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Maaka Tipa
Maaka Tipa 4 hours ago
What i want to know is why i'm getting vid's like this that are THREE YEARS out of date????????
Stefan Prole
Stefan Prole 4 hours ago
Best earphones i have ever purchase are one form iplaypods.com and they are fcking awesome. They are same as apple ones i love them so much. My recommendation.
Robert Charles
Robert Charles 4 hours ago
best ones out there
Darrell Mason
Darrell Mason 4 hours ago
Good review
Francis Troy Sundo
Francis Troy Sundo 5 hours ago
Which is better the Sennheisers or the Jabra?
Hey Me
Hey Me 5 hours ago
My man where have you gone
ibrahim saleh
ibrahim saleh 5 hours ago
i lost my charger how can i get one
Eric Bouchard
Eric Bouchard 5 hours ago
It is funny to watch your video using MY Doss XL
Mike 5 hours ago
How does the audio quality of the Bose Free Soundsport compare to the Sennheiser Momentum? I had the Bose earbuds for a few years until they crapped out recently, I’m contemplating buying the Sennheiser but was curious if the audio compares or even surpasses the Bose
Aliloswag 5 hours ago
How is the fit compared to the jaybird 75t
NATHAN WAHL 6 hours ago
my jabras at first were awesome in both sound and comfort, but they were quite buggy and now 5 months later the right earbud is giving out, the right buds sound is at most 50% of that of the left. Maybe mines the only one with these issues idk.
Norman Lamotte
Norman Lamotte 6 hours ago
Your doing a good job..
Sean Kemplay
Sean Kemplay 6 hours ago
Just bought one, hopefully it will work as well as all my previous fitbit devices. I like the activity auto recognise, I forget to set my current smart watch the other day after I paused it, which was a bit annoying
DIGVIJAY ROY 6 hours ago
Onyx Studio 5 OR Google Home Max? PLEASE reply as I'm SUPER confused on which one to buy :(
NPC #329091
NPC #329091 7 hours ago
so i got the bose revolve plus a couple days ago and im unimpressed with the audio performance of it. im gonna return it today and maybe try this speaker instead... i used to have the HK Onyx 4 and 5, and i loved them. HK is JBL so im sure ill like the sound of this over the bose... it must be the passive radiators, but the bose sounds boring compared to the punchy/lively sound of the HK's
Hyperlizard 7 hours ago
Your reviews are simply the best audio gear reviews out there. Thanks for all the effort and the premium level of content. Cheers !
Virgil Hardjo
Virgil Hardjo 8 hours ago
Jbl best sound... No..
Jonathan LEE
Jonathan LEE 8 hours ago
FIRE * 🔥🔥🔥
sean lim
sean lim 9 hours ago
Hey Jim quick qn. What do you think of the aukey t10 true wireless earbuds? I know it's an irrelevant qn but I've recently got them for slightly over 50 usd completely brand new with 2 year warranty. Ive seen quite a couple of positive reviews about them and want to know what you think about them!
Raghu R
Raghu R 9 hours ago
Can it be connected to TV??
Vladimír Petija
Vladimír Petija 9 hours ago
Hi Jim. Will you review the Sony H.ear On 3?
Bongos congas & antique cash register collecting
Still my cowin e7 & cowin e7 pro noise canceling headphones sound quality way better!!!!!!!
Nicola Stea
Nicola Stea 9 hours ago
12:00 12:19
Felix Shaye
Felix Shaye 10 hours ago
Fantastic Vid Jim! I noticed that some sony models show a /B is that an updated model? Is there any news on an XM4? Looking to purchase this week.
Agostinho Almeida
Agostinho Almeida 10 hours ago
I just ordered these, but if I hadn't bought it, after seeing this review, I would buy it. I'm currently using the Fiio FH5
E 10 hours ago
Aye your channel is great. Thank you.
Frankie Vaccaro
Frankie Vaccaro 10 hours ago
is anyone else watching the video with a flip 5, no just me
Jon 10 hours ago
Notice how the microphone filtered out all the traffic noise? Yeah that's what my friends thank me for when I chose these.
