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AJ Playz
AJ Playz 13 hours ago
Am I the only one that knew you could open the door at the airport
Wassi 13 hours ago
`When did you start playing? 👍 : Season: 0 - 4 💬 : Season: 5 - 10 My videos are inspired by Ceeday’s and Fe4RLess’ ~
used rag
used rag 13 hours ago
Hey man my fam having a ruf time and im 12 im trying to get big and start making monney on youtube so can pls have a shoutout next vid
imran afsar
imran afsar 13 hours ago
4:54....that aged well
Riva_Guyz 13 hours ago
He did get his money back tho
DaVon Preacher
DaVon Preacher 14 hours ago
My hopes will die
Kareem Attia
Kareem Attia 14 hours ago
more of this please😂😂
Jace Tracy
Jace Tracy 14 hours ago
Every time marcel plays w puffer the video always has better edits😂
itsreallyjoshua 10
itsreallyjoshua 10 14 hours ago
u should stream on twitch again 👍
magmaknife101 03
magmaknife101 03 14 hours ago
At 5:46 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 basically said backflip
Blink 14 hours ago
aaayeee good stuff man 😁 you've got sum amazing uploads honestly keep uploading and you'll do verry verrry good cheers brotha 😃
Mechanic -ish
Mechanic -ish 14 hours ago
6:10 gold
daniel pham
daniel pham 14 hours ago
"I'm around the corner!" Marcel: slowly and casually walks back around the corner
destroyer of humans
destroyer of humans 14 hours ago
But puffer never loses gulag though
SoSimple 15 hours ago
Two years to get the lmg out
Andrew Isais
Andrew Isais 15 hours ago
Marcel i did the same thing with that movie it’s my favorite movie and i made my cap that quote
Pandiz 15 hours ago
Courage did get his money back i watched his video.
Tre' Runyon
Tre' Runyon 15 hours ago
so confession time, I actually used to go on Craigslist to find dick... So I can relate.
Zuky / Masquerade
Zuky / Masquerade 15 hours ago
6:17 ..... Thanks Jiggly I was enjoying my meal but now I've lost my appetite.....
Brandon Cortez
Brandon Cortez 15 hours ago
Sometime marcel kills me 😂😂😂
SippyZ 15 hours ago
wait, is puffer marcel's editor?
M1YAK2 15 hours ago
2:24 God, I got a wave of nostalgia here.
Tamir Johnson
Tamir Johnson 15 hours ago
BiggieSmallNut 15 hours ago
Load out specs?
Generic NPC
Generic NPC 15 hours ago
Marcel letting us in on his kinks of being a runaway slave
Turbskii Addicted462
Absolutely fucking amazing😂😂😂🤘🤘
VexxQz 16 hours ago
*gets shot* Marcel: Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! AAAAAHHH! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me! Help me Oprah Winfrey!
Kaptain K. F00L
Kaptain K. F00L 16 hours ago
Marcel: F**k you puffer! Me: Love you Puffer.
Jage 16 hours ago
We need more of this please!!
psychobeam99 16 hours ago
Happy to see my two favorite angry ass RUvidrs and GTA come back at least for Courage.
Dbaaaj_76 16 hours ago
Tip I learned from getting the shield gold: aim your shield at the explosive and it won’t do any damage
Fabian 16 hours ago
0:13 where have I heard that before I swear it's from a move or something. 😂😂
Pajko Gaming
Pajko Gaming 16 hours ago
great vid hahaha I love it, cool haha
Skrt Clan
Skrt Clan 16 hours ago
What kind of attachments do You use on your Grau Marcel??
Andres 16 hours ago
So thats what puffer looks like
Jackson McLaughlin
Jackson McLaughlin 17 hours ago
What optic does he use on his grau??
