Hey There!
The name's Lachlan, and welcome to my RUvid Channel!
Here I play a bunch of video games including Fortnite (Just kidding its pretty much Fortnite)
Minecraft Account Username: Lachlan
Pokemon Go Username: Lachlan485
Fortnite Account name (PC): Lachy
Reddit Account: Lachlan_
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David brooks
David brooks Day ago
looks so hard
Linda Nowak
Linda Nowak Day ago
That was Kaidoz
Ben Lenton
Ben Lenton Day ago
Are you friends with Preston?
drake uncharted
Only OGs remember Tomato Town... The Greatest Place Of All Time (GPOAT).
Christopher Yoo
next vid
Christopher Yoo
bext vid how about u survive in slurpy seamp in the storm
Fgteev Ada7m
Fgteev Ada7m Day ago
I got 31 kills
Brenda Soto
Brenda Soto Day ago
people are gonna copie this video
Jules_ 1629
Jules_ 1629 Day ago
what a no scope
Emilio Marentes
Who else lag when boomer got shot with cannon into trap
Creeper Aw man
I think 100 damage = 1 reset, I think that would be better than the criteria for this videos reset so just in case you don’t get the elim you still get to reset
Flixxyy ツ
Flixxyy ツ Day ago
0:59 didn’t do the challenge he needed to get that guys loot that he killed
Kevin Ahmu
Kevin Ahmu Day ago
Lachlan uses purple pic axe
Brady Mowrey
Brady Mowrey Day ago
Bruh Riley is adorable
It is Toco time My dudes
Bro killsdadmemes should not have had to get killed cause you did it 6 times instead of 5
John Boy
John Boy Day ago
Good job lachy😂😂😃😃😀😃😀😃😀
Austin Cleveland
Tfue ninja Lucke
Ethan Hicks
Ethan Hicks Day ago
Lachy what is your wrap
Krazy Kids
Krazy Kids Day ago
9:05 bro he got banned
Daniel Murch
Daniel Murch Day ago
I’m a RUvidr to
Z-NATION Day ago
Lowkey miss the old Lachlan. This man got arrogant af
Mobile Kid
Mobile Kid Day ago
5:54 whatd he say? 🤣
Swiftyy Adz
Swiftyy Adz Day ago
As soon as he said noob he died by a noob
Swiftyy Adz
Swiftyy Adz Day ago
Thomas Rottenborn
love the vid
Seth Mccleish
10.28 one of the usernames is kinda....
DeBucketZ Day ago
Sophia Cruz
Sophia Cruz Day ago
Hi Lachlan I’m chan 260451 with space it took me a lot of courage to tell u this if you are giving anything away on Fortnite I would love a gift
Aaron Exter
Aaron Exter Day ago
friend me please my user is ME Game On
Christine_the demon child of satain :v
At 16:16 Lachlan said he missed that but he is not doing anything
Gladiator HFB
Andrew C
Andrew C Day ago
how are some of these people in champion league with no wins...?
Qwardino Day ago
The falling key challenge.
Amanda Fletch
Who is better Lachlan or Boomer probably Lachlan
Jamie Johnson
Can you give me a skin my name is Robert Sawyer and I want Oreo skin
Rev Aura
Rev Aura Day ago
1:40 cheaters never prosper
Bamaman2106 Day ago
He was on 12345678 or 9 or 0 ping
Aydin Angers
Aydin Angers Day ago
Stupid new by the game obviously still have the dance but nobody uses the dance if you have skins I don’t use the dance
Aydin Angers
Aydin Angers Day ago
Can you just kill people when you say do the default dance. Nobody use the van so they probably don’t know where it is
Lucas Leska
Lucas Leska Day ago
Lachy: RIP hunting rifle Me: Ha jokes on you because I don't have a joke
Nik A
Nik A Day ago
Me when I have 50 ping: this lag is horrible Lachy with 250-300 ping: hits double headshot
Mark Young
Mark Young Day ago
lachlan: died =fresh comes to help
xd_ned Day ago
When the green pump used to do 190 😭😭😭
Kaspar Killa
Kaspar Killa Day ago
Quit trying to spread ur vids to 10 mins
Mark Young
Mark Young Day ago
Papa Megs
Papa Megs Day ago
You should do a vending machine rainbow only
Wolfboy Gaming
dont be rude to the game all battle royal games are alike
Jack Wall
Jack Wall Day ago
Any one in chaperone 2 season 2
Jordan Cox
Jordan Cox Day ago
My epic is Tiny_Jordan1598
Jordan Cox
Jordan Cox Day ago
Hey Lachy I created this epic map if you want to look I wanna publish it
Cole Dumas
Cole Dumas Day ago
I played in season 3 and my brother started in season 2
Oof oof
Juan Day ago
play more with ninja pls
Oliver White
Oliver White Day ago
The teachers the girl had the same backbling that the skin comes with
zoti Day ago
ded deAd? plays too much fn
Navin Gidwani
Lachlan: I don't wanna engage closely cause I only have a scar. Also Lachlan: *engages closely Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LOL
Sinkiniser Squad
12:10 is when lachy should have thrown the stink nades In cause that’s what there for
DHL Squad
DHL Squad Day ago
You should film with Preston some more! You guys were my favorite duo! You guys are my 2 favorite youtubers! You should fly to Texas to see him again! Please! I love your videos! Btw, GREAT SNIPE!
Ck Schultz
Ck Schultz Day ago
Anyone watching in 2020???
R!0T ReFuZR Day ago
How do I get in I’m confused
ssg g
ssg g Day ago
whe no more perstin
Lukas Finch
Lukas Finch Day ago
That is the best skin
R!0T ReFuZR Day ago
That’s how I get in ok
Ty Swartzwelder
Why tf was the end not in the thumbnail or at the beginning? That’s crazy!
krishna Padha Shekar Chandramouli
8:08 Y do you even play this game... bots should try serving humans not play against humans... in such a way try searching for a master you could serve.. and that's freakin' 1 ping not 0 in fact
Ayanna Evans
Ayanna Evans Day ago
I just used your creater code on Fortnite
Ace The Gamer
The meta to killing the boss is to heavy snipe him in the face and then shot gun him
Lindsay Young
Thomas Messick
Deal or nrrr deal😂😂😂
Aydynboss Shakirov
ow he is so bad one v one me my name is aydynboss so add me trash
Tyler McGough
Can I play with you bro
ilo Milo
ilo Milo Day ago
2020 anyone
Leonne Wofford
AstroAZN Gaming
can't belived you posted this on my birthday
Henery Shrimp
I won the Galaxy
This video turned into, murder the defaults
Eli Fredrickson
Who plays Fortnite anymore
Level 0 Kaiju
The 10 minis and old look purple burst *sniff*
E10 Destroy
E10 Destroy Day ago
lachlan built during the fight in risky
Steven Candelaria
You are the best
Seth Safren
Seth Safren Day ago
only OG's will remember LachyDachy
Tristan Miller
You should do an harpoon only challenge They are not that bad
TyDye24 Day ago
Joined the club xdxdxdxdxd
Cindy Campos
Cindy Campos Day ago
15:12 OMG
Stockton Clemons
Who else is whatching when cough chough corona
Maximus Bowen
Who here in coronavirus lockdown
Maximus Bowen
9:47 that was a skar
sale drunk
sale drunk Day ago
Hey Lachlan controller plays good the Aimbot remove
lil creep
lil creep Day ago
The map is0565 4202 7306
Paul Le
Paul Le Day ago
6:28 lachlan
Keilah and Rissa Challenges
Superman, martian manhunter or wonderwoman