For people who love to eat.
Ahmad Fauzan Perdana
Whoever made that jingle, deserves a raise!
Vatsla 2 hours ago
A is cheap B is expensive. <in short>
Rohan Sarkar
Rohan Sarkar 2 hours ago
This guy himself looks like a crab
Matilda oompa loompa
Ciernbn 2 hours ago
I Mistapped But This Is Smthn
kiri sute Gomen
kiri sute Gomen 2 hours ago
Asian people : WTF . Why use hammer on mature coconut 🤦
Zara Hasan
Zara Hasan 2 hours ago
Gabriela looks kinda looks like Dixie D ameilio
greentiger 2 hours ago
This is a video. About cutting fruit. And it has a McDonalds ad.
Alexander Poulos
Alexander Poulos 2 hours ago
why am i watching this why am i watching this why am i watching this why am i watching this why am i watching this
Kyutobi Shin
Kyutobi Shin 3 hours ago
I have got shellfish allergy but I am still watching this video
MangporTiger7 3 hours ago
เงาะดำเชียว เหมือนจะเสียแล้ว
SmolKing 3 hours ago
0:31 isn't the wood it's aged in _kiiind of_ an ingredient too? I mean, it affects the flavor so much, and does leech material into the liquid
PickleGod Uno
PickleGod Uno 3 hours ago
The God Himself salutes you cuzzzo! Dill with it! Brine and shine
Idalva Santos
Idalva Santos 3 hours ago
the subtitle for the Brazilian was missing, we also want to know, put the subtitle in Portuguese BR too, please. Faltou a legenda para o brasileiro, nós também queremos saber, coloquem a legenda português BR por favor... Curtam esse comentário pra eles verem
FABIAN JOY 3 hours ago
I did not know there was a level 1,2,3 Cause usually people like me just take a random brownie video in which we have all the ingredients 🤦 (I do not know about u)
Gauransh Juneja
Gauransh Juneja 3 hours ago
What is the difference between plantain and banana?
BigDaddyKaino 3 hours ago
Bruh id be opening my mouth as wide as psdible
LLoryx NathaFuze
LLoryx NathaFuze 3 hours ago
I think it's very narmol to break crabs...
gacha alex
gacha alex 3 hours ago
The pan tans look like bannas
Stevie Wang
Stevie Wang 3 hours ago
I think what Stephen tried to do was to make pancakes with chunks of cheesecake like they do at iHop. Adding bits of cheesecake into pancakes, ice cream, etc is actually really good. But instead he mixed it and created a modern art masterpiece.
Reyvanne Pamotillo
Reyvanne Pamotillo 3 hours ago
Home economics needs to bring back in schools
HypnoticSuri 3 hours ago
If frank wants to be a princess he can be a princess and a princess can’t go without this 👑
PMGG 3 hours ago
That's so wholesome
Delia Spt
Delia Spt 4 hours ago
1:8 Thor you are ?
Muhammadali M S
Muhammadali M S 4 hours ago
Want a mic app with no delay play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zerowing.LiveMic
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas 4 hours ago
Frank the level 3 glizzy boss
Anra Jean Rojo
Anra Jean Rojo 4 hours ago
Julieee!! Yay!!
Creţ Rareş
Creţ Rareş 4 hours ago
Level 1: What you eat alone Level 2: What you eat with your parents Level 3: What you eat at your parent's friend
kenchuvich Morcozo
kenchuvich Morcozo 4 hours ago
Crumbparison is my new method of choosing bread.
¡?iTzMira Anueser!¿
Them: *puts ingredients that I don't have at home* Me: *just pancake mix,egg and water especially the maple syrup* (Actual pancake mix all of the dry ingredients are there but its already mixed and packed)
Sadie Lavos
Sadie Lavos 4 hours ago
Why is the lvl 1 clueless and doing things completely wrong. The lvl 2 always nice. And the lvl 3 the dull, dead emotion type person?
Yesha Anas
Yesha Anas 4 hours ago
18:21 that's not how to do it.
Yesha Anas
Yesha Anas 4 hours ago
"coconut is not a nut"
Pharaoh Misa
Pharaoh Misa 4 hours ago
Ew. There's fish in my lime.
McKensie Akins
McKensie Akins 4 hours ago
Him: “porgys can be skinny sometimes” Porgy: *SO YOU THINK IM SKINYYYYYY*
xKittyKylo Studios
xKittyKylo Studios 4 hours ago
Skate is a delicious fish! They're fun to catch and absolutely beautiful.
