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Gorillaz - Aries
14 days ago
Gail Becker
Gail Becker 4 hours ago
Marine Fit RobShamstin
Jake Logan
Jake Logan 4 hours ago
T-pain doesn’t deserve that
mayi johnson mayi johnson
Yeah !!is her favorite word i think..
dkp212 4 hours ago
From and old Jimmy Kimmel fan this video was pathetic. He must of forgot he was a late nate comedian and now thinks he is a politician.
Leea Ram
Leea Ram 4 hours ago
my boss looks just like this man , i'll marry either one.
Eggy 4 hours ago
If you watched Architectural Digest video with Dakota, you would know this place.
Eggy 4 hours ago
If you watched Architectural Digest video with Dakota, you would know this place.
Eggy 4 hours ago
If you watched Architectural Digest video with Dakota, you would know this place.
Barbara Langille
Barbara Langille 4 hours ago
I have watched this several times and laugh out loud every time!
Delow The Dog
Delow The Dog 4 hours ago
The tooth fairy said that???? WOW!??
Lucinda Bean
Lucinda Bean 4 hours ago
Did she have to blow up her wings before putting that thing on? If so, that’d be perfect for a pool party too🤭
rodd wilson
rodd wilson 4 hours ago
Yes I am old enough to know many Awsome and honorable officer's, not so many today.
rodd wilson
rodd wilson 4 hours ago
Realy people! Over the last 2 decade's American police have been trained to believe everyone's a guilty criminal!! Between that and policing for profit, and midnight no knock warrents!!!!! The American public are sick of living in fear!!! Did you really expect 340 million free people to cower down to that crap....
Neil Greenfield
Neil Greenfield 4 hours ago
Sorry jimmy...dont care about your hollywood elitist opinion....looters are criminals ...nothing more...stay in your gated community with your armed gaurds....
XmanSully 4 hours ago
This was so cute and adorable! I wish it was technically possible to have more of this
mixxhannah 4 hours ago
As soon as Damon started singing I felt so relaxed.... his voice is a gift
lovemoviesful2 4 hours ago
Trump has always add oil to fire, no one should expect anything from Trump, let alone to calm his own citizens. 😑
Broflix 4 hours ago
“In 2016 you’re still giving out $&%#¥!? Pennies!!” Gordon Ramsay 2016
G Nandhay
G Nandhay 4 hours ago
Where's kendall Jenner with the pepsi?
RosieMiller 4 hours ago
When she said "get it!" I thought she said "daddy!"
Jordan J.
Jordan J. 4 hours ago
Jimmy now you’re just reaching.. you gotta stop fear mongering man.
Hypotheist 373
Hypotheist 373 4 hours ago
Captions: 1:44 Jimmy: "No we know you know" Lisa(in her head while laughing): "I know that you know we know you know"
XmanSully 4 hours ago
Looters are not protesters
GAVI GHUMMAN 4 hours ago
Jimmy boy is so dem
Роналлу Месси
I wannabe like he! 😂
Debbie Todd
Debbie Todd 4 hours ago
It’s a joke are you kidding.
Wajid Ansari
Wajid Ansari 4 hours ago
"I m often asked if I m Muslim" what does that mean? ...can u explain it...
GAVI GHUMMAN 4 hours ago
Seems like he’s justifying rioters who have destroyed people livelihoods and homes. Stop calling them protesters
Colin Mueller
Colin Mueller 4 hours ago
Didn’t know when she pointed to her own gd country.
FeLauren Aurielle
FeLauren Aurielle 4 hours ago
Blacks in America want their round in a ring with him! With his soft tough ass.
C J 5 hours ago
1:28 “Liger Wood” I know this is quite an appropriate epithet, but I still thinks it’s slanderous and derogatory to the actual liger. Sad,.. 😔
bobby bee
bobby bee 5 hours ago
Cowards alway's try put down great people.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 5 hours ago
George's brother told all people to STOP looting
Lucas 5 hours ago
In terms of actual taste, girl scout cookies are wildly overrated. Just like various fast food places.
Arno Schollmeyer
Arno Schollmeyer 5 hours ago
You don’t want to make it about President Trump? Really? Thats all you liberals do day in and day out!
