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Claudy TheArtist
Claudy TheArtist 46 seconds ago
Without Comey breaking FBI Policy with his last minute Breaking News Special Report and Russia's interference in our 2016 Election, Trump wouldn't have "won" with millions fewer votes... His claim of winning had zero to do with Democracy and everything to do with the need for abolishing the Electoral College...
charlesvan13 Minute ago
It's weird to say it. But it's actually strange seeing an honest interview on a mainstream media source. That's putting it mildly; it's actually strange to see people on the news who aren't lying.
Joffrion L. Beasley
Somebody explain to barr that his job is to serve the People not get to his knees for tRump.
William Monahan
William Monahan Minute ago
Thank you Democrats for making Trump's re-election in 2020 a definite win. Ever since they announced they were going to try and impeach him I was stoked. It really makes the Democrats look weak, pathetic and sad. All because they are still butthurt that they lost the election in 2016. This is a HUGE win for Trump and a massive loss for the Democrats.
diane whatchamacallit
diane whatchamacallit 2 minutes ago
Why is he getting away with pocketing the money he gets form his donations he don't pay for his rallies or police or nothing even when he through he invites sport teams they have burger king or McDonald's there's something fishy with the money he gets he cuts everything he has nothing to show for all the money he gets like when his clown Republicans stay at his property when is all the money and is he splitting it with the Republicans bring in an auditor someone who is not bias because trump still don't want his taxes seen and that's odd trump is a CON MAN LIAR CORRUPT MAN EMBEZZLER
Alex Zong
Alex Zong 2 minutes ago
what a dumb senator representing the people of Texas...what is cruz hiding from the public that donald duck knows and he's so afraid to tell the truth
Patrick Oyula
Patrick Oyula 2 minutes ago
half the heart twice the fight was such a good one!
Kevin Avalos
Kevin Avalos 5 minutes ago
Hold up I thought she was 18 but she 15
wave runner
wave runner 7 minutes ago
BIDEN 2020!
PSR 04
PSR 04 7 minutes ago
This is the equivalent of an expert witness being cross examined by a 3rd grader. It's a great interview from Bill Barr - Wow !! Amateurism & bias from NBC - You just don't want to know, do you?
fari193 7 minutes ago
He is far far worse than trump ....
K C 7 minutes ago
So a guy talking in a bar about information in general public gossip about Russia and emails and that's enough to spy on a campaign? No, we don't need anymore information to see the start of the investigation was criminal.
Jerry Andersen
Jerry Andersen 8 minutes ago
Seems pro-Trumpers are as unbalanced as their leaders. McConnell is having a talk with the senate and the President, probably trying to convince them to take some Quaaludes before the Senate Impeachment hearings start so as not disrupt the chamber into a monkey melee, thus losing credibility for...well, everything.
Matthew 8 minutes ago
"Wah I want a vote on this order!" "Aye....aye...aye....aye...aye...aye....aye...aye...aye...aye....aye....aye...aye...neh :( "
Blue Makem
Blue Makem 11 minutes ago
Owen any chance you can come over the pond and take over as the mayor of London....please.....nice one son.......😂🤣🇬🇧🇺🇸
Bruce Perry
Bruce Perry 11 minutes ago
I AGREE with Potus ,if the ppl in the IG report are indicted and found guilty of these crimes this will be a disgrace to the agencies and to this country. Not to mention the coup attempt.they need to be PROSECUTED to the full extent of the law. And also I'm hearing other countries are laughing at the US ,so unamerican NAVET 🔴⚪🔵
Sue Giambra
Sue Giambra 12 minutes ago
Interviewer couldnt keep his disdain from showing full bore. Just another main stream media and NBC sham on trying to look impartial. Traitors
TheVineRhyme 12 minutes ago
High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Like what? I think it's time WE THE PEOPLE end this nonsense and arrest everyone involved in attempting a Coup against a duly sworn and seated President! Citizens arrests since the FBI, CIA, ATF and other law enforcement is under the control and loyalty to these traitors. So, perhaps it's time for the PEOPLE to start making arrests themselves! And if we can get duly elected judges to deputize a posse for this purpose, even better!
Lannzone N
Lannzone N 13 minutes ago
This Chuck fu cker so hard head fire his dump head shut up and listen...
Jasen Ericksen
Jasen Ericksen 13 minutes ago
The funny thing is that its an over heard conversation... that leads to impeachment hearings and the opening statement is.... AS a judge we love hear say evidence... its so much better then direct evidence. We will use this hearsay evidence to convict President Trump. We will use this over heard conversation that was retold to someone else and then written on an envelope so that it could be produced as evidence. Thankfully democrats and all of the people involved in the impeachment hearings are not partisan and don't hate trump at all. They want to take this mission of bringing down and running someones name and presidency through the mud and make a circus of it.
