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vampjoseph11 3 minutes ago
I acted in school briefly and to all those people that think they wouldn't be able to get on stage and play a part, I say this: yes you do get scared going out there to deliver your lines, but those lines are like a security blanket so you're not up there stammering out a random thought and after a few of those, you slip into the character that isn't afraid of being in front of people. In fact, the audience isn't there. you're acting out a random event in this characters life and there isn't an audience to one side of you. your character is either having a conversation or thinking out loud (monologue). I always ignored the audience. If they made any sound, i treated it as background noise to the scene. When you get off stage from a performance though... Nothing like it!
CMLAFLAMME 6 minutes ago
Moulin Rouge was a "chick flick" that a lot of us were willing to see because our gf or wife said.. well it's Nicole Kidman.. okay I'm all in 😄
Carol's Corner
Carol's Corner 9 minutes ago
They should do a mature romance movie together (chemistry there) Viola sexy & Tom curious...
Drac Rummins
Drac Rummins 12 minutes ago
This is gold
Blueanchor Deals
Blueanchor Deals 21 minute ago
Spurs nation
Spurs nation 58 minutes ago
She’s a piece of shit!!
I remember F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Karla Salas
Karla Salas Hour ago
The duo we didn’t know we needed ♥️
Patrick Cunningham
And with that, Mark Renton had fallen in love.
They really do resemble each other in a cool way, like it’s not exact but it’s there....
Lol, he said “I know Joe Boyden” 1:56. Yeah he really knows him well to know how to say his name. It is not unreasonable to think of him as a Republican. He was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh several times and he also supported John McCain back in 08. He shouldn’t avoid it. He is misleading in his answers here. He shouldn’t go around preaching it either but if asked he should say “yeah sure I am”
Kristina Taylor
To much sexiness in one room.
Zachariah Marquez
Yes please.
Nichole Heitzenrater
He is THE most genuine actor I have ever seen. He'll never act like a celebrity, and I him for it.
Ymch 55
Ymch 55 2 hours ago
I know she said “hmm” when talking about where the map was cause she assumed they were going to try stopping her from speaking on such thing.. I love her
Jesse Jacobs
Jesse Jacobs 2 hours ago
Who here to roast the bitch?
HappyJenny 2 hours ago
I wish I had half the confidence those ladies have omg can't wait for the film :)
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 2 hours ago
Daniel is so dreamy 🥺
NoxNeko 2 hours ago
Unsesquipedalian 2 hours ago
(A comment that has nothing to do with homosexuality.) Dawg, this nigga ugly!
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff 2 hours ago
I love them both so much
DCVN MAC 3 hours ago
If the Clinton’s haven’t been tried in a military tribunal and executed for treason against this country and the trafficking, rape, torture and murder of children, they should be! Those evil people need to be obliterated from earth.
Derek Post
Derek Post 3 hours ago
Even moderated by the Fake News Media, Trump still won on that exchange as he apologized just before Hillary spoke and said he never did, where Hillary never has to this day!! She's a Hypocrite!😤😤
Simply Sheikha
Simply Sheikha 3 hours ago
this interview was kind of awkward or is it just me who thinks so
Vanessa B
Vanessa B 3 hours ago
This is making me anxious. 🥴
twizzlytwit 3 hours ago
How big are Armie's feet???
Alexa Pineda
Alexa Pineda 3 hours ago
I LOVE YOU COLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff 3 hours ago
People who thrive on words often aren’t good at math.🙋🏼‍♀️
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy 3 hours ago
Um would have been nice to hear from Helen herself rather than take their word for it.
Ash Red
Ash Red 3 hours ago
Team Noah and Elle❤ But not team Jacob and Joey💔. lol
elisa amaral
elisa amaral 3 hours ago
Raigan White
Raigan White 3 hours ago
It was INCREDIBLY disrespectful and unprofessional to bring that up.
