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Hecate 13
Hecate 13 55 seconds ago
The Peter Johnson movies are coming to disney +...But what about the Percy Jackson tv show??? When's it coming?
Paul Pants
Paul Pants 5 minutes ago
When is Kick Buttoski coming to Disney+?
La Pit
La Pit 26 minutes ago
I try to guess (I'm not an expert, I'm just a fan of the series) Lol Kourtney: Belle Ashlynn: Wardrobe Gina: Mrs. Potts Nini: Chip Potts (?) EJ: the beast Ricky: Gaston Seb: Lumière/Belle +Sorry for any mistakes, I'm still learning English :)
Minty Pencil
Minty Pencil 30 minutes ago
Great. It's not available in my country...
Katherine Papa
Katherine Papa 45 minutes ago
From now on anyone who meets josh gad and/or sees him in the street MUST I REPEAT MUST do the bridge imitation
Dancing Pencil
Mr. Marvel ASMR
Mr. Marvel ASMR
Isn't Infinity War already on Disney+? I thought it was on there the day Disney+ launched
Miguel Gomes
Miguel Gomes Hour ago
Toy story gots the best one (my opininion )
Doctor Disney
Doctor Disney Hour ago
*Cannot wait for Artemis Fowl! Loved reading that series as a kid (:* Any fellow Disnerds want to be YT friends ^_^ I LOVE DISNEY!
TDItaly98 Hour ago
New Frozen content! Yes!
Zarii Hour ago
Blue_Kobolt Hour ago
Even at 18 these are still a treat to watch :)
tobias mikarlsen
mortal kombat 11 fatalities
hellcat_army Hour ago
Im sure avengers infinity war is already Released so why in this announcment?
Wilson Kids
Wilson Kids Hour ago
This is good but I am still mad at Disney for making Star Wars worse
Aquamarine Dolls
I haven't seen this show in years! Love this theme song! The new version sounds good but I prefer this one. ♥️♥️
Zachary McCourtie
Zachary McCourtie 2 hours ago
When will we get pair of kings and dog with a blog
Johnny 12
Johnny 12 2 hours ago
Add Zeke and Luther
Johnny 12
Johnny 12 2 hours ago
We want Cory In The House, Zeke And Luther and Pair Of Kings
Clara Jero
Clara Jero 2 hours ago
What about soy luna 2???
Irenta 07
Irenta 07 2 hours ago
Do anyone realized there were word " Corona"
Gustavo Correa
Gustavo Correa 2 hours ago
Can we get House of Mouse soon please😩
Renzoh’s Club
Renzoh’s Club 2 hours ago
Tarzan II? That existed?
Nathan Davison
Nathan Davison 3 hours ago
Which Region is this for as some of these are already on in the UK..
M P 3 hours ago
Might Med! OMG YES!!
Rique 3 hours ago
ADD ZEKE AND LUTHER!! We need it asap!! It would be appreciated!
salvador diaz de con
Like si te da mucha tristesa dumbo
Rebecca Rich
Rebecca Rich 3 hours ago
Wow I totally forgot mighty med existed, I mean I never watched it but I remember seeing promos for it
Sora brown
Sora brown 3 hours ago
#daisyridley #daisyrisleybafta #daisyridleyquarantined Ok no just kidding
Bobby 3 hours ago
Quite possibly the hottest Asian woman ever. This woman is 56 and looking like she’s 26.
fort brick
fort brick 3 hours ago
Add pen zero part time hero i dobt know if anyone else liked it but i do
reginald johnson
reginald johnson 4 hours ago
Ashoka is hot,I love her. We need more of her. 😍
TDIS135 4 hours ago
101 Dalmatians: The Series, yes! Thank you so much!
Tandy Grant
Tandy Grant 4 hours ago
Renew HSM TM The series
emma6801 emma6801
emma6801 emma6801 4 hours ago
Blu 4 hours ago
I'm second born, and my secret power is failing at everything.
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 4 hours ago
Wasn’t infinity war in Disney plus already
kyr09 4 hours ago
The only thing I'm excited for this month is infinity war and Artemis fowl Tbh
Wicked Edge
Wicked Edge 4 hours ago
2 words, mighty med.
Chicken nugget Martinez
Okay so everyone is still sleeping on American dragon: Jake long, and brandy and mr. Whiskers though sooo.....
Sophia Reyes
Sophia Reyes 4 hours ago
I'm still waiting for Venom to be on Disney+
WonderPyxel 4 hours ago
Let’s protest Disney Plus until they put The Owl House and Enchanted and Pair of Kings on there 😂
Mr. Harris
Mr. Harris 4 hours ago
Thank God this Phineas and Ferb intro video has a comment section
Gula 4 hours ago
Best game ever played
Bethany Brown
Bethany Brown 4 hours ago
Summer Magic should be added this summer
Anita Chivell
Anita Chivell 4 hours ago
You are my fav celeb
Anita Chivell
Anita Chivell 4 hours ago
Your a hero Daisy
Phoenix 4 hours ago
Can we get tangled the series season 3 back
Nøva GachaVideøz 101
Started on 2013
sazomana 10
sazomana 10 4 hours ago
My parents grew up in the 900s
Misael (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Angela craquelada
sazomana 10
sazomana 10 4 hours ago
Piere is me whenever im on my phone too much and then someone talks to me
Emil Reyes
Emil Reyes 5 hours ago
Sophia Santomauro
Sophia Santomauro 5 hours ago
The lamp just completely fell over at the very beginning
Karl Stephen Ramel
Karl Stephen Ramel 5 hours ago
If Only Kaitou Joker Was There OR If I Didn't Notice It Was Already There
Jeremy 5 hours ago
I want Pablo and the Dancing Chihuahua!
