Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Dorothy Kowalewski
Dorothy Kowalewski 18 hours ago
07:35 10:12 02:20
SVT Builds
SVT Builds 18 hours ago
Imagine neighbor only it revs to 8000rpm and makes over 1000whp with a gen 5 whipple you guys should build put 4.6 in neighbor if the 5.4 ever lets go👍
Rainy 18 hours ago
That hood fitment on the 240 tho 🤣
Drum Method
Drum Method 19 hours ago
LOVE IT !!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Sean Perks
Sean Perks 19 hours ago
front left shock is dead on neighbour
Rainy 19 hours ago
Lmfao cletus' face when he shifts is hilarious 😬
Rainy 19 hours ago
Did he really try to no lift shift it and grinded second lmfao....
Brian Orr
Brian Orr 19 hours ago
Bring back Leroy and I will resubscribe!!
BABA GANOUSH 19 hours ago
Name this one Uncle Sam.
Colby Boyer
Colby Boyer 19 hours ago
Your ear plugs would be more effective if they were actually pushed in your ears
juSTIn Turner
juSTIn Turner 19 hours ago
If you watched this entire video beginning to end, and you didn’t push the like button, and your not subscribed. You deserve to get shat on by 100 Bald Eagles.
psx2rulz2 19 hours ago
If someone out there just bashes a youtubers GF over looks or whatever, they are just covering for themselves and their shitty soul. Don't be afraid, we got you Cleetus and Maddy.
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez 19 hours ago
Been here since the exhaust whistle videos.. Keep it up dog
juSTIn Turner
juSTIn Turner 19 hours ago
Do a 24hrs of Lemons style event with some other you tubers! I’d LOVE to see that.
wullufdude 20 hours ago
Um... Cleeter Buddy you might need a couple of new shocks on the front of ol' Neighbor... ;)
Griselda Creasey
Griselda Creasey 20 hours ago
18:16 06:00 19:03
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 20 hours ago
Man this is awesome, this channel never gets old so freaking cool. Got to love it. Guy’s keep up the great work!
Rainy 20 hours ago
DAMN! Cletus has gotten good at connecting those drifts!
Robert Rohr
Robert Rohr 20 hours ago
Let her rip the dale truck she will have fun
StrokedandBlownSRT 20 hours ago
If you really want to throw that broken link in a merch order how about order 146255? 😜👍
Paul Muncy
Paul Muncy 20 hours ago
Yall need to up date the tow truck
RockDiggity 20 hours ago
Drone crash 42:37 and I pretty sure he ran over it at 42:56
robert lucarelle
robert lucarelle 20 hours ago
I sure would suck if i cop came driving by and saw you they would think you were vandalizing a random car
Jeffrey Meyer Jr
Jeffrey Meyer Jr 20 hours ago
Thanks for the inside look bud! Great video! But damn...I can’t buy anything on your website. Everything I want is sold out. Number 1 thing is that straw hat filled with freedom. Keep on rocking brother!
Southie 20 hours ago
Europe: We enjoy driving with class and sophistication. America: We enjoy driving with erections that's why we have Hooters billboards and 10 liter motors.
Victor Manz
Victor Manz 20 hours ago
I have a 03 zo6 50th 35,000k, best car ever! Just Perfect , V MAN
Southie 20 hours ago
Sees fire. Keeps going till THE CAR shuts down
Mr. Untouchable
Mr. Untouchable 20 hours ago
Cletus: I'm not a drift guy. ......... Then: Proceeds to drift the piss out of neighbor lol
Trevor Stepps
Trevor Stepps 21 hour ago
Did anyone else do the math? 571 YEARS!?!?!!! Holy s***
psx2rulz2 21 hour ago
I don't think you're buying Cooper Tires. You're buying Cooper, Tires. Lol
Derick Lee
Derick Lee 21 hour ago
I already miss you guys
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona 21 hour ago
Hot _damn,_ I love this channel! *HELL YEAH BROTHER!!!*
vw Jetta
vw Jetta 21 hour ago
Camera angles too wide i can see ur Busch
Brad Senthavisouk
Brad Senthavisouk 21 hour ago
almost 700k on a chevy engine???....i wanna call bullshit
Austin Allmond
Austin Allmond 21 hour ago
Why does that thing still have body panels on it?