James Yarboruogh
James Yarboruogh 10 hours ago
Even though your review is 3 years old , your reviews are very impressive, true and spot on . I just purchased from amazon for $99 the sound is incredible. Always wanted a Bose but couldn’t afford until now and thanks for all your reviews, much appreciated 👍🏽😎🤟🏽
Al t
Al t 10 hours ago
You can use usb-c to usb-c cable to charge from your phone and listen to music at the same time
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 11 hours ago
Bose 700 with the updated equalizer became the Beast!!!!! Just love mine, i used to have the sony, personally I think Bose 700 is better in terms of sound quality
g33kofw33k 11 hours ago
Arturo Alonso Flores
Hi from Mexico, Jim, I really love your content, but I've seen that you haven't updated new videos, I hope everything i going well
Amir.h Akbari
Amir.h Akbari 11 hours ago
Is Sony xm2 has that INPUT jack too or not?
Armin00 12 hours ago
To anyone who still doesn’t know: Jimmy has announced on Twitter & Insta that he ended this channel and has switched to a Twitch Streaming career. He might make a last video when the XM4s come out, but other than that this channel will meet its end unfortunately... :(
Nabeel Haidar
Nabeel Haidar 12 hours ago
Loved your review and just purchased the Jabra 75t active and you just got another subscriber :)
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
They sound like absolute shite compared to my sennheiser momentum true wireless
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 13 hours ago
would have been nice to see how to pair to phone and also charging how to
Bladimir Torres
Bladimir Torres 13 hours ago
Leyla Erciyas
Leyla Erciyas 13 hours ago
This is the best review I've ever watched what the heck ahaahah
Debrup Bose
Debrup Bose 13 hours ago
I was wondering. Would it be worth a buy for my apple 11. I mean would i get the bass proper ? Just a suggestion. What earphones would suit the best for my iPhone 11 ?
Moranda Sihite
Moranda Sihite 13 hours ago
What is your fav spekers??
conjunction duck
conjunction duck 14 hours ago
jbl charge 4 bass and treble better than sony, sony is bad sound for me
Atul Aditya
Atul Aditya 15 hours ago
This is your first video i am watching, nad i do not have a leather sofa. But you made me fell like I have a leather sofa. Have a subscription.
Athul Nandaj V
Athul Nandaj V 15 hours ago
Can you please review OnePlus Wireless Z?
Aliloswag 15 hours ago
Should in get these or the jabra elite 75t? Im actually looking fro a good pair of earbuds with good mic, waterproof, great fit and battery life
Zeeshhh 15 hours ago
hey bro, sony M3, skullcandy crusher anc, or beats studio 3. which do you recommend?
Ezra Pardede
Ezra Pardede 12 hours ago
The Sony definitely, i don't know why would you consider Beats in the first place, it is worst than the way cheaper Microsoft surface headphone 2
akathehacker9000 15 hours ago
I am watching this with the flip 5 and a big delay
David John Tough
David John Tough 16 hours ago
Hope they have sorted volume issues when paired with Samsung phones! So quiet to be unusable in the past! So I won't buy!
Weardo 16 hours ago
Where is dat pixel buds 2020 review tho
anfernee becenti
anfernee becenti 16 hours ago
Sonos arc if you can review that. That be awesome.
xLilMaQQanX 16 hours ago
This was the video that made me buy these Headphones. I have had them for almost a year now and its one of my best purchases i have ever done. I have had these on my head for 20 hours straight walking outside and all i can say is it takes a long time for it to feel uncomfortable on but even then its almost nothing you kinda feel warm around the ears. sometimes i sit on the bus and just remove one side from the ear and it sounds like im sitting in a airplane engine and you dont notice a thing with them on. The noice cancel is so good and once you turn the music on you dont hear a thing. so they work perfect and you can wear them all day, and with that the battery last forever and if you are heading out and notice you are low just charging for 5-10 minutes and you will last the day. i really cant find anything bad about these. If theres one thing that i have to say is bad then it is if you are riding a bike and the wind blows alot when going fast then you will hear the wind much but if i put my hood from my shirt over and just have music a bit higher then that isnt a problem. I cant think of anything else negative about them
bigmike312 17 hours ago
Klipsch speakers give you higher credibility rating IMO...🤣
Matthys du Toit
Matthys du Toit 17 hours ago
Please review the talking experience, i.e. audio quality in talking mode, how well you hear yourself and how well others hear you.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 17 hours ago
Why do people consider a price range as "budge"..... judging by the sound quality on most earbuds over $150...they are almost always average sounding besides the features they throw in to hide the fact that they sound like shit..... most of my earbuds under $70 sound better than my $100+ earbuds so I'm really wondering what the hell budget earbuds even mean....but hey🤷🏽 that's just me.
