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Michael P
Michael P 5 minutes ago
Brilliant analysis!
Drew Taks
Drew Taks 6 minutes ago
JJ Abrams = Overrated director. The should have let Mark Hamil direct all 3 movies. Rogue One is the Only good really movie since Empire. Jedi was Ok but Ewoks defeating The Empire is just awful.
UnknownSailor 11 minutes ago
I still prefer the infinite branching universe theory, where every possibility happens, somewhere. So, going back in time just starts a new branch, and going forward _also_ starts a new branch. This invalidates the entire concept of going back to get the stones and fixing the present, though, because for some universes, the snap never happened.
Jerry Luo
Jerry Luo 16 minutes ago
Just another reason why age of Ultron is a great movie and criminally underrated
Dan Schaller
Dan Schaller 48 minutes ago
They should also have her not assaulting innocent civilians, vandalizing property, and stealing property. Check out the That Star Wars Channel video about Captain Marvel actually being a Villain for more on this.
Jenyx Hour ago
it's genius
Christopher Smith
Take a nap.
gilbert rubio
gilbert rubio Hour ago
For the sake of the ridiculousness of this debate, can just agree all DC movies suck and the MCU can do no wrong? I mean, I love the DCEU, I've seen all of the movies multiple times. I've watched The Man of Steel well over a dozen times. I've watched Iron Man like four times. As good as the MCU is, with the exception of Age Of Ultron, I myself have never felt the need to re watch any of the MCU movies. And the only reason I've seen AOU multiple times is cuz it was on cable all the time. So could we please, as a collective and not just ScreenCrush stop with the "The Scene That Explains Why MCU movie Worked and DCEU movie Didn’t." It's become too much already. Different people have different tastes. The DCEU isn't a failure. It's entertaining on its own.
Chris Alvino
Chris Alvino Hour ago
Yeah, I just realized I liked Captain Marvel a lot more on my second viewing for ALL the reasons you listed in the "RoboCop" style movie. In the second viewing, I knew she was in a bad spot in the beginning and it added so much more emotional weight to all the scenes that you don't get on the first viewing
Phoenix Skylar
My favorite show. It has a lot of good characters with interesting story arcs. Really enjoying their final season. And hoping Quake will make the jump into the MCU and SWORD.
GLJohn Stewart
I just wish The Warriors Three got better treatment when they died and I wish Sif got a bad ass scene at the end.
DAMO Hour ago
Sad thing is we all knew it was bad before we watched it , you can’t fix the unfix able.
- Dopeland -
- Dopeland - 2 hours ago
I watched to hear some theories about the Rick And Morty cat while also expecting less than 15 Game of Thrones references lmfao stupid me.
Jimi G
Jimi G 2 hours ago
Actually, Captain Marvel was fine. People, mostly conservative pricks, just want to complain and will find any excuse.
MystiCult 2 hours ago
This was actually my favorite one after the original one
Sophitia 3 hours ago
Great take on the "humour undercuts the real emotional moments" criticism. I totally agree with you. As you said... Who really cares about Asgard being destroyed, or some random characters getting killed? The dialogue between Thor and Loki in the elevator was more moving than all of this. And people claim Hulk has been turned into a buffoon but I found his scenes quite moving as well. Even when they were funny at the same time.
Caker Baby
Caker Baby 3 hours ago
I think you guys are seeing things that aren’t there
Oat lord
Oat lord 3 hours ago
Would coffee from an infinity cup cause heart burn?
John Mackey III
John Mackey III 3 hours ago
Normally like your stuff but this one is soooo bad. Failed understanding of the movie.
Sébastien Desforges
Just to say this, both are sci-fi movie
IronicOxymoron 3 hours ago
0:41-0:53 = Instant subscribe by me.
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 4 hours ago
A mich deeper explanation.
Michael McClintick
Michael McClintick 4 hours ago
You lied to me!?!?!?!?
Joe Benz
Joe Benz 4 hours ago
A whole movie about Cap returning the stones would connect the dots and be awesome as it would be the last movie about him.
*_-duolingo-_* 4 hours ago
when tony stark says i am iron man, thats the same line he said at the end of iron man 1.
Michael McClelland
Michael McClelland 4 hours ago
Well you just earned my subscription, sir!
