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Anthony Baird
She has a good poker face but I reckon she knows full well that the Robert Ford character is still in the show. I'm guessing he was one of the pearls Delores/Hale smuggled out, and now he is controlling host Delores.
Dar Blink
Dar Blink Day ago
she is an angel
James Ben
James Ben Day ago
Oh my christ!!!
Jim Heil
Jim Heil Day ago
The right time is NOW. Put it out as PPV if you want. But NOW is a good time.
- SlapperTV -
I really like how Brooklyn 99 approached rosas sexuality. It’s great for to have all sorts of characters represented, but at the same time, the show didn’t make a massive deal about it which is the right message to send. When you see tv shows and movies that have a character with some sort of minority characteristic and they spend the next 20 minutes throwing a parade for said person. it is very obvious when writers or a network pander to people by casting a character with a minority trait like bi, trans, gay, lesbian etc. to portray themselves as activists when companies don’t care about rights. If tv companies made more money bashing homosexuals (which they did for a long time) they would still be homophobes. TV Networks are representing minority groups because that’s what the majority wants, aka “if I add this and the most people like this I can make the most possible money.” It just so happens that the majority is currently pushing for gender representation which is great! So if anything don’t thank the tv, thank the audiences. But don’t confuse it, TV networks are only trying follow what the mob wants. only what we consider good Its not good or evil and whatever the majority likes networks will try to recreate what we want, even if it’s something terrible. its a marketing strategy. Theres nothing necessary wrong with giving the audience what they want but they shouldn’t be dishonest about their goal. Example: There is a tv show that has a large gay audience, so they decide to have one of their characters come out, and said character is cheered on. Is there anything wrong with representation in a show? No. Did that show add a gay character out of the goodness of their hearts? No. They do not care about helping gay people, if they actually care about gay people, they would be a nonprofit/charity support program for gay people. But they are not. They make entertainment, and it just happens to push diversity because that is the demand. It becomes disingenuous when they’ll try really hard to convince you that they’re “fighting the fight” by labeling the character that announced as gay person as a hero but hasn’t done anything significant or even slightly heroic, but it makes them puts them on the “right side of history” when they treat “disadvantaged” people like gods. I dunno every gay, lesbian, black trans, pan, asian, hispanic person I know don’t have any interests in being treated like special cases, they want to be treated the way you TREAT A PERSON. When rosa announced that she was bi, do you know how most people reacted in the show?! LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN. They didn’t take off screaming, running, just alot of yeah, ok. And yes, the drama around her in the episode realization between Boyle is emotional, but it makes sense, its character development. This is how shows should represent these people: like normal, everyday people. Because most people just want to be treated like everyone else, and don’t need a parade. Look, theres nothing wrong with being open and celebrating your sexuality, but your sexuality isn’t all that you are, and if we are working towards a more equal world, the best way is to normalize people are normalize them.
Lucifer Morningstar
rosa rosa rooosa i can’t think of your last name *BaBaY*
Topcat 129
Topcat 129 Day ago
Free Joe
cozy cas
cozy cas Day ago
Someone please explain to me why I am single and yet this Joe guy had 3 decent men in his life half of which weren't even gay 😂
some body
some body Day ago
SINternet Entertainment
I dont get what made him move away from where his husband is at.
Bren R
Bren R Day ago
Monica went low on your husband
nelvin jay gernale
Wow. Color me impressed haha
Lawlzinator Day ago
It's a fucking 5 ingredient breakfast sandwich. Calm down, Wolfgang Puck.
Housyn Bouhani
she is so awkward
Ass Ketchup
Ass Ketchup Day ago
Look who's talking.First class hypocrite
Ayumi Satoh-Fukuhara
she was my favorite character!
Brianna Dugan
How can you go from having two straight men trapped into a relationship by emotionally manipulating them with meth to having someone like Dillon.... I don’t get it
Sruthin K
Sruthin K Day ago
His vocabulary is 🔥
T0nyMc716 Day ago
Mental illness is poorly treated in this country
vaughn Wohclam
Confused af why he said he never met Doc. There’s photos of him and Doc’s elephant on his Instagram
Dillon seems like a basically good person.
neko yang
neko yang Day ago
makan is not a Singaporean English word. It's a Malay word for eat
Why is this exact sandwich so foreign to anyone outside of New England?
peter salfi
peter salfi Day ago
If she had the best performance...the others must of been very bad! HOW MUCH DID HER AGENT PAY FOR HER TO GET ALL THE REWARDS! JEEESH!
