First Fam!
First Fam!
First Fam!
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SPCTR 48 minutes ago
IcerFN 59 minutes ago
Late but unknown I saw has played numerous tournaments on keyboard
thekidchubbs Hour ago
Saw it live gang wya?
Ethan Duenas
Ethan Duenas Hour ago
My user is Evan Dueñas
FAKE CLAN Hour ago
good clutch up by scope
Im Wilstar
Im Wilstar Hour ago
Wolf Monster
Wolf Monster Hour ago
i was laughing hard af on how issa was like “i hope allah fixes you” 😂 😂
Jordan Penton
Jordan Penton Hour ago
They were laughing at George Floyd
K0mb4t Hour ago
Bugha would win very easily
mmillerbb 2 hours ago
Tryen FN
Tryen FN 2 hours ago
These games were good keep up the good work use me as a positivity button L
andrew williamson
andrew williamson 2 hours ago
My epic username is cameron6730
Adrockous _799
Adrockous _799 2 hours ago
Congrats on 1M!!!🥳🥳🥳
Hulkster2005 2 hours ago
Ethan Duenas
Ethan Duenas 2 hours ago
Evan Dueñas
Ethan Duenas
Ethan Duenas 2 hours ago
That’s my user
Jm's Entertainment
Jm's Entertainment 2 hours ago
Donate a phone , my brother a fortnite gamer buh his phone broke and hes sad😂sum1 help.
Rexi 2 hours ago
His movement s way to “Controllerie” like it’s not smooth at all
Rexi 2 hours ago
Clix is good for first day but trash overall (Not counting days)
Jason Hutto
Jason Hutto 3 hours ago
Sway is better than Clix🔥
Donovan Alcrow Laliberte
Get me to top comment
Elisha Pizem
Elisha Pizem 3 hours ago
Uman613 used your code
buggy Bob
buggy Bob 3 hours ago
Yo I only have one skin epic:gucciy best
Your Friend Betito
Your Friend Betito 3 hours ago
Epic: YourFriendBetito
Blaze hunter
Blaze hunter 3 hours ago
Its not a new meta it happened before ive done it its happened to me
Manzi Alain
Manzi Alain 3 hours ago
The RedEnderVan
The RedEnderVan 3 hours ago
Who saw DeluxPlays?
Clown Monkey
Clown Monkey 3 hours ago
Love the videos keep it up Eicp:FuturisticCrane
Sviツ 3 hours ago
They kinda just roasted them dude
Noah Gutierrez
Noah Gutierrez 3 hours ago
Nick be flexing his edits a bit too much 😂😂
Rural 4 hours ago
my epic is callme5016352118
Nastyrich 4 hours ago
Ivan Powers
Ivan Powers 4 hours ago
the intro just ruins the entire video (spider_
PCC_ ILLUZIONZ 4 hours ago
get a load of this guy
Sw1ftyy 4 hours ago
If your gonna put “Nick eh 30 falls out of chair after rages” at least get to the point.
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar 4 hours ago
This video is dog 💩 I can’t hear not nothing out of no where
Bon Evens
Bon Evens 4 hours ago
And this is content ???
PandaPlayzii 4 hours ago
Dwite Mayhill
Dwite Mayhill 5 hours ago
is no one going to mention that clutch from scoped?
WWE BOY REAL 5 hours ago
Everyon rages it’s okay you don’t need to post about it
Exult szn
Exult szn 5 hours ago
Nicks last match he actually played insanely well even if he was just messing around, he played good all of them he has nice edits and aim
Chamar Lovell
Chamar Lovell 5 hours ago
Hayden Berryhill
Hayden Berryhill 5 hours ago
I’m sorry but every single girlfriend I see Bugha have I think they’re gold diggers.
Ice_ Paper
Ice_ Paper 5 hours ago
There’s no stream snipes that much tho
Juan Cardona
Juan Cardona 5 hours ago
Why did the thumbnail show Addison Rae lmao😭😭
garrett freeman
garrett freeman 5 hours ago
change ur intro lol
Crisbtww 5 hours ago
I haven’t heard someone say “let’s go turner” in foreverrrr since cloakzy
Rogue.T1 5 hours ago
Clowner is the type of guy to have a Fortnite body pillow
Chris Sanderson
Chris Sanderson 5 hours ago
Ninja would win
Ashar Hossain
Ashar Hossain 5 hours ago
Epic: ashar_yee , keep up the good work 👍🏽
Tiraj Singh
Tiraj Singh 5 hours ago
I did everything...my epic is tiraj12
Tr3y Manuel
Tr3y Manuel 5 hours ago
Innocents is garbage 🤣
Layne Bowen
Layne Bowen 5 hours ago
This felt good to watch 😂
Jacob Ahn
Jacob Ahn 5 hours ago
they should had used rag
Big N3RD
Big N3RD 5 hours ago
kitty 6 hours ago
kuxir junior
Joshua Gayle
Joshua Gayle 6 hours ago
Nightmare_sharp and patrickgayle04 on epic
Metric_Vibez 6 hours ago
Peep clix in the kill feed
jmaul dagoat
jmaul dagoat 6 hours ago
Dang man qualified with one game some people cant even qualify with all their games
AquaFina 6 hours ago
Does anyone actually find this funny?
