Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard
Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince
Susan McCormack
Susan McCormack 24 minutes ago
It's funny that I got a Wish ad before the video played
Tillie Booth-Heidinger
Tillie Booth-Heidinger 37 minutes ago
Anne Marie: I want everything to be nice and smooth here. Safiya: WaAaAaAaAaA wAaAaAaAaAaAaA
ghetto peppa with a knife
If my wedding isn't as extra, sappy, fantabulous, beautiful, hilarious, interesting, insane, fun, and just overall perfect as theirs *I don't want it*
Aiana Leigh
Aiana Leigh 39 minutes ago
Surprise I'm a new subscriber
Aiana Leigh
Aiana Leigh 40 minutes ago
And CEO of alright~~
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Are u Indian? Pls ans to my question
Aiana Leigh
Aiana Leigh 44 minutes ago
CEO of ok~
Nawfa Khan
Nawfa Khan 50 minutes ago
anyone peep shane at 22:45 ?
Suryanarayanan Jayaraman
Goat Cat
Goat Cat 54 minutes ago
Wh-why is no one talking about Safiya’s phone sweating?!!??!
Debjani Dutta
Debjani Dutta 57 minutes ago
me as a Blink Smiles whenever Blackpink comes up
To_the_moon_and_back !
Me:Green tea helps your pores???? Also Me:*pores hot green tea on my skin and smiles*
Eddie Galusi
Eddie Galusi Hour ago
Did you know you could use ribord to get stamina’s ribiox rolosmex’s attention! Just insanely Manet install it!
Alison Melton
Alison Melton Hour ago
Jokes on the 7/11 lady, she could've been RUvid famous
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari Hour ago
Is safiya still gonna like bats after what they did I’m talking about corona if you didn’t get it
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari Hour ago
No one Literally no one Absolutely literally no one Anne Marie. PEAK
Myra Glass
Myra Glass Hour ago
Myra Glass
Myra Glass Hour ago
ooofly Hour ago
5:44 you see that white crop top with blue and red sleeves? yeah i have that am i cool yet 😎👽
Bella E
Bella E Hour ago
I think we need a collab with the infamous Anne Marie herself
Catherine DeBry
If anybody has used these do are they like cramp friendly
furby boom mix up
furby boom mix up 2 hours ago
I got so... Well almost mad when they did a blue and yellow and when they said they work together I was like nooooo those are my school colors
kylee pricc0
kylee pricc0 2 hours ago
you need to post more please I love your channel
Eliza Hamilton
Eliza Hamilton 2 hours ago
Samantha Louise
Samantha Louise 2 hours ago
Right under your video I got an ad for dresses. One dress resembled your white wedding dress and the other resembled your black reception dress.
AngelaDiaz74 2 hours ago
Oh you’re not hating
juliana bastuba
juliana bastuba 2 hours ago
Yaaaayyy she's back!!!
Grace Gartner
Grace Gartner 2 hours ago
Everyone else:*enjoying the video* Me:why is your frindge empty
Mya Danielle
Mya Danielle 2 hours ago
watching this two years after it came out and when she said the brand name massimo i thought of the character from 365 days
Mermaid Magic
Mermaid Magic 2 hours ago
Few months later and it is still up
lunamoonbaboon 18
lunamoonbaboon 18 2 hours ago
Safiya nygaard: SMASH! deku:....but that's my line
Sheryl Z
Sheryl Z 2 hours ago
I watched all my subscription videos, got fed up with everything on my home page and RUvid in general. Came to watch Safiya again to try to restore my sanity.
