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Natthapat Khumim
Natthapat Khumim 17 hours ago
Sence when did Ellie get her tattoos?!!!
CynicalString56 17 hours ago
I busted out The Carlton at a college basketball game. i got on the jumbo tron and every one went crazy
Cakrawala Jagad Semesta
guys, tell me the others musician who died at 27, don't care what year you read my comment, just list the name down in my comment
klint lirio
klint lirio 17 hours ago
So poison ivy isnt a villian
Ian Tamez
Ian Tamez 17 hours ago
This should have been some hard decisions
B.K.R. 17 hours ago
My childhood house was haunted. I and the whole neighborhood, plus whoever was in our house experienced something. I would share, but it would take a lot of time, since I have a lot of true stories. One story I can share since I can make it short was, I slept over my aunt's house, and idk why but SOMETHING is always following my family members... anyways I slept in her room, on the floor since she had the AC... and ofc I had a clear view of under her bed, so I always felt I was being watched. Anyways, in the morning my cousin asked if I was tapping her, and I was like NO, but she thought I was lying but than believed me and got scared, THEN while I was lying there, waiting for everyone to get up, something grabbed my leg, yo I didn't even get scared because I'm so used to it. Sad really. I see that I have written a lot, but if anyone would like to hear my stories, let me know. Stay safe, WASH YOUR HANDS.
Jerry G
Jerry G 17 hours ago
The hypocrisy that is shown in this is just......Brilliant
Jevix1029 17 hours ago
4:23 *That's the most cursed thing I've seen*
Shannon Mcgorty
Shannon Mcgorty 17 hours ago
What if morty is just young rick?
SayMyName Ice-Zen-Berg
Other Outbreak movies. 1918(1985) Warning Sign(1985) Night Of The Living Dead(1968/1990) Zombie Diaries 1&2(2007/2011) ZombleLand 1&2(2009/2019) Impulse(1984) The Girl With All The Gifts(2016) Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse(2015) Dead Air(2008) Nightmare At Noon(1988)
Ray Gotsch
Ray Gotsch 17 hours ago
I can't be the only one who thinks this list would be better if the narrator would just be quiet.
Jameson Arellano
Jameson Arellano 17 hours ago
Idk why but in the one scene in spirited away where Chihiro and The rest of the crew of the bathhouse pull the garbage out of the river spirit *SATISFY ME* ... Like wtf???
Michael Chrosniak
Michael Chrosniak 17 hours ago
-Just_A_c00L- b0i.
-Just_A_c00L- b0i. 17 hours ago
😱 oh my god!!!
Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream 2. Tori Spelling in Scream 2. Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3.
Edouard Dalphond
Edouard Dalphond 17 hours ago
First Name Last Name
Get Out is one of the worst and over-hyped movie in cinema history.
Kolina Jane
Kolina Jane 17 hours ago
These people owe no one their time. Period.
Derpster 17 hours ago
bro u can get like 10 donuts a day in tapped in missions its really not a pay-to-win game
Phoenixx Fyre
Phoenixx Fyre 17 hours ago
My favorite part of this movie is actually the dialogue right before the bar fight. I saw this movie with friends, and while we were waiting on line to get tickets, one of my friends was talking about the hipsters from his old hometown and how he didn't really like them. When the dialogue came up in the movie, we all turned to look at him because it was exactly what he was talking about before the movie! Lol I know it's stupid, but it was enough to make the bar fight my favorite part of the movie.
Isaiah Knott
Isaiah Knott 17 hours ago
Phoebe your hot.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 17 hours ago
That's my boy, grown ups 1, Longest Yard, 50 first dates, and Dont mess with the Zohan were my top 5 best from Adam Sandler
Nirvark 17 hours ago
Alright, I think two legendary solos you guys kinda forgot is: Tornado of Souls, one of the most epic and technical solos to ever exist Rock Bottom (UFO), just listen to its solo and you’d see why.
Jackie Carzello
Jackie Carzello 17 hours ago
Jesus a lot of these reality tv shows are so offensive I'm surprised they were actually allowed to air on TV
KyleNo Sleeves
KyleNo Sleeves 17 hours ago
uncut gems? get your head out of your ass Watch Mojo...mr deeds was on the list
Don amongst Dons
Don amongst Dons 17 hours ago
00:54 Super duper cringe!!!!!!
Pedro Gamer
Pedro Gamer 17 hours ago
My top: 10)Voules Vouz 9)Gimme Gimme Gimme 8)Chiquitita 7)Mamma Mia 6)Our Last Summer 5)Waterloo 4)Money Money Money 3)Super Trouper 2)Dancing Queen 1)The Winner Takes It All
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 17 hours ago
violence jack
100,000 Subscribers without a video
Nicki Minaj
Black Cross Fuhrer
Black Cross Fuhrer 17 hours ago
Why am I not on the list?
