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Amerasian 77
Amerasian 77 6 hours ago
Reminds me of Donald Trump
david chapman
david chapman 6 hours ago
Oh yeah, just like a real girrrl! While Sarah's looking down a barrel.
cainster 6 hours ago
Why did you leave out the best part at the end where Shake kills himself?
_ StormTheEnemy _
_ StormTheEnemy _ 6 hours ago
Everyone: Haha I love puns 😊 Me, someone who hates puns: I’m going to Kim-mit suicide
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 hours ago
I did us all a favor and he still came back
Jolie Camerota
Jolie Camerota 6 hours ago
RIP Danny Goldman 1939-2020
Jahshi 6 hours ago
“Well...look who came down from the city with a big ol booty.”-E.C.
Jimmy chops
Jimmy chops 6 hours ago
"You hear what I ordered?! I'm gonna be fartin' blood over here!" Classic
Chase Waite
Chase Waite 6 hours ago
Bring back dragon ball super
Dylan Duncan
Dylan Duncan 6 hours ago
This is sad
Ryan .
Ryan . 6 hours ago
For the people who are here and don’t know whut hees talking about the easiest way to get it is space genocide
Zhello 6 hours ago
Micheal getting it -1 Damage -1 Damage -1 Damage -1 Damage -1 Damage -1 Damage
joeyjacksec gaming
joeyjacksec gaming 6 hours ago
People: *questioning* what in the case at the end Me: the recipe for the sauce Subscribe to joeyjacksec gaming
Nicholas NRG
Nicholas NRG 6 hours ago
I really hope these guys aren't pedophiles
DIO 6 hours ago
"Theres only one race, the human race." "What about Joestar?"
Grand One
Grand One 6 hours ago
For a moment there I thought this was a real episode until I looked at the channel
Music Philex
Music Philex 6 hours ago
3/10, too many cooks
UnDEADBishop138 6 hours ago
8:00 and on made me cry to sleep, thank you Joe Pera.
Donald Pollock
Donald Pollock 6 hours ago
Said I was not going to watch until Gregg learns a little respect, Damn it, he is really irritating, Tim really has to stop compensating for Gregg's utter drunkard self,never takes anything serious Gregg does, does nothing in preparedness for the program or the series,really Tim! Piss on You Gregg,all over you,and your shoes. idiot!
Morty And Rick. [ Clone AU. ]
oh poor young rick
Radical Smith
Radical Smith 6 hours ago
Please tell me we’re still getting more smiling friends
andii 6 hours ago
When pizza guys comes in then heathy people come in EAT HEATHLY GODAMNIT
Adub Htown
Adub Htown 6 hours ago
Hylian ARMY
Hylian ARMY 6 hours ago
This is wonderful to fall asleep to 💕💕😌😌😌
Morty And Rick. [ Clone AU. ]
yes I do believe in God but fuck him *he don't Exsist when I have MORTY*
Shallex 6 hours ago
1:05 sounds like the Counter-Strike weapon drop sound
S D 6 hours ago
Reuben!! Water T!
shadow mouse gaming
Shaggy: Like dude we can do it old pal. Just one week with no, With No, WITH NO F#*KING SCOOBY SNACKS MAN. LIKE IM FREAKING OUT 😵 Me: 🤣🤣🤣
Gojiro7 6 hours ago
attention Robot Chicken writing staff, he's throwing fruit, slicing them up in the air, and avoiding bombs.......if people can't figure out that its a Fruit Ninja parody then thats their loss, you dont have to bluntly spell it out like you think anyone watching whose younger then 30 has down syndrome and doesn't related to the things form your childhood.
0o I Died In A Time Machine o0
"homeless man hospitalized in storage unit blaze"
Look Its Took
Look Its Took 6 hours ago
off the air use to be good.
Macaroni Tree
Macaroni Tree 6 hours ago
Paul Walker???
smartpug967 6 hours ago
Netflix: Skip Intro? Me: HELL YES.
Gamerboi12 //Sidchangiscutie auttp
Sony animations after making emoji movie
nikbistro2 6 hours ago
Once again, Adult Swim showcasing that it's superior to every other channel
AlmightyK 6 hours ago
Im just bothered that there was a sister act 2
A. E.
A. E. 6 hours ago
Can greg turn his neck?
Marcus Austin
Marcus Austin 7 hours ago
EdwardHensen 7 hours ago
Decker in the recreational vehicle with a bunch of tourists wearing a black suit and relaying important CIA messages hahah I'm dying
Squittle Queen22
Squittle Queen22 7 hours ago
All I can say is that’s basically how it feels after a night of drinking
Witness 7 hours ago
natalie enriquez
natalie enriquez 7 hours ago
if i could turn myself into a pickle to get out of my therapy, i WOULD
JUST A GUY 7 hours ago
the real old Rick was screaming for help through this song
iLinlin 7 hours ago
The question is, why is he running on circles first?
