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SAnDee SAnDee
SAnDee SAnDee Hour ago
give kid a prize
LazyRare Hour ago
Why do you have to make everything political? Nobody cares about your opinion on anyone, we just want to laugh.
samogx86 Hour ago
I read the title 3 times as "Ghost host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie"
Sancho Ditherson
How did this stupid bastard end up on my phone? Not happy Kimmey Jimmel. Echo
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe Hour ago
like a bull in a china shop.
icesn0w Hour ago
I am so happy to hear them singing live and like this still their music is timeless I am always listening
Brian Womack
Brian Womack Hour ago
Shifty Schiff Nervous Nancy Crooked Hillary Sleepy Joe I hate his character but them nicknames are hella lit and comedy at it best ..
David Grandlion
kimel loser
Buhle Vincent
Buhle Vincent Hour ago
So much hate😣😣
Jennifer Holden
US troops are still there with the Kurds. Why is this lunatic still president after all the crazy, illegal, moneymaking stunts he's pulled.
Micos Kaine Gabay
halleluia2025 Hour ago
So I guess no one locks their doors
King king
King king Hour ago
1:23 i love how he tries to say illuminate in some other type of word, like hes trying to sound it like lumnite instead of the actual word, but thats not the only thing after this video was posted his girlfriend supposedly died from a overdose but the illuminate killed her, and he says how the government distracts people with movies and catastrophic events which is so fuckin true
TJ_ the_Insane
Dont even care the level of Cringe. Please be my life partner Jennifer Lawrence <3
James Brown
James Brown Hour ago
As soon as I hear the piano start on Dawn Chorus 😢
Veneil Hour ago
You have to marvel at the utter cluelessness of this idiot. "We do it all the time". It's delicious....
CMoney Mark
CMoney Mark Hour ago
Saw ya come outta the couch ya naked bastard
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Hour ago
He's so compact. He could play one of the hobbits.
Timothy O'Brien
I want to hear one of the Trump supporters justify this. Come on. Give it a shot. You guys dislike this. Let's hear it. It's easy to click a thumbs down. Let's hear you explain why this is okay.
alex unger
alex unger Hour ago
I disagree with Trump on so many things but I appreciate his Middle East policy of not letting America involved in useless wars. The Israelis and the Saudis are doing all they can to make Americans fight for their wars but Trump understood that and he is not budging. Good for him, good for America, good for the Islamic world and good for the rest of the whole world. And God bless America!
Arianna Hester
Honestly I get this, I can’t stand the feeling of prune fingers either, but not to the point of feeling sick. I stand with Kristen on this. It needs a phobia name.
Javier Lopez Tapia
This was not funny! Miss jimmy was annoying!
walid vlogs
walid vlogs Hour ago
She's hot
Omg Jen ! Love her ! Queen 👑
APCV Hour ago
She clearly doesn’t know her products!
savage man XD
Tato Braga
Tato Braga Hour ago
I still listen to The Naked Brothers Band often, my favorite band. Got all the songs!
Joshua Waltz
Joshua Waltz Hour ago
Gotta love Elton such a great singer, performer and philanthropist.
Ryan Wayne
Ryan Wayne Hour ago
Buy country squire and purgatory. Both are amazing albums.
Eboney Jones
Eboney Jones Hour ago
Lmaooooo !!! That oodles and noodles story !
Charles Melonson
trump ur such a DUMB FU_K
Angelofmusic Wonder
Don’t go toe to toe with a queen, they will embarrass you!
Harry Gooch
Harry Gooch Hour ago
Amazing how the Dems are caught being corrupt and you still spin it to smear Trump. Shame on you
Tato Braga
Tato Braga 2 hours ago
Same thing would happen to me if Nat was at the same restaurant as I
Lizzie Tanner - Glamerliz
What!! He didn't like thin mints!!!!!
DonC 2 hours ago
good lord this is absolutely incredible
6 9 6
6 9 6 2 hours ago
3:00 😂
The Gonzalez Channel
Kathleen Hill
Kathleen Hill 2 hours ago
100% correct. Laughed but, it's not funny because it's TRUE. Can't make this up and that's what is sad
Gamer Heat bolt
Gamer Heat bolt 2 hours ago
This guy is 😂
Yeakin Ashrar
Yeakin Ashrar 2 hours ago
1:48 imagine that boy in future catching his girlfriend cheating
sunny marie
sunny marie 2 hours ago
They look and sound. Amazing...SANG SMOKEY🤣
Angelofmusic Wonder
How did those people keep a straight face when they walked in?