WILLIAM RUSH 17 hours ago
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 17 hours ago
There’s really dark stuff in season 4
Master Rai
Master Rai 17 hours ago
Asta vs Ladros in Black Clover also should've been here. That fight was supposed to be the very first moment Asta would use his Black Form and they utterly butchered it.
Sam Hayashi
Sam Hayashi 17 hours ago
New musical hero!
Susie Suiter
Susie Suiter 17 hours ago
What about the famous dance scene in THE KING AND I with the King and the teacher? Yule Brenner
D. Goodin
D. Goodin 17 hours ago
Question is the Coronavirus is deadlier then Black Death?
Dasidreidia Z
Dasidreidia Z 17 hours ago
"Captain Mitchell is the first human mentor." Huh. I guess Commander Stanton wasn't human then.
Marc Derkovitz
Marc Derkovitz 17 hours ago
Syd barrett was a musical genius
BB Land
BB Land 17 hours ago
Yeah that's not number 1 Only one of these I haven't heard and it sucks
william Ortiz
william Ortiz 17 hours ago
Listened to every one
Leon Amaro
Leon Amaro 17 hours ago
I've never seen rise of the robots for Sega Genesis
Álex the Benighted
Álex the Benighted 17 hours ago
Dark Souls should be higher.
ethan lee
ethan lee 17 hours ago
next is summer 2020
Lee elisaia
Lee elisaia 17 hours ago
Edge vs Cena > Zayne & K.O
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 17 hours ago
If Chucky had a versus movie it could be Chucky vs. The leprechaun
John R
John R 17 hours ago
Watchmojo... a company driven with producing thousands of soulless videos with no intent but financial gain insulting Ea... a company driven with producing hundreds of soulless games with no intent but financial gain. Anyone else see the irony
Jason Adamsky
Jason Adamsky 17 hours ago
I love “I am legend” but I can only handle the dogs death scene so many times
OmioFenilski 17 hours ago
Only funny thing about this Matt Damon saying she frucked Matt Damon
Ventaur1022 17 hours ago
Rock Star, Four Brothers, and Shooter should have been mentioned regardless.
joshua ?
joshua ? 17 hours ago
Luna gaming Co
Luna gaming Co 17 hours ago
Halo 2 literally changed console gaming forever. You could have a friends list, join a lobby that you kept through multiple games and could start a clan all within the confines of halo. The insanity of what that single title did for literally all of console gaming is mind blowing. I'd at the very least rank it top 3.
Sonia Dosanjh
Sonia Dosanjh 17 hours ago
Please stop misgendering the trans man. They are not a "she" I don't know how much more obvious he can be.
MikeyB4 17 hours ago
Bernie Katzroy
Bernie Katzroy 17 hours ago
Shit watching this at night probs not the best idea. Btw does anyone remember when chucky appeared on the man show with Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel? Or when he appeared on WWE?
MAnuscript421 17 hours ago
Is no one going to mention the Horn King’s death from the Black Cauldron? Dude was literally ripped apart and disintegrated right in front of us!
Skylar Young
Skylar Young 17 hours ago
How was his LIFE tragic in any sort of way??? Robin was a walking inspiration with an incredible life story which has inspired millions. Your title creator needs a vacation.
Rhylee Tassone
Rhylee Tassone 17 hours ago
Am I the only one that still finds spongebob enjoyable to watch
Esme Torres
Esme Torres 17 hours ago
Go to the Channel called the talko
Eagle-Eye2015 17 hours ago
Cardi is such an idiot
B Girl
B Girl 17 hours ago
I think you mean an acquired taste for some..
Jackie Carzello
Jackie Carzello 17 hours ago
The only think the sauna pants would be good for is period cramps but other than that its absolutely pointless 😂
Tohka Yatogami
Tohka Yatogami 17 hours ago
10:52 Boat: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*
Shastasnow 17 hours ago
Just love Gizmo ^^ Don't care what others things.