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
0:45-0:58 😂
0o I Died In A Time Machine o0
I love how amused Gregg was with the baby carrots
mayonnaise 7 hours ago
seashells by the shorepheus...genius
luckyman64 7 hours ago
Metal gear jonas
gojiralagan 1995
gojiralagan 1995 7 hours ago
Is it fucked up if I found this even more hilarious if I imagined meatwad as Elmo? 🤣
Lord Ron
Lord Ron 7 hours ago
DC's ass wide shut
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
Lol at the argument in the background 😂🤣
jada adams
jada adams 7 hours ago
"Somebody help me!!11!11!" *audience laughs*
Dead Cupcake
Dead Cupcake 7 hours ago
Poor bizzaro😅
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
I love this episode 😂
Lewis B
Lewis B 7 hours ago
It's got flashes of brilliance
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
I'm black & I watch hockey lmao 😂😂😂
Chad Keveny
Chad Keveny 7 hours ago
Reminds me of the big lez show
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
0:18-0:40 😂😂😂😂
TheStr8tshooter 7 hours ago
Wait, so which episode is the funny one?
KBS SPIDER 7 hours ago
Where did you buy michael jackson dolls?
oxch0ngxo 7 hours ago
She looks too much like Doja Cat
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
0:19-0:24 😂
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
0:09 lmaooooooooo 😂
jr132 7 hours ago
Apparently Eric and Hannibal had no idea that women was gonna come out so that’s their real reactions
Stephen Watts
Stephen Watts 7 hours ago
EdwardHensen 7 hours ago
This is the best season of Decker!!
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
Drinking fountain 😂
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 7 hours ago
Tim still has never watched Get Hard.
LCEvans 7 hours ago
This made me sad
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney 7 hours ago
I got medical problems lol 😂
Imperialx Warlord
Imperialx Warlord 8 hours ago
Damn, that girls life just got destroyed. Her dads dead and house was destroyed.
JeromiaTownHouse 8 hours ago
It would be better if he used his Plumbus before recording
Sasha S.
Sasha S. 8 hours ago
I can't believe the man behind this is only 30. This is a voice of an old vice man
Pierre Brown
Pierre Brown 8 hours ago
Lol I remember this shit
Ask Abi
Ask Abi 8 hours ago
*Kicks Barbie into a ditch* "Welcome to your new dream house!" 😆😆😆
jetvette66 8 hours ago
Absolute genius.
kim Jong-un
kim Jong-un 8 hours ago
The perfect playlist for develop an app.
Nishikata 8 hours ago
I think, this is brutally funny and sad at the same time.
1o1beauty 8 hours ago
You come seeking wisdom... hell no
iantha ami
iantha ami 8 hours ago
Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot !!! WTF did I just watch... :(
Tank Max
Tank Max 8 hours ago
Rip Mr. me seeks
Gabriel Goforth
Gabriel Goforth 8 hours ago
I love how Hannibal always sounds a bit drunk
Mahmoud ibn Emir
Mahmoud ibn Emir 8 hours ago
The scientist looks like Larry David.
pointguardpunte 8 hours ago
talk about a race-ist horse
zed akerlund
zed akerlund 8 hours ago
Meg griffen
Jessee Hetherington
Rick sounds like lazar beam in this
Elton Joel
Elton Joel 8 hours ago
Bacicly the Karen family
V.A.K GAMING 8 hours ago
What's the name of this solo anyone?
Yax Tax
Yax Tax 8 hours ago
Ds universe
Raptor Centurion
Raptor Centurion 8 hours ago
Okay that’s fucked, who the hell drinks down the ice cubes whole???
Eyebrow Man
Eyebrow Man 8 hours ago
That man Chance was probably tripping
lampini 8 hours ago
I really did not like Tim in drag yelling at me. It made me genuinely uncomfortable.
lampini 8 hours ago
I’m calling authors bookmen from now on
Patrick Weber
Patrick Weber 8 hours ago
Where's Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire when you need them?
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
As soneone with the last name cook, This is how it feels
Noah Urijah._2010
Noah Urijah._2010 8 hours ago
SkillexYT 8 hours ago
who let MeatCanyon on adult swim
Lemon-Boiled Tilapia? Dipuga.....Pinoy Recipe gone wrong...Alam ko na yan😅😅😅
Lambda 8 hours ago
at the end the vocalist is trying hard not to laugh lmao
G Ø N T E R 8 hours ago
It feels so Å Ų§ŤŘ Ą ŁĮ Æ