Andre Leite da Silva
THe child like analysis of good and evil made an interesting video, became weak!
Dave McNeill
Dave McNeill 5 hours ago
Cap Marvel was the weakest offering to date from the MCU. It never got going or became engaging. The time and effort spent to make her some personification of feminism cost her all the relatable qualities that would’ve made her endearing to the audience. She was a flat character in the solo effort and that continued into End Game. If there’s one character to recast in the MCU, it’s this one. The cat was a more interesting character imo. Hate away.....
AmazingFan15_SH 5 hours ago
That is so interesting!
Andrew Beech
Andrew Beech 5 hours ago
BRO!!! I hated this Captain Marvel for so many reasons, but when you were laying out an alternate series of events for the movie, I thought “Damn, that sounds like a KILLER MOVIE!!” I mean, I could totally see myself rooting for a Carol if the movie was laid out like you suggested. Great insight!
Commentator 5 hours ago
3rd ? what were the names of the 1st 2 ?
Leo Carrasco
Leo Carrasco 5 hours ago
Better Call Saul also have all of this color theory, Vince Gilligan is a genius.
Toby Bailey
Toby Bailey 2 hours ago
It’s quite similar as well, yellow symbolising work for both Saul and Walt (Saul for his car and Walt for his meth)
nerdywilliams 5 hours ago
Stuart Hollingsead
Stuart Hollingsead 5 hours ago
I hold to the theory that time is a closed loop. The black holes spin matter faster than the speed of light causing them to travel back in time to a single white hole. The big bang, which then creates the black holes. God exists outside this loop, and in fact he created it, and can acess any point at any time. I imagine that our universe is siting on one of his shelves in his office next to several other strange creations. If you take the extremely large view, all problems can be reasoned to solution. Evil, Death, chance, These are small things in the infinity of time/space.
Shinku no Yami [Not for kids]
Oh boy. Pretty much all of these points need addressing. *Point 1:* Palpatine didn't learn from Darth Plagueis how to keep his spirit alive. Darth Plageius couldn't do that. *That's why he died.* Palpatine even said "Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself". The point of that was the irony in how, while his power could keep others from dying, it couldn't keep *him* from death. *Point 2:* Palpatine didn't need to steal Rey and Kylo's life force to be resurrected. He'd already been "resurrected". He was supposed to have been around for a while, since before the events of TFA. I mean, you just said he was controlling Snoke. He had apparently transferred his spirit into a clone of his or some shit that Disney made up. Why didn't he choose to transfer his spirit into a young and healthy clone of himself? I mean, why would Palpatine transfer his spirit into a clone that was basically in the same shape as someone who survived a fall in the Death Star and its explosion anyway? It's because Disney added in the whole spirit/clone excuse retroactively, and had originally intended for that to be the original Palpatine who survived all that through "unknown Dark Side means". *Point 3:* What about Snoke's scar makes him more or less believable? What would people have questioned if Snoke didn't have a scar? Why would people assume/expect Snoke to have one? This answer doesn't explain why he has a scar at all. What, would people be like "He doesn't have a scar. He's clearly being controlled by Palpatine!" or something? Because apparently Palpatine surviving exploding *twice* is more believable than Snoke not having a scar. *Point 4:* Ben kept the truth hidden from Luke so that Luke wouldn't have reservations in killing Vader. There was no reason for Luke and Leia to keep Rey's lineage from her. So we're supposed to believe Luke knew the whole time that Rey was a Palptine, but then in TLJ he was like "Holy shit you're powerful. This scares me.". If he knew she was a Palpatine, why would any of that have come as a surprise to him? It seems like he had no idea. Luke was just made aware of her power in TLJ, and in that clip you played he wasn't even referring her power to Palpatine. He was referring it to Ben/Kylo's power, who is *NOT* a Palpatine. Though I guess you acknowledged that it