LUC1D F1 4 hours ago
Level 2 is the hardest level 3 is simple and level 1 is also simple
Orion 5 hours ago
Seeing these two characters in their natural environments makes this show that much more real.
susan nordstrom
susan nordstrom 5 hours ago
Michael's all the way
Elen Fights
Elen Fights 5 hours ago
You can also make borscht/beat root soup with beat roots
Maddilyn Smith
Maddilyn Smith 5 hours ago
I was aboutta be shocked but Lorenzo said fudge hahahahhahaha
Your_Dinner 5 hours ago
2:31 "So anyway i started snipping"
Brandon Truitt
Brandon Truitt 5 hours ago
I want her to be my grandma
Nova ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Nova ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 5 hours ago
it’s about 20 minutes until my birthday. i’m using this to pass the time. thanks you for coming to my ted talk.
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 5 hours ago
0:41 That's the cooolest thing I've ever heard.
Shaan Jammu
Shaan Jammu 5 hours ago
I swear level 3 chefs do the most
Christopher Canisius
He definitely has the perfect voice for this job
ZellyKat 5 hours ago
The hardest part is choosing which one to drink.
XxIts_Paige xX
XxIts_Paige xX 5 hours ago
Did anyone else kinda feel bad for the lobster and the live animals being cooked alive ;-;
XDGrim Human
XDGrim Human 5 hours ago
I’m worried about society
Crappy Offbrand Twomad
why do most of these look like oreos
Im CrAy
Im CrAy 5 hours ago
basicly lorenzo is joker
Melvalyn Walker
Melvalyn Walker 5 hours ago
I really enjoy watching this
April Manttari-See
April Manttari-See 5 hours ago
Wait wait! Is that poor langostino ALIVE while he's ripping it apart?! And then killing its babies?! Wtf!
MonkeyForce14 6 hours ago
7:31 did she just touch the cast iron pan with her bare hands?
Melvalyn Walker
Melvalyn Walker 6 hours ago
This man is the real fish monger for real,afish monger told me a porgy cannot filey mabe he was not skillful or experience likeu
Kysception 6 hours ago
Tomato tomato
Shahid Mahmood
Shahid Mahmood 6 hours ago
This is a difficult video to watch during November...
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes 6 hours ago
> sees Gabrielle in the first half of the video > Me: YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE
mlm2167 6 hours ago
Pineapple 👍🏽
Dante Vedovino
Dante Vedovino 6 hours ago
Lorenzo is the human equivalent of a golden retriever
Anna M
Anna M 6 hours ago
I respect the ppl who say they don’t know instead of blaming the show for “being unfair” 🙄🤷
Shakira Nelson
Shakira Nelson 6 hours ago
how did I end up here
That Ain't Me
That Ain't Me 6 hours ago
Ouch! That was painful to watch
Carlin Ronis5
Carlin Ronis5 6 hours ago
We going to ignore the fact that the grandma looks like the grandma from the lorax
The TokuTickler
The TokuTickler 6 hours ago
"You're gonna want to kill it in the most humane way possible" *FINISH HIM* 8:05
Federic Lacaba
Federic Lacaba 6 hours ago
Him: Whether you just pull the guts out and throw it in the oven or butterflying it. Me: Why would you throw its guts... oh.
fjf sjdnx
fjf sjdnx 6 hours ago
“Silancho” what? Do they mean cilantro? Cheddar cheese, why?
Proconsul Scipio
Proconsul Scipio 6 hours ago
It is always such a pleasure to see proper seafood butchery.
Sab Bunnie
Sab Bunnie 6 hours ago
I love how soft flour tortillas are but I definitely use corn when I need a tortilla that can handle more weight. I think it depends on the dish. I like corn tortillas for taquitos because that crispiness is sooooo good
Ryan Wang
Ryan Wang 6 hours ago
You wanna know how to eat a longan Piece the skin with your nails. Unwrap it. Put it al in your mouth. Spit out the seed.
juana kogutek
juana kogutek 7 hours ago
Is stephen vegetarian?
Aesthetically _hehe Yuh
This is weird, but I caught myself drooling through the video😂😂
Black Galaxy
Black Galaxy 7 hours ago
Let she guess Pewdiepie wine
Bunga Mentari
Bunga Mentari 7 hours ago
Why used so many veggies, Lorenzo?
Ian of Randomonium
Ian of Randomonium 7 hours ago
Bro we’ve had two of those exact white-handled clam knives for years and i never knew thats what they were my life is a LIE
living soullesssoul
I watch these videos all the time and I’m just like, do they not use more seasoning. Like every one is just salt and pepper... like no garlic salt? garlic powder? onion powder? Adobo? Sazon? No herbs either? Parsley? Basil? Rosemary? Thyme? Like nothing but salt and pepper? That would taste bland asff
Shaymus Harvey
Shaymus Harvey 7 hours ago
Can she be my nana?
Neth Crisostomo
Neth Crisostomo 7 hours ago
I was eating while.watching yum
who cares nepal
who cares nepal 7 hours ago
Most of those fruits i haven't even saw in real