Eddie Pickens
Eddie Pickens 2 hours ago
This man had better stick to these late night comedy shows.. that's where he belongs.. where has he worked and when, btw?? Lol
P4NxC4k3 xxx
P4NxC4k3 xxx 2 hours ago
Please keep scREEEEEching impeachment i would LOVE a President Pence keep digging that hole you morons.
Ruben Martinez
Ruben Martinez 2 hours ago
Therapist: "Ice Cube isn't real, he can't hurt you..." Ice Cube: (0:48)
TexasMilab 11
TexasMilab 11 2 hours ago
What a good soul
Crazy K Butler
Crazy K Butler 2 hours ago
Jimmy bugs me, but I adore her
Ravi maurya
Ravi maurya 2 hours ago
4:55 can spot them in any crowd
Angelofmusic Wonder
He should’ve said “ release the Kracken!”
Angelofmusic Wonder
Aunt Chippy is awesome!
puppy love
puppy love 2 hours ago
Affirmative Action for the rich definitely got him accepted into college.
Rage jun
Rage jun 2 hours ago
his hands were shaking... awe....
Janice Castillo
Janice Castillo 2 hours ago
She looks stunning
james williams
james williams 2 hours ago
Hey Jimmy, America NEEDS Trump right now, it NEVER HAS needed court jester chuckle heads like you.
BigDaddyDerrick69 2 hours ago
The most uncomfortable part of this whole interview is the part at 7:30 where kimmel's making fun of Phoenix for the breakdancing and Pheonix is just like "you're making fun of it but it was serious for me" and Kimmel in the most patronising tone is just like "Oh I know I know" and just changes the subject like this whole interaction makes me feel things i dont want to.
Murilo Silva
Murilo Silva 2 hours ago
I just came here to hear her talk
Andrés Naveda
Andrés Naveda 2 hours ago
She is the best <3 I love Marina and her music so much, I'm so speechless, and seeing her live performances, even in a video, is so exciting and it makes me feel proud of her :) <3 Her lyrics, her voice, her concepts, her intentions, she's such an intelligent, mesmerizing person, singer and musician. I can't even express it. So inspiring and so mystical.
Amanda Villatoro
Amanda Villatoro 2 hours ago
She looks sooo good like 😍😍😍😍 queen! 👇🏼 Hi guys I’m a tiny RUvidr!☺️💕
Jacob Gomez
Jacob Gomez 2 hours ago
We should get a movie with Joaquin Phoenix and Keanu Reeves both starting as the lead characters
Pablo M
Pablo M 2 hours ago
God, I love Elton so much
Giuseppina Sanger
Giuseppina Sanger 2 hours ago
I grew up in Charlottesville, VA in the 80's/90's...in high school I remember listening to a "demo tape" a friend had with music by this local guy named "Dave Matthews"...
Metalbass10000 2 hours ago
Imagine that, people thinking about their children, putting considerations of their children above their own wants, especially celebrities, who tend to be more self-absorbed. That's actually refreshing. I don't believe in catering to wants and indulging children, making them feel entitled and distorting their sense of their place in the world, but I absolutely believe that parents need to consider the effects of their decisions, their priorities, and their lifestyles, on their children and on their childrens' development. Just my opinion, though.
Beth Pearce
Beth Pearce 2 hours ago
They high if they think hush is a bad word
Lifted_Above 2 hours ago
Kimmel is scared. Kimmel is afraid. Kimmel doesn't trust them. Kimmel doesn't want to pet. Kimmel refuses. Kimmel says no. Kimmel has the zoo come to him and he won't participate for free.
VTS 1230
VTS 1230 2 hours ago
She’s soo pretty 😍 she looks better than me
thomas 71
thomas 71 2 hours ago
Ben Carson and Wilber Ross
Aiden Talavera
Aiden Talavera 2 hours ago
Jimmy:Joaquin Phoenix joker opens Friday we’ll be right back Jaoquin:why don’t we hear another joke JIMMAY Jimmy:I think we’ve had enough jokes for today anybody who watched joker gets this
Marchant2 2 hours ago
These people are all a joke. How can you take a single one of them seriously, especially that Neanderthal Junior who would be a great big NOBODY just like his daddy if it weren’t for Fred dump.
