote it to the kids
Bill Kapri
Bill Kapri 12 hours ago
Damn envy wanna get straight to the gossip shout out to charla
Green Orchid
Green Orchid 12 hours ago
tyson minlo
tyson minlo 12 hours ago
ctg coughing that corona dang..lol
PamBeforetheStorm 12 hours ago
Perhaps the caller needs real psych medication to deal with her issues, she's on her way, but I can hear in her voice, that rushing, that her Bipolar issues are deeper than she may know 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Amazing Grace messenger
Get them Nicki, Mrs Reed you are a paid punk!!!
Tiphnee Westry
Tiphnee Westry 12 hours ago
She is the biggest deflector and fucking bullshit artist ever and I’m just basing that off of her actual explanations and conversations! She just tried to say that Jason reached out to Nikki to get her back on his show and then lied about it… I don’t believe you you need more people
Kenneth Farrington
Kenneth Farrington 12 hours ago
I like that question to Charlemagne, what if it was somebody you didn't know? Just a regular Joe now he don't know how to answer. Come on man, you talk about being fair all the time bruh
Red Rebel
Red Rebel 12 hours ago
Once again I wish they would keep the same energy they had towards boosie
Kandie Valentina
Kandie Valentina 12 hours ago
You will probably never see this but your book literally saved my life!! I haven’t wrote a song or poem in years because my depression got so bad. After listening to your book I was able to write my first song since I don’t know how long.i stubbed a cross your book and I have listened to it about 6 times in the month I’ve had it. You inspired me and helped me through a slump. I don’t know who needs to hear this but I strongly! Recommend his book 😊
E 12 hours ago
CTG should get Donkey of the day for trying to stick up for his friend Karen lol
Lashanda Daniels
Lashanda Daniels 12 hours ago
Charla so biased
YOR REFUSE 12 hours ago
USA should build cities to accommodate all hordes of migrants coming. If we really wanted to be humane on migrants why is nobody talking about building more homes for migrants? If we only have left-over cages of Trump, what is the point of talking about being humane? Lip Service?
Skulljagger 12 hours ago
Well actually white people are the most colorful of all people. Let me explain !!!! If you understand the science of color then you'll know black isn't a color. It's actually the absence of color [That's why space is pitch black] You go from black which is no color, all the way to white which is every color. So technically BLACK IS NOT A COLOR !!!! If you combine all the different colors of paint [ROY G BIV] you end up with white paint !!!! Ask any painter or photographer. They''ll tell you this. Sorry 🤪
Gardy Philemond
Gardy Philemond 12 hours ago
I don’t know why I didn’t listen to that any sooner. This brother is deep!!!✊🏿
The Real Fattie To Baddie TV
She just put a nail in her coffin. You would think she’s smart enough to know to be quiet and get a lawyer
Guest List ssbbws
Guest List ssbbws 12 hours ago
Ladies you want a big d” man but we’re the worst … a new woman is always curious from word of mouth so we’re unfaithful but you’ll shame lil D’s 🤷🏿‍♂️
Steven V
Steven V 12 hours ago
Jill Gotti
Jill Gotti 12 hours ago
The thing is, if someone doesnt agree w gun violence and all that shit in rap and voiced their opinion I guarantee their voice wouldnt be silenced tho so there really isnt no comparison!!!
TheAmc91 12 hours ago
Sorry CTG, but you’ve got to take your friendship with Karen out of the equation. What she did to Jason was wrong, and she needs to be held accountable.
T Givan
T Givan 12 hours ago
Carter vs Carter let's do it
Honeybee Davis
Honeybee Davis 12 hours ago
He's so G@y
Lifted Bodhisattva Bodhi
power to Mr Lee <3
Forbidden King
Forbidden King 12 hours ago
Never had that problem with my size lol
Lloyd Carter
Lloyd Carter 12 hours ago
This is BS… she knew like everybody else knew. Now she wanna speak out but when she was singing 2 years ago… she was silent. All the parents need to be locked up too!
Tatiana Teate
Tatiana Teate 12 hours ago
Not even a Jason Lee fan frfr but he looks amazing and he gets more & more attractive as he ages.
VHTesla 12 hours ago
Stole it, then returned it to the same dealership he stole it from? What, did he steal the wrong car?
Anaysa Garza
Anaysa Garza 12 hours ago
She’s so cute, I discovered her music like a year ago and she seems so nice and genuine
Michael 12 hours ago
You are one ignorant fellow. Lol
T8R Taught
T8R Taught 12 hours ago
Jason Lee playing chess....Karen playing checkers...
nikispaniki 12 hours ago
A fake dramatization. It is a complete distortion of events. Once again America takes an entertainment event as a revisionist truth. We all know America is a deeply racist country. But that doesn’t mean young men don’t go out and do some very thoughtless and horrible things. Ava says the boys were interrogated without their parents present. Simply not true. You can watch the raw footage and see their parents right next to them. If you have been a young man and followed the wrong people you know how one guy can start getting kids to line up and do shit. Ray Santana was that kid. Trump shooting off his rich mouth didn’t help the justice sought. But these guys were without a doubt in the park that night beating holy hell out of innocent people. Ava is an entertainer. She is just selling her product which she can’t do if the story isn’t the way she presents it.