was a retcon yourself anyway. *Point 5:* So, Luke knew Rey was a Palpatine because she was from a planet where a bounty hunter was looking for someone. That narrows that down. And a point of TLJ is that everyone can have the Force (though this wasn't a new concept at all in Star Wars), so there being a Force-sensitive girl from... anywhere, shouldn't be strange to anyone. I guess it's why Leia ignored Chewie and hugged Rey instantly. She was like "Omg! Palpatine's granddaughter!". That actually makes too much sense now... *Point 6:* Everyone would figure that the dagger was made after the wreckage, but that's not what they find stupid about it. The whole concept of it is just... very videogame-esque, but also the constant churning sea crashing against it, especially with it being a very heavy structure, would have some kind of long term effects on its position. It's a bit different than a mountain that doesn't have those elements constantly eroding it. *Point 7:* In the novel, it says that the piece of the Death Star traveled through a hyperspace wormhole to reach where it did, because apparently it was "too far away". I don't know why they included that, since it seems more farfetched then it just flying through space and being pulled in by the gravity of a planet/moon that would've been nearby. *Point 8:* Where was any of this in any of the films? And 30 years wouldn't be enough time to build all of those Star Destroyers, much less in the environment they were buried under. Hell it was even stated that they'd used up pretty much all of the crystals used to power the Death Star laser, and that a station the size of a Death Star was needed to house such a laser. There's no way he could've been working on condensed versions of its cannon for 30 years since that kind of technology wasn't possible at the time. He wouldn't have had the knowledge/technology to build even ONE condensed super laser at the time, let alone the resources and means to work on at least a thousand while keeping it secret. *Point 9:* I don't remember it being in the film that Leia was trying to purge Palpatine from Ben. Why would she choose that moment instead of... any time sooner? Why would she pick when Ben is fighting Rey to do it? *Point 10:* It wasn't really clear that it was a memory. People weren't sure _what_ Han was there. But when you think of Han as being just a memory, it makes him forgiving Ben just... empty. Because you realize Han wasn't really forgiving Ben. It was all in Ben's head. How could he even remember Han forgiving him when Han didn't do that? *Point 11:* Wait, but you said before that Palpatine needed to suck the life force out of Rey and Kylo. If his plan was to have Rey kill Kylo... how could he then do that? The needed the two people that he had fighting each other. *Point 12:* Aside fro mthe obvious "Sex is boring?" joke, TFA takes place 66 years after TPM. Rey is like 19 in TFA, so she was born 47 years after TPM. That means Rey's dad would've been 47 years old when she was born *IF HE* had been born during the events of TPM. If this were the case, well that'd make Palpatine a bit old to be a new dad himself (not impossible), but it'd be weird that none of this was shown at all. He could've had his son much earlier, which would explain why his family wasn't in the picture, but that'd make Rey's dad anywhere from around 65 or older when she was born. It's not so much impossible to imagine Sheev having a wife or kids, but that his age, Rey's age, and the period of the films would make Rey's father REALLY old when he finally had Rey. That's a generational stretch. Not to mention no one can see where he'd have the time or desire for a relationship, knowing his character and ambition. *Point 13:* Wait, are you saying those gremlin people, who were all operating machinery before and who were crushed by boulders, were all ghosts? And they were the ghosts of the past Sith? I don't remember ALL the Sith being gremlins. Not only was this not a plot hole, but this explanation just raises more questions. *Point 14:* Couldn't we say JJ cared about the symbolism of putting pieces back together? So the explanation for "How did they fix Anakin's lightsaber?" is just "They fixed it". Doesn't answer _how_ they did it. Would make more sense that they just made a new one.