Taunt Titan
Taunt Titan 17 hours ago
Republic commando, jedi knight jedi academy, bounty hunter and episode 3 aren't underrated dumbass they're some of the most loved
Daniel Zuñiga Gutierrez
8:17 most African-American believe it's still not easy to be black in the USA in 2020
Mark Hughes
Mark Hughes 17 hours ago
no Bowie!?
nemirow kim
nemirow kim 17 hours ago
Sirhan Sirhan was the not killer who killed Senator Kennedy. This is basically proven by the circumstantial evidence his defense team now has access to regarding the angle of the shots and the number of shots ( Sirhan's gun could literally NOT have fired as many shots as were shot and was NOT behind Kennedy where all the shots which entered his body came from. He does appear to be a sick person and probably was used by the CIA as a fall person. Why he did that , we don't know. He either was hypnotized- as a hypnotist has documented to the court, or he was willing to be used by the CIA in this way due to actual animus over Palestine, Either way, he may have CONSPIRED with a CIA operative but he was not the actual killer. See his own son's You Tube interviews on the subject
the redhead 55
the redhead 55 17 hours ago
What about mark knobfler?
alex toll
alex toll 17 hours ago
Drake is such a loser lol. He acts like he had some tough ass gangsta life growing up, when he grew up in a middle class Jewish home lol. And what a tool for "threatening" and "talking to" the tattoo artist who tattood that girls forehead lol. She was an adult, people are allowed to tattoo anything they want on them selves drake, you aren't Adolf Hitler, just a prick. Lol
aj oliva
aj oliva 17 hours ago
haters are so stupid hating on anime and calls them anime fans weeb for no good reason
Thurston Waffles
Thurston Waffles 17 hours ago
How snl got this 1975 like before the first movie
Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda 17 hours ago
I like them great .video
JakeRyan 17 hours ago
Keanu Reeves should be here !
crystal ferrell
crystal ferrell 17 hours ago
I love he calls himself the “sexual entertainment” and then claims their fame as a result of “kids downloading” their content. It was so obvious all along lmao.
Justin Bushman
Justin Bushman 17 hours ago
Or I would have said. it seems today that all you see is Seth MacFarlane making fun of other celebrities on TV
Audra Blue
Audra Blue 17 hours ago
OMG I cannot stop laughing at Caitlyn Jenner. They nailed her look exactly. And Stan is right, she's not a hero. She just had a sex change which is common these days. The only reason we know about it is because she: (a) never shuts up about it and (b) is related, albeit, tangentially to the Kardashians so of course she's going to milk her life for all the publicity she can. Go and save someone's life from a fire, or put yourself on the frontline of the COVID-19 epidemic helping people who are sick and dying and then I'll be the first one to call you a hero. Otherwise, bugger off.
Deniz Öktem
Deniz Öktem 17 hours ago
1.All eyez on me 2.Illmatic 3.The Infamous-Chronic
Jack Steinberg
Jack Steinberg 18 hours ago
Bob weir and jerry garcia should’ve made this list
malex4321 18 hours ago
Dean Cain ahead of Brandon Routh??!! Fuck off!
Zerros Charles多青
if this is what they think of funny I wonder what they they think of unfunny
Deniz Öktem
Deniz Öktem 18 hours ago
Lmfao where is The Infamous ain't in top 10 ain't in honorable mentions ? Do u think that i agree with your list ? This list is shit
Kane Johnson
Kane Johnson 18 hours ago
Mad Men carousel scene?
MaTheBe27 18 hours ago
Uhm, Willy wonka and Snowpiercer?
sarah howard
sarah howard 18 hours ago
I am a former employee of amazon. The working conditions are so messed up.
AerialShot 18 hours ago
Rock lee vs garage fight is better than this whole list
dilan24 asrinah19
dilan24 asrinah19 18 hours ago
What about sao 2 and 3 and black clover
King Crimson
King Crimson 18 hours ago
I believe that what makes playstation so compelling not only 2 but generally is the library I mean PS4 clearly won this generation cause of the insane exclusive library (God of War,The last of Us 1&2,Horizon Zero Dawn,Days Gone,Spiderman,Medievil,Yakuza 6,Grand Turismo,Detroit:Become human, Ghost of Tsushima,Bloodborne, Infamous:Second Son,All the Uncharted,Nioh 1&2,Gravity Rush 2, Shadow of the Colossus,Persona 5,The Order 1886,Death Stranding,Final Fantasy VII & 12). If Sony keeps having this level of games playstation will always be a success (except if they pull a PS3 again)
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 18 hours ago
What happens when spawn merge with venom/carnage
Gemini_Scorpio18 18 hours ago
Her nipple was that dressed up and it wasn’t on purpose. Yah right lol
Myles McCabe
Myles McCabe 18 hours ago
I love them both so much plus many more with endless passion that dates back to my early early childhood. But for me, at the end of the day Iron Man is the ultimate superhero of all time.
geeta krishna sai
geeta krishna sai 18 hours ago
I like John wick weapon room 🕶
Lammy4ever7 18 hours ago
I think the evacuation could have been at least mentioned.