B.A. 12 hours ago
The Lox made Dipset look like garbage... trash... dumpster juice! Should've been The Lox vs. Mobb Deep. RIP Prodigy
Winkle Bottom
Winkle Bottom 12 hours ago
5:10 😭😭😭😭😭 I rebuke.
john Draper
john Draper 12 hours ago
Dee Kee
Dee Kee 12 hours ago
Who is this guy
Adrian Nieves
Adrian Nieves 12 hours ago
Boosie a real 1 always keepin it 💯✊🏾✊🏾
William Gomez
William Gomez 12 hours ago
Cash money vs No Limit versus!!
Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly 13 hours ago
Charlamange knows *DAMN* well he would not have ran his cowardly azz outside to help. Hell, he ran when thugs asked him for a drop.
Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly 13 hours ago
She's Asian so they were "supposed' to help. Had she been Black...well...those gentelmen would still ahve their jobs. #FACTS
Armen Shahrigian
Armen Shahrigian 13 hours ago
The ppl in the comments that think Charla should attack his friend bcuz she’s being trashed publicly (whether she deserves it or not) when she’s never wronged him are ppl that I would never want as friends.
leon Reed
leon Reed 13 hours ago
Charlamagne be so tickle
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 13 hours ago
His hairline is so damn disrespectful hahaha.
Ann Azealia
Ann Azealia 13 hours ago
She sounds tired or defeated. Prayers up.🥺🦋
Quintrell Dockins
Quintrell Dockins 13 hours ago
That's really crazy 😯😯
Never Miss a hit
Never Miss a hit 13 hours ago
Eminem and lil Wayne in a versus whole place gonna burn dwn
NeNe reeves
NeNe reeves 13 hours ago
Amazing man
Sev 13 hours ago
The is no way such conversations were had over 200 years ago. No man was worried if he would satisfy his women lol No sex before marriage. God really looked out for the guys with finger penises
Vanessa Elizabeth
Vanessa Elizabeth 13 hours ago
I love her so much. 🥺
ARealMack1982 13 hours ago
Charlemagne keep tryna defend that lady..... Makes sense tho
Che Kotero
Che Kotero 13 hours ago
Michael Joseph Jackson Joseph is after his father.
Armen Shahrigian
Armen Shahrigian 13 hours ago
This aligns perfectly with what Jason said. He said that he pretended to be cool w| her. Why would she think that he was pretending? Why would Jason make up w| her, which now he is saying was fake, then publicly share this story when other ppl start to attack her? Shits weird. The public wants her to address it, but, like she said, she addressed it w| the person involved years ago & they’ve been “cool” ever since.
Derrick Falconer
Derrick Falconer 13 hours ago
I seen like 4 episodes and can't wait to get to my friends house to finish them..
Belinda Bryant
Belinda Bryant 13 hours ago
Shoshanna..yes girl he said," that process is called parole"! LOVE IT! And he has grown and was polished and mature in his delivery.. BLESSINGS
JordanOnTheMic 13 hours ago
So many sheep in the comments. There was not a single whip, they are REINS. Jesus people need to stop believing everything that comes from their favourite talking heads
Stack Bundles
Stack Bundles 13 hours ago
Holla we want prenup we want prenup yeahhh.. not sure what he seen in her cylinder block cyborg head ass
mike christensen
mike christensen 13 hours ago
If it weren’t charlamagnes friend he would say they need to go to jail
ARealMack1982 13 hours ago
I can't stand CTG, he's a clown
VALERIE BLOUNT 13 hours ago
After this interview, I will jammed Teddy Riley☑️
Holly The Dopestress
She acts like a true sag💙
Kaaay 13 hours ago
Bay Areaaaaa! LaRussell too raw! 🥵🔥
Lee Swank
Lee Swank 13 hours ago
Black Man from an impoverished Black Demographic gets rich, but rather than investing his new-found wealth into whence he came… he left it for a White G-i mean-predominately wealthy White Demographic* 😶
Palmon♡♡... 13 hours ago
CTG you a goofy!!
John Doe
John Doe 13 hours ago
I agree everybody should stay with there own race
Sonya Smith
Sonya Smith 13 hours ago
This has been crying 🤣🤣🤣
TheGeeSpot 13 hours ago
Wayne VS Drake
WaTcHMiiWuRk 13 hours ago
Sevyn thooooo 😍😍😍
Holly The Dopestress
"U 27" Kash: hahaaaa She probably not 27 😭😭😭
XTXRX 13 hours ago
Charlamagne was pathetic in this interview. Really, really disgraceful.
Diamond & Gold Movies
After this interview ,watch She Get The Money “The Million Dollar 304”
Nyong naija Boy
Nyong naija Boy 13 hours ago
Hahaha he said that process is called parole.lmao.that lady costed him hundreds of thousands of dollars, he has the right to press charges on her.that was a criminal act.
Palmon♡♡... 13 hours ago
35:29 I was warned by Mother not to do a lot of things, I was a child who thought I was grown and did the shyt. I regretted most of it, JS... Love Monroe and Boosie Bad Axx!! Sidebar I think some people are born gay.
James Ellis
James Ellis 13 hours ago
Karen Civil scammed and touched me
Relness 13 hours ago
25:40 32:06