AGuyWhoSwims 17 hours ago
I was waiting for the realization that he didn’t press record lol
Fue Xiong
Fue Xiong 17 hours ago
Marcus Cullen
Marcus Cullen 17 hours ago
You really can’t do big boy things can you🤣
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 17 hours ago
How I felt when I taught my friend how to play cod😂🤣🤣
JohnIs_Trash 17 hours ago
I enjoyed this video very much :)
mexicutinor #69_420
mexicutinor #69_420 17 hours ago
who else excited for tommorrow cod season 4 price the operater
Guns, Games, And Guts
Enemy: Aims their pistol at Marcel’s head for the best damage output. Marcel: This game is racist.
Nigel Persulessy
Nigel Persulessy 17 hours ago
Marcel is having a great time
Choobs23 18 hours ago
Why puffer sound like a younger ninja 😂
Bennett Fleming
Bennett Fleming 18 hours ago
I call what you call ihop Waffle House lmao
Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS
5:54 Boss Baby Jesus
MaxGamez :I
MaxGamez :I 18 hours ago
The thumbnail looks like something out of Ren and Stimpy
GR1M R33F3R343
GR1M R33F3R343 18 hours ago
I'm ArOuNd ThE cOrNeR bullet pen exists any weapon in game can pen through a wall as thin as that if they couldn't it be like shooting an airsoft gun at a helicopter expecting something to happen
Scott Nunnemaker
Scott Nunnemaker 18 hours ago
This is the one challenge I’m actually good at in most BR games, I can usually get at least top 3 with 0 kills, but then I finally get a kill(because I’m not actually going for no kills, I’m just trash) or I die.
Isabella Johnson
Isabella Johnson 18 hours ago
puffer is ur editor...... HUH
Gavin Yarnell
Gavin Yarnell 18 hours ago
Can u play fn with me plz it will make my life
Treveon Shell
Treveon Shell 18 hours ago
" your dad a real as ni**a then i didn't know " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ( 2:22 tho 2:28 )
Cole Jory
Cole Jory 18 hours ago
(6:44) director’s cut tho?
Lazer Ghost
Lazer Ghost 18 hours ago
I love how the last like 4 minutes of the video they were talking about pokemon that was great 😂
hotdoglessy 19 hours ago
As a fellow Lester all I have to say is, STOP CALLING ME
Jesse Le strat
Jesse Le strat 19 hours ago
Never knew puffer was a Latino lesbian woman
Andy FTW
Andy FTW 19 hours ago
Marcel : this game is racist Me : bro, every game racist
ThatOneGuy -
ThatOneGuy - 19 hours ago
Dad: outside the room Me: 4:11
X-Plosive _Rage_
X-Plosive _Rage_ 19 hours ago
Basically: I like being hunted ghosts, baby.
Joedirt 927
Joedirt 927 19 hours ago
Have on E.O.D. when you have a riot shield
Ari wahyu
Ari wahyu 19 hours ago
1:29 Watch marcel lost
LeBigLebowskii 19 hours ago
Lol @ commentary
Gorkem Yildiz
Gorkem Yildiz 19 hours ago
this guy said im dying and started swimming down
Dead Merchant
Dead Merchant 19 hours ago
Y'all shoulda run restock lol
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 19 hours ago
Team wipe team wipe push in push in 😂😂😂😂 moving in
Russian Man
Russian Man 19 hours ago
I love courage's reaction to da animated tiddies
theblackndsage 20 hours ago
1:00 racist cops in a nutshell
Carter Grimes
Carter Grimes 20 hours ago
I remember when puffer was just a friend. :(
Matticus Madness
Matticus Madness 20 hours ago
For anyone back to this video, for the villager setup, here’s a fun fact. In Java Edition at least, if you heal a Zombie Villager (Potion of Weakness, then Golden Apple), And give it a job block, employing it, it will give you a permanent discount. Some trades that call 5 or 6 of an item for an Emerald, will reduce to 1 or 2, with a maximum of 2 of an item, per Emerald. Other trades tend to drop by about a third on the cost, going as high as (if research is correct) the villager permanently dropping to a 25% discount. Trading enough with them, and having ‘Hero of the Village’, will raise their discount higher. I’ve seen 36 Emerald Bell costs, drop to about 5 - 10 Emeralds, with a strong enough ‘Hero of the Village’, combined with giving a job to a villager that you saved. TLDR, go heal a Zombie Villager, and give ‘em a job, for reduced prices. Stack it with ‘Hero of the Village’, for *very large* discounts.
