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david david
david david 4 minutes ago
I want to call it a fudgie brownie cake and eat it with a glass of chocolate milk.
Swift's nerd
Swift's nerd 5 minutes ago
I'm gonna be making this on friday for my whole family! But I will have to decrease the heat cuz my father and I cannot bear it XD
Artofficial 5 minutes ago
ANY herb we have on hand ?!
FireLordCanti 6 minutes ago
*soft yeah*
Sketchy Dots
Sketchy Dots 7 minutes ago
Hm, yes. Waiter! I would like salmonella...
Jared Q
Jared Q 9 minutes ago
I had catfish once and only once. It was served to me rotten. It smelled like ammonia. Ordered it in a restaurant. People that were 5 tables Down smelled the fish no joke. My mother said what is that smell. When I put the fork to my mouth I almost vomited. The stench was sickening. The cook refused to give me a refund. I raised hell. He was insulted. I told him I’m insulted u served me bad fish for $29. The manager came to my table and asked what was the issue. I said smell this! She gagged. She said this is bad fish. I said your cook said it was fresh. She said uunnn no. She comped the entire bill. She took me into the kitchen and showed me that she threw out the entire batch. The fish in its container had a slimy film to it. He was serving rotten fish.
Katie Kubiak
Katie Kubiak 9 minutes ago
I wanna see her make Toffeefay!
Chloe Wiley
Chloe Wiley 11 minutes ago
Ok Brad and Skipper in the beaver hole was the single most sexual thing I have ever heard and I reckon Matty was thinking the same
Conor Maury
Conor Maury 11 minutes ago
Y'all need to collect/farm and cook some feed insects.
Kumotta Kun
Kumotta Kun 15 minutes ago
Do y'all really have to zoom in on his underarm as I was biting into my sandwich? What did my innocent sandwich do to deserve this????
david david
david david 17 minutes ago
My refrigerator doesn't have prosciutto. 😩 So, bacon it is! 😃
Kenneth White
Kenneth White 20 minutes ago
The best topping for most everting, called Home Mix back in the day, seems you left out Sport peppers ?
Jithin Suresh
Jithin Suresh 20 minutes ago
He needs to stop overusing 'basically'.
Chris Bradshaw
Chris Bradshaw 22 minutes ago
Take Claire Saffitz noodling. Viewers demand it.
david david
david david 22 minutes ago
When you purchase chicken stock, it's packaged by weight. When you use chicken stock, it's measured by volume. What's up with that?
OfficialBKNOW 27 minutes ago
Chefs making excuses on speed, in a speed challenge...
truec 27 minutes ago
Can't understand why somebody would cook a potato in a slow cooker? Somebody's never made crock pot roast.
david david
david david 27 minutes ago
Some people do not like parsley. Those people should not put parsley on their pizza.
The Highlander
The Highlander 28 minutes ago
From an Okie who has noodled. I give this video 5 Stars.
Chase Tilney
Chase Tilney 29 minutes ago
So since they went noodling, space is next? :)
TheStephenmonroe 29 minutes ago
Berger, beer and chili: the holy trinity!
jjposeidon206 30 minutes ago
This show is a seriously great model of the scientific process. I love how Claire does test after test changing only one variable to try and determine the optimal result. I swear to god this stuff is better than Bill Nye.
david david
david david 30 minutes ago
Carla always talking about being moist. La la la la la la la....
Caileff Wadsworth
Caileff Wadsworth 30 minutes ago
13:13 This is like reverse birth 😂
Anne-Marie Le
Anne-Marie Le 32 minutes ago
So no one is talking about the video description?
david david
david david 34 minutes ago
I didn't know that pizza is feminine.
david david
david david 36 minutes ago
Cheese opportunities.
Quentin Cruz
Quentin Cruz 37 minutes ago
Go deer hunting!
R Ramirez
R Ramirez 42 minutes ago
So may good one liners in this episode 😂😂😂. “ This thing was like full Rigamortus” - Brad . Real MVP was the editor . Hahahha we need a show with these two
Jamie Owns
Jamie Owns 44 minutes ago
Honestly, I can't find a taste difference between the peppers. I will try raw. But ya gotta admit even when I ate them from the cutting board because too far too much. They don't taste any different. It could be that they are a supermarket. And if I grew them myself but honestly gotta tell ya. No real taste difference. It's not like if you buy difference lettuce you notice. Or if you buy a different type of apple you notice a difference. I love the taste of the bell pepper. But I sure as hell couldn't tell you via the difference of colours if they taste any different.
JoeSchmoe 45 minutes ago
When my mom came in, I switched to porn
Tess Silentarrow
Tess Silentarrow 45 minutes ago
Skipper, you are a GOD
Rodrigo Ledesma
Rodrigo Ledesma 47 minutes ago
If I will the Trip to Alaska enough can the universe make it happen
ilovesparky13 48 minutes ago
Why would he prepare the chicken and pear like that? 😩
Ben Schmidt
Ben Schmidt 48 minutes ago
6:40 give this editor a medal XD
MsTheBow 49 minutes ago
Do something with SPIDERS!
DrewAJV 50 minutes ago
“I want to go noodling” Matters 2k18
gl00my kayamomme
gl00my kayamomme 52 minutes ago
eugene looks so good in this video
Mike Le
Mike Le 55 minutes ago
King crab diving
애니Mayshun Hour ago
No more chocolate recipes for Claire! Just have her make pastry stuff!!
Joejoe Jong
Joejoe Jong Hour ago
ba media crew, your audio is so much softer than what youtube ad volume is at. so when ad plays. we will go deaf. or is it just me?