LRPlayz 5 hours ago
Disney made this!
Amy Chansavaeng
Amy Chansavaeng 5 hours ago
There princess
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper 5 hours ago
When will there be second season for The Mandalorian.
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf 5 hours ago
These were the days when cartoons are cartoons! Gargoyles, Ducktales, Gummiebears! I am so happy to grow up in the 80's and 90's. Those were the days, X men, Batman all best cartoons!
Love the videos
Amy Chansavaeng
Amy Chansavaeng 5 hours ago
Amy Chansavaeng
Amy Chansavaeng 5 hours ago
Hawky Boi
Hawky Boi 5 hours ago
Where’s my Owl House?!?!? 😂😂😫
ninjatrexsman 2020
ninjatrexsman 2020 5 hours ago
not bad not bad it is pretty good you should have more exprastion
Avalanche TV
Avalanche TV 6 hours ago
Five words: Wimpy Kid Two and Three
Amy Chansavaeng
Amy Chansavaeng 6 hours ago
Cute :3
The son of Black panther
This episode is basically me every day at school 🏫
Lachie Duck
Lachie Duck 6 hours ago
im disopionted
Amy Chansavaeng
Amy Chansavaeng 6 hours ago
I luv tsum tsum lol
Galaxy Mew
Galaxy Mew 6 hours ago
Deshawn Bryan
Deshawn Bryan 6 hours ago
i mean i wasnt old enough to witness this on tv but i do remember when full episodes were on youtube i use to watched it alot so its still nostalgic
Naplee Pastyawn
Naplee Pastyawn 6 hours ago
oh i love this grandma
Meiley Tat
Meiley Tat 6 hours ago
Alex_ jcd 0127
Alex_ jcd 0127 6 hours ago
Meiley Tat
Meiley Tat 6 hours ago
Noah Masi
Noah Masi 6 hours ago
I will literally pay you to not put the Percy Jackson movie on Disney+ and just wait for the tv-series to be finished
Steven Higgins
Steven Higgins 28 minutes ago
You realize the series is most likely going to continue on from where Sea of Monsters left off, right?
Partex_21 6 hours ago
We need „American Dragon“ on Disney+
Andrew Kirkland
Andrew Kirkland 6 hours ago
I’m still waiting for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!🚀 #TOINFINITYANDBEYOND
Cemike 4949
Cemike 4949 6 hours ago
I want pup academy so hard
Ezekiel Alimpia
Ezekiel Alimpia 7 hours ago
NOBODY: PEOPLE WITH NO DISNEY +: Woah! this is so amazing, cant wait to watch it
Dre5ds 7 hours ago
Weekenders, Lloyd in Space, FILMOR and Cory in the house plzzz
beatlesman3333 7 hours ago
But where is Disneyland at the World’s fair
nguyenduy truongvinh tv
aladdin trailer
Maria Paula Ramirez
Plis put Far From Home, and btw I scream when I saw you are putting A.N.T Farm
Gregg Darby
Gregg Darby 7 hours ago
More SJW brainwash
Elia Yudith Adame
Elia Yudith Adame 7 hours ago
plzzzzzzz the liberty story will be on june 12th yaay!
Gurvindervir chhina
This satisfys me
Gurvindervir chhina
Zoe the Pop star!
Zoe the Pop star! 7 hours ago
Hey Disney! Do frozen two told as emoji
Rose anne Dela cruz
U hnñ
Slush plays Minecraft
It was funny when ben said no one takes no showers
Amanda Ferguson
Amanda Ferguson 8 hours ago
Jodi Benson, and Paige O'Hara are the very best Disney characters that I grew up with. I don't know why I think about it, and yes, I will dream big, princess.
Chancellor Crawford
I am so happy mighty med is coming I thought they took it off everything
Viviana Espinoza
Viviana Espinoza 8 hours ago
Wow who knew 101 Dalmatians would be on Disney plus
bears stuff
bears stuff 8 hours ago
Ben:the 60's were full of piece and love. and no one takes any showers! Me:thats not really pieceful
Laney Johnson
Laney Johnson 8 hours ago
me when watching with only my right airpod in wondering *whaaaaat?* welp now i gotta put both in lol
Hairy Man
Hairy Man 8 hours ago
Avengers infinity war is already on Disney+
Tyler Holdmeier
Tyler Holdmeier 6 hours ago
No it was not
Kevin 1996 ALMMAND CHESES Felten