Jake Paul
Jake Paul
Jake Paul
WHATS UP?! Im Jake Paul.\n23 y/o pro boxer / musical artist\n\nFAHLO ME OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS \nInstagram: jakepaul\nTwitter: jakepaul\nSnapchat: jakepaul19\n\nOh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349\n\nBusiness: jake@team10official.com
She cheated.
2 months ago
i'm happy.
3 months ago
Sex tape?
6 months ago
NELK got Rated R.
6 months ago
rated r.
8 months ago
i won.
11 months ago
Year ago
Ludwig E.
Ludwig E. 10 hours ago
What a muppet
Devin_michael Le
Devin_michael Le 10 hours ago
the first jake paul video i enjoed
Sarah Van Eyssen
Sarah Van Eyssen 10 hours ago
You could have tried harder
lanee 10 hours ago
Memphis Finch
Memphis Finch 10 hours ago
11:01 Bruh he aint got nothing on his arm
Nelson Duel
Nelson Duel 10 hours ago
Jake: moves out Real estate princes in that area:💰^^^💰
Setenza N family
Setenza N family 10 hours ago
Fun fact, actually really really sad fact, I'm watching this in 2021
joelle 10 hours ago
'his name is donald trump and he is the most important' girl bye
Dacru PRO
Dacru PRO 11 hours ago
Cancellation Jackie poll
Mrmuscle00 11 hours ago
Good for you jake bro just pls know I’ve been watching you since I was 15 or so I’m 21 now bro you have come a long way
Tristan Parsons
Tristan Parsons 11 hours ago
Team 10=0 talent
PROPHET LOC 11 hours ago
And this is where it started 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Tyrel Chenault
Tyrel Chenault 11 hours ago
that cte kicking in early
Dacru PRO
Dacru PRO 11 hours ago
Unsub this guy right now
Dacru PRO
Dacru PRO 11 hours ago
I want to se jackee poll bites a fucking dust
FaZe hage
FaZe hage 11 hours ago
No team 10 no
Tristan Parsons
Tristan Parsons 11 hours ago
This is so offensive to America
Micah P
Micah P 11 hours ago
4:24 spraying the camera guy damn
Aletzia 11 hours ago
Can we talk about jakes weird ass style or just me?
Molly Cornwell
Molly Cornwell 11 hours ago
Is it just me or did you like him back then when he was in team 10
FaZe hage
FaZe hage 11 hours ago
Jake rappin is supper fire love the lyrics
VerageFN 11 hours ago
I hope sometime Jake Paul gets his ass beat and stop making up threats he can barely fight I could beat him
Margaret Appiah
Margaret Appiah 11 hours ago
Why the hell is little tay there
Am Sian
Am Sian 11 hours ago
Archer Guffey
Archer Guffey 11 hours ago
omg i love the team 10 house sad
Laggy Magz
Laggy Magz 11 hours ago
You quiting? Ok 👍 bye
naomai 11 hours ago
Why is everyone coming back to this song 🤔🤔🤔
dosya belgarde
dosya belgarde 11 hours ago
lmao it has more dislikes than likes
Hafizin Khairi
Hafizin Khairi 11 hours ago
0:21 Me: No
Domanick Hatch
Domanick Hatch 11 hours ago
hay bro are you gona stop doing yt?
GamingTube 11 hours ago
Jake was better back when he was kid friendly now he is just a drip
omar crespo
omar crespo 11 hours ago
This video is kinda cringe
john bowden
john bowden 11 hours ago
Total douche bag
Kaylin Wilcox
Kaylin Wilcox 11 hours ago
ohhh so you pro now... ok
Shadow ッ
Shadow ッ 11 hours ago
Jake is a savage
jasondeehadfield 11 hours ago
I am sad and lonely I am 8 Years old
jasondeehadfield 11 hours ago
Mike Bags
Mike Bags 11 hours ago
Hi j
Cool Coop Man
Cool Coop Man 11 hours ago
Can you shave please
Bre 10 hours ago
Aidster X
Aidster X 11 hours ago
BTW, if you didn’t know, Jake bought a 24.7 Million dollar house in Miami.