Veera Sekhar Kasu
Veera Sekhar Kasu 5 hours ago
Last video made me cry 😢
Abhilash Banala
Abhilash Banala 5 hours ago
"you look great"!!!!! :D
Cousin Otis
Cousin Otis 5 hours ago
hey Jimmy you absolutely make me sick to my f****** stomach shut the f****** about Trump in the politics entertain people make them laugh your f****** sickening my friend
Rosalyn Perez
Rosalyn Perez 5 hours ago
For years I've been watching your prank videos for a good laugh and your talk show for some wholesome entertainment. Now I'm watching you speak your truth and I love you more than I ever have for being such a wonderful voice for the people. Reaching out to us in our homes and opening our eyes. Jimmy Kimmel has my vote 🇺🇸
Jack Sevenen
Jack Sevenen 5 hours ago
Way better than Fallon interview
Agra Nam
Agra Nam 5 hours ago
IMO if you want justice make sure the 4 get life in prison.. thats it. What you DONT DO is cause more problems and deaths by rioting during a pandemic, promote more hate between the races, and much worse commit crimes like looting..this whole protest is shady AF.
deanna young
deanna young 5 hours ago
No way? Whaaat... Hes not!!!
Tacitus 5 hours ago
Why is the PC NPC host of the Orange Man Bad comedy hour honoring a shock jock?
Heriberto De Alba
Heriberto De Alba 5 hours ago
God is Great 👍🏻 our lord is with America
Lee Baker
Lee Baker 5 hours ago
Jimmy.... Wait really? Jimmy? What are you 10 years old Kimmel? Time to grow up... Anyway, Kimmel continues to stew in his weird, demented, vitriolic hatred (TDS) as he sits home and whines about trivialities and makes up things to justify his petulant hate... It looks like little "Jimmy" needs a hug. :(
Jennefer Jay Salvacion
Heriberto De Alba
Heriberto De Alba 5 hours ago
Bless our President Donald J Trump God is with you Mr. President
Alex Michnowicz
Alex Michnowicz 5 hours ago
Jimmys awesome
James Kovacic
James Kovacic 5 hours ago
I wonder if Mark ever got thrown over that wall
Jaqen Higar
Jaqen Higar 5 hours ago
R.I.P. txgrizz
C J 5 hours ago
4:48 Just like Russia did 2016 you mean? Like you asked them to do? Profusely?,..
Eric The Great
Eric The Great 5 hours ago
Kimmel has gone from kinda funny late night host to lecturing school marm. It is tedious.
Trinity Livingston
Trinity Livingston 5 hours ago
The guy at the end of the video made me cry!
Xenoasound 5 hours ago
Mrs. D. Johnson wearing this blooming flowers reminds me of the way i am for my mother. She majes me feel so special. She just loves so much...and sometimes not everything isnt that right but blooms.
Xenoasound 5 hours ago
She is fun and sweet. I love her insecurities . like she is just that and still loves. Jimmy thanks so much. Great show from outside, from the garden. We all need some fresh space shows. Garden or parks to accompany while we re trying to stay well
T EG 5 hours ago
Kimmel I can tell you think your funny...but you’re a far cry from being a good comedian. It’s amazing that keep your show on the air with the ratings that you have. I think it’s time to shut your pie hole.
jj Zurcaled21
jj Zurcaled21 5 hours ago
Jennifer Lawrence teasing Emma Stone when Jimmy recalled the mistake hahah
C J 5 hours ago
2:18 You sure you should tell that joke in front of your daughter?,..
Gabby Casey
Gabby Casey 5 hours ago
💅🥂✨no wonder guillermo is so short, he’s afraid of heights✨🥂💅
T EG 5 hours ago
Hey Kimball ? Have you ever hear the saying “People who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones!” And you think Biden is a better joiner!?! 🤣
Lindz Atchley
Lindz Atchley 5 hours ago
I love you.
Lindz Atchley
Lindz Atchley 5 hours ago
Hey sara
Leilannah Dufour
Leilannah Dufour 5 hours ago
The last guys reaction was the best!!!
Taarush Goyal
Taarush Goyal 5 hours ago
This could be a start of a new podcast 😂
Infamous Black
Infamous Black 5 hours ago
He was my celebrity crush when I was a kid boooiii the feelssss
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 5 hours ago
I have a problem with you. You can't be nice with republicans like Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is enabling this nightmare and you are silent about this bullshit . Stop been double face. You look like Susan Sarandon, crying about trump but trashing Hillary and DNC
Pony Lee
Pony Lee 5 hours ago
Antonio Martinez actually he is double standard
Pony Lee
Pony Lee 5 hours ago
Politically right sometimes is not right. To those left wings
salgorogaztec 5 hours ago
Jimmy acts like a complete idiot lol, what a way of Mark to behave like a man next to a kid
Krissy 5 hours ago
Damn it, I love Dakota Johnson. She is still the lucky girl who nabbed a loyally rich CEO to me :) and im jelly. BUT REALLY she’s so gentle, sounds so feminine and her quirkinesses is not insane like its normal level and like it SUITS HER.
