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DragonMations -animation
RIP captain Spaulding
theundivine 10 minutes ago
Brian Karp
Brian Karp 10 minutes ago
Japan: this flame will burn until all nuclear weapons are destroyed. Also Japan: Countinues making nukes
Saurabh Dongare
Saurabh Dongare 10 minutes ago
Hell of an actor
Some Guy
Some Guy 11 minutes ago
The ''before YT'' food challenges, heh... That actually were closer to the term. Nowadays it's not - ''how many can you eat?'', but - ''do you have the *1.75 balls* to *eat that cactus* or whatever, bBrUuUh?'' (Heh, get the reference? Actually - there's 2)
Sean Reeder
Sean Reeder 11 minutes ago
What?! Where's John Malkovich's character from Retired Extremely Dangerous (RED)?? SATALITES! CELL PHONES!!
eggy garcia
eggy garcia 11 minutes ago
waiting for akainu
PoJostale _
PoJostale _ 11 minutes ago
FUN FACT: My high school teacher is a professional eater, and he’s very well known too. His name is Geoff Esper, and he also has a RUvid account. His name is the account and he basically shows himself making and eating food
ʝσқεя 11 minutes ago
Joaquin Phoenix: when you announce my name for Oscar, can you introduce me as joker? #Joker #Oscar
Heisted 11 minutes ago
Twilight Princess has been my favorite game since it came out.
Niccolo Cassolo
Niccolo Cassolo 11 minutes ago
Wings fo Mary Is so sad
عبدالله سعد
عبدالله سعد 12 minutes ago
WTF !!! What about The Master and Walk the line roles ?!!!!!
Romesh Sagolsem
Romesh Sagolsem 12 minutes ago
Stupid people doing stupid things. Why can't they stay natural...
King of Cringe
King of Cringe 12 minutes ago
The beginning of Joker actually made me sad, I felt bad for Arthur
ii_Strssd _ii
ii_Strssd _ii 12 minutes ago
The reason why the Tokyo ghoul opening was on here is because watchmojo didn’t watch the fulll season and didn’t understand the meaning of the intro.
Xander Lowe
Xander Lowe 13 minutes ago
Thanks for the video, WM! ...I have to go puke now.
Frederick Thomas
Frederick Thomas 13 minutes ago
GravityLee 13 minutes ago
Irwin died doing what he loved Molesting the f out of nature that was minding its own business for views
potpolima 13 minutes ago
Sasuke is so weak without his plot armor
Beavispdx 13 minutes ago
a Dark City mention!!! Great!!!
jordan karl
jordan karl 13 minutes ago
Probably the best movie I’ve seen all year, haven’t seen joker yet and I’m sure it’s really good and I heard Phoenix is phenomenal but I’ve seen breaking bad at least three times and this film was icing on the cake that I didn’t know I needed, such a great film.
Anne Scholey
Anne Scholey 14 minutes ago
The Poseidon adventure is haunting
Alexander Krebs
Alexander Krebs 14 minutes ago
Yes, there was some sort of fan service if you will. But it never was just to make viewers go crazy like in star wars nowadays. Every scene with a well known character had a strong meaning and message connected to Jesses character. The sentences spoken to Jesse by Walt, Mike and Jane were extremely important to what he had experienced and where he was going. The writing was just as good as in the show and the acting was phenomenal. It was a really really good movie and from the second the movie started, I felt like I was watching a breaking bad episode.
Chunky Boy Harrison
Chunky Boy Harrison 14 minutes ago
He is long overdue for an Oscar
Prehistorik Caveman
Prehistorik Caveman 14 minutes ago
Both are the best...
Ian moseley
Ian moseley 14 minutes ago
What is the best performing film ever allowing for inflation.
Cheyenne Entertainment
Cheyenne Entertainment 15 minutes ago
Luckily, I wasn't at Pukkelpop. Wasn't allowed to before the festival...Thank heavens for that. I love your pronounciation of it, though 😂
Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley 15 minutes ago
The outsiders. And not because it reminds me of growing up in south Florida in the 80s/90s. Except it was the burnouts (greesers) vs the preps/bboys/wiggers(socs). And just like the greasers the burnouts (metalheads/rockers) ALWAYS won.
Paul Cartman
Paul Cartman 16 minutes ago
Alijah Miguel Fama
Alijah Miguel Fama 16 minutes ago
Dude?! Skyrim has one of the frickin worst combat systems and you put it on the top ten? You make me sick. You also forgot to put kingdom come deliverance and mordhau!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Birdygamer Studios
Birdygamer Studios 16 minutes ago
Competitive eating shouldn't be a thing. It wastes food and hurts the body. What ever happend to just donating money, its more efficient and less risky. I'm a big eater myself but not that level!
