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ZombaHenry garrotKomp
ZombaHenry garrotKomp 5 minutes ago
ABOXofMONSTERS 5 minutes ago
Good grief ‘!! No one likes this woman You seriously going to play her up like she’s a good person ? Do any of you want moral fiber whatever happened to the real journalists. Seriously
Cindy O'Hara
Cindy O'Hara 15 minutes ago
Just don’t do anything criminal. Justice will prevail. The Deep State is going down, hang in there. I have been exposing them for many years now & they want me dead. A better future for all of our kids is coming soon.
Willie A
Willie A 15 minutes ago
It's suprising how many people are defending this man when he stormed a pizza shop with kids in it, probably giving them PTSD, over baseless claims made on anonymous image boards. Look, if you really care about saving children from traffickers, there are ways to do it. This ain't it though.
Timothy Mccarthy
Timothy Mccarthy 41 minute ago
Killary body count add three more:-(
Kyle Kyle
Kyle Kyle 46 minutes ago
Living up to their stereotypes
Rachael Leigh
Rachael Leigh 55 minutes ago
I wouldn't doubt if he was a paid "player" bc it took focus off of Pizzagate and suddenly made Comet Ping-pong and its owner the victim. It almost immediately shut down people interest in pizzagate. I call bullshit. P.s. pizzagate was NEVER debunked. Just because the accused denies the claim, doesnt make it debunked or the prisons would be empty.
mk2ingit Hour ago
I currently live in Priscilla Tirado house here in Clearwater Florida that she purchased a couple years after this accident..
Lana Harris
Lana Harris Hour ago
What people have done to themselves is to. Believe man over God word when the words. Is clear that man is corrupt and we need. God. And we wa t to Believe in people and said put your trusted in. Because the will decide yo and l know it's true.
Timothy Price
Timothy Price Hour ago
You are WRONG! Whether you are ignorant, misinformed or LYING, you are WRONG. The U.S. Supreme Court defined NATURAL BORN CITIZEN in Minor VS Happersett as those born in a country to parents who are its citizens.
Serenity poynter
mickeydsfries Hour ago
There is something going on alright. Im a part time Ebay seller. Anytime I send anything to the west coast, it gets there very quickly, usually within 3 days. I send items to anybody in the northeast from like Maryland to Maine, it takes almost a week and a half later. Especially when i send stuff to Anywhere in Pennsylvania, I have had more packages lost, have to be traced and then when found have to go through the whole process again. Pennsylvania is one slack bunch of USPS workers, its horrid. Every time I get an order from anybody in Pennsylvania I almost want to give my customer there money back, just so I don't have to go through a potential headache.
Sydney Alfrido
I agree with what you say but as a Veteran I take offense to those who live a privileged life to say “I’m Oppressed” or “cops killing blacks” when the FACTS speak just the opposite. If you want to kneel, kneel for truth. Kneel for God. Kneel for a program or process that you can VALIDATE WITH FACTS AND NOT YOUR EMOTION. We are where we are today with riots and burning of towns because of sensitive peoples feelings while nobody looks at the facts. Three white men in the two years leading up to Mr. Floyd’s death died in the same way. No white personal even got press much less protests and riots. We allow the media to create a narrative and just quickly jump on board without checking facts. Veteran. Stand unless and until the facts give you a reason to kneel.
Islepaint 2 hours ago
Her parents citizenship does matter.
Islepaint 2 hours ago
Jessica Kratzert
Jessica Kratzert 2 hours ago
Falak Martinez
Falak Martinez 3 hours ago
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Michiwonder Outdoors
My squad leader's daughter was molested by a Master Sgt, in base housing at Benning.
Oluwafunmilayo Oyefeso
Zakiya Slater
Zakiya Slater 3 hours ago
still more information that CBS but no indentifying characteristics?
Julia Clark
Julia Clark 3 hours ago
I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞
Puritania 3 hours ago
'murriKKKa! Freedom!
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 4 hours ago
👀...FALL of the CABAL 👀
Depcom 5 hours ago
The mayor ordered his henchmen to shoot up the party.
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen 5 hours ago
How can I cast my provisional ballot for Maryland 2020 ? Please help me. Many thanks
hungover puppy
hungover puppy 5 hours ago
My left ear was the only one who enjoyed this video.
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Daniel Dougherty
Daniel Dougherty 6 hours ago
What a creep!!!
Diamond Lou
Diamond Lou 6 hours ago
Worried about the common cold , not the ILLEGAL GUNS !!!! Isn’t D.C. on the list of strictest gun laws ????!
Georgia Horton
Georgia Horton 6 hours ago
Click bait, yet so awful.