Chad Gibbish
Chad Gibbish 21 hour ago
Put a big ol #3 on the sides of the #Helmet!! #DoItForDale!
Kerkland Ritchie
Kerkland Ritchie 21 hour ago
That roll back needs a motor maybe 1000 hp LS1 with a manual transmission
Micah Griffith
Micah Griffith 21 hour ago
Stig style go kart race around the FF track and reveal your soulmate bro. everyone is hidden wearing costumes like Mario kart OR SOMETHING.... have her as a role in it. let it be fun. sounds like a great girl for you and something that you can somewhat control on assanine comments like no comments allowed on certain vids containing her in them. wish I was closer I'd do some marketing for you to reach new heights. wish you the best. keep Rollin and keep content flowing good bad and in-between.
juSTIn Turner
juSTIn Turner 21 hour ago
I feel for you Cooper, that must’ve been frustrating.
Vincent Richards
Vincent Richards 21 hour ago
do a demo derby
Truly Fyee
Truly Fyee 21 hour ago
That was some Adam Lz type drifting
Robert Watts
Robert Watts 21 hour ago
I luv u guys! Wish I could stop by the FF!!! Keep up the cool content n fast cars !!!!
philofab 21 hour ago
The beer can on the dash is awesome.
Trevor Lowe
Trevor Lowe 21 hour ago
Am I the only one bothered by the stuck tractor flaps
greg hernandez
greg hernandez 21 hour ago
You need an American flag on that hood latch.
Southie 21 hour ago
That old Camaro running a damn 13.9 is impressive and then 13.2 on NOS and not blowing up, MURICA
I am zwei
I am zwei 22 hours ago
hey can we get multiple videos of the 4th of july ? for the extra Freedom.
Calvin Wright
Calvin Wright 22 hours ago
Zoomys with tractor flaps are probably the funniest thing I've seen!
Scott Capron
Scott Capron 22 hours ago
Just to be sure that motor has never been rebuilt correct?
Patrick Bowering
Patrick Bowering 22 hours ago
make her the freedom factory "stig"
charl 22 hours ago
ahilker 22 hours ago
keep he beener shiy off your dash
Deven Stone
Deven Stone 22 hours ago
Budget to build the cars you have
Matt Kamin
Matt Kamin 22 hours ago
Chevy haters: ls motors are mainstream and trash Ls guys: *here let me take a 622k mile junkyard Ls, slap a lt1 blower on it, make a bunch of power, and hold it on the limiter* "damn it lasted longer than I thought it might"
Showgenn *
Showgenn * 22 hours ago
Here cuz I’m going loothing
Forest LawrenceGrading
That there was a fire breathing G body I can't believe it welded the flapper tops open on the exhaust🔩🔧⚙⛽🇺🇸
Sam Salsa
Sam Salsa 22 hours ago
Dude looks like lunkers younger brother.
chad stalnaker
chad stalnaker 22 hours ago
also what song is used in the intro?
chad stalnaker
chad stalnaker 22 hours ago
My 3rd time thru the Leroy Videos, still love this intro.
Godly odd
Godly odd 22 hours ago
what drone is that anyone know?
Nathan Hood
Nathan Hood 22 hours ago
Anybody else triggered with the two flaps not moving??
Will Gehrke
Will Gehrke 22 hours ago
Be careful with that unit. In the state I live in you could be criminally charged if something happens from negligence or ignorance and someone gets hurt or killed while operating one a public roadway. Like exceeding the vehicles weight limit or tires. With that being said. I haven't waited until the end of this video to post. So I may be writing this for nothing. Just trying to look out. I enjoy your channel and admire your positive outlook and attitude!