Shinku no Yami [Not for kids]
*Point 15:* Here's a question. Why didn't he just do that? Why didn't he just take all of their life force and kill them? Just to screw with them? That's not how a man as calculating as Palpatine operates. It's not how he's operated. He killed Mace when he had the chance. He went right to killing Luke when Luke refused him (but was stopped). He tried his damndest to kill Yoda. Him deliberately not taking all of their life force to not only reach his prime, but to also get rid of his opposition, is stupid. It's comic cartoon villain stupid. We don't even know if that's what would've happened. This is supposition. But yeah, you've brought up a good point. Palpatine could've just taken all of their life force to kill them, but didn't. Another stupidity of the film. *Point 16:* Actually, expanded Disney EU lore says that Kylo got a modified Tie FIghter from the Death Star that had hyperdrive on it, so... *Point 17:* That's not how the world works. That army and those space lasers were still out there. They don't just disappear because Palpatine is dead. Just because Palpatine died in Ep6 didn't mean all of the Empire's forces were gone. Had that been all that happened (and the Death Star and capital ships not been destroyed) the Rebels would've been screwed. *Point 18:* Anakin _was_ the Chosen One. He did wind up bringing balance to the Force by taking out Palpatine. Disney is the one that retconned that out by disregarding all of that to undo everything so they could redo it all. This was just a case of Disney going "You know that thing that was a thing? Now it's not!". *Point 19:* The Jedi have been around for thousands upon thousands of years. Luke also had those sacred Jedi texts for a while. You mean NONE of them even ONCE thought about it, or were able to? This only makes Rey look more like a ridiculously OP Mary Sue. I mean, in TLJ we saw her *effortlessly* lifting all of those boulders after just one day of supposed "training" (and a day after she'd thought the Jedi were a myth), so... Yeah. Let's believe that Rey and Kylo were the strongest ever. There's definitely no masters who were ever shown or written as stronger. Not a single character comes to mind. No sarcasm. Totally. *Point 20:* First off, who said they needed to do damage to Palpatine? Second, if they can move and catch a lightsaber, and Palpatine can be hurt by a lightsaber, how can that not hurt Palpatine? Third, Palpatine was destroyed by lightning, so how could lightning *not* damage him? Lightning is like his #1 weakness. *Point 21:* "Nobody wants to die" - I find it highly unlikely that no one would wanna sacrifice themselves to cause MAJOR damage to the enemy to save the galaxy. Holdo did it. Others were willing to do it. You could even have a droid or autopilot do it. You also don't need a large cruiser. That was never established. If a meter-sized rock collided with the Earth going at light speed, it would send the planet into ruin. You mean to tell me that a fighter is too small to damage a cruiser with light speed? *Point 22:* Not a plot hole. *Point 23:* "Magical enchantments" sounds crazier than simple mirrors. I don't remember Star Wars using magic. The most magical it got was the Force itself, which isn't magic. It's just mystical. *Point 24:* These people are running from the 1st Order and they're... keeping their box with them? That sounds silly. What makes more sense is that the planet was Mustafar (Vader's planet) and it was Vader's way-finder. Still a bit odd of a place for it, but it somewhat adds up. *Point 25:* But they TAKE the ship in the film. What was stopping... anyone else from doing that exact same thing? *Point 26:* Rey used a part that was a completely different ship to fix another one? A part from a ship that was *completely demolished and on fire* as well? *Point 27:* "How did Rey use Force lightning?" - "She didn't know she could use it.". "How did you paint this beautiful picture?" - "Well see, I did it because I didn't know i could do it.". *Point 28:* No. 3PO _can_ translate it. He just can't word the translation. He's somehow not able to relay the information in any single way. Unless the droid's memory is wiped. Then it's arbitrarily allowed to. Because apparently whoever came up with that arbitrary rule didn't think about the loophole of just backing up the droid's memory or using a brand new protocol droid with a fresh memory. It's a dumb rule with a ridiculously easy workaround, showing it only existed to create a problem for this specific situation.
LeoGang Monty
LeoGang Monty 6 hours ago
This is a re upload
Tito 4rmDaBlock
Tito 4rmDaBlock 6 hours ago
@2:08 - wait, wait, wait. Y’all edit in i-Movie?! :)
JMillz666 6 hours ago
The thing I loved about BB was that so many of the characters could be interchanged between evil and good. Well, maybe not straight up evil, like Tuco. But flawed & corrupted. I've rewatched the series a few times, & will never turn away a random episode. And my opinions about many of the characters have changed, sometimes more than once. The show keeps me second guessing as to the true intentions of a lot of the ppl. It's hard not to overlook the emotion or opportunity presented to some of them, but when I put myself into that person's shoes, I can't even give myself an honest answer. And that's what I love about the show. A lot of the day to day family elements are relatable, but given the choice of some situations, what would I do? And would I be ok with it? It's really hard to pick a side with so many of the characters. Although, I absolutely love Mike. I don't care, cold-blooded killer, plays by his own rules, blah blah. He was consistent, somewhat empathetic, but loyal to his cause. Very deserving of his mostly all black attire. Also, I want to mention that the show truly roped me in with the pilot. I was blown away right from the start, esp because it was completely unexpected. Some shows had bad pilots, most notably for me was The Wire. Which is why I didn't get into The Wire until season 2, then had to start over and try again. But after BB's first episode, I could not wait for the next one. Thanks Ryan! Have a good weekend 🤘
Wayne John Hinrichsen
HTML code for Yellow???