I just don't get it ... every single thing was recorded... isn't funny that the murder for hire plot was the only thing not recorded.. Joe was set up 110% ... did he talk about it... ofcourse he did ... but look at the bullshit Carol put Joe through... Jeff lowe saw a way to completely own the zoo and get Joe out ... and he made it all up !
Catwoman Day ago
I don’t trust people who have to get married 4 times.
Damay Honggo
Damay Honggo Day ago
thanks Sal!
A D Day ago
I wish Shia would have talked way more. I felt like he was the inteviewer here, I wish he would have been asked the relevant questions he asked her. I love him.
This dude seems way to normal to be mixed up in this whole circus...
cozy cas
cozy cas Day ago
A little bit of everything 29
Dillon seems like a good man and thinks about others feeling.
Cryptic Kloud
Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa Diaz Diaz Diaz Diaz Rosa Diaz
What a brilliant sppech by Mrs. Chopra , incredible 👍👍
bRandomFPV Day ago
Who the fuck really gives a shit about holding a baby tiger? What is the big deal? So lame!
Ivan 333
Ivan 333 Day ago
Yes high on adrenochrome!
Ivan 333
Ivan 333 Day ago
Clintons in jail!
T8KingOver Day ago
I can't express how awesome this was! She's the best! Her and Jason Bateman, of course!
jen4um Day ago
I think Julia Garner is Brilliant and she seems like a sweet person in real life from what I got out of this interview. Who is she talking to in the video she looks very familiar? Does anyone know?
Gina Antrobus
you are adorable Joe's very lucky !
SharQus Day ago
Grown man never handle/shot a real gun is beyond me😐
Jack Purchase
Clearly not an egg sandwich if it has more than eggs in it!
Shawn Kloter
Shawn Kloter Day ago
Her neck has more color than her face. #makeupfail. As an oxy addict for 8 years let me just say very few people have a "Moment of clarity" when you're talking about opiate addiction. Aftr er Years being sober one day something clicks in your head and you could easily slip up and relapse, happened to me a few times, but im now over 6 years clean!
smitty3 Day ago
Who won though? 💪🏼
Ganja Man
Ganja Man Day ago
Kirk Douglas: Where am I? God: You're in Heaven. Kirk Douglas: Fuck! Don't tell Kubrick I'm here!
kirk001 Day ago
"There isn't more than one of me--this isn't Westworld" in answering how she couldn't direct while acting in an episode. Hint or good misdirect?
Christopher Flux
Good film
Kings Man
Kings Man Day ago
Nice conversations u both are awesome and cool I loved u both a lot
Monika Milczarek
best 45 minutes of my life *.*
tilkesh soni
tilkesh soni Day ago
I have a black friend (response over😂😂😂)
tilkesh soni
tilkesh soni Day ago
Trump is legend in trolling 😂😂😂
freedom7723 Day ago
abhi n
abhi n Day ago
rude bitch
Grimmer2006 Day ago
Georgina Chapman, the ultimate gold-digger? Why cant these gold diggers try to find someone that at least have some good looks and good behavior?? Why go for the most perverted ugly people that they can find? She literally took the worst man you can possible think of. Why? Oh, yeah... MONEY! And she even got children with him, so that his degenerate genes can continue. Its disgusting.
Terry Mak
Terry Mak Day ago
No Heidi Tim No PR
Robert Pulido
They need to stop fuckin around & make a sequel to this already before someone dies. (RIP Donnie)
Dwayne Martin
It's interesting that Dillon is not wearing his wedding ring....
Mr Fantaman
Mr Fantaman Day ago
Wait, what, John Goodman gets a walk of fame? Are they giving these out like candy now?
Алексей Рюмин
Is that George Lucas in the right corner?
Bima Sudiarto
Powders too thick
Paper Girl
Paper Girl Day ago
30:05 did his French just popped out ?????? ("ah oui c'est vrai !")
Paper Girl
Paper Girl Day ago
Am I attracted most to Timothée or to Emma ?
Stevo Canuck
Stevo Canuck Day ago
I really appreciate this video. However does it have to be on video? I'm wondering if they would even have a 40 min convo if there was no camera rolling
Ronak Shah
Ronak Shah Day ago
Marvel gained full control of Hulk rights from Universal. So we could probably see a hulk solo movie
yassin kefi
yassin kefi Day ago
It’s a really nice format, but am I the only one thinking that it could also be called “actors sucking each other’s dick for 50 minutes”?
Marlene Hitchcock
Please watch untold unbiased facts on Netflix series ruvid.net/video/video-eMy1-ltuJKg.html
Gun Rodkaew
Gun Rodkaew Day ago
My boy Babish felt relief knowing you can't really crack two eggs
Charles Otis
Charles Otis Day ago
Holds the star up and says, "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass."
