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Ady Tzoy
Ady Tzoy Day ago
🤔🤔🤔🤔"mambo italiano" ruvid.net/video/video-s3Nr-FoA9Ps.html
Dayber G Chávez
Get It... IG
mista jay aka pete
This music is considered old
QO4legos Day ago
Absolute trash Complete garbage You’ve been through nothing Here’s a noose
Rajrishi Parmar
Sad thing is...this is still the most realistic indian video made in Hollywood...movies included
James Day ago
This song is horrible the worst artist possible elementary rhymes we as a society are brain dead
Ashley Bowen
Ashley Bowen Day ago
Alice dance better than Iggy I Alice I like Alice she so good at dancing
Matt Avello
Matt Avello Day ago
Honestly, the queen.
David Magalhães
Gente, curtam os comentários das pessoas pq aí aparece a notificação pra eles, eles clicam no clipe, gera mais visualizações e chama mais atenção delas. ❤
Gr3en Day ago
I wish this in new black widow movie hell yeah badass movie
hollyken3 Day ago
Hitolf adler
Hitolf adler Day ago
Blue Electric SVK
This is my *Nostalgia.* Why 2015 had to be "good?"
sasha bell
sasha bell Day ago
This song is nothing like clueless
Özge Aykan
Özge Aykan Day ago
When I see this song, I think of the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) from Marvel
Abhishek Tiwari
Everybody talking about nicki and cardi b only Iggy is here
Ashley Evorall
Those clothes sexy. Get ationtione you no fastion women.
Felix Day ago
O Lola Lola
Alison Alves
Alison Alves Day ago
Cadê o clipe
Brittany McDaniel
I'm driving so not
Lanz Andrei Sampang
2020 anyone?
Ethan Cameron
The last 10 seconds were the best part of the song
Tosin Bash
Tosin Bash Day ago
Dis my best song. Wen I feel like a boss I listen to dis song
Marie Gasmi
Marie Gasmi Day ago
Mariem ma jumelle je t'aime mdrrrrrrrrrrrr😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰😚😚😚😚🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
Xyme INC
Xyme INC Day ago
Mimi Roxy
Mimi Roxy Day ago
Iggy azalea avec le beat de tusa c'est si whawwww.
Somara Ander
Somara Ander Day ago
can you taste this goat XD
kiilore opal
kiilore opal Day ago
no what i tink is wierd peeps are puttin a thumbs down but they not tellin us why like are yall scared a somthin oh yeah 2020 anyone
Σπύρος Γεωργοπουλος
Μαλακες Έλληνες κάντε σχολια
Epure Leona
Epure Leona Day ago
I am here from that tik tok cat video. I was expecting better 😂
dalttoni swaga
I still remember the day this came out
shanessa sipasulta
if u wanna be rich fast, follow the action that iggy did in this music video
Al3x M3rc3r
Al3x M3rc3r Day ago
Mauricio Blanchard
“They can suck a shit!” Wtf does that mean?
Livia Ganova
Livia Ganova Day ago
That man typically English behaviour!!!!! 100% I live in England I know it..I have seen it !!!
Joseph Parker
this isn't fancy. It should have been called Trashy.
Anto Morice
Anto Morice Day ago
Eydonghi Day ago
At least red is her colour had me dead 😂
Irina Monti
Irina Monti Day ago
I'm so fancy You already know I'm in the fast lane From L.A. to Tokyo I'm so fancy Can't you taste this gold Remember my name, 'bout to blow
RUMOR : her new album is coming this year 👀 so better get ready for stre*m it 💯🔥
this is the song i started to stan iggy and im not regret with it 😌🔥
Stephen Moan
Stephen Moan Day ago
Didn't watch the whole video but some of the major stereotypes were perpetuated off the top. Whether there were any guns or lambs in not sure. When are these ignorant misogynistic niggahs going to grow up...
let's get this to 100M views same with sally walker , azaleans ! she deserves this ! 💯❤
Mohuà Hossain
They look so amazing
dadso40 Day ago
White girl trying hard to be black which is why I’ll never give her props. Stop trying to be something you’re not!