Jasen Ericksen
Jasen Ericksen 13 minutes ago
The funny thing is that its an over heard conversation... that leads to impeachment hearings and the opening statement is.... AS a judge we love hear say evidence... its so much better then direct evidence. We will use this hearsay evidence to convict President Trump. We will use this over heard conversation that was retold to someone else and then written on an envelope so that it could be produced as evidence. Thankfully democrats and all of the people involved in the impeachment hearings are not partisan and don't hate trump at all. They want to take this mission of bringing down and running someones name and presidency through the mud and make a circus of it.
Robert Keenan
Robert Keenan 14 minutes ago
It's coming.
maggie craigie
maggie craigie 14 minutes ago
Oh ye sure William big cuddly teddy bear softly, softly swindling them all. Meanwhile how many guilty verdicts now? 6or7? Oh don’t know about Ukraine. This interviewer is so insipid.
seaside scott
seaside scott 15 minutes ago
was that guy supposed to be a journalist?
jyoti shah
jyoti shah 15 minutes ago
The police officer is so correct .
Henrietta Jones
Henrietta Jones 16 minutes ago
Mac Mendoza
Mac Mendoza 16 minutes ago
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 17 minutes ago
Bill Barr AKA Perry Mason is on the case he will get to the bottom of it!
Kristalicious 11
Kristalicious 11 18 minutes ago
So, because another law prevented him from owning a firearm... That means that the violence against women act still doesn't need to be renewed...or better yet, be permanent?! The logic behind that comment is just as stupid as he is. Chief Acevado is 100% correct in his statement and I'm glad to see he's not backing down or apologizing for what he said, because it's true.
Barbedwire Kisses
Barbedwire Kisses 20 minutes ago
great interview. surprising that msnbc would even air it. this is a good man who answered the call to serve this country again; knowing full well the venom that would come his way.he did not need this job- a true patriot.
gerry gunn
gerry gunn 21 minute ago
Looking forward to late spring, early summer, criminal Democrat tears "watershed."
andtam008 22 minutes ago
The best POTUS ever! Trump is from Mars, just like Charlie Sheen.
Maceo 22 minutes ago
Hopefully those on the Left will watch AG Barr in this interview and gain a new perspective on him.
jd 22 minutes ago
Has trump paid for anything??? His supporters demand free ride too. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!
Darren A
Darren A 22 minutes ago
Is Rudy going to be Cohens new roomie ?
KHALED .SIG. 22 minutes ago
Same thing happen in Jersey City
Marc Lecarre
Marc Lecarre 25 minutes ago
Schiff,Waters, Nadler, Pelosi, representing extreme districts of the country....
John Drake
John Drake 25 minutes ago
Just looking at this Chuck Todd sickens me.
Cyprian Udo
Cyprian Udo 26 minutes ago
This is evil! God must pay the West for denying this kids school particularly China. This must stop now. Please help poor Madagascar children...this is slavery of children by heartless China.
Matty 27 minutes ago
if Hamas, Hizbullah and other enemies of Israel dropped their weapons, peace would break out; if tomorrow Israel dropped its weapons, a genocide would break out. That's why I support Israel because it's only defending its people
ahmed ibrahim
ahmed ibrahim 27 minutes ago
Janet Trahan
Janet Trahan 27 minutes ago
It's our father who art in heaven honor be Gods name ( not Donald j trump's name), Gods will on earth and in heaven is to obey mankinds authority ( meaning to obey human laws define each word) God does not bless trump trying to get people to disobey laws of this nation. Donald Trump's action are not bless by God because God would not lead people into temptation to disobey mankinds authority therefore that is not blessed by god and America nation and people will suffer
james conlin
james conlin 27 minutes ago
FFS Its speaking .
James Konzek
James Konzek 27 minutes ago
Check out the Jew!!
james conlin
james conlin 27 minutes ago
Another Trump circus !
Vivian McClure
Vivian McClure 28 minutes ago
the Dems KNOW Mr Trump has NOT done wrong.. it's Pelosi's greed / hunger and aim to take the Presidential seat... and I fully believe Clinton has a hand behind it all.. there's so much GARBAGE going on in the USA and in CANADA these days... it's time to STOP it... it's futile and HARMING the country. Mr Trump has NOT been treated fairly since day one... yet he's done a ton of GOOD for all USA...?? It's time to leave the man do his job... bottom line...he's a BUSINESS minded man... THAT's just what America's messed up goverment needed! He'll do GOOD BUSINESS... if they'll leave him be... he's proven himself as a man with ''the people" in mind ahead of the Dems.
Andrea Culbertson
Andrea Culbertson 29 minutes ago
trump = BS, full of false words & is the biggest clown. GET HIM OUT. he is a dog.
