Matthias Wandel
Matthias Wandel
Matthias Wandel
Videos about woodworking, taking more of an engineering perspective on things.
This channels started out as short videos to go with the articles on my website (woodgears.ca). However, The videos views have since exceeded page views on my website. But most videos still have a corresponding article on my website - see links in video descriptions.
My website: woodgears.ca
My odds and ends RUvid channel: ruvid.net/show-UC3_AWXcf2K3l9ILVuQe-XwQ
You can also follow me on instagram: instagram.com/matthiaswandel/
I also sometimes still post to facebook: facebook.com/woodgears.ca
Please do NOT contact me about RUvid MCNs, mobile games, review for free product, or affiliate programs. I am NOT interested.
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