dbrooks 17 hours ago
Hey jim can you review the OUTXE F10 Joybeats bluetooth speaker? I can't find too many reviews on it On YT however, on amazon it has nearly 5 stars at 4.9 so I'm really curious to hear your input
Ang Zander
Ang Zander 17 hours ago
will this speaker have delay while playing movie using bluetooth?
Saurav Humagain
Saurav Humagain 18 hours ago
Hi could you please Do a Review on the pixel buds 2? I want to buy them but cant decide between jabra elite, jbl 300 tws and the jaybird vista. Would be grateful 🙏🙏
John bennett88
John bennett88 19 hours ago
hey jims! Is it worth it to upgrade from my old sony xb3 to this sony xb31?
Butch McQueen
Butch McQueen 19 hours ago
Hey man, just wanna give you some love for this awesome review, you helped me make a good decision!
Ukelele Isaiah Jordan Devaraj
Is this a3109 model?
Riad Benkabba
Riad Benkabba 20 hours ago
I was waiting for that anc test cause that's why I'm here sadly there wasn't any...
xXMr.e doodXx
xXMr.e doodXx 20 hours ago
Theres no bass on these. I have em .no bass
xXMr.e doodXx
xXMr.e doodXx 20 hours ago
WHY DOES EVERY REVIEWER CLAIM THIS HAS GREAT BASS?am I doing something wrong? Mine have no bass at all
Thank You
Thank You 20 hours ago
Just enjoy before you start wearing hearing aids or losing your hearing! Both speakers sound good.
Squish 21 hour ago
I can't be the only person who wants to use two booms/megabooms (I have one of each) to watch movies on my laptop. The mobile app is great for pairing, but as far as I can find, the only way to do that on my Macbook is to manually pair one speaker with the other with the buttons, which hardly ever works unless I do a full reset (minus button and power button for 12 seconds) each time, and then in about an hour, the pairing drops out. Anyone else have any success in pairing for use with a laptop?
José Daniel Fiorillo Restrepo
Amazing review! 🔥🔥🔥
Ric00 23 hours ago
heat 🔥
Guanyu Wusu
Guanyu Wusu 23 hours ago
I'm worried about it gonna break the door frame tho, I'm 135lbs.
MrOvipare 23 hours ago
I recently ordered those on sale for 250$ (CAD) ... I feel like a thief.
Victor Cortes
Fantastic review 👍
Rizqi ali a
Rizqi ali a Day ago
Sinsanatis Day ago
i cant help but call em ear dildos
Bongos congas & antique cash register collecting
Not as good as my cowin e7 & cowin e7 pro noise canceling headphones audio quality performance may seem nuts but it isn't! I can't believe you haven't tried cowin noise canceling headphones!!!
Isaac Day ago
Mine are a few months old, and decided to suddenly stop working. They just blink white. Won’t connect to anything, with no voice prompts. Tried discharging, weird solutions on their forum, and absolutely nothing fixes this. 10/10 great product.