Kim Fenech
Kim Fenech 29 minutes ago
There are no crimes and mister miners. No one said announce anything I watched it!
Chicho Razo
Chicho Razo 30 minutes ago
Sick in the head.
Kayla Murphy
Kayla Murphy 31 minute ago
They should hire her on the police force
USArt Art
USArt Art 32 minutes ago
❌Moron trump a bud of joke at the G7 London. World leaders laughing at the clown. He has to go home early,with tails between his FAT legs. ❌What a sad time for American President. Impeachment is coming for corrupt racist sexist traitor trump.
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez 32 minutes ago
Yeah we speak Spanish so no
Vivian McClure
Vivian McClure 32 minutes ago
Lord... you know ALL things...every single thing good and bad about ALL human beings...including the Impeachment group... put an end to this ridiculous garbage going on in our world... there's far too much garbage going on behind those who act out for the sake of their own EGOS... I'm referring to the USA Democrats... set them on their hind ends, Lord! x I pray they'll knock off their scratchings at governmental control and leave Mr Trump to ''finally" be able to do his job... YOU know if he's doing the best job he can humanly do ... NONE other have the right to finger point on someone else's wrongs or alleged wrongs... only YOU. x Thanks Lord. In Christ's p;precious name.. Amen.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 32 minutes ago
Background checks + credit checks are also ruining lives, by blocking potential renters from accessing housing. Those BARRICADES to housing are increasing homeless numbers.
Frank Howard
Frank Howard 33 minutes ago
Respectful interview. Appreciated, Mr. Williams. Setting that aside, AG Barr is a very impressive attorney. America is in good hands with this man in that role. He may be the most experienced and professional AG the US has had in 40 years.
Kim Fenech
Kim Fenech 33 minutes ago
Go Cruz!
leango 33 minutes ago
he’s speaking truth
vicky w-o sullivan
vicky w-o sullivan 33 minutes ago
snotty journalist!
Kim Fenech
Kim Fenech 34 minutes ago
This guy hats trump! Go trump! There is a time and place for all deals. Quick isn’t even better.
loupi4bama 34 minutes ago
While this is a great interview, I can't help but wonder what NBC edited out. We all know they do it...
RJ Molina
RJ Molina 34 minutes ago
Democrats and their blind followers are morons...
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr. 35 minutes ago
AG William Barr is a Liar, a long time liar going back to Ronald Reagan and the "Iran Contra Treson".
Jason Lou
Jason Lou 35 minutes ago
A brave man.....
Lotta Sunshine
Lotta Sunshine 35 minutes ago
Trump is selling out our country! He needs to be removed from office.
Johnna Funkhouser
Johnna Funkhouser 35 minutes ago
Barr has zero credibility. Probably on tbe Epstein bribe list l Epstein’s death while in his custody.of the DOJ was very convenient.
Lenny Velez
Lenny Velez 35 minutes ago
friggen bozo
friggen bozo 35 minutes ago
BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Meet the press is going down! lol You idiots.You let this chuck numbskull and your editor ruin the name of the great meet the press. A name that is synonymous with uhhh nothing much anymore lol. Liberal partisan crap pretending to be journalism. Russ...I miss watching you on Sunday mornings. I really do. Luckily we have Maria Bartriroma now, you'd like her man, she's just like you brother. I bet you met her.Chuck todd...please dood...just go away quietly. I hear the huffington post is hiring. Berneys campaing is paying 12.40hr if you promise to stay after 2 hours each day on your own time. YAH, IM FRIGGEN TICKED OFF! YOU STOLE EVERYTHING< EVEN MEET THE PRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maria bartrioma, Or whatever your last name is, please, never sell out. Your all I have left on sunday mornings, all the good preachers have been arrested, obviousy shows like meet the press sold out, no more davy and goliath. What is going on!Maria Bartr whatever...I need a hug. Even GUMBY's GONE!
John Townsend
John Townsend 36 minutes ago
AG Barr contends that the FBI wasn´t justified to launch the Mueller investigation. This investigation within 2 years turned up 37 indictments and 199 counts and several in trump’s inner circle charged and in prison with more imminent. AG Barr has absolutely no credibility ... none! What’s with Durham publicly disparaging the IG report? Mueller while he led his investigation did not communicate with the press or the public .... not once during the two years time of the investigation.
King OfTroy
King OfTroy 39 minutes ago
Lmao thath Houston chief is a little crybaby snowflake (oh hes a bean that explains it all)
Truth BeTold
Truth BeTold 39 minutes ago
Apparatus of the state used against a political opponent ??? That's what happened against Trump and now DNC accuses Trump of that to impeach him. TOTALLY BASELESS!!!!