TouchedNut 6 hours ago
the answer is Korg
Riley Manion
Riley Manion 6 hours ago
Honestly I didn’t think it was a good movie. It felt cheesy but not in a Sam raimi way. Batman is suppose to be serious not open his mouth every five seconds.
ETHAN Ethan 6 hours ago
I think it was a terrible time to release captain marvel movie, with endgame just coming out it was bound to fail, no one would watch a movie staring one superhero when there’s a movie of them all coming together and finishing the story, its like putting out a book about one charecter and expecting more people to purchase it when your releasing the last book in the series, it just won’t work
XthegreatwhyX 6 hours ago
... and you're boring. I need that clip.
Shollos 6 hours ago
Fantastic work, I always noticed the color but only thought of it as inconsequential, like Marie always wears purple. This makes a lot of sense though and proves once again how brilliant the show is.
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 7 hours ago
Excellent uncovering of movie logic!
Cianitrihs Khour
Cianitrihs Khour 7 hours ago
The fighting in BvS seemed really forced, but that wasn't entirely different in Civil War. Both seemed exaggerated in their presentation to draw more viewers.
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans 7 hours ago
It's a dumb show. Boring and dull.
ScreenCrush 6 hours ago
Thanks for letting us know
Ed Wassermann
Ed Wassermann 7 hours ago
L's Successor
L's Successor 7 hours ago
Who else is rewatching it at the moment
AZI THE MLG PRO 7 hours ago
Lol dude it’s not that deep
Aaran Chauhan
Aaran Chauhan 7 hours ago
Breaking bad - still the best show I've seen to date!
beatmyhamster 69
beatmyhamster 69 7 hours ago
honestly their obi wan movie might suck but god do i wanna see clones again
David Datura
David Datura 7 hours ago
So that’s why I liked Ironman more than The Man of Steel 🤔
Ed Wassermann
Ed Wassermann 7 hours ago
this is correct!
THEREAL McCOY 8 hours ago
Almost like they are trying to manipulate us....
Micktaylorify 8 hours ago
Believe me when I say ... that Rise of Skywalker was much, much MUCH better than the previous Star Wars “movie” The Last Jedi. The Force Awaken showed SUCH promise and potential in the new trilogy. And as a 47 year old man, who was 5 years old when I saw, in the theatre in 1977, Star Wars: A new hope. I was VERY excited to see what would happen ... but the second movie The Last Jedi completely cocked everything up! At best all that the Rise of Skywalker could do was to salvage an irrevocable mess that was made. Which it did manage to do, more or less. I was much happier with the last film though sad as well. George Lucas ... you were right.
edpistemic 8 hours ago
I like this and it reminds me how much I loved the MCU! :)
EJ Lowell
EJ Lowell 8 hours ago
"If it's purple, someone's gonna die."
Hello 3.14dododododododododododod
Bicth you spoiled saving private Ryan
Gettheledoutstyle 8 hours ago
Further example of how much of a masterpiece this show was. Every tiny detail mapped out and always staying true to the characters and the story. Incredible.The GOAT!
Moon Knight Animations
Ultron was built to protect Earth (from aliens) but he sees humans as a possible destroyer of Earth. So he wants to evolve himself and kill the human race to start over. He starts with killing the Avengers first, recruits the twins to help him do so. He stops making jokes after he doesn't need to appeal to humans (the twins) anymore. Creates Vision as his perfect form. Creates a meteor because of how quick and easy it is. Kidnaps Black Widow to lure the Avengers to Sokovia, so he can show them their failure. The 3rd body got destroyed by the Avengers and Vision.
Kenneth Chia
Kenneth Chia 8 hours ago
I went to the Google machine after the opening and was frustrated that I couldn't turn up anything about this guy
All Videos
All Videos 8 hours ago
Jimi_John 8 hours ago
Ron Burgundy voice: “You son of a bitch.”