Airborne Stoner
Airborne Stoner 6 hours ago
Who cares
William 6 hours ago
To hell with football college or otherwise!👊🇺🇸
Justin Heape
Justin Heape 6 hours ago
I'm a father of 7 and can't believe someone could look at a child and want to hurt them I'm constantly checking on my kids just when they sleep I cant ever imagine loosing one of them and not knowing what happened
intelligence wisdom
pure anti-white propaganda. This women said she "hates white people". This is nothing but hate; hatred is always wrong and never justified.
Yardhead 6 hours ago
See ya, dumb cop!
x0marine4eva0x 7 hours ago
You dont use prong collars for service dogs
Nazmo King
Nazmo King 7 hours ago
Get rid of college football altogether. Have the players join a developmental league just like the NBA is doing so these guys can get paid the day they leave high school if they have the talent. Football is obviously a business, and doesn't belong in an academic setting.
melissa gardner
melissa gardner 7 hours ago
Mostly peaceful experience
Rivco500 7 hours ago
Oh this is funny; all those 6'5, 300lb idiots crying like babies. While your'e NOT playing, try working on your GPA. Or, actually STUDY for yourself instead of getting some little soy boy to do your academic work for you. This is hilarious.
TheFunnyguy9000 7 hours ago
Cecilia Meisner
Cecilia Meisner 7 hours ago
Two people died and 7 are in the hospital, including some in critical condition.
D M 7 hours ago
Hey nobody disrespecting the flag
C B 7 hours ago
Casually to slowly. Not even close to "abruptly leaves" and "whisked away". WUSA9 sensationalism attempt.
Djoser W
Djoser W 7 hours ago
Good coverage!
VR Inks
VR Inks 7 hours ago
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Royal Adam
Royal Adam 7 hours ago
LOL the secret service didn't had to remove trump from the start from the press briefing
Guillermo 7 hours ago
Well, I just saw old baldy's face, so his service isn't a secret anymore.
Nate 7 hours ago
And that's how you get ants!
BibleWomen777 7 hours ago
Hebrews 13:8 - Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
rick Strong
rick Strong 7 hours ago
Just cancel everything go put on your mask and some nitrite gloves and get in the corner in the fetal position and pray that Vladimir Putin will send over some of that newly discovered Wuhan virus vaccine from Russia with love.
Isaac 7 hours ago
Hope everyone is alright. Idk why make a joke out of this extremely unfortunate event
Ivan Parra
Ivan Parra 7 hours ago
And the continued infantilization of our people continues... Well, at least we don't get to see them try to disrespect our country, although I could have seen some of the coaches not allowing them to do so.
Lou Demetita
Lou Demetita 7 hours ago
Good buy Isaac Jersey Orlando magic he doesn't kneel YEAAHH!
Dustin Mullins
Dustin Mullins 7 hours ago
You forgot to mention that they only pushed the season back to spring.
SirRawLee TheWalrus
Now if only the SEC wasn't smack dab in the middle of Ignorant Right Wing Racist Conservative AmeriKkka. 🤣 Confederates lost and racism is 🐂💩 when are these Loosers going to concede?
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
Confederates were Democrats, dumbass.
Brandin Bertucci
Brandin Bertucci 7 hours ago
Would have been cool to see from a front porch. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Pretty obvious nothing got hurt (except maybe a few cars), it was in a lawn/street area, but I still hope nothing was harmed, just in case.
Mingo Jimenez
Mingo Jimenez 7 hours ago
Ah, too bad, I was curious to see the ceremonial burning of the American flag, right after the black national anthem.
stan sorensen
stan sorensen 7 hours ago
It really blew that place to pieces. Sorry for the loss of the two blast victims.
Mr Chillwave
Mr Chillwave 7 hours ago
u guys see that cat?
Hush Money
Hush Money 7 hours ago
Holy corona virus.
Randy H
Randy H 7 hours ago
Yay Illinois is not going to suck this year!
Boyd Otero
Boyd Otero 7 hours ago
If they close the season for college teams how are black players going to exercise their right to protest by taking a knee?
DirtyLapDog 7 hours ago
Good, only insecure closet cases watch a bunch of " guys" running around tossing a ball a slapping one another's asses and then go take showers together. Not sure who's the more mentally unbalanced, the players or those who go watch, slobber, and worship these freaks.
iPepy 7 hours ago
stan sorensen
stan sorensen 3 hours ago
You just had to.
Jerico Biermann
Jerico Biermann 7 hours ago
Now I don't get to boycott the season when they all start kneeling at the Anthem....what the hell?