Steff L
Steff L 2 hours ago
I got quickbook on this video lol
Dolan Twins Simp
Dolan Twins Simp 2 hours ago
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 2 hours ago
2:14 That dog is my spirit animal
emerald Gacha
emerald Gacha 2 hours ago
you mean the LIE cause the cupcakes are LYING about being edible
Lailynn Gentry
Lailynn Gentry 2 hours ago
Safiya why do you always film at night pls comment and tell me
Ds wolf
Ds wolf 2 hours ago
Why don't you give them to your subscribers 🥺🥺
Skyyge_Sombre 2 hours ago
She sounds like Scorpia from She-ra and The Princess of Power
Isabel Storozyk
Isabel Storozyk 2 hours ago
How much did this cost????
madii hills
madii hills 2 hours ago
19:08 oh my god they look like the cupcake-inator cupcakes from the live action cat in the hat movie
emerald Gacha
emerald Gacha 2 hours ago
all hail weirdo queen safiya LONG LIVE WEIRDO QUEEN SAFIYA!!
MY Online REVIEW 3 hours ago
450?? You can get that P800 each which is like $15 US each
Rachael Rhew
Rachael Rhew 3 hours ago
I don't agree with putting the pads on your face but I think the pads she used are like beginners pads they're thinner and smaller
Stacey Nicole
Stacey Nicole 3 hours ago
Balenciaga is weeping over their beach day lol
Stacey Nicole
Stacey Nicole 3 hours ago
The timing of the sirens lol
MY Online REVIEW 3 hours ago
In the philippines is more cheaper than honh kong
FAM CRUZLUGO 3 hours ago
Someone help I think I just gave birth to a jellyfish
iiEllaThe Gamer
iiEllaThe Gamer 3 hours ago
I had to wear that type of lipstick for a dance team thing. AND ITS HORRIBLE!! IT HURTS SO BAD, when you put it on! I feel your pain Safiya. :(
Stacey Nicole
Stacey Nicole 3 hours ago
Why are all of the outfits so cute?!
Stacey Nicole
Stacey Nicole 3 hours ago
I take it back... that last outfit... wooo
Maudie L. Heideman
Maudie L. Heideman 3 hours ago
The worst part about the skirt smelling like a pool is chlorine is roughly scentless it's the chemical reaction between pee and chlorine that makes the strong pool scent
Nath 87
Nath 87 3 hours ago
It could be interesting if you could make a video about the history of nail polish 🤔
good bye
good bye 3 hours ago
What am I? I got no butt, big thighs, bigger boobs, broad shoulders, my left side has curves, my right side goes in, then out, then in, then there are my thighs.
lari and Emily family
Give a like if you had your period at 8 or 9 if you did we are locky because you will stop your period soon
Wolf Pup
Wolf Pup 3 hours ago
The glam outfit Safs jacket looks like Harley Quinn’s jacket in the new movie
HiYesHello 3 hours ago
This is my first time watching this youtuber but is it just me or she looks like laurenZside in the thumbnail??
Wolf Pup
Wolf Pup 3 hours ago
Frank’n polish
suzy686868 3 hours ago
i was a teenager in the 80's you forgot the mullet haircut!!!
Thewaterspirit57 4 hours ago
Absolutely amazing~ Honestly the creators of the music/ whatever other copyright holders should forever keeps this up, just because of how amazing this recreation is :3
Ava Grace
Ava Grace 4 hours ago
Tyler hyping her up the whole way through is absolutely everything
Gekki Gia
Gekki Gia 4 hours ago
I never realise how hyper these two are until we see them with other people XD But maybe it's just because the other people arent as comfortable in front of a camera
Choreftria The Circus Dancer
Why do I now think boys look hot in lipstick?
Molly Mace
Molly Mace 4 hours ago
Erin Dewar
Erin Dewar 4 hours ago
2:36 if he saw this video, he would sue Safiya She did him dirty
Bk Gaming
Bk Gaming 4 hours ago
I'm offended cus i didn't see james' palette
Molly Hall
Molly Hall 4 hours ago
Lol I meant different blushes not bushes
Renuka G
Renuka G 4 hours ago
If your nose gets clogged from all the scents just smell a jar of coffe beans. They do this in perfume shops
McKenzie Martin
McKenzie Martin 4 hours ago
Definitely a scam
Molly Hall
Molly Hall 4 hours ago
You should mix different kinds of bushes together in one video. In a another video you should mix different highlighters together.
