The Crosbys
The Crosbys
The Crosbys
Just a 7-year-old little girl who loves to sing and make music with her family.
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Huge Update!
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KOVAXS_Plox Day ago
she has a beautiful voice
Karen Randall
You bring hope to all of us
Chloe Shotwell
Why was this in my recommendation But I still kinda liked it🤣
J'aime faire la cuisine - I like cooking
Paix en son Amour, Jésus Christe notre Sauveur
Jaymez Alexander
Just so beautyful
No No
No No Day ago
I. Love. Your. Vids
lulu lollypop
That's soo cute ,and amazing sinnging
Barry Day ago
Put our trust in The Lord Jesus Christ, He is Our only hope in this troublesome world we live in.
Ari Renzi-Surprenant
I can’t wait to see how her voice develops as she gets older. I bet it will be amazing!
Dogs and cats and birds
Claire is so adorable and a really good singer
Dogs and cats and birds
Claire is so adorable and a really good singe
Ella Simson
Ella Simson Day ago
Play that game again but different songs please
Ella Simson
Ella Simson Day ago
That was so good
Megan Denson
Megan Denson Day ago
Brought Tears to my eyes. Thank you. This was much needed on a personal level as well as a global level. This brings so much hope. ❤️
Emmie Walls
Emmie Walls Day ago
Claire you and your family are my favorite RUvidrs. I love to watch all your videos. Your really kind and caring. I wish I could meet you one day. Stay safe❤
Green Beans
Green Beans Day ago
The Mother (sorry I don’t know her name since I just happened to find their channel a few days ago) is really good at singing she should sing so much more! And the Dad is also really good(again sorry I don’t know his name)
GSW Cooper
GSW Cooper Day ago
When Claire sang the line "It's adorable!" I was just thinking "No, YOU'RE adorable!" :D
tillie true
tillie true Day ago
Thank you ❤
Brookley Reese
these are AWSOME!
Positive Parenting
Wonderful song. I am sure Elvis Presley would love it. You will be a great artist when you grow up.
Sione & Alana
So beautiful 💕 He does live!
Ella bella
Ella bella Day ago
Claire your adorable
ElviraLotus Day ago
Omg why shes so good😱 Like i cant even💗
Jennifer Reynolds
Beautiful! Thank you Crosby family!💓
Arapahoe First UMC
Best one ever.
Google Account
TIUTTTTTT,amboi ambuih ambuih.
Natalia Lenets
What's the ukulele?
SL0 IVI0 Gaming
Happy late birthday JUNE YOUR ADORABLE,😍and that puppy is just the one for yall its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍
Britta Maikowski
Mar Ruz
Mar Ruz Day ago
Bella 👼
elizabeth kruger
Wow this little angel is so awsome i just love her so much.
Brian Lloyd Nelson
I admire how Claire puts hope and love back into the peoples hearts , Thanks Mom & Dad
Fern Cloud
Fern Cloud Day ago
It does not look like she is singing
اية عبد النبي
عنجد صوتك كتير حلو واو😍
SAA4 Day ago
That was awesomeeeeeee!!!! Love so much her voice,she hits high notes amazing!! And the moves hahaha what a lucky daddy (and mummy)
Rafaela Henrique
Arapahoe First UMC
Love it
Árpádné Balogh
Wonderful little girl😘
Rafaela Henrique
Ai que lindo e que linda!!! Ela é perfeita, entra na canção, como se esta própria criasse vida. BR
Anna Greiner
Anna Greiner Day ago
That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! So gorgeous💖💖💖thank you so much for sharing the love of Jesus which is so much needed . Yes, I KNOW that my Redeemer Lives!! Amen to that! Thank you for this wonderful song and such true words !
chippawa500 Hi
Listen to peace in christ she sings that too
Howl Syue / 好學
Girl got a voice of blue and she's 4.
Arapahoe First UMC
I am Scared so much
chippawa500 Hi
Anyone listening to this song in march 2020 👇 Click the like button 😂
chippawa500 Hi
Michele O
Michele O Day ago
Look how beautiful I am you are beautiful Clariry
Maria Krasilova מריה קרסילוב
WOW!!!! Who from Mart 2020? My channel for children's too!
Maria Krasilova מריה קרסילוב
Who from Mart 2020? Beautiful! My channel for children's!