Jo Franklin
Jo Franklin 3 hours ago
Such a brilliant series. Brilliantly portrayed and superb acting. Was mesmerised every minute of watching it!!!
by KiMiYA
by KiMiYA 3 hours ago
Brene Brown would be proud of Hugh's Brave Vulnerability here!
yoloduran duran
yoloduran duran 3 hours ago
Love how she is dressed.
Be a Light In this dark world
Trump 2020!! Clinton reminds of the the aliens from the Simpson's. Clin tan!
Michael 4 hours ago
My brain hurts after watching these two. Beautiful and smart. I need a cookie!
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis 4 hours ago
Ms. Baker is smart and very intuitive.
Lucila Ruggieri
Lucila Ruggieri 4 hours ago
itsfunneh roblox
eli veizaj
eli veizaj 4 hours ago
Extraordinary and multi-talented.
The 305fireball
The 305fireball 4 hours ago
dman030 4 hours ago
so how come every time there is a pizzagate or wayfair, first thing the media does is help cover it up. yet they know these files are being traded. i dont get it. the media just lies all the time now, and this shows in a very sick way. if the media actually exposed these people, it would drop in huge numbers. the police are probably overwhelmed.
Kortney Crittenden
Kortney Crittenden 4 hours ago
She plays her role so well never would of knew she was a mother if she hadn't said it. And her and kevin really do look like siblings. Good casting on that.
Anjola 4 hours ago
Weave on dorsnt fit her. Sheshould be wearing her natural hair
Derikimi 5 hours ago
Oh yeah, hes on coke.
Maru y Juan OAr
Maru y Juan OAr 5 hours ago
I loveeeeee Mark
Joshua Gerthoffer
Joshua Gerthoffer 5 hours ago
What a horrible person.
Ash Gemini
Ash Gemini 5 hours ago
Both mama Blanca and Zendaya are absolute queens in my book ❤️. Two strong fierce beautiful and talented women.
Tom Steinert
Tom Steinert 5 hours ago
DAVE'S DIVA 6 hours ago
Cora Woodcook
Cora Woodcook 6 hours ago
Kristen: says fuck 50 times Shia: says it once and apologizes both a mood
Carlee Faith
Carlee Faith 6 hours ago
Honestly, as a musical theater junkieeeee and someone who dreamt of being a background dancer on broadway their *whole* life... I couldn’t agree more with Hugh about the music being just as if not more important than the book. And the greatest showman is seriously one of my favorites of all time. Idk howwwww people are still sleeping on this film. Absolutely gorgeous 😭😍🥺 hands downnnnn *bows* 🙇‍♀️
Don Lew
Don Lew 7 hours ago
They each have 2 beverages??? I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that
The Joker
The Joker 7 hours ago
Sorry Batman as much as I would love to crossover with you my director says no so sorry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Batman
The Batman 7 hours ago
That's fine my director says no too😒😒😒😒
andratoilee 7 hours ago
27:00 def talking about himself here, lmao. I think he’s very much aware of how nervous he must make her. But he also knows it’s not his fault and that’s for her to deal with. I think that’s why he’s so in control of this interview. If she wasn’t so nervous I think he’d be a bit less cool, calm and collected. That said he must be a nice guy because it’s clear that he tried to make things a bit easier for her and was really agreeable through. By virtue of her career I’m confused with her lack of self confidence. It’s a conundrum
pleb :/
pleb :/ 7 hours ago
2:25 “Can we please hold the applause” 3:10 “......” Talk about being biased
Tess 7 hours ago
how do you dislike this video ive literally watched this three times
Austin Paz
Austin Paz 7 hours ago
So much subtext it's hard to keep up..
Vegan C
Vegan C 7 hours ago
Wow, Russell Crowe has not aged well. He looks bloated and very unhealthy. He should go vegan
AL Prince
AL Prince 7 hours ago
finally some good questions, even though some other interviews have been fun but how many times have they been asked about what they like to eat in America? *eye roll*. It's not even like the US has a good food culture...