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kurisu7885 5 minutes ago
The one with the arm on it could make a good assistant for the disabled, when it's able to handle such things that is.
S. N.
S. N. 8 minutes ago
Who really buy this?
Mark Caiger-Watson
Mark Caiger-Watson 32 minutes ago
What an absolute steaming pile of 💩 Google have lost the plot on Chromebooks. WAY to expensive for not much more than a browser, and this is coming from a daily Chromebook user. If you're in the market for a Chromebook, you're better off looking at a midrange windows laptop which runs desktop class software and... chrome! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Tory Gaurnier
Tory Gaurnier Hour ago
I have to admit I'm very disappointed I'm this laptop release...
harzelhare Hour ago
can I use the screen with my iPhone with a cable ?
Mile Pawloski
Mile Pawloski Hour ago
Mike pawloski am looking to buy a wamens 1970 spacesuit to wear
konrad751 Hour ago
Doesn’t work anymore
Spooky Spooks
Spooky Spooks Hour ago
Saving up money to help my mom buy the iPhone 11 for me. Current amount: $40 I'm gonna get it on Christmas, so lots of time to earn money.
Fairytrail Travel Adventure Dating App
Dating apps have an inherent conflict of interest. If they're too successful, they lose their customer. This whole industry needs to be fixed.
daswani87 2 hours ago
Please stop rocking back-and-forth when you’re talking. Thank you
Today's High Rated Videos
I can use it in examination hall.
Drew Goodman
Drew Goodman 2 hours ago
Until it confuses you with that dirt pile and turns you into one lol
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain 2 hours ago
What is the The Thread
nastythomashobbs 2 hours ago
You know why Ebikes are popular...because they are fun and a viable solution for transportation needs. Not because of Climalunacy. Capitalism finds a solution based on making the alternative better,
Shaka 2 hours ago
Look like skateboard wheels.
Gamma 9
Gamma 9 2 hours ago
I want one of those because I'm lonely
princessgrimes 2 hours ago
I like to edit, not hard core editing but my own montages and stuff like that. Will this work fine with editing softwares?
USS Zumwalt DDG-1000
Good video, time to buy the S10
GamerOxi 3 hours ago
Put a minigun on it and call it the T-Spot
windows 10
windows 10 3 hours ago
I'm a good operatig seystem
angela 3 hours ago
It’s ok guys the next upgrade WILL be thunderbolt 3
Nic 227
Nic 227 3 hours ago
Heidi Geiman
Heidi Geiman 3 hours ago
I went A BlackBerry phone or Tablet
RLJswag 3 hours ago
Pixel users: first time?
GirlsCanPlayToo !!
GirlsCanPlayToo !! 3 hours ago
So ur saying u can’t put a USB in there
Clough Reviews
Clough Reviews 4 hours ago
"It's Fin", "free inch", "fanks to" FFS lad, don't destroy the English language by replacing letters with ones that mean you don't have to try hard to enunciate...
Andrew Sipes
Andrew Sipes 4 hours ago
“... everything’s got to speak the same language.” “Wow, that’s a lot of languages!” “Oh yeh.”
Sanjeays Fernando
Sanjeays Fernando 4 hours ago
WTF Verge? This has to be the most manipulative review ever! 👎
sge2000 4 hours ago
What if they had something like this mapping the bottom of the ocean?
splashonthebeat 4 hours ago
And an even more giant machine building the giant machine that builds Tesla's?
Kabegami The Great
Kabegami The Great 5 hours ago
never take these seriously, they're never correct.
Brian Beeler
Brian Beeler 5 hours ago
Five years on and the X-T1 is still a great camera. It can be had for less than $400USD in mint condition from used dealer or about a third of the price new.
TrippieLa 5 hours ago
i came from a iphone xs max to this and its so small compared to my old phone😂
Cris S. Caleigh
Cris S. Caleigh 5 hours ago
Next year maybe they'll remove the notch
J.R. Brawlers
J.R. Brawlers 5 hours ago
Ahhh yes..picking the aqua black 44mm up tomorrow. I've been waiting for the perfect smartwatch ever since my gear s died.