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff
Pronounce words nice and clear ..
Squicx 5 hours ago
If I was him, I'd just mention George Floyd and the riots instead of starting a war in the coments about trump. He's gone. He doesn't care. However We care about whats going on now. He should have just mentioned the situation instead of mentioning *YET AGAIN* Trump on an entertainment show that interviews celebs instead of Drama Alert
Constantine Knowpole
2020 American Motto: Injustice deserves looting.
Neev Jain
Neev Jain 5 hours ago
I served my dad breakfast at HOME ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
alicia stokes
alicia stokes 5 hours ago
Thought he didn’t want it to be about the president!
dylan katersky
dylan katersky 5 hours ago
A genius
Devika Kaul
Devika Kaul 5 hours ago
Well said 😊
C J 5 hours ago
What a hateful platform twitter has become. I hope they can start to repair it now,..
Chocolate Sheep
Chocolate Sheep 5 hours ago
2020 black people still being murdered. Ain't nothing changed. Progressiveness and futurism is a facade. Because no matter how far we go the same stuff keeps happening.
rachael butt
rachael butt 5 hours ago
not them: an aircraft me:dude anaircraft1edbqfehlbqihq
angelina squeo
angelina squeo 5 hours ago
they have legs for DAYSSS
Thvarita Rao-BTS
Thvarita Rao-BTS 5 hours ago
"What's wrong with having a d**k in my mouth?" 😂😂😂😂
VOLTIC VIBE 5 hours ago
1:01 after this video I started to get a feeling that Kevin Hart slept with Tiffany Haddish LOL 300$ for her to get a motel for them to sleep together 🏨 💤
elite airsoft
elite airsoft 5 hours ago
Why does he make everything about Trump
Pony Lee
Pony Lee 5 hours ago
elite airsoft if he is a Chinese in china, he will be sent to mental hospital or prison. Lol
bronlokis 5 hours ago
I love it when she goes BInary
Brent Neal
Brent Neal 5 hours ago
more people should watch this
C J 5 hours ago
3:42 In other words = Welcome back to Russia 2020.
blangh 5 hours ago
Jimmy Kimmel- the far left at its best!
Lilly Sings
Lilly Sings 5 hours ago
We all need to use our voice for positive things and spread some love during these chaotic times. Not to be rude but honestly if you have nothing positive to say please please refrain from spilling your poison ☠️, the world doesn’t not need it. We have enough ignorance and hatred in our country and enough is enough . Everyone is tired ,we don’t need more hate, it will only destroy all of us. This is not what I want for my kids future , I choose to love and fight for justice and equality. I want to pray for everyone and send love to my brothers and sisters, we are with you ❤️🙏
Bryan Rivera
Bryan Rivera 5 hours ago
Joey my second favourite actor of comedy ✌️🔥
Pony Lee
Pony Lee 5 hours ago
Jimmy sucks!
Motlatsi Raolane
Motlatsi Raolane 5 hours ago
😂😂 Magics personality
D Droddy
D Droddy 5 hours ago
You made this about the President, the one not taking a dime to work for ALL the American people. The man that spoke last in your video is the man I listened to and made sense.
Emotional Models
Emotional Models 5 hours ago
Still love him from Cheers!!!
Fakree Harris
Fakree Harris 5 hours ago
I cannot believe these TWO things: 1. Still many jackass that supporting Trump 2. Joker film came to reality.
wesh asawi
wesh asawi 5 hours ago
I’ll watch any movie with Sandra Oh, even if she’s in ONE scene!!!
Harvard 5 hours ago
Even a kid beats them by getting the countries name correct i should get him a scholarship
Jarod Mulcahy
Jarod Mulcahy 5 hours ago
The George Floyd's protest is going to far.
enoc ramirez
enoc ramirez 5 hours ago
These people are killing each other and looting stores, the lively hoods of their own brethren are gone because people stole from them is disgusting. What’s more disgusting is how this innocent man transformed from a mortar against police brutality to a scapegoat which looters use for their selfish and evil reason. Don’t complain about disrespecting life if the people themselves who preach this turn around and do the exact same thing to others. It’s absolutely hypocritical how they preach about brutality when they themselves are beating old people to near death just to steal from them. Those who are still sympathizing with those who are literally burning their cities to the ground are just as in the wrong as the officer who murdered that poor innocent man who did nothing wrong.
Tedi Xhihani
Tedi Xhihani 5 hours ago
I feel like that last Barbara comment was not staged lol