John B
John B Day ago
At first it wasn't romantic....😒 You blew him in the limo on the way to the parade!
Fortune Olose
Guys too humble.
The Unpopular Opinion
Let's be honest here, those guys that married Joe were not "taken advantage of". I am as straight as they come, never could have baited me into something like that with the promise of anything. Those guys were willing participants and they tried to make Joe sound like Weinstein. Travis had underlying mental problems, remember how he would pull guns on people at random? If you ask me, sometimes problems take care of themselves. Can you imagine what it would have been if he did a mass shooting on the property? He was a ticking time bomb. FREE JOE EXOTIC and JOHN HAD 2 TEETH IN HIS MOUTH!!!
Dan Legend
Dan Legend Day ago
Watching this after watching the movie is great!
Most of all I feel bad for the cats and all of this what's Second Joe was hamstring and what makes it worse is that he was screwed over by people that he gave a chance just so they wouldn't get charged or dragged into court which they couldn't afford.. and that douchebag Jeff Lowe he'll get what's coming to him this story ain't over by far. And ask for that bitch Carole Baskin her day in court is coming and not one where she can act like a complete moron with that dumpy husband thats the day the bars Slam in front of her face. Joe exotic wood say fuck you Carole Baskin.... Karma's coming for you she's an even bigger bitch than you are
idk dude
idk dude Day ago
Wtf how is this real a 12 year old got raped and she laughed at her! When he said that she didnt even flinch! If someone said that to me I would be repulsed! At the least
Jon E
Jon E Day ago
I wish the movie was animated instead of just a recording of the musical. It wouldve been so much better. I saw this clip and was hoping for an actual movie. Not this. Well atleast I found this animated song so I can think of what could have been. ruvid.net/video/video-vKAibYl8_oo.html
maria Martinez
There’s a video of him riding doc’s elephant
Bima Sudiarto
13 against 29?
Tara Hicks
Tara Hicks Day ago
A man can't be "married" to a man. God never intended marriage to be for deviant sex. It's for a family.
Katie Mcguire
Tara Hicks honestly if you’re on this video you must know it’s a part of the story, so why watch?
GUTOM Day ago
Saul Ramirez kb
God shes so beautiful
Crafted With Love
Why is Kylo interviewing movie stars?
American cheese is gross and that's why Harley says she wants to taste it - because her view on things is skewed.
P wie Pepe
P wie Pepe Day ago
I'm gonna say it, I love Emily Blunt
E Bishop
E Bishop Day ago
I really like Lucas black
Roger Moore
Roger Moore Day ago
I love Ruth..if she EVER gets killed..WE RIOT!!!!!
softbatch! Day ago
3:05 Obviously the interviewer does not remember this.
softbatch! Day ago
He brings up a good point about Francesca because in BB she is always acting like she's just over it with Saul. Like she's partially repulsed by him, but he pays her well so she puts up with it (until she has to call Hank and pretend to be the police of course). As far as we know now in BCS she isn't bothered by Jimmy. Maybe he develops an ass fetish once Kim leaves him and then he starts hitting on HT.
Scott Baxendale
When is a gay meth head with a 100 tigers and a film crew not in a dark place?
Melonie Layman
Dillon you did absolutely fantastic and totally honest. Joe should be very very proud of you!
daisy alvarez
I can listen to them for hours
Jayy Mariee
Jayy Mariee Day ago
Lol freaking kate 🤦🏾 glad to call this beauty my friend ❤
Cameron Martin
This kid’s my favorite.
Jill Allison Abate'
Far West Florida
When did Jimmy briefly signed up for a Dojo Membership (unless the excuse was he was being sarcastic)? Where is Bill Burrs character? How does Jimmy know about a Laser Tag place and those other locations?
Reverend Sob
Reverend Sob Day ago
Why he has to kiss jj ass so much? Why he has to praised jj ?
KassandraG Day ago
She's amazing, I love the way she speak
Izabella Oquendo
God, Rob is so underrated: musician, actor and he's incredibly humble. I just love him and let's not forget how beautiful he looks 😂❤️
Master_G Day ago
Just want to point out it was super cringy how he was uncomfortable with talking about nut shots I mean you're a grown man grow up
Christopher Thomas
Sherrell Day ago
The guys he married probably either questioning their sexuality or bisex.
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen Day ago
either that or attracted to the drugs he provided _ addicts have no limits/shame when it comes to their addiction