Christopher Pitts
Christopher Pitts 7 hours ago
Jerico Biermann you do realize this is about college football not pro right lol
Aaron Cooper
Aaron Cooper 7 hours ago
Thank God somebody is not trying to kill us
hlurpseed 8 hours ago
Apparently no one gets COVID19 when you protest or riot, so we should have riots in the stands and protests on the field, and no one will get sick (even though almost no one even gets seriously ill from COVID19 when you are college aged).
hlurpseed 6 hours ago
I’d love for you to post reputable sources for your leftard assertion. I’ve looked over age segment breakdowns of COVID-19 deaths and there are virtually NO deaths for those under 24. Officially, according to cdc.gov, there have been 240 deaths since April 1 from COVID19 on total deaths of 26062 total deaths in the US of those 0-24 years old. .92% of total deaths. And I’ll bet a paycheck half or more of those deaths were kids who were immune compromised or had co-morbidities (in poor health with something already). College athletes are some of the healthiest people on the planet. But don’t let cold hard facts, or the fact I’m not a leftard, get in the way hiding under your for fear CORONAVIRUS GONNA KILL EVERYBODY!!! It’s a hard seasonal flu. Stop being played folks.
Anubhav Arun
Anubhav Arun 7 hours ago
Ever try to look for the recovery symptoms post COVID. I have seen young people die post covid due to permanent heart damage. This is heartbreaking.
Hush Money
Hush Money 7 hours ago
You are a trumptard. All ages die. And have died and will die. So head out to the ballpark you fool. People get sick! All people. Except you and trumpghetto
Sweeps6334 8 hours ago
They would all kneel anyway, I’m glad it’s canceled, we have enough politics on tv
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
@Noah DeLano Racism is a two-way street.
Noah DeLano
Noah DeLano 7 hours ago
Idiot. Keep being racist.
richard darmstadt
richard darmstadt 8 hours ago
Empty or socially distanced stadiums just seems rediculous. Cancel everything until this is over if it takes 2 years.
K S 8 hours ago
Wise move
alexh415 8 hours ago
This is Trumps fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alexh415 5 hours ago
@Summer Wind @ newleafbotanica.com ok summer
Summer Wind @ newleafbotanica.com
Not funny you imbecile!
alexh415 7 hours ago
@Nate it was sarcasm nate
Nate 7 hours ago
I hope he has a mistake at your house then.
Sweeps6334 8 hours ago
Fukin libs
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 8 hours ago
Looked like a hot water heater issue.
stan sorensen
stan sorensen 3 hours ago
The gas probably filled the entire house before water heater pilot set it off.
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 6 hours ago
@Nate Where do all the assholes like you in The World come from!?!?! This is what "schools" today are creating, trolls and assholes?!?!?!
Nate 7 hours ago
@Joe Billielo but I agree you are wrong.
Nate 7 hours ago
You've said 11x more words, 55 words(you) vs 5(me). I'm not the one with a preconceived ideology. You need some therapy.
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 7 hours ago
@Nate So you're telling me what something looks like to me??? That's an amazing talent you have there!!
Азесьм Daniels
Demoncratic chaos at work
Toori Baba
Toori Baba 8 hours ago
The things they do to spite trump....honestly he should just say i like air and enjoy the show
Daniel Mears
Daniel Mears 7 hours ago
I cannot fathom what causes people like you to think that, in a world where everything is run by money and financial security, millions of people across various sectors of work, are all willing to throw away their livelihoods solely because they have an irrational hatred for one man. Somehow in your minds it's completely impossible that these schools are maybe afraid of the backlash they'd receive if they opened up like normal and thousands of kids got sick. Even if you don't think it's likely, you can't say it's implausible. And even if it's not the decision you'd make, you can't deny it's the most reasonable and logical. But hey, those tinfoil hats look comfy!
BonefishBoards 8 hours ago
At least Rutgers will not have a losing record.
BEN TRUTH 8 hours ago
Trump (mason) + Fauci (jesuit)
Jay Howell
Jay Howell 8 hours ago
To hell with the big ten... You can bring back the thousands of students of 13 of the 14 schools but you can't play the season so these young men who have stated very publicly they want to play get the chance to play for their futures this is the most hypocritical thing I've ever seen out of the big ten
Nick Poverman
Nick Poverman 8 hours ago
Trump needs to STFU and stop wetting his pants.
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
Mr. Trump is free to express his opinions, so stop being so shook up about it, little socialist boy.
Dan Banks
Dan Banks 8 hours ago
Someone left the oven on
Linda Dustin
Linda Dustin 8 hours ago
Damocraps are happy they hate football, cheeseburgers, infants and puppies.
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
They love looting and arson, though.
Rocky Dog
Rocky Dog 8 hours ago
Now the players can begin their life's career in earnest ! All future inmates and convicts...
Trumpenstein 7 hours ago
do you got some stats to back up that garbage?
John Schmidt
John Schmidt 8 hours ago
What did you expect, capacity crowds!!!!! Duh??