Elizabeth P
Elizabeth P 2 hours ago
Paul Rudd is totally stoned in this interview.
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 2 hours ago
He has to have someone to tell him new words. Then he sticks to them like he is proud to learn something in school. Its facetious.
Jess Larson
Jess Larson 2 hours ago
Blah Blah Stormy.!Blah Blah Russia. Blah Blah Blah Ukraine. Blah Blah poops lost again - shucks!! Jimmy Kimmel is a great Beta Male though!
Trunks Gaming
Trunks Gaming 2 hours ago
Crazy joaquin really almost hopped in his Arthur mode
stenka razin
stenka razin 2 hours ago
New Trump Brand T-shirts *TREASON? WE DO IT ALL THE TIME !
Moe Rohan
Moe Rohan 2 hours ago
still waiting on those taxes Don
Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell 2 hours ago
@4:05 watching him try to wink hurts me
christina1986ify 2 hours ago
That moment you won't let go of the corruption of the election *you* won.
julio saldana
julio saldana 2 hours ago
I don't know how most of this ignorants being famous wtf they say some like stupid lerycs
frawgy 2 hours ago
I looovveee herrrrr!!!!!!!
stenka razin
stenka razin 2 hours ago
New Trump Brand T-shirts I'M A CROOK GET OVER IT !
marco ordonez
marco ordonez 2 hours ago
Electric car cause more pollution than an gas car. The batteries causes damage you have to charge it which electricity comes from fossil fuels
TJ_ the_Insane
TJ_ the_Insane 2 hours ago
I now pronouce you Chuck and Larry?
Summer Wilken
Summer Wilken 2 hours ago
The four Moscowteers joke deserved more love.
Wade L.
Wade L. 2 hours ago
Thats sad, I’m basically 13 (2 days), and I know where North Korea is. And yes, I’m not amazing at geography, but at least I can locate some countries (Obviously Canada (because I live there), America, Greenland, Iceland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Italy, China, North and South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Chile, so I still have a long ways to go, but I still have a bit of a base.)
Pat Moynahan
Pat Moynahan 2 hours ago
Trump reelected get used to it losers
Joshua Zydzik
Joshua Zydzik 2 hours ago
The Great Pretenders!
labrae 2 hours ago
If yall want to see an example of someone high, go look at Billy Idol's interview in 1984 or so on Letterman. Was a fan anyway, but after seeing that, I rock with him even more. He aced that &*%$^.!!! Love to Billy and Love to Martin!!!
TJ_ the_Insane
TJ_ the_Insane 2 hours ago
Previously i didn't like her but now fucken' love her, great accent impersonation, great sense of humor fucken' Oath
Golden 77
Golden 77 2 hours ago
Shes starting to look like Marsha from the Brady Bunch
voteZDLR 2 hours ago
"Gustav-o's." That greedy bastard just had to have his hand in everything didn't he? Not even the cereal business was off limits to his aspirations.
Aircholo 2 hours ago
Yep, no stereotypes here. Fuk me it’s late 2019!!
Mr E.
Mr E. 2 hours ago
Trump Didn't Rig The Election, He Was Put There To Do What No Politician Would, And Now His Job Is Done, So He Will Now Be Pardoned by Pence Before His Term is Over And Then He'll Go Back To His Resort. END OF STORY.
Oatmeal Joey Arnold
But i was banned.
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins 2 hours ago
🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🇺🇸🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🎯🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝Give me back my
mike pompeo looks like hes in the mafia shrug
Poli Gonzo
Poli Gonzo 2 hours ago
Never like this player I will never like it it's a difference between Michael Jordan and this cheap gold filled imitator I wish Michael Jordan will destroy this guy in his prime when he was around 25 26 years old this guy talks too much and he got his game from Jordan imitating every f****** thing Jordan did ridiculous and he still wants to be relevant pathetic
MellowGecko 984
MellowGecko 984 2 hours ago
Ant man is 50 years old
Thomas De Quincey
Thomas De Quincey 2 hours ago
Thank God they've dumped the ridiculous female version of Ghostbusters. Something done to appease the "feminist fringe" was never going to work. You can tell that was the last idea the "Board" came up with before they went to bed.
Mark Blazevic
Mark Blazevic 2 hours ago
She soo sweet, beautiful.
Eunice G
Eunice G 2 hours ago
Jimmy have you lost touch with reality? Can you talk to people with respect? Ugly interview.