Josué Damian Lara Medina
We le ponen restricción de edad a Lonrot y a esta morra no? Que pedo con RUvid we
Gene Doyle
Gene Doyle Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-K_qdeyZzZKo.html photos.app.goo.gl/Lhc81x6iXmCJnkST9 photos.app.goo.gl/zpiV2P5aYSYuYb7w8
Daishawn Givins
This is 🔥why I never heard this on TV or the radio
Spectre DK
Spectre DK Day ago
Who else use to think iggy was black when they was a kid and neva seen her before
I don't get it people sad they hated the way she rapped, but her older songs are more successful then her current song... SMH 🤦The public don't know what they like...
Kaleo Gallaher
The lesson is that if she dropped dead from cancer the world would still keep spinning. Good night and I hope you all sleep well.
aubrey moore
aubrey moore Day ago
She’s so pretty I wish I was
Dahra Maraj
Dahra Maraj Day ago
Segurem minha Porsche
Annie M.
Annie M. Day ago
Romy & Michelle Vibes!
Ma. Izabelle Sajenes
Still listening to this update feb.23,2020
Connor Pretorius
Please go to igg azalea bounce clean
Connor Pretorius
Pabllo Vittar Brasil
Iggy mulher, faça o clipe com Pabllo. O Brasil te implora 😔🙏
Manajit Bhowmik
Manajit Bhowmik 2 days ago
0:22 Heh !! 🤣🤣
Matías Gisbert
Matías Gisbert 2 days ago
Lo que Taylor quiso ser y no pudo.
o TheTwoPunchBacon o
kingraybon 2 days ago
I got this in my head all day
Isa 2 days ago
sério, esse vídeo dance é de foder, amo
nonocool XR
nonocool XR 2 days ago
she is too good iggy
seta maceta
seta maceta 2 days ago
the part with the motorbikes got me 💀💀
King Realist
King Realist 2 days ago
I hope she makes a video
NICOLAS SHOW 2 days ago
Se a GKEY te trouxe até aqui De um LIKE 👍🏻
Lungkusin lungkusinpou Gonmei
love iggy
Ateet Thapliyal
Ateet Thapliyal 2 days ago
Wow it's beauty of our country, every citizen fill with positively n happiness, everyone talking about slum areas in this video but see d beauty ♥️ jai hind
gabriela victoria
HIMIKO TOGA 2 days ago
Jeremíes Gámez
Jeremíes Gámez 2 days ago
thailan falcao
thailan falcao 2 days ago
Vim pela madalena.
Daisy Giraffes.99
...I have a Clueless shirt on... with that outfit she is wearing
Finalesse Gl
Finalesse Gl 2 days ago
LYRICS OF 99% OF EVERY RAP MUSIC IN 2019 : Ass Pussy Money Lick that ... and of course Gucci just because it rhymes with a lot of words
Savage Morgan
Savage Morgan 2 days ago
them trying to twerk is so funny there just as bad as me
i like piano
i like piano 2 days ago
Bruh that beat sounds like godzilla's one
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 2 days ago
I'm proud to be American
Teagan Grace McDaniel
So did he get his blt?
sofih Sexy
sofih Sexy 2 days ago
My Sugar Dady
Tuxe735 2 days ago
First you get the money Then you get the power, respect And then you’re a national anthem
L e n a K
L e n a K 2 days ago
2:24 this is so sad. Its not art
Ned Grandy
Ned Grandy 2 days ago
"my flow retarded" - Iggy Azalea 2014
MrZubeen64 2 days ago
Just don't get it why it doesn't have hundreds of millions of views ? When we even keep on looping?
Dancing Cockroach
*Саша Вписка присоединился к чату*
jooce 2 days ago
I prefer freddie mercury's
pink fluiddy
pink fluiddy 2 days ago
This has been stuck in my head for days
Fancy Man
Fancy Man 2 days ago
2020 ?
One Esp
One Esp 2 days ago
WoW 😍
Connor Pretorius
Connor Pretorius 2 days ago
Volens and lag which
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
Hey have you tried this path ruvid.net/video/video-sqV9iWiSWh8.html
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
Dont look at me
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
Oops caps
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
I think you were naked here
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
Where are you naked
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
School skirt
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
School skirt
Cal C
Cal C 2 days ago
School skirt