Ryan George
Ryan George
Ryan George
Hi there hello my name is Ryan George and I make comedy videos where I talk to myself. You might know me from Pitch Meetings over at Screen Rant where I say "Super Easy Barely An Inconvenience" an inappropriate number of times. Subscribe here for more funny stuff!
2 years ago
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer 8 hours ago
Robbers do be becoming doctors nowadays
V Win
V Win 8 hours ago
Reckless Renzo
Reckless Renzo 8 hours ago
Trump is a really good president most of the things that you said in this video is a lie
Cro Cop
Cro Cop 8 hours ago
Andi Lawson
Andi Lawson 8 hours ago
How did you miss a Philip's screwdriver???
Cool Ryan Films
Cool Ryan Films 8 hours ago
Showed this to my dad and he thought you were two different people
SmashLiXs 8 hours ago
subverting a joke for the actual joke is tight
Black Erron
Black Erron 8 hours ago
Too true. Where do I buy a sandwich with a pretty big pickle in it?
Stormy Dragon
Stormy Dragon 8 hours ago
The crime rate isn't going up, although lots of people are trying to make you think it is to scare you into giving them more power
Skywalking Studioz 500 subs pls?
This is unrealistic The kids are wearing hats
SEEMS LEGIT 8 hours ago
Off-topic : 🖕🏾 Liberal media use RACE BAITING & FAKE NEWS to discredit the black community and subjugate the race. Bamboozling America's POC into giving thier Democratic Party's BIG GOVT control over all aspects of their lives. IE: Democratic Party = White Supremacist Communist 🖕🏾
john smith
john smith 8 hours ago
Did he get all the way off her back?
Md 8 hours ago
Not accurate cos In a dream it all makes sense 😂
Johnathan Clark
Johnathan Clark 9 hours ago
Who came here from Nicholas Damiani? XD
Md 9 hours ago
How long have these guys lived?
ogre666 9 hours ago
Ryan featured in latest LegalEagle video for Indiana Jones near the nineteen min mark. Whoopsy!
Discordant 9 hours ago
three years later and its still good.
Kaleb Crisp
Kaleb Crisp 9 hours ago
And then Peter Parker did a backflip snapped doctor octopus's neck and saved the Day.
Md 9 hours ago
"Ok yeah this might as well happen"
Md 9 hours ago
It's Reddit wearing sunglasses 😂
KryptonianAI 9 hours ago
I love how Ryan makes fun of misunderstanding context!
chris creger
chris creger 9 hours ago
How far up is the helicopter? 😅
Joshua Percy
Joshua Percy 9 hours ago
mama_ joe
mama_ joe 9 hours ago
plot twist?
Gaming ismyname
Gaming ismyname 9 hours ago
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 9 hours ago
Children were being separated from their families under Obama. Those pics of children in cages, that the media blamed Trump for, happened under Obama. The media lies. I just wanted to point that out because you suck in this video. But your non-politically-biased videos are great. Trump2020
James Stewart
James Stewart 9 hours ago
So this is the first guy to ever make a friend yet there is already Internet? LMAO!!!
chris creger
chris creger 9 hours ago
Clever 🤣
WokeMart 9 hours ago
The first guy to create tips
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 10 hours ago
Next up, the first guy to hire someone
byron 10 hours ago
I died at i think he argues with people on tv😂gold so accurate
byron 10 hours ago
We need johnathan lawyer
Daily Doodles
Daily Doodles 10 hours ago
The unfixed eyebrows bother me
lakerballer00 10 hours ago
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage 10 hours ago
Aaaaaaaand my first strike.
Channel Rob
Channel Rob 10 hours ago
Channel Rob
Channel Rob 10 hours ago
Michael Pickleseller VS Matthew Toolseller
redstonecreeper8 10 hours ago
See Jessica in HR and sign up now for the Mortally Challenged blood drive! Be generous, give your blood. Give all of your blood!
Demolition Mitch
Demolition Mitch 10 hours ago
Is this the disclaimer for Ted
Pro Create
Pro Create 10 hours ago
“It sounds like you might have had a heart attack.” WhOoPs
RambunctiousRayme 2009
He doesn’t have a beard!!!