Vivica Ophelia
Vivica Ophelia 16 minutes ago
Don't forget The Rugrats 😨
amine dellal
amine dellal 17 minutes ago
a list without gladiator and braveheart is a shity list
MisterDAS 17 minutes ago
Justin Gunn
Justin Gunn 17 minutes ago
My top 10: 1. Goldberg 2. Rey Mysterio 3. John Cena 4. AJ Styles 5. CM Punk 6. Batista 7. Jeff Hardy 8. Roman Reigns 9. Brock Lesnar 10. Samoa Joe Honorable mentions 1. Bobby Lashley 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin 3. Kevin Owens 4. Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley 5. American BADASS Undertaker 6. Seth Rollins 7. The Rock 8. Randy Orton 9. Braun Strowman 10. Rhyno
Kathy Strange
Kathy Strange 17 minutes ago
the soundtrack strongly reminded me of the Journey songtrack XD
Ddog 17 minutes ago
I think I might sue the makers of Blair witch, for the hour and half of my life I wasted watching that crap
Reviews and Stuff
Reviews and Stuff 17 minutes ago
Frank from shameless as the joker lol
Carl Guy
Carl Guy 18 minutes ago
This is nothing for both goku and luffy.
TheGodOfPez 18 minutes ago
Matt Stonie for president!
lambradi 18 minutes ago
how about that general in Dr. Strangelove who does not trust the russian ambassador
Vertix Clapz
Vertix Clapz 18 minutes ago
We’re tf Is Michigan State?
Atharva Bhalerao
Atharva Bhalerao 18 minutes ago
If I had made this video , half of them would have been from Breaking Bad .
Jess Hanson
Jess Hanson 18 minutes ago
This is stupid bc penneywise Janet a clown, not really. He’s a fear.
Jess Hanson
Jess Hanson 18 minutes ago
Isn’t a clown*
Hendrick Adakai
Hendrick Adakai 18 minutes ago
Hahahaha Crips and bloods is that a joke Crips are a street gang full of wannabe thugs. And don't belong on this list. At least put La eme the Mexican Mafia on the List are the Aryan Brotherhood or the Chinese Tong Association / Chinese American Mafia. Or MS 13. These are way powerful than the crips.
Christine Donley
Christine Donley 19 minutes ago
great idea for a list!
Steven Troutman
Steven Troutman 19 minutes ago
One Word...Letterkenny!
The Unbeatable
The Unbeatable 19 minutes ago
Duke can easily bench 1245 lbs easy lmao I k ow guys who can bench 600 and would not fight aliens.
Adam Maquet
Adam Maquet 20 minutes ago
Il french but « la marcha réal » from Spain si the best Athems
WillJM81280 20 minutes ago
Bunch of soft butthurt little bitches. Waaa! I’m offended! Get a sense of humor.
James Garrett
James Garrett 21 minute ago
Joey Chestnut is greatest and fastest competitive eater of all time. Go Joey Chestnut go
LeoBolt 21 minute ago
What is that game with the guy wearing the green cloak
MLG GAMER 21 minute ago
Testicle eating contests? Ok ewwwwwwwwwww! Just no! I've seen a very select few eating contests so I can understand that they don't chew or can cause pain in their stomachs. Thank God I've never done eating contests and I eat alot! Like some people look at me and say "You're appetite is like a black hole" but even I couldn't do that. I have a limit too.
kissmybuttID 21 minute ago
Disgusting......I love it!!! 🌭 🌭 🌭
Rjm0007 21 minute ago
There should be more endurance based eating contests than who can eat the most in an ex amount minutes
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme 21 minute ago
The reason Endgame always wins this battle is because many more people love the film. Scores of folks online have flat out said *Endgame is the best film or one of the best film’s they’ve ever seen.* If you notice carefully - this is *not* the case with Infinity War. Infinity War is only used to get salty about Endgame. So they don’t say *I love Infinity War.* [because they don’t really]. They just say infinity War is better than Endgame. And ultimately that’s a losing argument. The conversation literally ends up being about EndGame, til Infinity War is just an after thought at a minimum , or a tool for criticizing EndGame at most. If you don’t love Infinity War - then you’re not going to be able to use the film to stop other film goers from loving EndGame.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian 22 minutes ago
The dislike ratio would be different if this was 1999. I love the prequals but they certainly didn't age that well.
Just Kool
Just Kool 22 minutes ago
The best eating 🍽 competition is on live video and mostly from Asian people 😆 Like it 👍
Midnightrambler3760 22 minutes ago
Brashear deserved it, he was an ass
Jesse James
Jesse James 22 minutes ago
Britney Spears would have went soooo much further if she knew how to reinvent and played her cards smart. I know she came along way since 2007 though.
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang 23 minutes ago
The cliffhanger ending to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds freaked me the hell out as a young kid.
SLINGSHOT [RUST] 23 minutes ago
Phoenix won to me.
DerSpazzvogel 23 minutes ago
No Battle Realms? No Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War? 😐 😕 😥 😭
Bram Bakker
Bram Bakker 23 minutes ago
New kids all the way💥💥💥
Hugo Skog Andersson
Hugo Skog Andersson 23 minutes ago
Cliff Burton (Metallica) 🎸🎸🎸
Anders Amager
Anders Amager 23 minutes ago
Well, Star Wars prooved me wrong, You don't win by having The High Ground
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 23 minutes ago
I love rush hour
Lavita Cinderella
Lavita Cinderella 24 minutes ago
To me no. 1 is Charizard against Mewtwo!!
