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virgilio timbol
virgilio timbol 10 hours ago
Its game set and match ..."I will kiss you ,without kiss" Weinstein to Epstein its full of stain...karma knows how to deal with all cheat liar and thrill scoring point.
Glynna Schmehl
Glynna Schmehl 10 hours ago
I think stars like him are so hungry because of their vanity efforts that they want to gobble up things that don't belong to them.
George Moore
George Moore 10 hours ago
0:34 dirk-girl.com
um azar do carvalho
um azar do carvalho 10 hours ago
How is she still alive?
Karen Baird
Karen Baird 10 hours ago
This is all a crock! Rioting people all over everywhere but that doesn’t effect the 19 but Americans having fun is super dangerous!
Washmyballs 10 hours ago
fken shoobs
Paul Santini
Paul Santini 10 hours ago
Maxwell isn't just a friend of prince Andrew she is his cousin let's stop hiding that fact
maddiemcc 10 hours ago
gen z really bored af we all came from austins tik tok😍
Elson 10 hours ago
There are so many issues with this story....🤦🏾‍♂️
Karamel Dz
Karamel Dz 10 hours ago
I don't think the questions are bad. But it's the delivery that makes them feel SO uncomfortable. For sure we need someone more compassionate to host this
Zarbon 85
Zarbon 85 10 hours ago
Why i dont get is why dont the girls that got abused drop some names
Richard West
Richard West 10 hours ago
Birds of a feather ..
last man
last man 10 hours ago
Well, it doesn't matter. There is nothing worth fighting for in America anyway. This nation is a cesspool of minority rights groups that want to destroy it. So, lay out the dead covid 19 bodies on the street. Buzzards gotta eat and so do the worms.
lost soul
lost soul 10 hours ago
HEY BIDEN WHATS 2+2 BIDEN ANSWERS........auhh joe biden
Varun Kapoor
Varun Kapoor 10 hours ago
Wtf is going on around the world these days??
Mike Tambz
Mike Tambz 10 hours ago
Bad acting
FF Film Crew
FF Film Crew 10 hours ago
Most MSM are the most abhorrent types of cowards that shows just how disgusting they are when they shut off the comments
Dan M
Dan M 10 hours ago
Glad to see this story in the limelight again. These people need to be exposed.
Moe Mission
Moe Mission 10 hours ago
Did proceeds of that lawyer’s book go to the victims or similar victims? Because I would hate to think he his extracting resources from those victims pain. Because if he is getting paid, then turn around and profit from their pain...comes off parasitic...but do correct me. I tend to be very suspicious....
David Reinhart
David Reinhart 10 hours ago
Fake news. No one is talking about the plummeting death rate.
liberty CAN
liberty CAN 10 hours ago
$$$ on bot sides. I like her honesty. Strong woman💛
melodramatic7904 10 hours ago
I follow her! I love her! OMG, her voice totally matches her look.
BiggSL33per 10 hours ago
Aint nobody seen this woman in custody, so far its even more secrecy than epstein himself
liberty CAN
liberty CAN 10 hours ago
These women were lured by $$. Where were their mothers? Their moral compass? I don't condone but it's an indicator of these womens moral compass on some level. I was a male abused by women as a child then choosing these type women in relationships and realize as a young adult there are points of accountability in ones choice making and tho you might choose these relationships when legal age one has to see many manipulations and accountability to change the course of self. I would like to see a real time video of these women partying and having the lavish life and the periods of time in between. At some point one wonders where did choice play a part. All very interesting and the power those with money have on any level. I hope these women get peace and justice but also get to the root of the beginning and why they would stay? Science? Change? Money? Power? Right? Wrong? Age.
Bic Mitchum
Bic Mitchum 10 hours ago
People simply do not care anymore it is what it is if you are still concerned wear your mask and continue to distance yourself if you still don’t think this is a serious issue then I wish you and your family the best
The Gimli
The Gimli 10 hours ago
Joe don’t know
Ernst Kistner
Ernst Kistner 10 hours ago
We see nothing in tv news about this crime Why is Germany so quiet? Hm
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 10 hours ago
cause they are in on it....muenster...dead pastor.... all a coincidence...people need to wake up
Bic Mitchum
Bic Mitchum 10 hours ago
It’s literally natural selection at this point
Nabil Elazmeh
Nabil Elazmeh 10 hours ago
man, risk contracting the virus for something worth it, not to be a bro with another 1000 shirtless dudes
Freddie M
Freddie M 10 hours ago
Dirty pervert!!
Francis 10 hours ago
pathetic...i love them in any colour, all you need to have is common sense!