Tyna Kat Roberts
You give me goosebumps every time sweetie! 💓💕💕
Maria Krasilova מריה קרסילוב
Who from Mart 2020? My channel for children about music too!!!:)
Natalie Daly
Natalie Daly Day ago
Love u guys Clair is an amazing singer x
Anaya Figueroa
she so cute
Avram Zamist
Avram Zamist Day ago
elizabeth kruger
I love this so much thank you.0
Nick Murray
Nick Murray Day ago
I got chills, that’s crazy
Ariana S.
Ariana S. Day ago
Holy crap, so many instruments
heavenly angel smith
This is terrific fantastic fabulous awesome adorable amazing beatiful brilliant excellent great splendid superb lovely marvellous nice perfect pretty stunning dishy wonderful
Alya Mira
Alya Mira Day ago
Aradigin türkce yorum.
Eitan Avni-Heller
Please keep religion off of this channel. If you want to post videos of Claire singing religious songs, please create another channel solely for that purpose.
Nick Murray
Nick Murray Day ago
Nick Murray
Nick Murray Day ago
How does she have such perfect pitch at so young?! She’s so cute!!!
Sarah J
Sarah J Day ago
"The birthday..was perfect!" Amen to that
Josef Hylský
Kristina Ross
In this hard times of c19 we sure need this song for confidence etc....
Алина Зверева
Круто !!!
Sita Rani Brahma
Thank you so much dear,originally tone to sing,very nice,I love you 👍👌😍❤️💜💚💛💙💞
Sarah Jarrell
LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for that Claire! I have followed you for a very long time and and a fan of yours but THIS SONG~~ Truly have me the spirit is Jesus in by heart ❤️ and I prayed while I listened to you sing this and it was truly an AMAZING WORSHIP of OUR SAVIOR Jesus 🙌 🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️❤️😊🙋‍♀️
Ana Gisele Brandão Alves
Oi menina
Sarah DeLuzio
Kara Roundy
Kara Roundy Day ago
I love your beard! Beards are manly.
Celeste Campbell
This is such a beautiful heartfelt song
Marlene Ring
Marlene Ring Day ago
Aaah. This is just perfect! Shared everywhere with love. I also LOVE Peace in Christ so sharing that one also. Such an anointed gift for a frightened & weary world right now. God bless your beautiful family. 💜
Jaq VIO Day ago
teresa rodriguez
I love Darcie
Eettap Land
Eettap Land Day ago
check out my original children's songs on my channel called "Plug Your Ears" and Pictures In The Clouds".
Carys the sunshine Ryan
One little quick note isn’t it safe to let a child be on a piano like she’s literally on top of the piano I think it’s really dangerous
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen Day ago
Like if this girl can sing better than you ⬇️
Haywoo o_o
Haywoo o_o Day ago
Claire lives to bless our ears😍😊
Jifandina Fernando
There's peace in christ so let us believe in God
Carmen Bierwirth
Sweet 😊🌹
Garbiñe Olazar
Muy bonito!!!!!GRACIAS por compartir
Kyle Janson
Kyle Janson Day ago
Your co cute the crosbys
Maura Sieckert (Student)
amazing job! you have a bright future!
Amir Obeid
Amir Obeid Day ago
Love you guys too much
conny Balderrama Márquez
El juego simbólico en los niños es esencial en sus etapas de desarrollo, el amor a la música y al canto es un arte!.
Crystal Sweets
くまた Day ago
くまた Day ago
manazir hussain
manazir hussain
くまた Day ago
Linda Vandenakker
How this father loves his daughter....Imagine if you can how much more our heavenly Father loves us his sons and daughters🥰🙏❤God Bless this family and may God bless this planet🙏
Mike Laing
Mike Laing Day ago
3:32 I’m a deva bunny
Kim Holmes
Kim Holmes Day ago
Beautiful song and beautifully sung. May God continue to bless her and her family. Love and prayers.
lrb Day ago
My mother n law is in the hospital w covid. We’re unable to be there and waiting for the Dr’s call. This song, sung by such a sweet voice, is comforting! Because our Savior lives, we have the Hope of eternal life. Thank u for this beautiful video.
Comment on my channels latest video,im doing a vote
Susan B
Susan B Day ago
So beautiful! May God bless your beautiful family always!❤️