Lisa Kirkham
Lisa Kirkham 8 hours ago
For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works. Speak these things, exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no one despise you
#1 Fragi Fan
#1 Fragi Fan 8 hours ago
Ok, I guess August has a theme for 2020
Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless 8 hours ago
Finally some sanity. I will miss college football and feel sorry for the players. Too many in this country are not treating the virus as a pandemic and even still refuse to wear masks in public places. No wonder we are the embarrassment of the world with the panfdemic spread. The 20 year olds as will children now going back to classes are becoming deadly virus carriers. Too many just do not get it.
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
The Covid-19 death rate is very low, and it's virtually non-existent for young people with no other serious health issues. So stop all the apocalyptic "deadly" talk. You're watching too much CNN.
I am a football Freestyler . have a look on my channel ..you will love my videos
Sloppy Joes
Sloppy Joes 8 hours ago
Selebrity 152
Selebrity 152 8 hours ago
Hope no got caught in the blast
Wesley Trout
Wesley Trout 7 hours ago
@Chris Seletzky Wot.
Chris Seletzky
Chris Seletzky 7 hours ago
@Wesley Trout "Celebrity with an S"
Howdy Justice
Howdy Justice 8 hours ago
Wesley Trout You think people read the description? Lol
Wesley Trout
Wesley Trout 8 hours ago
2 dead 7 injured, literally in description.
David Chase
David Chase 8 hours ago
The rats have just discovered conventional explosives. World War Cheese is about to begin!
Millennial T.V.
Millennial T.V. 7 hours ago
Martha Nava
Martha Nava 8 hours ago
Cancel them all! Nobody’s watching anyways, not with all disrespect going on
Portia Matthews
Portia Matthews 6 hours ago
@WE5LTH 😁, you're funny 😂😂. Nah, I'm not going to finish the old saying, but you know that I know what you mean. You can see I'm a lady with a good attitude ☺️.
Martha Nava
Martha Nava 7 hours ago
Christopher Pitts No I didn’t at the time. And I apologize for my mistake and thank you for not attacking me
WE5LTH 7 hours ago
@Portia Matthews ahh, here it comes LOL.
Christopher Pitts
Christopher Pitts 7 hours ago
You realize this is college and not pro right?
Martha Nava
Martha Nava 7 hours ago
Thank you all for the laugh, it’s been really funny to see your silly comments
John Keith
John Keith 8 hours ago
It's official: Donald Trump has cost us college football in 2020.
Goldclaw837 7 hours ago
@William Royer Why do you hate America?
apathetically lethargic
@William Royer because of college football? Or are you confused about this thread?
William Royer
William Royer 8 hours ago
Vote the hunched over fat oaf out of office.
Goldclaw837 8 hours ago
You really don't believe that bullshit, do you?
222light Atoms
222light Atoms 8 hours ago
I agree, I think it's time for me to take a vacation to China. I hear there having the annual dog meat festival.
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean 8 hours ago
Who knew? Republicans are morons.
Mike N
Mike N 8 hours ago
Someone needs to follow the money and figure out why the Big Ten is doing this.
Anubhav Arun
Anubhav Arun 7 hours ago
@STMARTIN009 Finally someone speaking rationally here, the comments are flooded.
STMARTIN009 7 hours ago
It's a pandemic. If football happens the players are at risk for getting sick. I know it may sound weird but people's lives should be important than money.
Deplorable Centrist
Mike N....well, there’s a lot of money on the line here; these football programs bring in tens of millions of dollars to the schools. But, let’s also consider that hopes and dreams are being crushed as we speak because these players hope to make it to the political football league...er, um, I mean national football league. You know, the one has segregated anthems in the name of unity.
Trumpenstein 7 hours ago
You mean, Follow the LACK of money. Play football means money. No football, NO MONEY.
Rob Banks
Rob Banks 8 hours ago
big ten is the most snobbish conference in college. meaning they look down on all other conferences and believe they are academically superior to everyone. This could just be more blatant propaganda that keeps dividing the country.
Winston C
Winston C 8 hours ago
Bummer....gonna miss my buckeyes on Sat :(
Stacy Chamness
Stacy Chamness 7 hours ago
Hi!! We're both going to miss the rivalry game between Ohio State vs. Michigan. As if Michigan had a chance anyway!! 😂🤣😂🤣.
tim coker
tim coker 7 hours ago
Well, at least they have more time to work on their red zone offense.
Heath Watts
Heath Watts 8 hours ago
Sensible choice. Good for them.
Dommy Football
Dommy Football 8 hours ago
Thats so dumb
Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton 8 hours ago
Good, screw the colleges. How long until they look for a bailout? LOL. Yes Comrades, a bailout.
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow 8 hours ago
*Why, so they can all go out and riot and Loot and spread covid anyway? Alt left terriosts.*
Windbag Jones
Windbag Jones 4 hours ago
@Noah DeLano Those rioters ain't Trump voters, numbnuts.
Noah DeLano
Noah DeLano 7 hours ago
Accari Cuvell
Accari Cuvell 8 hours ago
Thanks China