Jason Mitchell
the pig is a gift from god
TheDrJonzo Hour ago
Marina del Rey
Rick : starts sautéing the onion for the pozole. Me : that's not pozole!
d williams
d williams Hour ago
zach should not use knives
Jason Mitchell
eat the whole pig
Ohgrowup1 Hour ago
This was the most entertaining video I’ve seen in a long, long time!
zane kahu
zane kahu Hour ago
Ayy, give me that S U C C E L A T E
Bruce Lim
Bruce Lim Hour ago
Anyone know what kind of equipment that is? Would like to find out what he's using to make the beef jerky.
John Connor
John Connor Hour ago
Why doesn’t she use her powers to cut the lemon ?
Marissa k
Marissa k Hour ago
Omg! thank you because I love chocolate. I appreciate it more.
Love this. Matty has to bring B-rad up to Canada.
MyNewEnemy Hour ago
Jig 'em at night!!!
stephan zenuch
brat and matty should go lobster diving with rob from deer meat for dinner.
Mr Ed
Mr Ed Hour ago
Skipper deserve his own show lol
melslatt Hour ago
Catfish is one of my favorite fish!!! Growing up in St. Louis with the Muddy Mississippi means LOTS of fried catfish on the menu!!!
Joanne Ganon
Joanne Ganon Hour ago
Man I think you look very nice less the beard and this is the first time I've seen you with short hair, it becomes you 👌 Jo Jo in VT. 💥
hystericul Hour ago
brad and matty in Iraq
Robyn S
Robyn S Hour ago
This was the cutest I feel like this when I bake too 😂
Cookie Monster
if a fish isnt suppose to be fishy then what is a fish suppose to be
Andrian Sogocio
Jeezus! This episode is heaven sent! And I feel like I'm watching those amateur swinger videos for some reason. hahahaha
Phoenix Hour ago
Funny buggers!!!
Ñîkã Gãćhã
Eugene looks great ♥️
Kasandra Annmarie
8:29 a deal with the devil was made 😈 And it was awesome
so in conclusion: im bald
the sad music while claire was wrapping her starbursts is poetic cinema
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss Hour ago
Growing up in the south I thought it was so weird when I heard people call catfish, junk fish. Then I remembered they sit in mud all day look weird as hell and covered in slime. It suddenly made sense.
Mikal Trimm
Mikal Trimm Hour ago
The new Abbot and Costello, but without a straight man. Priceless.
Andrian Sogocio
I love how the Brad's punch damaged Matty enough to have health bar reduction.
Michael Dude
Michael Dude Hour ago
2:49 you nailed a female dog? Hot...
Talia Dawn
Talia Dawn Hour ago
come visit my doggie he would love you already. mostly bc you two have very similar vibes.
Kevin Jenner Productions
Fox's Ubet is the only Chocolate Syrup me and my family use. My mom is from Brooklyn so i got that blood left in me.Hershey's can suck it
Grabbearjet Hour ago
Why doesn't this amazing woman have more videos??? Fantastic job!
Chad Carlton
Chad Carlton Hour ago
Loose the rat tail bro
NiteZtheGamer Hour ago
Yeah... "F*ck Spiders."
Panda 3
Panda 3 Hour ago
Get better Liz! We are rooting for you!
Michael Dude
Michael Dude Hour ago
big boi
Alexander Arutyunyan
Franklins barbecue has entered the chat*
Makgyver Hour ago
Foraging in the Amazon - with Brad & Matty
I think Claire should try to do jellybeans next I think it would be a very interesting video.
Alaina R
Alaina R Hour ago
it’s so interesting that his brain just goes straight past “let’s throw it in a pot and wing it”
Locane256 Hour ago
That was great!
Elliot Weir
Elliot Weir Hour ago
Going by the shorts, Matty is supporting NZ in the Rugby World Cup
Cameron 2 hours ago
Moose hunting!
Charlotte Weebie
Charlotte Weebie 2 hours ago
1:36 has me dying 😂😂😂
Emily Jean
Emily Jean 2 hours ago
Fun fact. The "m" on the "m&m's" is actually just editable paper!
zyco matic
zyco matic 2 hours ago
Matters and Brad need their own show
Murph Playa
Murph Playa 2 hours ago
*Jacksepticeye Has Entered The Chat*
Fausto Valdez
Fausto Valdez 2 hours ago
I have a crush on Carla.
amanidiotdo 2 hours ago
Andy as a guest judge on drag race, NOW
Johnny Le
Johnny Le 2 hours ago
is it healthier?
RealThor89 2 hours ago
17:35 deep fry the egg , whoa
syarifah hanyna
syarifah hanyna 2 hours ago
What the hell that ending is all about? Freaky as hell 🤣
RealThor89 2 hours ago
12:28 for the waffel egg on the cover of this video.
Bhargav Pathaneni
Bhargav Pathaneni 2 hours ago
Alaskan King Crab please!
Locane256 2 hours ago
LMAO Chris has Red Lecster PTSD
Lina Shahhal
Lina Shahhal 2 hours ago
I tried this but didn’t dig it... found the egg flavor overpowering
k_froggy 2 hours ago
I mean maybe its just me but i worked cutting fish and we never cut frozen meat. Its really bad for your knife and you are more likely to hurt yourself with your newly dull knife. He maybe just firmed it but frozen is a no go. Also n idea why you would want peanuts with beef and im a huge fan of not doing very sweet beef personally. Also you poisoned it with cilantro :p Im gunna have to try marinading and grilling brisket.
Fuhq Googel
Fuhq Googel 2 hours ago
putting the feet of the chairs ontop of the table. ugh, i can't.
Locane256 2 hours ago
I LOVE the new clear glasses Chris!
Joanne Ganon
Joanne Ganon 2 hours ago
Nice job👌