Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie
I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Philip Minute ago
I live 20 min away from the event lol
Amadeus2248 Minute ago
*when he started eating with his hands* Oh no baby what is you doing
Kartun Si Yuga
Kartun Si Yuga Minute ago
Tai 1 KG
yes i can
yes i can Minute ago
Me: hey, Matt Stonie Matt Stonie: I wish I was as good as you are at competitive eating. Me: just takes practice, you are still a beginner.
Tomas 045
Tomas 045 2 minutes ago
for the next challenge order all food on a restaraunt menu
Nathan White
Nathan White 2 minutes ago
May I just say you have definitely turned me off of poutine fries I'm sorry buddy but this was hard to watch.😷😟
Ultra Instinct Patrick
I thought he was eating marshmallows and Nutella when I saw the thumbnail
Trey Ball
Trey Ball 2 minutes ago
Man if this dude had gotten the Cajun fries from there he might as well consider himself black with all that damn salt
Archeagle 2 minutes ago
Next time try pepper gravy with it. It soooo better :)
Kaisha Page
Kaisha Page 2 minutes ago
This is really gross couldn't he just eat it with a fork or something?🤢
Maria !!!!
Maria !!!! 2 minutes ago
I need your work out routine.....🤭
Jay69 2 minutes ago
Stephen Pruszenski
Stephen Pruszenski 2 minutes ago
Your best challenge ever! Not even close.
wolfacbivolt 2 minutes ago
Kosoku •
Kosoku • 3 minutes ago
Whats the music called?
Chase BB
Chase BB 3 minutes ago
Replay=1 like 7:06
PROgamer3000 3 minutes ago
Am i the only one who watches Matt Stonie and eats the same food he does? 😂
Dr dogo
Dr dogo 3 minutes ago
Most struggling video of him till now
JZPH Quevas
JZPH Quevas 3 minutes ago
Just dont be a zombie! STONIE.
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace 3 minutes ago
Hey it together Stonie! It’s all a mind game, don’t get soft on me now
Carlos Chutin
Carlos Chutin 4 minutes ago
How the heck are u skinny
hunter 4 minutes ago
Poutine is kinda fuckin gross, had it in Montreal a few times and it starts tasty but then everything gets soggy and just so salty. Cheese curds gravy and french fries? How much of a fat fuck do you have to be to order that lol
TheSkillzrReal 4 minutes ago
How does he keep his phone clean on the left?
Archeagle 4 minutes ago
Une bonne poutine du Quebec. Ho yes mmmm mmm
t1m 4 minutes ago
looks soggy
Mark Barrett
Mark Barrett 4 minutes ago
Thick gravy = salt
Dmariyae Fitzgerald
Dmariyae Fitzgerald 5 minutes ago
How the world trained did he break a hard stiff little bone and split it so I could see the black stuff inside the bone. His hard tooth is not falling out. Another legen is that he can break bones by eating. 74646 like for Matt Stonie who always gets me hungry every time. 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷
yes i can
yes i can 5 minutes ago
Adam Richman would have destroyed this task in 10 minutes flat.
Sieweng Ong
Sieweng Ong 5 minutes ago
Wow so much pocky
amira bajramovska
amira bajramovska 5 minutes ago
you have to chill out
Lorenz Niel
Lorenz Niel 5 minutes ago
Good luck for the contest!!
MR STORMTROOPER 6 minutes ago
Who is here before this video get’s 50 million Views
si bocah2
si bocah2 6 minutes ago
Dam, I can eat them but the salad is a big nono
Flex 6 minutes ago
Does it count while You still have it in Your mouth?
Vic The Wize
Vic The Wize 6 minutes ago
Un vrai québécois aurait réussi 😎😋⚜️
#GOwiththeflo 6 minutes ago
I honestly thought that was marshmallows covered in chocolate sauce
Kiip Games
Kiip Games 6 minutes ago
Where's the ran out of toilet paper meme???
Chase BB
Chase BB 6 minutes ago
This will make matt stonie SALTY
Cassius Outlaw
Cassius Outlaw 6 minutes ago
After me eating all of that I will be on the toilet for 12 hours
Pellibellito 7 minutes ago
Poner caras no es comer más rapido jefe
Pellibellito 6 minutes ago
Y lo de hablar con la boca llena que???
Steve Eric Jordan
Steve Eric Jordan 7 minutes ago
I didnt know the consequence for russia rigging usa elections was feeding their leader to our best man but now that i think about it it makes total sense
Maxime Sauvageau
Maxime Sauvageau 7 minutes ago
Qui qui est québécois 👇🏻
D A 7 minutes ago
my dog: shits Also my dog: 6:20
metalmario 7 minutes ago
All the starch and all the salt. Matt Stonie: YES
Jiin_ 7 minutes ago
Finally a new home
raphaewr Rodrigues
raphaewr Rodrigues 7 minutes ago
Sal demais! Tu vai morrer!!!!
StrictlyFWD 7 minutes ago
Now i want poutine.......thanks
40k subs with no videos challenge
Bun Kit Shen
Bun Kit Shen 8 minutes ago
Well i thought Putin
DarkWestern 8 minutes ago
"Curds" sounds gross.