Krystan Bennett
Krystan Bennett 4 hours ago
Can someone please help me. I’m 15 and I am using the diva cup. I am pretty sure it’s in right because it slides right in and feels like it in right but I got the diva cup size one. Is that size too big for me? Because it’s uncomfortable and I can feel it and when I walk sometimes it hurts. What do you think is the problem?
Mackenzie Locke
Mackenzie Locke 4 hours ago
My eyes hurt Oh you looked I took your time hahahaha
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 4 hours ago
RUvid: posted 1 year ago Me but it was posted in 2018
Scoop92 5 hours ago
The lack of Nigel Thornberry "smashing" gifs is a bit disappointing XD
d disher
d disher 5 hours ago
What is a drugstore
Molly Hall
Molly Hall 5 hours ago
You should mix together blushes from whatever company
Micheal Badtke
Micheal Badtke 5 hours ago
Frankenphora Eyeshadow???
GabbyGamer 5 hours ago
idk why but I was mildly surprised to see that dope or nope clip at the end or should I say... matthias?
Maddie_ Kneecaps
Maddie_ Kneecaps 5 hours ago
Fun fact: Chlorine doesn’t have a scent, and if it does it’s very faint. The chemical in our pee and the chlorine mixing creates that signiture “Pool scent”. In summary: you have piss on your skirt
Chelsey S.
Chelsey S. 5 hours ago
Tyler = Ultimate Hype Man. We all need one in our lives.
Anonymous _
Anonymous _ 5 hours ago
Safyia in a harness just hits different 👀👀 gayyypannicccc
Madi Mae Meyer
Madi Mae Meyer 5 hours ago
I think Saf inhaled too many toxins from the lip sticks
Cathy Quimos Mangubat.
I want to tell you that your like morhia Elizabeth cuz your acting looks so same
Sofie Clements
Sofie Clements 5 hours ago
This is literally my dream wedding in a video you all did great
Piper9809 5 hours ago
Miss A's beauty blenders are incredible actually
Molly Cushman
Molly Cushman 5 hours ago
Why did anyone dislike this video? some people are weird......Also love your vids Saf! and I still fail to spell your name, so now in mind you are just "Saf".
Angelie 6 hours ago
vsco girls watching this be like: 🔥👄🔥🔪
Treacer Wolf101
Treacer Wolf101 6 hours ago
It feels weird to hear Gibi talk and see her legs.
Halfpack vlogs
Halfpack vlogs 6 hours ago
Saf could pull of anything 😂
Margaret Pelcher
Margaret Pelcher 6 hours ago
I am scared of tampons already but this is even more *terrifying*
Margaret Pelcher
Margaret Pelcher 6 hours ago
Who thinks there period ends on day there but it comes back like *biss you thought I left*
Ava Fertig
Ava Fertig 6 hours ago
James Charles
Jadas Vlogs
Jadas Vlogs 6 hours ago
Take a moment to realise what the real tradgedy is NO JAMES CHARLESSSS
Vishal Thakkar
Vishal Thakkar 6 hours ago
shop :how many lipstick would u like her: *YES*
Midnight Dusk
Midnight Dusk 6 hours ago
Saf you alive?
Jana 6 hours ago
3 years ago 1 million now almost 9 million omg 😳
Katherine Joy
Katherine Joy 6 hours ago
I really enjoyed this haha
ooofly 6 hours ago
29:33 blackpink WISHES they were saf performing dddd
Jasper Thy Spirit
Jasper Thy Spirit 6 hours ago
The cuteness of the crusty part of the video made me happy cry
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones 7 hours ago
Notice how she didnt include simply nailogical xD
Victoria Guardino
Victoria Guardino 7 hours ago
Where do you get this bath bomb????I want to get one.