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mahchymk93 57 seconds ago
Lucas Paiva
Lucas Paiva Minute ago
My newest all-time favorite BA video, for sure! Claire and Brad are the very definition of "There's two kinds of people: ______" PERFECTION AHAHAHAH
alteisen99 2 minutes ago
Should have added sumac
Erica Sales
Erica Sales 2 minutes ago
i literally smacked my forehead when i realized brad put the filling in the wrong crust... why am i so invested
Jenn 2 minutes ago
I too have heard that Illuminati rumor Brad!
jams 2 minutes ago
chris laughing at christina’s “making or eating?” at 2:27 is the reason why i wake up in the morning
Tiny CheeseGiant
Tiny CheeseGiant 3 minutes ago
Gabby road her Harley in lol
Julian Melo
Julian Melo 3 minutes ago
Anybody else ship brad and Claire??
Erdos2m 3 minutes ago
Can we do this again but get them stoned? Their conversations would be awesome and they'd think of some creative s**t.
John Hughes
John Hughes 4 minutes ago
"Will you split the $100 with me?" "Can I keep the change?" "Dan I need more money" Let's start a GoFundMe for Claire, she's clearly broke.
4mpersand 4 minutes ago
No egg cooked in a coffee maker or kettle?
Lauren 4 minutes ago
I honestly can’t pick a favorite pie! I love almost all of them!
Sara Rodrigues
Sara Rodrigues 4 minutes ago
It’s PE-CAN.... PECAN!
Lauren 5 minutes ago
My mom and I always double the spices in our pumpkin pies.
Dani Cakes
Dani Cakes 5 minutes ago
So Claire gets stress even when she travels huh..
Kitt 5 minutes ago
Poor Claire! I wish Brad and her would've won!
Dr. Johannes Münch
Dr. Johannes Münch 5 minutes ago
Why kosher salt? Kosherness is no Italian aspect.
Susan R
Susan R 6 minutes ago
As someone who is horribly allergic to pumpkin, Carla, Chris, and Christiana's dislike of pumpkin pie makes me feel seen
Jeff Potts
Jeff Potts 7 minutes ago
Brad and Claire make pie. What could *possibly* go wrong...?
Angela Jimenez
Angela Jimenez 7 minutes ago
46 minutes of Claire and Brad 👏🏻👏🏻
Marlene Ortega
Marlene Ortega 7 minutes ago
It's nice to see you use Tito's vodka my daughter's boyfriend works there here in Texas
mars asmr
mars asmr 7 minutes ago
Brad and Claire not knowing common sayings for 46 minutes straight
Erich Wiessner
Erich Wiessner 7 minutes ago
You may have lost at pie but you are all aces with my ♥
michelle l
michelle l 7 minutes ago
me being allergic to hazelnuts got anxiety/ nauseous looking at it hhahaha. still a nice video thought
hans 8 minutes ago
40:04 I have some years left to call myself a young adult.
Stella Simpson
Stella Simpson 8 minutes ago
I was just thinking of making a Thanksgiving pie this weekend!
Calibunny Cosplay
Calibunny Cosplay 8 minutes ago
3 hours till your flight and you weren’t even done making your pies? Bro I would’ve been freaking O U T
nicholas mays
nicholas mays 8 minutes ago
Am I the only one bothered by how they pronounce “Pee-CAN” ? Lol. They keep saying “p’Kawn”
Renee Nene
Renee Nene 9 minutes ago
Is Clair a Virgo??? ::edit:: Just looked it up and she is 😂
username 6389
username 6389 9 minutes ago
Maybe they should've tried to make Potato Soup, then they might've accidentally made Mashed Potato
Ima KeepItReal
Ima KeepItReal 9 minutes ago
I wanna Brad to make me a cream pie😍
Rebekah Hildebrand
Rebekah Hildebrand 9 minutes ago
Their plane must have smelled amazing.
Sam Frybyte
Sam Frybyte 10 minutes ago
did anyone else remark that libby's pumpkin is butternut squash? because it is.