Alma Garcia
Alma Garcia 11 hours ago
"Well, I wouldn't want anything baseball related happening to me, ever." - 11037
NARK 11 hours ago
It's time Ryan. You have to make a compilation of your best videos
Hunter Cole
Hunter Cole 11 hours ago
i would watch all 13 seasons of ATNIKHTM
Aidan Ling
Aidan Ling 11 hours ago
Everyone going to ignore that we saw several none Ryan George people in the RCU?
SI Punk
SI Punk 11 hours ago
I can relate to this with KFC. They always say my name wrong lol.
Fir4- -B0mb
Fir4- -B0mb 11 hours ago
I like how everyone in this universe looks the same
kolim jone
kolim jone 11 hours ago
The delivery of “Hammer’s already taken Jack” is underrated
Sonofawil 11 hours ago
Poor Steve. He saw a hoe screw his driver. Now he’s hammered.
Ermhs Parasoidis
Ermhs Parasoidis 11 hours ago
that wasn't even fun ...
MyTech 11 hours ago
Hexigon, like a rectangle sandwich with triangle bread.
Hunter Cole
Hunter Cole 11 hours ago
anyone else notice the dream catcher? lmao
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 11 hours ago
Thems tha rules.
J Webster
J Webster 12 hours ago
I love how his shirt changed from BA BA BA guy to POP guy
Mattias W.
Mattias W. 12 hours ago
MasonRedEye 12 hours ago
First guy to break his bone
Jamie Sykes
Jamie Sykes 12 hours ago
Why am I not this clever? Marvellous.
yoboi dawolf
yoboi dawolf 12 hours ago
Can u not
games test lab
games test lab 12 hours ago
Homelander in a nutshell
Jisatsu 12 hours ago
But whos recording the video???
Shivansh Chanana
Shivansh Chanana 12 hours ago
So no one is gonna talk about how he writes and shows the same page?
john smith
john smith 12 hours ago
How did you get Will Smith to do a cameo as the genie?
Ashick Saad
Ashick Saad 12 hours ago
Erbsenthron 12 hours ago
Can we please appreciate, that the news article at 2:45 is not just gibberish, but fully written and still has jokes in it? Also, Ryan predicted the Trump- USPS thing.
Leo Eschauzier
Leo Eschauzier 12 hours ago
And finally... I have finished every Ryan George video. Took me about two days.
Storm Brix
Storm Brix 13 hours ago
Man, noone, not a single person is funnier than you.
Parth Mangtani
Parth Mangtani 13 hours ago
my brother is mad he only gave me wrapper
AIDEN Correa
AIDEN Correa 13 hours ago
First guy to have a baby
kolim jone
kolim jone 11 hours ago
you're a legend😂😂😂
Thegreatnick 13 hours ago
Has anyone start saying kidnabbing after watching this video?
Shadow HADez
Shadow HADez 13 hours ago
U work for screen rant?
Cassandra 13 hours ago
This is how it was dealing with PlayStation support these past 4 months for my messed up ps4.. it really soured me to PlayStation products
Hugo Alberto Marin Ossa
Social media left us with tons of "virtual friends" and no real friends... sad!
Brian McHaney
Brian McHaney 14 hours ago
2020 did give us zombies. All the "protestors" destroying and burning stores and public property. They stand in the middle of the road and attack people who try to get by. They demand others join them. They are infected with a mind virus called "BLM." They feed off lies and racism. They want to destroy everything.
Boran Sarı
Boran Sarı 14 hours ago
"Hold on a second this guy is lying to me."
Ruben Rybnick
Ruben Rybnick 14 hours ago
First guy to ever go camping!
PotatoHasAim 14 hours ago
Thats a pretty sweet apartment/house
Kipsaté 14 hours ago
Getting a tank is super easy, barley an inconvenience
C R 14 hours ago
What in the heck is in his coffee cup at the beginning! I can see why he never took a sip
Profesor Gameland
Profesor Gameland 14 hours ago
If they are in I'm in but who ignores this comment will be out
Batman Sonic and Mario friends
Your videos are great