Ainomugisha Norman
You're the best 🔥
Shehan Perera
I'm watching this on WH1000XM3
Mike L
Mike L Day ago
Mine are in the mail now (not that you asked or anything)
Has Good
Has Good Day ago
Wow, thanks for sharing - you make it all look so smooth...thanks for expressing the life behind this. Your daughter is absolutely precious. And the second, third, first generation immigrant experience is unique unto itself, and the often unexpected shock of being forced to leave your home; leaving family members, friends, a life, to move to a different country, culture, language, often at an age in which you’ve already worked so hard to achieve a career, a home - to start all over again, is brutal. And often it is due to war. How can that kind of monumental effort and achievement not be transferred to the children, and grandchildren, for generations to come. There is so much good that comes from this experience, but it is, in it’s essence, such a traumatic experience as well. It must be so hard to shake the feeling of having to do more, be better - such an intense experience of survival leaves an impression. I salute you for making such a huge, and necessary step in recognizing that circumstances have changed, and maybe unconsciously you applied a mindset from a different set of circumstances, to the one you live in now. We all do it, but it is entirely unique when you come from a relatively recent immigrant experience. You are breaking an important chain in what may amount to the “trauma chain” of immigration. I’ve had so many friends over the years who are the second generation of immigrant families; mostly Vietnam and China, and also Central America, and a number of people from the Balkans.. The stories are unreal, and so many Americans may not even think to ask. Doctors, lawyers, CPAs, forced to become janitors, housekeepers, and whatever else they can to build a new life. Their certifications and degrees might not meet whatever specifics are required in a different country. They can all write incredible, gripping books and movies about their own lives. Their stories are Oscar-worthy. So, anyway, long comment - but I have such respect for all the challenges that come with a more recent immigration experience. Loads of respect.
Bro please check the Marshall monitor ll anc
Mr Music
Mr Music Day ago
I tried listening to the sound test with my Audio Technica Monitors and none of them sounded too good. Nevertheless I liked the sound signature of the Bose much more.
Mark Day ago
5:47 cache, not cachet. At 16:00 we're looking at the watch band but you're talking about apps. What am I missing here?
If you search "the best gaming headset in the world" at google...and this is number 1
Uzay Konuk
Uzay Konuk Day ago
Awesome review!
vipers2314 Day ago
What a great reviewer you are ! I rarely comment but i love your reviews !
j gamer
j gamer Day ago
3:45 u got no idea how many times that's happened to me with my Charge 3
NOTV Day ago
Hi, how to activated ANC in Jabra elite active 75T?
Carmen Posas
Carmen Posas Day ago
When music plays no sound in left ear bud
My experience on Sennheiser battery life case was bad and continue to discharge when the earbuds on case in less than 8 hours
The Daily Life Of A Lonely Man
Doss is outstanding...
Ainomugisha Norman
You're the best, You have the best KPI's and smart review methods. Your #3D microphones are one of a kind. You're on of the best of not the greatest review
Janki Fozdar Mehta
You forgot to mention main thing. How much milk and heavy cream you used ?
Shakti Pattanaik
Xb 32 or Xb 41 ???? Which one best in sound quality and bass ??
Wyatt Raine
Wyatt Raine Day ago
This speaker is ugly lol
Genesis C.
Genesis C. Day ago
can you play music from a flash drive with this speaker ?
Ranjit Sahni
Ranjit Sahni Day ago
Hi, I am intending to buy Wireless buds for myself and my main object is listening music and then calling. I am using iPhone 11 Pro. I have short listed Aukey T10, Jabra elite 65t, Jabra elite 75t & AirPods Pro. Please suggest which one to buy or any other choice. Would appreciate the buds which can be connected to 2 device as I want to connect them with my iPad Pro & iPhone 11 Pro. Mostly Want to listen and watch entertainment on my iPad Pro and also to answer calls received on my iPhone.
Chris Messias
I just wished they had slightly better battery life. 5-6 hours is decent, but I was hoping for more to upgrade from my SoundSports.
nyiajleevaj Day ago
You're reviews are so detailed, I love your comparison between speakers, beautifully done
Death Day ago
Now this is where mine are different mine are 4.50btnc but there black and I have to press the volume up and down at the same time to activate my anc and everything sounds a bit more clearer on mine and my mic is better and when I activate and my music pauses to let me know anc is on
james blaser
james blaser Day ago
Good video jimmy
Ukeme Obot
Ukeme Obot Day ago
mrmonagamous Day ago
Will these suppress the sounds of gunshots and hip hop music?
kingedkarl Day ago
I dont know what to get these or the galaxy buds plus , please help