14zRobot 6 hours ago
4:42 and that is why it resembles BigDog so much? Thinking that company that maintain robots for DARPA would not weaponize is too naive for my taste
TheBestGachaTuber 6 hours ago
Just like the iphone11 :3 I like this phone because it like , when ever your trying ti take pictures in the dark the light just comes Really amazing Ik androids are "lame" no there not. I have a Samsung I dont care I'm grateful And it dont MATTER if you have a phone I dobt glitch at all. The reason I never get an iphone and I dont want one is Beacause whenever I download an app the phone straight up glitches But not on andriod :)
James Combs
James Combs 6 hours ago
dont give bill n. the time of day
Wizard Jack
Wizard Jack 6 hours ago
Your research is questionable when you mentioned a scooter costing 551ea. 2:02
Amaad Haqqi Haqqi
Amaad Haqqi Haqqi 6 hours ago
Kazuki Plays
Kazuki Plays 6 hours ago
lol gotta find myself a type c flashdrive
So if startups are saying they want to become 'the Uber of X' and Uber is saying they want to become 'the Amazon of X', does that mean startups are actually saying they all want to be like Amazon?
The Big Shebang
The Big Shebang 6 hours ago
I had the Saddle Brown for my 8 Plus and the Sunset for my current Xs. Both have developed a nice patina on them I have to say if I were to do it again I’d probably just get the black case.
S B 6 hours ago
Actually only the Nest Wifi points double as smart speakers, the router does not. "Google's new Wifi router is a smart speaker" is incorrect.
monika laosi
monika laosi 7 hours ago
Google stopped releasing good phones after the Pixel 2
Vash Lash
Vash Lash 7 hours ago
Such a bug man
Glen Hallstrom
Glen Hallstrom 7 hours ago
Ya need to do a video on the OSR (Old-School Revival).
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan 7 hours ago
And the one dude says how it is and sticks his finger in his ear☺️
Alex Phan
Alex Phan 8 hours ago
Go enterprise and you will never go back. Unifi for the win.
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh 8 hours ago
If you had a wider track it would be much easier.
southchum101 8 hours ago
Tesla can make batteries for the entire world.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 hours ago
6:54 Me after an hour of lecture.
Lillian 8 hours ago
I miss my Bragi Dash. These look just like them. I wish that like Bragi, you could swim with them.
Tommaso Lorenzi
Tommaso Lorenzi 8 hours ago
Stopped watching when you said best camera on the market. Huawei has better camera
Messi Mess
Messi Mess 8 hours ago
Fnstorm Ninja
Fnstorm Ninja 9 hours ago
Ya'll check out genshin.
P B 9 hours ago
Great idea and very discreet.
simon hanlon
simon hanlon 10 hours ago
a few years ago at work I was talking to guy and pulled my 930 windows phone out of my pocket, he looked amazed and said "Wow you have a windows phone" in a holding a laugh back tone, then I pulled my 950xl out of my other pocket and he fell about laughing then said "no seriously my mum loves her windows phone " :-)) Finally a windows phone that won't get you laughed at :-)
JTRILLION478 10 hours ago
They always put them tack different color power buttons on them
monika laosi
monika laosi 7 hours ago
What's the point of lockscreen that opens with gestures 🤔
Nightquaker 10 hours ago
Samsung smartwatch: *has literally the best watch face selection* Dieter: "The watch faces... they're fine."
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 11 hours ago
This video is better than MKBHD's for the first time, congrats.
Trius 11 hours ago
Very boring looking laptops.
CasualTS 11 hours ago
Let me know when they're functional. "Hands-on" please....
Nest Tea
Nest Tea 11 hours ago
Design is meh
big head bungo
big head bungo 11 hours ago
How long did it takr you guys to realise theyre the same person
Jiimy 11 hours ago
Great it’s not there
Ariozo 11 hours ago
Must agree, if you use iphone Apple Watch as a "Smartwatch" is the best. Can´t beat my Garmins for training but on the other hand Garmin only wins on training and battery ..:) If Apple just could make one extra BIG size..like 52-58mm with big battery it would be sweet..will never happen tho. :)
Andrew Westhoff
Andrew Westhoff 11 hours ago
Think of all the regular bikes just sitting in garages or rotting in landfills. Just ride a damn bike instead of making these niche upgrades to an already perfect machine.