HookUp79 8 minutes ago
MHC VLOGS 8 minutes ago
dude, dont turn into a zombie or it will be an ELE
Mohamet5 Cepoo
Mohamet5 Cepoo 8 minutes ago
Can you make a Video, where you realy enjoy the food and not eat it like that please 😂
Yassine Bella
Yassine Bella 8 minutes ago
Next challenge 50 bananas in 8 minutes
amira bajramovska
amira bajramovska 9 minutes ago
im not beaing rude but you eat like a monster
Ender Killer121
Ender Killer121 9 minutes ago
Regular: Poutine Russian: Putin
Greensky02 9 minutes ago
Preferably the gravy should be hot enough to melt the cheese curds. The result is a gooey, salty, magical journey!
JawZ 9 minutes ago
Welcome to Canada brother. Wish I could see the event in Toronto.
Tony Aria
Tony Aria 10 minutes ago
Collab with Tunboy kun
Gazneli Mahmut
Gazneli Mahmut 10 minutes ago
5:30 herif acıdan Türkçe konuştu. ' çok güzel' dedi.
KKF0RK3V0N 10 minutes ago
They should make a spoon for mat and only mat
si bocah2
si bocah2 11 minutes ago
Matt: I will eat 15 fire noodle Matt's Anus: *Say sike right now*
christian c
christian c 11 minutes ago
pooty taang
Yuan Yñigo Tenorio
Yuan Yñigo Tenorio 12 minutes ago
Wow you win
Diego Delay
Diego Delay 12 minutes ago
Do you sometimes still enjoy food?
Shahrukh Iqbal
Shahrukh Iqbal 12 minutes ago
Damn, I wasn't planning on it, but might have to come down to yonge-dundas square to chear you on!
Yuan Yñigo Tenorio
Yuan Yñigo Tenorio 13 minutes ago
Matt matt
Filip Fishboy
Filip Fishboy 13 minutes ago
hate to see it that doesn't look as good when he started eating it
Gladlee 13 minutes ago
Guys were Las Vegas buffet location
shmoo palooo
shmoo palooo 14 minutes ago
I cant even finish a regular sized poutine, its too heavy. Delicious at first but sits like a rock in your stomach. Out of all his videos i think this one is the hardest one to watch. I don't blame him for gagging so much either, after 10 bites of poutine i wanna gag too 🤢
Flaming Phoenix
Flaming Phoenix 14 minutes ago
I wonder if his plumbers hate him
si bocah2
si bocah2 14 minutes ago
Poor toilet :V
M00chiM00 14 minutes ago
We all doomed if Zombie Infection is happening
Lauren 15 minutes ago
His hands gonna jump off his wrists
JJCriminalMinds 15 minutes ago
*signs* I love a good poutine!
Desantos123 15 minutes ago
Michael Perdurabo Schmidt
Just disgusting but i like your vids
Emanuel Rosario
Emanuel Rosario 16 minutes ago
It's all a lie it's actually chocolate pudding
monkey1495 16 minutes ago
Wisconsin cheese curd i mean Canadian
Kalpana Dewangan
Kalpana Dewangan 16 minutes ago
After eating this much, who could look so slim
giogio 16 minutes ago
I Wonder How many times he had to change His toilet
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR 17 minutes ago
Matt Stonie: I can eat a ton of greasy food in under 5 min Chef Ramsay: Hold my Olive Oil
s nl
s nl 11 minutes ago
uh jeff
uh jeff 17 minutes ago
Haha. I have warts
Google Nutzer
Google Nutzer 17 minutes ago
This looks Like Banana and Choclate
si bocah2
si bocah2 17 minutes ago
Even a pig lost to him
a ludo
a ludo 17 minutes ago
Matt: 100% Canadian cheese curds Says Wisconsin on the packet...
Red 17 minutes ago
Matt's losing his touch. Also, why the shitty music?
Skere Lliiill
Skere Lliiill 17 minutes ago
Ray Cox
Ray Cox 18 minutes ago
Bei Frittenwerk würde diese Portion Quebec-Poutine etwas mehr als 2 Mio Euro kosten... hab ich extra nachgerechnet!
PoroMoustacheFamilly - League of Legends
This is not a poutine sauce
Oginaka 18 minutes ago
i really want poutine ; v;
QRough 18 minutes ago
He just ate it and vomited it afterwards. it's not healthy foru sure
Dmariyae Fitzgerald
Dmariyae Fitzgerald 18 minutes ago
I just had 3 almond Joy and Welch’s and a hi-c Drink watching this.
Fuzzy Mammal
Fuzzy Mammal 18 minutes ago
Never even heard of poutine.
Cheryl Markwardt
Cheryl Markwardt 19 minutes ago
Mc Cormick crapping powdered gravy mix, is nothing but salt. Next time make good homemade gravy.
candor gem
candor gem 19 minutes ago
Matt Stonie out there lookin' like a snack until you see him eating that poutine lookin' like a cannibal. 😭
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 19 minutes ago
After watching several videos, I would hope Matt would buy a bigger a plate/tray to efficiently hold all the food on one plate.
Gerome Legaspi
Gerome Legaspi 20 minutes ago
you should have bigger container to get rid of the food mess.. that's what I'm worrying every video..
Kai Finesse
Kai Finesse 20 minutes ago
so a video with eriktheelectric
IntroBoy Ako
IntroBoy Ako 21 minute ago
Me:The beggist blackhole TON618 Matt Stonie: Nah