Hi! I'm Marcel, also known as BasicallyIDoWrk. Welcome to my channel! Comedy gaming videos posted every other day.
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn Hour ago
Scream more next time
Gage Cyrus
Gage Cyrus Hour ago
Would rather watch legion for the rest of my life than watch 1 ninja video
rhys mooney
rhys mooney Hour ago
You dont need the third keycard
Marco Barreto
Marco Barreto Hour ago
I seen that three way deadlock😂😂
Giselle Alvarez
Giselle Alvarez 2 hours ago
The last game put me in the edge of my SEAT🤯😂
Kool_kid Plays
Kool_kid Plays 2 hours ago
I have a challenge marcel!!!! Win a game without using plates IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
Majikk 2 hours ago
Mp7: merc forgrip, 5mW laser, mono suppressor, no stock, 60 rounds.
Amari Spearman
Amari Spearman 2 hours ago
so this is new Fortnite
The Real Boogieman
The Real Boogieman 2 hours ago
You don’t need all of the cards you can just use the numbers you have and keep guessing the others till the last door opens
jbayardo77 2 hours ago
The glizzy will forever follow you. You cannot escape it Marcel
Frost Gpg
Frost Gpg 2 hours ago
Idk what is the issue its not that hard
Ghost Murderer
Ghost Murderer 2 hours ago
Love the part where he said “just stone cold stunner him “
Migan Diaz
Migan Diaz 2 hours ago
16:08 that safe!!!
Kory Peterson
Kory Peterson 2 hours ago
2 crows with 1 brick
visaulsubset7 /visaul
Did they call kyerum giratina
Robert Del Rosario
Robert Del Rosario 3 hours ago
I love how serious these guys are playing Fall Guys, too funny! XD
MobileGamer Nick
MobileGamer Nick 3 hours ago
My dream right here!
Defectum 3 hours ago
Another day, another time of raging and confidence with the team
BBallDan25 3 hours ago
When you know you only need 2 cards this video becomes more depressing
Call Me Moon
Call Me Moon 3 hours ago
I am the most recent comment
Nilay Pandey
Nilay Pandey 4 hours ago
Marcel be like in fall guys: goddamn I'm gonna kali stick you
Ghosts 1234S3
Ghosts 1234S3 4 hours ago
Quentin Hills
Quentin Hills 4 hours ago
Bro y'all suck at this game 🤣 🤣
L Kellz
L Kellz 4 hours ago
Your halo recreation just unlocked so many memories
Owl Nerd
Owl Nerd 4 hours ago
get the fuckadafuck
BlackIce01 4 hours ago
Dustin Makimoto
Dustin Makimoto 5 hours ago
Those balloon claws tho, they were pretty fuckin dope
MrAwesomeGamer99 5 hours ago
Who's gonna tell these guys that u can just brute force the last number lol
Ryan Batrez
Ryan Batrez 5 hours ago
Fall guyyyyy
Shorox 5 hours ago
Kabuki uchiha
Kabuki uchiha 5 hours ago
5:17 but then you realize smii7y has more subscribers then courage 🤯
WillP43 5 hours ago
How do you get names to show up mine is just fallguy 6917
Anthony Simpson
Anthony Simpson 5 hours ago
Didn’t even kno you tubers did this either is funny 😂😂😂😂
haroon iqbal
haroon iqbal 5 hours ago
Done it already
michael timmer
michael timmer 5 hours ago
I’ve found a keypad in the bunker by prison
Nicky Stevens
Nicky Stevens 6 hours ago
That moment when your with @basicallyidowrk dad right now
RK_ NAGAN 6 hours ago
At beginning he said that he’ll be able to hit us for 20 damage I guess that work paid off
Shadic The hedgehog
Basically does your account basicallyIdowrk have ducts on it
Infinite Ace
Infinite Ace 7 hours ago
I struggle to do solo content on this game as I focus too hard, would like to try playing with others so if you would like to play hit me up on Instagram @theinfiniteace I’m 21 so preferably adults, who don’t mind being in videos! Thanks
GamerWolf Roblox
GamerWolf Roblox 7 hours ago
JunkyJanker Really get the job done
Ryan Vess
Ryan Vess 7 hours ago
The weapon glitch, daedric weapons.
