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RYLEE M SWEET 42 seconds ago
I just bought the whole set that she had put on any buying site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rayne Garcia
Rayne Garcia 53 seconds ago
At Walmart they're like 16 dollar kits
Jackie ButtCrackie
Jackie ButtCrackie 6 minutes ago
Yeah but longhairprettynails does it better 😌😏
T B 9 minutes ago
Halloween is coming 🎃
Katrín Björk Birgisdóttir
This is done under the nail build, just over the tip, the black sinks in to the gold design and leaves the gold hight up so dont use to much black and then build the nail in clear snd file that, dont file into the design :)
Mst Lv Dgs
Mst Lv Dgs 14 minutes ago
Love watching your videos, but I wish you did them more often.
Valerie Sziabowski
Valerie Sziabowski 41 minute ago
Wifey's nails are on point & hubby's bars are fire! Currently my favorite video on the internet right now!
Kimberly Griffin
Kimberly Griffin 44 minutes ago
You the goat 💪🏽💯with these nails
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard 46 minutes ago
yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss qeen you beder work them nail black and gold all over yass
Star Hill
Star Hill 51 minute ago
These are so cuuute
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 58 minutes ago
Omg, your hubby's a filmmaker?? Does he have a channel with any of his work? I wanna support anything yall do. 💜💜
tenice0526 Hour ago
I absolutely love how this set came out
These might be one of my favorites ever! 😍😍😍
bunny Hour ago
This set is actually so cute! 😍
Chyann Willis
Chyann Willis Hour ago
i feel like she should build the nail first like she did her pinky and then use the plastic wrap
Jadynn Toya
Jadynn Toya Hour ago
My little sister gets excited by the intro😂
Denise Campos
Denise Campos Hour ago
Try using polygel aa your base since it doesn't self level.
John Johnson
John Johnson Hour ago
I do not owe anybody anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Katie Lunn
Katie Lunn Hour ago
I think you just have really high expectations for yourself cuz you're SO FREAKING GOOD AT EVERYTHING!!!! They look BOMB 💖
Kween K
Kween K Hour ago
Doesn't madder it's different when you do it cas it's done by you.
Time will tell
Why does it burn ?
Greenbeanツ Hour ago
very late but you finally did it btw i put on nails and when i paint them they dont look right any tips?
Olivia Eubanks
dose the gel smell gross
Smoser Sim
Smoser Sim 2 hours ago
You should really go to the worse nail salon in your town and than give us a revive
Batismortimus 2 hours ago
They look brilliant! ☺️ Have you thought about using polygel instead of the builder? They do look stunning though Miss Evie!
The_Electioness Minecraft
should've used polygel
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels 2 hours ago
I love this videos. It's for real people who want to learn. It's helpful to see struggles, mistakes and how you persevere. Your finished nails were beautiful!
Kayla Hall
Kayla Hall 2 hours ago
Where do you get your dampen dishes from? They are too cute I've been looking for some but the ones I find are all plain jane 😭
loji'snails I
loji'snails I 2 hours ago
I loved the set and I think what might help you is if you watch suzie's video she had a nice technique on how to control your gel you basically freeze them in the lamp for two seconds and then wrinkle them and that's how they have perfect wrinkles 👌🏼😘
R Mcnary
R Mcnary 2 hours ago
I really hope you start doing more with builder gel. I just started using it myself. I was tired of acrylic and I’m so over dip powders! Beautiful work as always❤️❤️
Talia Blankenship
Talia Blankenship 2 hours ago
you always make everything work out
Lexi Cole
Lexi Cole 2 hours ago
Sooo pretty
Erodita Pervizaj
Erodita Pervizaj 2 hours ago
Wow I like it so much you nails very beautiful ❤️💖💗👌🏻👍👏👊
Sandra Grevious
Sandra Grevious 2 hours ago
You are doing your glam glam like it your an inspiration
Adrienne Peterson
Adrienne Peterson 2 hours ago
outdated 2 hours ago
give us a baby update 😚
•[irrelavant]• 2 hours ago
This girl has new acrylics every video bruh I have the acrylics from 5 months ago
Bri Bully
Bri Bully 2 hours ago
It’s the creativity for me sis, you never fail to impress us girl. Love you 😍😘
Lu DH 2 hours ago
lov it lov it dont forget videos for halloween
eshana candler
eshana candler 3 hours ago
first i love your nails can you do my nails
Khloe Goodrich
Khloe Goodrich 3 hours ago
I’m so glad you did this
Michelle Crippen
Michelle Crippen 3 hours ago
I think they look fabulous!! 💖
nikkkkkkkkki 3 hours ago
The plastic wrap nails almost look like smoke. 😍
Shalina Cotter
Shalina Cotter 3 hours ago
Girl i am the same. And I actually just tried and did these plastic wrap nail for the first time yesterday😍 yours look great though so beautiful
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 3 hours ago
🤣 I just did a set like this and it made me laugh so much because you did a lot of the same things I did. I just cut off all those extra pieces then I did my mermaid powder.