Frida Álvarez
Frida Álvarez 10 minutes ago
02:25 The Claire meme
Josh 1781
Josh 1781 10 minutes ago
Should have took a chocolate cream pie or regular pecan lol
Gabrielle Toborg
Gabrielle Toborg 11 minutes ago
Try 1857 Vodka for your pie crust! It's farm-to-bottle, made in upstate NY and you can buy it right there at the farmers market.
JuiceJive 11 minutes ago
I wanted to see the score sheets.
Haley Jo
Haley Jo 11 minutes ago
“Does it look as chaotic as it feels?” 😂🤣
Avery Cee
Avery Cee 11 minutes ago
Claire not wanting to donate the competition winnings to charity lol
Dan Carruthers
Dan Carruthers 12 minutes ago
This episode is my WrestleMania
Layna Daniel
Layna Daniel 13 minutes ago
Thoes kids were in my teachers class
Rhodri Lewis
Rhodri Lewis 13 minutes ago
So stressed watching this
Strawberry Milk Tae
Strawberry Milk Tae 14 minutes ago
Who ever edited this is a *god*
J D 14 minutes ago
brad and claires first date <3
coleeg69 14 minutes ago
You can't go wrong with a Pumpkin Pie even if its a cheap one. You can't cheap out Pecan Pie.
Ale Amézquita
Ale Amézquita 14 minutes ago
did claire just talk about sapping things up with a biscuit? Latrice royale would aprove
davyinatoga 14 minutes ago
> Brad makes pie > no meat > no fermenting What is this?????
davyinatoga 11 minutes ago
oh wait cultured butter nvm my dumb face
Max Castillon
Max Castillon 15 minutes ago
Claire stressfully bossing brad around for 45 min straight
dylan bridges
dylan bridges 15 minutes ago
We gonna make some babby q sauce
animefreak5219 15 minutes ago
LMAO "Claire, you've changed!"
Zane G. Pergram
Zane G. Pergram 16 minutes ago
my sauce broke terribly once I added the cheese and I couldnt get it to come back together for the life of me ... it was still delicious because I salted the water. - sad college student who probably just rushed through the recipe.
Zane G. Pergram
Zane G. Pergram 15 minutes ago
added all the cheese at once....
Will Cockrell
Will Cockrell 16 minutes ago
"Losers don't get turkey legs, Claire." needs to go on a shirt.
izzybeth 17 minutes ago
me, before even starting this video: forty-five minutes of Claire and Brad making pie?!? *expires in delight* me, after watching this video: dead, I am dead, I am so happy (but also PEE-kahn)
Earlette Blankens
Earlette Blankens 17 minutes ago
Brad: “oh that’s it” Claire: “oh... 😐 yeah it smells good..”
Teyanna Nelson
Teyanna Nelson 17 minutes ago
We don’t deserve you Claire 😭😭❤️
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey 18 minutes ago
We always cooked the canned filling on the stove top or in the oven first to remove more moisture before using in the pie recipe.
Wanabesam123 19 minutes ago
I ship it
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson 19 minutes ago
Title “Professional chefs can’t win Colorado pie contest”
TheTodsBread 19 minutes ago
How is Brad not wearing any shoes in a kitchen?!? At 6:00.
Sir Penguin The 15th
Sir Penguin The 15th 19 minutes ago
You're Both Winners in our Hearts Claire and Brad!!
Mallory Kane
Mallory Kane 19 minutes ago
stop touching the cooked pumpkin/pecan pie crust edge claire! lol
Daisy Dottie
Daisy Dottie 19 minutes ago
i could watch 100 hours of claire and brad having fun at the fair
MelonKingz 20 minutes ago
At BA meeting: How do we get more views? Some clever peeps: PUT CLAIRE ON EVERYTHING!!! I love to see Claire more hehe
Lovely Roblox Lady
Lovely Roblox Lady 20 minutes ago
*cris smiles at camera* Me: Starts to cry of,laughter
Jeffrey BIrkholz
Jeffrey BIrkholz 21 minute ago
Why is no one talking about Brad’s incredible eyes...