Jada Agustin
Jada Agustin 10 hours ago
So sad their brother took his own life
M Mena
M Mena 10 hours ago
Did i hear 'medium' security jail?
sarenamichaels 10 hours ago
What new details? I didn't catch anything new other than what I heard a few days ago.
Esava Tausere
Esava Tausere 10 hours ago
That is evil.... discrimination is all what they think off. I mean who are they to judge people like that? Can't wait to see Gods wrath on them haters 🤒🤕💣💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
DbestKillaman 10 hours ago
This is a cloned stunt double
customvideo454 10 hours ago
You think you saw spray paint with the liberals.....we will throw open gallon containers on the front of progressive field !! Hope you like eggs to !!
Dr Phil
Dr Phil 10 hours ago
Florida is a different breed of people I swear
Boyd Cord
Boyd Cord 10 hours ago
Look when she faces 20 years in Prison SHE WILL TALK.
Break Through
Break Through 10 hours ago
Everything is a BIG lie, and the purpose of it is already well known!
Boyd Cord
Boyd Cord 10 hours ago
look how the media is trying to protect Prince Andrew... look at the picture of Andrew with the girl.. where is his hands? EXACTLY, WRAPPED TIGHTLY AROUND HER WAIST THAT WAS HIS WOMAN , HE OWNED IT.... The media rather lie and pick on Meghan 100 stories a day written about her and 3-0 books already... And Andrew? CRICKETS. ITS BECAUSE THE RF OWNS THE MEDIA...
Bruce Schram
Bruce Schram 11 hours ago
Lying and Distorting News hacks at NBC won't talk about this, Please watch... ruvid.net/video/video-DdLB4zipGAs.html
aggie 11 hours ago
Politicians don’t really have a political party, they’re friends with everyone. Their goal is money, power, and sexual gratification. They align with anyone that can get them that.
Boyd Cord
Boyd Cord 10 hours ago
they are no different than you.
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 11 hours ago
The British Royal Family are up to their necks in this. Andrew has, for years, been avoiding questions from lawyers representing the victims, with the support of everyone from the Queen on down. His dismissal from Royal duties after his farcical interview last year, was just damage limitation. I'd like to see the Queen herself, answer questions on what she knew, and when. Never happen of course.
Dana B
Dana B 11 hours ago
The fact that Tom thinks he can read a few research articles and denounce an entire field of sceience, shows his ignorance.
Orwell Huxley
Orwell Huxley 11 hours ago
She is in Brooklyn.
A MN 11 hours ago
I can almost bet that They're going to heavily involve Trump and Melania right before elections.
Austin Hannemann
Austin Hannemann 11 hours ago
If you’re six feet apart, what’s the point?
Mike S
Mike S 11 hours ago
Wonder if NASCAR driver Bubba Smollett is going to throw out the first pitch?
vic 11 hours ago
why do i feel like I'm the only one who came here from suggestions???
John Peakes
John Peakes 11 hours ago
Imagine how epic the Ricky Gervais hosted golden globes would be if she sang & ratted out all the Hollywood Elites.
Mike S
Mike S 11 hours ago
Bring out the ( Bread and Circuses ) we need them to distract the sleeple from our ongoing NWO agendas to complete the 1 world Government anti christ system
chocol8milk 11 hours ago
Here's the 'confusion' the Prince Andrews lawyers are having: The FBI wants to talk to Prince Andrew, face to face in an interview. His lawyers only want to send responses in a letter to the FBI and have communicated this. To Andrew's lawyers and Prince Andrew, they think that's the same as talking, and that is 'cooperating'. It's also safer for him.
Jake Malinowski
Jake Malinowski 11 hours ago
I viewed this video and at the bottom of my screen I got a message from RUvid suggesting I try "RUvid For Kids"... yikes
Booo your dumb narratives. The public is turning on you.
DcCapitalGamers 11 hours ago
it's amazing how their stories change and they claim victim once the world catches their nasty behavior
And what type of doctor is he what's his position seems like an actor to me
D. Mc
D. Mc 11 hours ago
The lies and deceit surge nation wide. Coronavirus not so much, deciet yes.
greengrass 11 hours ago
She will be SILENCED
Vee Lindolent
Vee Lindolent 11 hours ago
Irony that she feels it is so invasive of her privacy yet she thinks nothing about wanting to drag the BRF through the mud. This is a bad human being.
Robert Psotka
Robert Psotka 11 hours ago
BILL CLINTON is worried
Nate Brown
Nate Brown 11 hours ago
How is this a issue really. Marchers turn to mob, mob destroys building hurt other who disagree. I see a couple protecting there property. What if they didnt have the weapons?