Arca Nem
Arca Nem 7 hours ago
When you guys were holding down that last dude in the tail game, i fuckin lost it
Luca Lamioni
Luca Lamioni 8 hours ago
00:00 XD fail
xxJUDASxx [Tiffness270]
That bullying at the end had me dead asf 😂
Agentt9990 8 hours ago
Guys please go to sleep
NuGGeT 8 hours ago
when u play animal crossing for two weeks and see thousands of bells but its nothing to u " das noob amount"
Caiden Nguyen
Caiden Nguyen 8 hours ago
Marcel’s laugh makes my day every single time
Caiden Nguyen
Caiden Nguyen 8 hours ago
Marcel’s laugh makes me happy
Charles Haynes
Charles Haynes 8 hours ago
I like your video and stream and keep up the good work🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Owen McAdams
Owen McAdams 8 hours ago
Use facecam
Owen McAdams
Owen McAdams 8 hours ago
Use facecam
Nick anthony
Nick anthony 8 hours ago
I don't owe anybody anymore with the help of, *e z b i g p a y .c o m*
Cpt. Tester
Cpt. Tester 8 hours ago
Can I get a waffle?! Good memories
Murk Mafia1
Murk Mafia1 8 hours ago
I literally died laughing at the glitch at the end. Dont know how I wrote this comment either!
Dr. Tuxedo
Dr. Tuxedo 8 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Smii7y quoted team fabulous at 9:03?
Jacob Christensen
Jacob Christensen 8 hours ago
We just aren’t going to talk bout the milk bag cheating?
PHANTOM 3RD 9 hours ago
It's so goood
Hajime Komaeda
Hajime Komaeda 9 hours ago
Is anyone even talking about the Team Fabulous 2 reference at 9:04?
Bailey Knight
Bailey Knight 9 hours ago
I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Vendetta Dark
Vendetta Dark 9 hours ago
Season 5 is a bunch of garbage
Abdulrahman Mohammed
A demi gorgon!?!?
Alpha Arron
Alpha Arron 9 hours ago
“The guy with the metal leg” marcel said me “ummmmm you ment Alex right “
Scott Mackay
Scott Mackay 9 hours ago
Red access cards are plunder only
J Mir Hairston
J Mir Hairston 9 hours ago
Marcel made me play warzone again
RedShadow 9 hours ago
i love the team fabulous 2 reference smii7y made
Owl Nerd
Owl Nerd 10 hours ago
2:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
it your boi joey
it your boi joey 10 hours ago
Here come the fanfiction 😒
Xxgalaxy gamingxX
Xxgalaxy gamingxX 10 hours ago
3:43 best basicallyidowrk laugh ever XD
NuGGeT 10 hours ago
bruh u put ur house were my sister put hers
TheDragonSlayer2.0 10 hours ago
You can do it with 2 cards
Xxgalaxy gamingxX
Xxgalaxy gamingxX 10 hours ago
What song is that in the battle
Brendan Wolf
Brendan Wolf 10 hours ago
I love the sniping sound 😂
Tingling Berries
Tingling Berries 10 hours ago
I think since you posted this video, people have been grabbing so much more it's insane.
mark illem
mark illem 10 hours ago
he say no homo when he said give me that a$$ boy
Dire Squad
Dire Squad 10 hours ago
None of ya better stream today for kicking nogla’s strram just now
some ferret on the Internet
I find it sad that losers already found a way to cheat in this amazing game
Merk_Ariusx 10 hours ago
Me and my friends completed it with two cards and you have to make the symbols into numbers
Nesta Sharpley
Nesta Sharpley 10 hours ago
11:30 is so so funny I want this game
Sakumo Uchiha
Sakumo Uchiha 10 hours ago
I love marcels reaction here 3:44 I'm dead ass on the ground xD
Xx_GodLikeTrash 11 hours ago
Just dive through the middle windmill