Fortnite Man602
Fortnite Man602 11 hours ago
I miss the jake
Steven Sinclair
Steven Sinclair 11 hours ago
His first time he made a great song
Saliha Changizi
Saliha Changizi 11 hours ago
I like the twins they’re my favourite
Kamran Morley
Kamran Morley 11 hours ago
Sounds shitter than it did when I was 9 uncle Kade makes it bareable at least
Lucas and Pedro
Lucas and Pedro 11 hours ago
More dislikes than likes ok
Rory Garcia
Rory Garcia 12 hours ago
Ksi is a Bitch
Skyline 12 hours ago
DAMN THIS MUSIC IS DOPE AF when it’s muted
Shadow Crunch
Shadow Crunch 12 hours ago
his neighbor: be like finally we can sleep... Peacefully
mariola250 12 hours ago
S t o p Stop
Santiago Arriaga
Santiago Arriaga 12 hours ago
Your vlog
Your vlog 12 hours ago
Why does this video's dislikes to many? ?
Savion Baptiste
Savion Baptiste 12 hours ago
Jake Paul my name is savvy Yohn MACIMA fan of you what is your phone number
jordan hamilton
jordan hamilton 12 hours ago
14:09 Jake: Tydus are you okay Jake: Tydus say im scared I'm scared
Don Chidester
Don Chidester 12 hours ago
Savion Baptiste
Savion Baptiste 12 hours ago
Paul I like in subscribe when can I get me some Murch like a lily I need some now or danger get it now
Olivir Merritt
Olivir Merritt 12 hours ago
Bro I would of gotten away cause my name is Olivir and I’m dark af
AnnaMariaZ 12 hours ago
Skyline 12 hours ago
Bruh this man can’t drive he is SWERVING😂
Sami Williams
Sami Williams 12 hours ago
Anyone else feel like Jake Paul has been dropped on his head many times
Yedidiah Barker
Yedidiah Barker 12 hours ago
Hey Jake Paul I watching all your videos right now
mariola250 12 hours ago
Love it
Lena Bilal
Lena Bilal 12 hours ago
Mariluz Gomez
Mariluz Gomez 12 hours ago
This got more dislikes dang😂
Clara King
Clara King 12 hours ago
I like this song knock deji gib and nate
Evan Teixeira
Evan Teixeira 12 hours ago
Damn... he went from its everyday bro to this
Jamya eagan
Jamya eagan 12 hours ago
Happy birthday Jake paul tomorrow are you doing iPhone getaway 11 subscribe notification
Melody Smith
Melody Smith 12 hours ago
Guys I make up a song also about you guys it is Joined with it's every day bro but different
Meselech Peter
Meselech Peter 12 hours ago
"I know your music career is going great for your rn" Ksi top 5 most listened to music in world rn!!!
Brayden Helmberger
Brayden Helmberger 12 hours ago
0:14 watts up
Harrypotteredits Queen
Katrina Skene
Katrina Skene 12 hours ago
Thats a dome idia
JUSTICE FOREVER 12 hours ago
this guy is gonna need ALOT of body guards, those words are gonna catch up with him when he runs into an MMA fighter. Boxing is in a sad state where NO BOXERS are speaking up about this poser
jay1ixFN 12 hours ago
Look how many dislikes this video has lmaooo ur mum defo doesnt love you.
Nathan Domenico
Nathan Domenico 12 hours ago
The home is for sale for a billion
YWB_JJ 12 hours ago
Ohio Virginia or texas
leanne trigg
leanne trigg 12 hours ago
Jaziel Denson
Jaziel Denson 12 hours ago
Hi jake
MVS studios
MVS studios 12 hours ago
Can I box you ?
Wyatt and wesley Jackson
Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wyatt and wesley Jackson
The longest name ever
I never thought I would actually want the old Jake Paul back
Wyatt and wesley Jackson
What are you going to do cry😢😢😢😢😢