Sun Block
Sun Block 17 minutes ago
I'll talk about them! They're pretty :)
Ilich Rivas
Ilich Rivas 21 minute ago
Brad: It has two dual fans in it, we've really upgraded it. Claire: It's so FAN-cy Me: *dies of what a good UNNOTICED pun that was* Also me: *types while dead on great pun*
Millie Wong
Millie Wong 21 minute ago
Oof, the BA production team loves to make Claire suffer
Tony Lone Fight
Tony Lone Fight 22 minutes ago
Sorry you didn't win! But it was a wonderful episode, I love Brad and Claire together!!! Especially under the gun, or is it knife?
Josh 22 minutes ago
I love chicken.
bruh 22 minutes ago
I love her
Valerie Sutton
Valerie Sutton 22 minutes ago
You need to add a little mace spice to your pumpkin pie! It makes a world of difference
Alice Lin
Alice Lin 23 minutes ago
Spoiler** They lost
Ernest Suarez
Ernest Suarez 23 minutes ago
Are Brad and Clair a thing?????
Jill Hileman
Jill Hileman 24 minutes ago
@25:32 under the knife would just be surgery. I’m crying! 🤣
Bart Hancock
Bart Hancock 24 minutes ago
Did we witness the origins of Brad’s wide brim hat?
thrisbt1 24 minutes ago
wait just a minute - i'd like to know what kind of pies won - what could possibly beat marzipan-cherry-streussel ? ...politician judges that's what
Laura Turner
Laura Turner 24 minutes ago
Young Adults, ages 19-59!!
no name
no name 25 minutes ago
The only good bag is the purple bag
Mary Kozakura
Mary Kozakura 25 minutes ago
Dang they got beaten and they were probably the best BA test kitchen has to offer...
greenyawgmoth 25 minutes ago
Brad: We're all winners in this! Claire: *undiluted contempt* Oh Claire. This is why we love you.
Nathaniel Reyes
Nathaniel Reyes 25 minutes ago
Sophie Frances
Sophie Frances 26 minutes ago
Based Jason
Based Jason 28 minutes ago
I'd like to see claire in a restaurant. She's almost at meltdown watching 4 pie crusts....i can't imagine if she had to do 50 at a time
Elle King
Elle King 28 minutes ago
David Pletsch
David Pletsch 28 minutes ago
Anyone else wondering how they got 4 pies through TSA? That's a whole lot more than 4 oz of unmarked, unidentifiable liquid.
eruzz 29 minutes ago
Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight?!?!?
Mark Walter
Mark Walter 29 minutes ago
I love both of these two humans so much
s h
s h 29 minutes ago
make the pumpkin pie like normal and just brule the top. ezpz thats your champion right there
Backup Account
Backup Account 30 minutes ago
Them THESE KILL PEOPLE Me Dam guess I'm dead
Fluffy Socks
Fluffy Socks 30 minutes ago
Takis have small grill marks so maybe they are put in the stove
Paul Warelis
Paul Warelis 30 minutes ago
There's a lot of chemistry going on here
Murraya Macaraeg
Murraya Macaraeg 30 minutes ago
claire's stress was making me stressed
J A 31 minute ago
If you change the speed to .75, Claire sounds normal and Brad sounds hopelessly stoned.
M_and655 31 minute ago
Wait a minute the first ten seconds Bobby makes fun of my dude :(
lover boy
lover boy 32 minutes ago
I thought brad wasn’t wearing shoes...
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey 32 minutes ago
Pie winning... "belt" ...?...!
Jen S
Jen S 32 minutes ago
Please do Captain Crunch! I would love to see you replicate that slimy texture and dagger edges that destroy the roof of your mouth. Ahh, childhood!
Ethan Jamison
Ethan Jamison 33 minutes ago
Brad straight cheesin with those ladies at the end made my day 🤣🤣
David Mansfield
David Mansfield 33 minutes ago
Where can I get shoes like Brad?
Damaged Industries
Damaged Industries 34 minutes ago