Bent Axel
Bent Axel 39 minutes ago
The voodoo doll seems to be working
john Quillan
john Quillan 40 minutes ago
Why aren't several beacon locators welded into various parts of a plane or jet making it easy to locate by satellite? It seems like it should be mandatory.(or something indestructible.It seems very possible)
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig 41 minute ago
If you lived in apartments that required a key to enter and as you were leaving to take your dog on a walk someone slips in the door you are walking out of without using the key... I can see her point of view but she took that WaaaaaaaaaaaaaY too far!!
Cesar M.
Cesar M. 41 minute ago
moments like this makes me not want to give up on society
Leo 41 minute ago
the democrats are in denial cause they don't want to believe that their precious Obama and Hilary tried to divert democracy which is the worst thing a president can do.and the sad part is he will get. away with it but as time goes by history will judge him as one of the worst presidents in American history.
Bhuvanesh Arumugam
Bhuvanesh Arumugam 42 minutes ago
Stephanie - Such a Liar... I just read the USMCA a couple of moments back, its the same as last year. I can't find any changes in it.. DEMS didn't do jack sheeetttt This was a REPUBLICAN win... to be honest, thanks to Matt Gaetz, he highlighted this as being more important than the impeachment sham on LIVE TV 2 days back..
David Hill
David Hill 43 minutes ago
I’m waiting for Scooby Doo, Shaggy and the gang to come along, yank his mask off to uncover Putin.
Donn Nacino
Donn Nacino 43 minutes ago
I like this guy. He cheers me up😁.
Patience 44 minutes ago
I’m not mad at him. Poor guy. Get over it people! Ffs death threats? Ridiculous
WickCityRed727 44 minutes ago
Im voting trump 2020 never will i vote any dem EVER after this liepachment
CjPiper 44 minutes ago
He tried his best not to mention Clinton, she is the ROTTEN CORE
Bent Axel
Bent Axel 46 minutes ago
3 men and the aborted baby
K Black
K Black 46 minutes ago
RIP Democracy. Even Putin surely is shocked how easy it was to kick down that sandcastle. Lol we look so foolish and weak to trade in our democracy for an old, mentally ill reality show host. At this point I'm finding it amusing and I'm a vet.
Greg Janes
Greg Janes 46 minutes ago
Ohhh Comey did NOT cooperate or get interviewed by the IG. Interesting to say the least.
crib cat
crib cat 46 minutes ago
The FED and central banks are running the U.S. and the World in to the ground and you fux are worried about Orange Obama. I think the priorities are askew. Don't drain the swamp...just flush the toilet.
Bobbie Dodds
Bobbie Dodds 47 minutes ago
So Bill Barr felt like the FBI should have told the Trump campaign they were being investigated by the FBI...is that what he's saying? Because that's not how law enforcement works down here for the rest of us...🤷🏿‍♂️
Mike Beesley
Mike Beesley 47 minutes ago
It's about time you ended the so called news with two good story's.
chris 48 minutes ago
but you have the worst medicare health
Bent Axel
Bent Axel 48 minutes ago
3 ugly ducklings
Wes Elder
Wes Elder 49 minutes ago
Hey sunshine our country is laughing at your and your dopey followers.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Atlas King
Atlas King 18 minutes ago
Not as hard as we laughed when Felonia von Pantsuit flamed out on election night.
Jack Burnett
Jack Burnett 49 minutes ago
Miracles do happen. I clicked the like button on an NBC fake news post.
King OfTroy
King OfTroy 50 minutes ago
Lmao not a coincidence? Omg nancy maybe the dems r dumb enough to drink ur urine tasting kool aide but not the rest of us
Themba Sapam
Themba Sapam 50 minutes ago
WTF happened to NBC news? Seriously letting Barr speak freely without any spin or bogus interference?
Gamma Smash
Gamma Smash 50 minutes ago
Very informative.
K Black
K Black 51 minute ago
Ooof listening to Trump is way too cringey for 1am.
JR N 51 minute ago
This guy is blatantly lying so when will the Democrats look into impeaching Barr? This guy is not the US AG but clearly Trump's personal lawyer...
STEPHEN CHRISTIAN 52 minutes ago
IM STARTING TO TRUST BARR A LITTLE MORE AS I HEAR HIM BUT DIDN'T WE ALL KNOW HOROW'INCE WAS GONNA PUNT ON THE SPECIFIC political biaas part? IM STILL PRAYINGTO GOD LIKE I DID NOV 2016 PLEASE GOD LETS PUT ALL OF THE SWAMP CREATURES UNDER OATH ((PLEASE GOD!)) comey mccabe powers rice lynch shilery brennan clapper podesta strok page orhs & lets not forget {ohama!}
Mary 53 minutes ago
Barr is a joke. Worse, he is just a tool for one man who has no regard for anyone except himself.
r B
r B 53 minutes ago
trump never looks as happy as he does when he's with a Russian.