Scribble Productions
Maddy needs to be the first chick who rows a 4speed into the 7’s. Being the king of the freedom factory.....you need to produce some patriotic content for the Fourth Of July where she gets her certified awesome hot car chick status cemented for life. She will only get an introduction like this once in her life...let’s make it count. #wifematerial #freedomfactory #maddymcfarland
franky a
franky a 22 hours ago
That's entrapment
Voyage RC
Voyage RC 22 hours ago
Hell yeah brother! Awesome to know the timeline of how this channel came to be
Diego Juntilla
Diego Juntilla 22 hours ago
"Oh that ones gone!" legendary quote
Lochie Ward
Lochie Ward 22 hours ago
Fake it till you make it.
Chas Dague
Chas Dague 22 hours ago
What a unit😂
Roman Jauregui
Roman Jauregui 22 hours ago
I Forsho remember the exhaust whistles hahaha OG member
Colter Harbin
Colter Harbin 23 hours ago
We are 4 days past the month of freedom and I am just hoping 2021 is the year of freedom! 365 consecutive videos! Let’s do it!
Justin Ray Styles
Justin Ray Styles 23 hours ago
Shoulda let it reach 1000000!😢
Nathan Waidelich
Nathan Waidelich 23 hours ago
That Busch Light can held on for dear life!
Chas Dague
Chas Dague 23 hours ago
Can anybody help me and name the song when cleet intros the c5
NYNCMIKE 23 hours ago
That sucks that women get so disrespected , I had no idea that went on here in YT world. Hope it works out and that the folks that follow you will be adults.
Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson 23 hours ago
I love warching you guys videos!!!! I relive my teenager youth when i watch.. I'm also a big dog person, what happen to Holley??Please give update!!!!!!
capt snafu
capt snafu 23 hours ago
Did anyone notice the can of busch latte on the dash of the reagle. Im surprised it didnt make the window frosty with how unbelievably cold the busch was
Wholly Mindless
Wholly Mindless 23 hours ago
I'm no Vaughn Gittins, but I do have his number...
Brandon Nutt
Brandon Nutt 23 hours ago
you shouldn't use brake clean thru the intake. gives off toxic fumes.
jammin2070 23 hours ago
To the junk yard we go Hahaha
Ronald Chapman
Ronald Chapman 23 hours ago
wade vogel
wade vogel 23 hours ago
Let her do some drifting or teach her how to. In corporate her in the car scene
David Perez
David Perez 23 hours ago
Muriccaaa!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Air Force Vette
Air Force Vette 23 hours ago
Bro I’ve been subscribed since the beginning. I remember the supercharged leased ram lol but I just wanna say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of your content. You guys are doing an awesome job and I think I can speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU for making these videos. Especially now, when we all need some positivity in our day. Cheers brother.
Jonathan grillo
Jonathan grillo 23 hours ago
Let her make a 8 second pass as her introduction
benjamin foster
benjamin foster 23 hours ago
Ladies love the limiter
Flippin Zippo
Tractor flaps deserve googley eyes
502stingray Day ago
I’ve watched the race at 37:03 in slow motion so many times. That is such a great race. Even one year later still.
Emory Corbin
Emory Corbin Day ago
Do an episode where y’all shop and purchase a burnout car for her
TTLt106 Day ago
She sure looks pretty to me! Right color and everything!
Psychopathic Clown
Why u people unplugged map sensor ?
Erik Orozco
Erik Orozco Day ago
Broooooother.. I was avoiding this video because I wasn't ready for heartbreak and guess what?! I still wasnt ready... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
sparky72 Day ago
Holy cannoli sometimes I forget how unapologetically murderous Neighbor is.
GiDD Day ago
How old is James??? He’s got the wisdom of a 1600 year old.
Coty Parker
Coty Parker Day ago
So crazy to see the transformation. Ruby is a perfect name and such a beaut
Fly to West coast and buy cars. Cross country home and let us come up with challenges in our hometowns as you make your way home.
GiDD Day ago
$350 per tire for those nittos 😯
jmonty man
jmonty man Day ago
It was the freedom factory
Dead Leg Media
It’s hard to believe this was only 4 months ago
GiDD Day ago
Anybody have a mock up of the c8 without body panels and a twin turbo setup with a parachute and drag slicks?
Plumbaman13 Day ago
That regal is spicy