All Videos
All Videos 8 hours ago
Pop smoke
Kevin Bubel
Kevin Bubel 8 hours ago
EXCEPTIONAL Videos of late Sir! BLUE = MIND (Science. Cold. Logic. Mind is "above".) RED = HEART (Religion. IF "darker" (blackish) - "rotten") GREEN = Perversion (Greed/Envy. MIND "scared" - BLUE + YELLOW) WHITE = Clean Slate ORANGE = HEART "guided" ("God fearing" RED + YELLOW) GOLD = Chosen One (Next Level - Fear/yellow GONE) PURPLE = Royal "reign". Human Control - Pendulum of MIND (Logic) and HEART (Emotions). Harmony. Balance.
Kevin Bubel
Kevin Bubel 8 hours ago
NOTE: Marvel - Tony StARK begins in "burgundy" (Davinci of our times) - ALSO when "desiring" Black Widow upon first meeting. RED + Black -TONY's "dark" side en route to Mental Hero's Journey "Chosen One". HEART "runs" mankind ("IRON" Man) vs MIND (Thanos = Man "Knows" ...too certain. False "conclusions" - plinko reality of today) MINDS are controlled using our "deductive" reasoning - MAZE (trap). HEARTS are "guided". Top Down "hierarchy" (Hidden Rule of today - Politicians are "actors") - where humanity "subscribed" their "positions" (Rulers control what we see and hear - and therefore what we "deduce") "Oh piece of Candy!" -James Woods ;)
KT LoveBTS 8 hours ago
1:58 that’s not creepy at all 🙃🙂
guille garcia
guille garcia 9 hours ago
great video, just one thing, black is the absence of color and white is all the colors combined
camfm 8 hours ago
guille garcia don’t worry ahah you aren’t exactly wrong because what you say is true for lighting (all light comes = white) but for matter all colors = black ( for example when you mix every colour in paintings you get black)
guille garcia
guille garcia 8 hours ago
@camfm emm well now I'm confused, I may have been wrong, sorry hahah
guille garcia
guille garcia 8 hours ago
@ScreenCrush no problem! Your videos are awesome and I love breaking bad, pleasee make more videos about it
ScreenCrush 8 hours ago
Just to be safe, I took it out. Thanks!
camfm 8 hours ago
Nope that’s only in negative addition (light)
Lunayy-chan 9 hours ago
this video just convinced me to give breaking bad a 2nd chance!
ScreenCrush 8 hours ago
even better the 3rd-4th time through
Robert Hao
Robert Hao 9 hours ago
I like aqua man better though. BP is cool but the main character is not well defined.
Chez Pizza
Chez Pizza 9 hours ago
This is one of those movies where it would have been better as mention instead of a full movie, like star wars: the phantom menace. It could have still been a prequel just not a forced tie in with earth and shield, perhaps a Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in prequel would have been better.
Aun Syed
Aun Syed 9 hours ago
Man I missed seeing Ryan’s face.... good to have it back!... wait ur telling me this was a re upload nooooo
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
I think I'll be back around soon
General Grievous
General Grievous 9 hours ago
This channel is underrated it’s been 30 minutes and it doesn’t even have 1k views really hope people come back to the channel
General Grievous
General Grievous 8 hours ago
Thanks for the great videos
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Thanks! That means a lot. I've noticed our big hit videos tend to be slow burns
J Brook
J Brook 9 hours ago
I came here for the Purple.
J Brook
J Brook 9 hours ago
@ScreenCrush background noise
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
and stayed for the....?
sochinese 9 hours ago
i thought it was because Brie larson is sexist
Tzu-Chi Hsu
Tzu-Chi Hsu 9 hours ago
I like the fan theory where after Steve Rogers went back in time to be with Peggy, he decided to save the world in a different way, and changed his name to Fred Rogers. He then produced his own children's television show, and made the world a better place by teaching children tolerance and love.
Headass 9 hours ago
Headass 9 hours ago
I love breaking bad
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Do you have a favorite use of color that we didn't include?
YaBoiAk 6 hours ago
I’ve always wondered why they always watch black and white tv shows and movies because the show is set in 2008, any explanation?
Match Box
Match Box 7 hours ago
Pure (blue)+ meth (yellow)=money (green)
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Yeah, shit. That would have been a good thing to note
Dolphin Expert
Dolphin Expert 9 hours ago
You mentioned it but I like 'My baby blue' at the final scene.