HYDRO - PLAGUE 20 hours ago
4:17 😂
Hunter Cobb
Hunter Cobb 20 hours ago
he wasn’t kidding when he said puffer is dead the entire time
Leopard Plays
Leopard Plays 20 hours ago
Press f to pay respects to the destroyed building
Te Dogg
Te Dogg 20 hours ago
Leopard Plays
Leopard Plays 20 hours ago
Press f to pay respects to Kevin the cube
Younis Massy
Younis Massy 20 hours ago
Yo gumball is my favourite show on cartoon network
Leopard Plays
Leopard Plays 20 hours ago
Press f to pay respects to factories and dusty depot
Wyatt Dugan
Wyatt Dugan 20 hours ago
Can we agree that these thumbnails are the best ones. Whoever makes these is da best.
darkpancake 313
darkpancake 313 20 hours ago
7:36 Marcel these kids!! Also Marcel shoots rockets down at people doing the same thing in other videos
Darrell Ioane
Darrell Ioane 20 hours ago
when gumball said im gonna beat u dude i got the freshist moves he lost INSTANT KARAMA
Cephalon Simaris
Cephalon Simaris 20 hours ago
The loadout crate fluffing scared me to death
decimation outlast
decimation outlast 20 hours ago
7:37 ??????
Ricardo Perez
Ricardo Perez 20 hours ago
Ricky Bobby. If you ain’t 1st you’re last💀. Very good movie 😂
Jackson Charles
Jackson Charles 20 hours ago
I miss using pistols in the gulag the ars and smgs take two seconds and it’s so boring and I jump shot on them and then. They just stand still aim botting me
Jed Aders
Jed Aders 21 hour ago
Where's the rematch? We're waiting.
Murk Mafia
Murk Mafia 21 hour ago
I like your editor more than Jack
PL c81hoggy
PL c81hoggy 21 hour ago
Hey marcel are you able to make a gta series with jack and Tyler and upload a gta vid like once a week?
Salma Khaled
Salma Khaled 21 hour ago
the edit on the LMG moment made me laugh out loud actually😂
Jose Marconi Yap
Jose Marconi Yap 21 hour ago
turd mobile
•Sleepy Snorlax•
Ngl Marcel would be a fun person to be with
Strafe 21 hour ago
i thought this was shroud because of the thumbnail then i got sad
Chris Spangler
Chris Spangler 21 hour ago
Yo I've called that blue building IHOP since warzone came out... I feel special
Noble Society
Noble Society 21 hour ago
Good upload 👏
Nahte152 21 hour ago
Today is the day I found out that Puffer was his editor.
destiny UwU
destiny UwU 21 hour ago
lowkey 2020 where u at
Emo Tv
Emo Tv 21 hour ago
Who's here watching in 2027?
Taylor Mason
Taylor Mason 22 hours ago
Why dont you upload fortnite as much as you used to
Sebatron 02
Sebatron 02 22 hours ago
Marcel if you're reading this I had this dumb warzone challenge idea in which every time you kill someone you have to drop everything you have and only use the loot from your last kill. So like after every kill you have to drop all your gear and take the loot from your last kill. I don't play the game since i only hv a switch but i think it would be a fun video.
Diamondback 818
Diamondback 818 22 hours ago
Wtf I've been calling that place IHOP since the longest
SkillShot Gaming
SkillShot Gaming 22 hours ago
Smii7y: *cracks when he play warzone sometimes* Also Smii7y: I suck at this game.