Hash BrownYT
Hash BrownYT 11 hours ago
I recommend the mixoo stylus, it is double tipped (one like the jot pro and one like the rubber one) and it’s really cheap £8 maybe $10
Shubham Tripathi
Shubham Tripathi 11 hours ago
This video was pretty useless. Dieter did not talk about the most important features of the phone! He didn't even givea verdict on the product overall.. What was the ppint of this video, again?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 11 hours ago
Galaxy nexus is the best form factor of Google phone, just make it thin bezel on top and bottom + 128 gig, and min of 3200 mah battery. Make simple design but attractive. Wh
Orakzy 11 hours ago
It's a copy of the iPhone 11
Let's Teach English Ease
*For those who are curious and watching this video for RADAR CHIP tap below* 👇 1:34
GINK0SAN 12 hours ago
Its just me, or an Ipad pro with windows 10 would be just perfect?
Indo .Productions
Indo .Productions 12 hours ago
Yeaa they making these for the better of humanity ;-p
thandermax 13 hours ago
Google at Apple pricing model 🤣🤣🤣😄😄
djchloe29 13 hours ago
Bird Scooter was thrown at my parked car. Cities need to outlaw these things.
Cassie 13 hours ago
when you know more about the phone leaks before it actually released
Rafold Starking
Rafold Starking 13 hours ago
Sorry to disagree, but I would go as far as to argue that the Garmin Fenix 6 is the most advanced smart watch out there (and I wish to be proven wrong, but not by an apple absolutist). Technologically advanced = what the watch can do for you, irrespective of means (CPU etc).
Bradlee Mejia
Bradlee Mejia 13 hours ago
I actually really like it now that the iPhone 11/pro I’m used to the back camera and the colors are amazing
To Pi
To Pi 13 hours ago
But Apple doesn’t innovate. Yeah ok 👌
4g63mark 14 hours ago
This guy is such a nerd.
WUEDXFEI 14 hours ago
had they put a bigger battery on the smaller pixel and dropped the price $150, they'd have a very compelling product. I can't justify $799 for something with 64 gb and a 2800 mah battery. It's going to get full of stuff, slow down, and be constantly dead.
Felix s
Felix s 14 hours ago
the low-level waste could be incinerated in the fiery lava lakes of some volcanoes - the ones that look like Hades itself.... those lava lakes will incinerate anything and everything thrown into them including any gases given off - nothing would escape total destruction.
The RaRa85
The RaRa85 14 hours ago
Any Pixel camera is just software which is really good. Hardware wise, I always go for the camera with maybe slightly less quality but way more flexibility cause I'm gonna edit the photos before sharing anyway. Same with the Pixel 4. Nothing really new there. Just more machine learning and algorithmic processing.
Savage NJ Baller
Savage NJ Baller 14 hours ago
Phoenix let’s gooo I live here
Carlos Kim
Carlos Kim 14 hours ago
i thought chrome was free lol
WUEDXFEI 14 hours ago
Seems like a rather weak flagship. You can get a 90hz screen, more memory, better processor on the One Plus 7t. All for $200 less. I'm failing to see what Google's angle is here: overpriced phone with small battery? If you want to see some specs, check out Asus Rog 2, which is monster specs.
veronicathecow 14 hours ago
Running PCLinuxos, not chrome!
drj phy
drj phy 14 hours ago
Where to buy this mobile?
ali hemed
ali hemed 14 hours ago
the bezzle too big, anying . the mid range phone always has the best appearance than this called flagship
Lawrence Petersen
Lawrence Petersen 14 hours ago
That's one-year-old technology on the Pixel 4 because Hauwei had that quality camera already. I like the Radar for unlocking and hand gestures, that is the only new thing, kinda. Other than that, pretty much your typical smart phone to be honest. Im more interested in Google Stadia....
joseferreira_ms 14 hours ago
Apple should call the AirPods a “EarDicks”
Shirshak Verma
Shirshak Verma 15 hours ago
where i can buy this specs
Gary Heaton
Gary Heaton 16 hours ago
Mumble mumbling...something..haha.. mumble.. mumbling. Got anything in English??
Mr Pencil
Mr Pencil 16 hours ago
This not 10 minutes it’s 10:04
Cassie 13 hours ago
LoL at people taking photos of the screen....
Space Man
Space Man 16 hours ago
wtf verge?!? raw 4k footage (at 1080p) wtf verge... u need some tech people working for you. ditch your nephew
Nithin Danday
Nithin Danday 16 hours ago
Google home mini x Google wifi
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez 16 hours ago
Gosh you can hear that lady’s lip smacking as she’s talking 💀
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 8 hours ago
I'm not expecting a Steve Jobs presentation here but COME ON!!! CAN THESE SPEAKERS GIVE US SOME ENERGY?? HAHAHAHA