Marc L
Marc L 9 hours ago
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
What's the best episode of Breaking Bad?
simontrickfilmer 5 hours ago
The fly
Shade of the Evening
@Joel Deakin ok. I really enjoyed the video👏👏🤓
Joel Deakin
Joel Deakin 8 hours ago
@Shade of the Evening delete this comment before someone spoils the show for you
ritchyy 9 hours ago
Ozymandias all the way It was where the series was building up to
Dolphin Expert
Dolphin Expert 9 hours ago
Ozymandias or Felina
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Why do you love Breaking Bad?
Joku Sekou
Joku Sekou 7 minutes ago
The line I am the one who knocks
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan 3 hours ago
It's because it's has a better story than any other shows.
Jerry mumay
Jerry mumay 9 hours ago
just seeing what happens to each character over the course of the show makes it feel so real like there isn't really a static character in breaking bad
Shade of the Evening
I'm only on Season 2, but I'm so glad I started watching it. Still have a ways to go. Thanks for doing this video. Very interesting💙💙✌
Headass 9 hours ago
Dolphin Expert it’s just so good
Callum Langstroth
Callum Langstroth 10 hours ago
Genius proving of your point with the opening
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Dmitri Shaw
Dmitri Shaw 10 hours ago
9:34 Is... Is. **Vomits** THAT A DC REFERENCE IN A MARVEL VIDEO!?!!?! You might as well put star wars in A STAR TREK VIDEO
ejcmoorhouse 10 hours ago
The whole of Captian Marvel is about find out who Captain Marvel really is. We knew right from the off that Steve Rodgers wants to serve his country that is a very different story from us not even know, Captain Marvel's real name until later on in the movie.
jeremiah cometa
jeremiah cometa 10 hours ago
clearly u missed the huge part of the movie going through her past
ultramaximus 10 hours ago
So everything in Back to the Future was bullshit?
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
I can't believe that scene was a reshoot.
BEAN 10 hours ago
Honestly, I thought the story about the Rev was a slow build up to the island being my mom. lol
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
hahahaha! Next time baby
Arturo Gomez
Arturo Gomez 10 hours ago
The new trilogy was trash. It made about as much sense as the christmas special.
Chitrah Karthigeyan
Chitrah Karthigeyan 10 hours ago
Forget about Far from Home, your video explaining the theories is far more interesting.
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Like which one?
Camden Carter
Camden Carter 10 hours ago
me: why would screen crush lie? ryan: it was all a lie
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Paul Boothroyd
Paul Boothroyd 10 hours ago
I think Steve returned and helped in the MCU, but did not want to get involved as he still did not know the depth of Hydra, so could not confide in anyone...
Mary Cardneas
Mary Cardneas 10 hours ago
Mufasa was cool I don't know why you talking crap about him.
Rossm3838 10 hours ago
In the 1978 movie the very dated rear screen effects don’t harm the story because the characters are so entertaining and the main plot so overtly silly and funny The bad effects in the man of steel distract because the study and characters and film are so dreary and dull
Rossm3838 10 hours ago
Iron man is bright and colorful like a comic book Man of steel is dreary and washed out which makes the tornado Scene even blander than the bad effects do The whole movie is like that Also there is a lot of humor in Ironman all delivered with great style by Downey
Tj Willms
Tj Willms 10 hours ago
Alt right Nationalism? WTF were you watching while this movie was playing? Try Putting Your Phone Down for five freakin minutes.
Dante Amodeo
Dante Amodeo 11 hours ago
That was an absolutely brilliant analysis, both of the problem AND the solution. Really. That was excellent.
Viktor 11 hours ago
the similarities were on point wtf
Dale Platt
Dale Platt 11 hours ago
It actually makes sense for Steve Rogers to have been in the old timeline all along and not interfering as much as possible because he knew his original self and the others would handle things well enough without him getting involved... If he had messed with anything he could have screwed up his chance to have gone back and stayed with Peggy and done irrevocable damage... Also, he would only have had to do some clothing and hairstyle changes to fit in and not get noticed... So grocery shopping would have been no big deal... ;)
Arkaix 11 hours ago
Honestly I believed the story at the beginning of the video because it sounded similar to what happened with Jim Jones and his infamous project Jonestown.
ScreenCrush 9 hours ago
Very similar
Arjun Shetty
Arjun Shetty 11 hours ago
Sex and nude scenes were hugely satisfying too 😜