AbadazadYT Gaming
AbadazadYT Gaming 4 hours ago
Virgins and nerds do!
Evelyn and Erzo castillo
Go subscribe to my RUvid it's erzocastillo
Jxstifiedx On IOS
Jxstifiedx On IOS 6 hours ago
My epic is Johnnyx On IOS please gift me the season 2 battle pass, I’ve done everything, and my discord is Our Hope#4581
Cool Boy K
Cool Boy K 6 hours ago
He’s had scoped for a while now and they been playing with innocent for a month now
Viva 2.0
Viva 2.0 6 hours ago
Me and my friend did this before the.
Viva 2.0
Viva 2.0 6 hours ago
Cool Boy K
Cool Boy K 6 hours ago
That’s not a new trio
Alec Lopez
Alec Lopez 6 hours ago
17:09 what did he say? Lolllllll
Chrxs Cranks
Chrxs Cranks 5 hours ago
Ike,ekxjshshshhsha in zone in zone right here
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I’m Jarvis and I can hack
johnnyqt 6 hours ago
who else watched live and waited for the fortnite channels to post this too😂😂
Dominic Strand
Dominic Strand 6 hours ago
I got here in the third minute
Turkcss FN
Turkcss FN 6 hours ago
Bro Does Plalism Wear Lipstick In the Thumbnail Lmaoo
LxPichi 7 hours ago
its always the same people wagering bruh so boring
TToxic Steven
TToxic Steven 7 hours ago
HEY nice video
Dean Walters
Dean Walters 7 hours ago
GGs in the Chat
Team ViZe
Team ViZe 7 hours ago
We’re a Fortnite all platform clan and we’re currently recruiting join our cord server if your interested to tryout in our description
Team ViZe
Team ViZe 3 hours ago
Pollo join the cord server
Pollo 3 hours ago
Polloツ is my name let me try :)
Pollo 3 hours ago
Im down to join name is Polloツ
Firon Hunte
Firon Hunte 7 hours ago
FN_SebiWebi10 7 hours ago
x2nicks 7 hours ago
its not a hack
Fishie-Nippies 7 hours ago
Love ur vids bro keep up the hustle🙏😎❤
HYP3X_ CHOOGIE 7 hours ago
AUSTIN KLIEGL 7 hours ago
i saw this live it was hilarious
buttercup man
buttercup man 7 hours ago
Tho his teammates was just taking the blame!e I fell badd
ANONYMOUS 7 hours ago
whats the point of triple heavy snipe?
Cam Newton
Cam Newton 7 hours ago
True like the video ill stream tonight
Benjamin Daley
Benjamin Daley 7 hours ago
best trio
Jay Woo
Jay Woo 7 hours ago
My gamer tag is TwistedTarzan
Dean 7 hours ago
saw this on stream
xpert frailyn
xpert frailyn 7 hours ago
I see that on stream
Blaide 7 hours ago
loved it
Quincy Leibell
Quincy Leibell 7 hours ago
Also hit the like if you hate virtual school👇
Ryanthatsg tv
Ryanthatsg tv 7 hours ago
First! FAM
Ryanthatsg tv
Ryanthatsg tv 7 hours ago
Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
Dude, Tfue, how many times do I have to say it? Stop texting me while I'm watching vids
Exotic smoove
Exotic smoove 7 hours ago
I saw this on stream but it's cool seeing it again
Haneef Masud
Haneef Masud 5 hours ago
Exotic smoove same my guy while I was watching I was thinking first fam will make a vid bout this lol I was right
Tbreezy 6 hours ago
Colin Torres
Colin Torres 7 hours ago
Yeah same I was losing my MIND
Kristy Clarkson
Kristy Clarkson 7 hours ago
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LOMIN 7 hours ago
lol wtf weird flex but ok
ControllaWill 7 hours ago
saw this live and told my brother it was going to be a youtube video
parkerfishy 6 hours ago
Petronilla 7 hours ago
wanna be friends?
Shadow Rusher
Shadow Rusher 7 hours ago
Who ever reading this comment hope you blow up and be pro player
Carlton Mensah
Carlton Mensah 7 hours ago
Yoooooooo my epic is carll55555
Luca usurelu
Luca usurelu 7 hours ago
Epic: Multi :)
Luca usurelu
Luca usurelu 7 hours ago
First Fam!
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Hey lets be youtube buddies rDk9
theyeetofyeets 7 hours ago
we will rise
Hackers gonna Hack TV
Yo thanks bro I missed the stream my epic: Jjsky35