Originality Police
Originality Police 24 minutes ago
0:26 *Invader Zim was my childhood how dare you*
N33D 4 5LEEP
N33D 4 5LEEP 25 minutes ago
A very nonchalant movie imo
Gideon Madu
Gideon Madu 25 minutes ago
Imma pass on all of those shoes and just watch anime instead
Mario Henrico
Mario Henrico 25 minutes ago
Arabic is a rich language not difficult
Playboii_carty 25 minutes ago
What does shonen mean?
GOKU 26 minutes ago
If Goku didn't let Vegeta live, there would be no DBZ no more. Everyone would die in the Cell Saga.
Steven Whitehead
Steven Whitehead 26 minutes ago
Dashing Dreww
Dashing Dreww 26 minutes ago
William Sleight
William Sleight 26 minutes ago
If Heath Ledger had a full film to play with this video wouldnt be necessary
Benjamín Molina
Benjamín Molina 26 minutes ago
Hi luv ur vids
TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill
Omg I miss my flat stomach and slim years😔. Stress Eating and depression sucks. Also as u get older, metabolism slows down. My problem. Sugary snacks is my weakness
TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill
@w w you absolutely right. Thanks for that positive feedback. Never no wat somebody is going through n life. You will be Blessed my dude👏🏿👌🏿. Imma take your advice seriously.
w w
w w 18 minutes ago
@TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill I mean I feel u bro. Its gonna be tough to start but u got this shit. Little things help. You can still have sugar but eat real food. A steak and potatoe is legit good food and filling and more healthy than fast food and usually cost the same as a combo meal
TakeTheBluePill NotTheRedPill
@w w thanks for positive reply 👌🏿😔. Its hard. But I been doing better. Had salad for lunch at work. Trying too eat small portions and of course cutt sugar intake
w w
w w 24 minutes ago
Start exercising and eating health. Have a chicken breast with a zuccini and squash
Rdere berte
Rdere berte 26 minutes ago
Lot of sins then the nature strike
Jarod Lewis
Jarod Lewis 26 minutes ago
It’s 95% of the narrator explaining the clips and talking over them. It’s horrible.
Maiku Tsukino
Maiku Tsukino 27 minutes ago
Animaniacs: I can't wait to see how they pull this one off. Live action/CGI or animated like the original? Avatar the Last Air Bender. Pleasepleaseplease tell me it's going to better than the slaughter M. Night Shyamalan did to it. VIP's to the story were missing but Momo gets a spot? We shall see.
Robot Police
Robot Police 27 minutes ago
Brruuhhhh Sooo quick to throw out Stormy trash Daniels controversy with Donald Trump, But how about with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden I would say getting bribe 1.5 billion dollar should take the cake in the #1 Spot!🤦🏾 Where is Hunter by the way?..🤔 Welp I'm done with Mohoe🤦🏾 this hypocrite åżż Channel
BalterShade 27 minutes ago
What about “This is a Power Ballad” by Love Fist?
the gaming boy 18
the gaming boy 18 28 minutes ago
I totally agree with number 1! Also I don't mind the new be prepared song either. The song is different (VERY DIFFERENT) because the hyenas are actually smart! Also old version 100% better!
Vivica Ophelia
Vivica Ophelia 28 minutes ago
Why is this fun for people to watch and participate in? I get so nervous watching this stuff. It's definitely not worth risking your life
SUPER Spicy Memes
SUPER Spicy Memes 28 minutes ago
0:33 reminds me of saturday night.....
Ishmam 28 minutes ago
Matt Stonie is the best
Jesse James
Jesse James 28 minutes ago
What's the 411 is better than My Life imo
Kagotom 29 minutes ago
Please don't be dbs new season,please don't be dbs new season,please don't be dbs new season
Kagotom 26 minutes ago
Zack Green
Zack Green 29 minutes ago
This movie was dumb
The One Above All
The One Above All 29 minutes ago
Sharon Popolow
Sharon Popolow 29 minutes ago
Oh yes, The Seventh Seal! The movie doesn't need gore or special effects or elaborate costumes/sets to make its impact. The acting and story is just THAT good. Just be prepared for subtitles. I believe it's Swedish. And yes, that's Max von Sydow as a young man (Needful Things, Game of Thrones)
Kane Aquino
Kane Aquino 29 minutes ago
Top 10 Things You Knew About Eating Contests. #1: They're usually done orally, never really anally.
L Boy
L Boy 29 minutes ago
Light blue ninja turtle
DOUGLAS RUSSELL 29 minutes ago
F*** myne lol
SUPER Spicy Memes
SUPER Spicy Memes 29 minutes ago
0:33 last time I saw a mouth that big was an open bar!
SaGa YeNnu
SaGa YeNnu 29 minutes ago
Both are incredible and breathe taking performance both from other world... Making this character perfectionist...
Several animations
Several animations 30 minutes ago
You all seem to be forgetting he basically kept his wife hostage for a while, her begging for him to keep the kids out of it.
PurpleCatAngel 13
PurpleCatAngel 13 30 minutes ago
That their nasty and give you heartburn😖