MakeupKachelle 3 hours ago
They turned out beautiful
Durra Monsch
Durra Monsch 3 hours ago
Why is my lamp light white?????? Plsss help mee😂😭😭😭😭
MD Mitchell
MD Mitchell 3 hours ago
I may not like the process of the plastic nails but your result is 🔥🔥🔥!!! U made it work! Think I’m going to practice with the builder gel now.
Sydney Hunter
Sydney Hunter 3 hours ago
Please please do this design again and try using a less pigmented overlay over the chrome and a poly gel/hybrid gel for the plastic wrap part, naio nails did a video that might be helpful I think you would really like them if you tweaked a few things a little bit
SimoneB 3 hours ago
Apply the black gel polish thicker than normal and it will wrinkle on its own in the lamp. No need to use Saran Wrap. I don’t understand why people used extra steps.
Mariah Caldwell
Mariah Caldwell 3 hours ago
About how long do these nails last on you because I tried the same thing multiple times and they pop off like press ons
Mia Garcia
Mia Garcia 3 hours ago
Love the color combo ✨🖤✨
mmmoxi 3 hours ago
I feel like polygel might have actually worked really well for this
gui_gregoor 3 hours ago
Me wating she take off the straws 👁👄👁
Aline Richter
Aline Richter 3 hours ago
Wow 🤩
Janelle Jones
Janelle Jones 3 hours ago
This set is so bomb! I love it! The black does it for me
Lashes and Love
Lashes and Love 3 hours ago
What if you try a quick flash cure on the gel and then do the plastic wrap? I believe that is what Susie did on NCE
Juliana Hinojosa
Juliana Hinojosa 3 hours ago
I love that instead of bashing the trend she said "I need more practice", very humble!
Leah B
Leah B 4 hours ago
Even though you didnt want to do the trend, you still killed it. 🔥🔥
JordannAyana 4 hours ago
I been waiting for you to do thissssss I just searched this the other day and was like wait she didn’t do it yet?!
Liz P
Liz P 4 hours ago
I appreciate that you paid for the product yourself and not reviewing things sent to you.
Sevanni Black
Sevanni Black 4 hours ago
Gurl...... Put a ball near the cuticle and work a rainbow shape down the nail with builder gel. Don't slide it down the nail. Unless you just need that smear coat but def rainbow the gel.
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 4 hours ago
I want this set 🔥🔥🔥
Nessa Sant
Nessa Sant 4 hours ago
These came out real good! You really are Nail Queen! Do you think polygel would work better for this trend?
Barbara James
Barbara James 4 hours ago
I am trying to start doing 💅 so pray for me barbara that the favor of the LORD. Fall down on me. With blessing right now touching somebody heart with a blessing
Randa Mcgahee
Randa Mcgahee 4 hours ago
The SweetLifeofSadé
i love how they turned out but i was getting lowkey frustrated knowing that she was supposed to encase the nail before filing to keep those peaky looks. *cries a little*
Romina Shporaj
Romina Shporaj 4 hours ago
Can you try the london nails products
CINDI Funicelli
CINDI Funicelli 4 hours ago
They ended up turning out great!
Lovely Nicole
Lovely Nicole 5 hours ago
Sis, you got them Wakanda nails!
Amelia meiser
Amelia meiser 5 hours ago
Watch Susie's vid. She does a pretty good job explaining what viscosity of gel and how to do it. At least in my opinion
Shirley Raleigh
Shirley Raleigh 5 hours ago
You’re awesome at doing All types of Nails. I’ve learned a lot from you’re Video’s tks
Marshmallow 5 hours ago
I just love this woman
Mitylene Bailey
Mitylene Bailey 5 hours ago
You're the first I've seen trying it because i'm not subbed to anyone else
Dominique Lucas
Dominique Lucas 5 hours ago
One of the best on RUvid, hands down!!
Georgia Hewitt
Georgia Hewitt 5 hours ago
They look amazing. !!!!!
xoxomyah 5 hours ago
so beyond talented
diana peste
diana peste 5 hours ago
LuvleeOrely 5 hours ago
Would this work with polygel
Sam Brown
Sam Brown 5 hours ago
I had the same issue with trying not to get the gel under the plastic wrap on my skin.