ASTRO 아스트로
ASTRO 아스트로
ASTRO 아스트로
Chryzl Borbe
Chryzl Borbe 9 hours ago
Awesome dance cover of all time😍😍😍 happy birthday baby rocky💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
황신비 9 hours ago
2:55초에 여자친구 너 그리고 나가 들린닼ㅋㅋ 그러고보니까 문빈 신비 케미 한번 더 봤으면 좋겠다
candy soul
candy soul 9 hours ago
Rocky 💜
candy soul
candy soul 10 hours ago
Finawati lubis
Finawati lubis 10 hours ago
I love you astro ♥❤
陳星星 10 hours ago
Dear Rocky,HBD❤️❤️
Shazwani Hassan
Shazwani Hassan 10 hours ago
0:31 jinjin stop being so cute😭😭
Aimi Mochad
Aimi Mochad 10 hours ago
about 59,000 views to reach 12M
Shazwani Hassan
Shazwani Hassan 10 hours ago
😭😭i miss them so much😭❤
Kathleen Monje
Kathleen Monje 10 hours ago
Is moonbin well now?
Lakshmi Ramnarine
Lakshmi Ramnarine 10 hours ago
Such a beautiful dancer..
niktisha Pariyar
niktisha Pariyar 10 hours ago
how can a person be so good looking😍 i wish i was there as his makeup artist
be rtha
be rtha 10 hours ago
이채널이 외국 국적은 아니지요... 신기하네...한글이 안보여요...
예니니니 10 hours ago
4:25 진리다
Aimi Mochad
Aimi Mochad 10 hours ago
Stream one&only on official channel too, roha
P71 10 hours ago
Chaeunwoo, why so perfect❤️ Astro; we are not seeking to be normal😄
Imran Syah
Imran Syah 10 hours ago
Mukkak bencong
AMEILIA Nasa25 10 hours ago
AMEILIA Nasa25 10 hours ago
Love youu
Sikder Nasir Nasir
Sikder Nasir Nasir 10 hours ago
Hello i am from Bangladesh
P71 10 hours ago
AMEILIA Nasa25 10 hours ago
Eh suamiku disitu ko beridri aja
AMEILIA Nasa25 10 hours ago
Brooklyn Vaughan
Brooklyn Vaughan 10 hours ago
Guys I need help I’m trying to Stan this group do y’all have any tips my bias is mj
Aimi Mochad
Aimi Mochad 10 hours ago
Brooklyn Vaughan since your bias is mj, have you heard his cover of paul kim song? Here’s the link ruvid.net/video/video-pxEV7BWxRjU.html
Gretchen Andante
Gretchen Andante 11 hours ago
Areeya Phomphadungheep
So cute
yelena shrestha
yelena shrestha 11 hours ago
If they added subtitles it'be more fun
정금정 11 hours ago
산하 늘귀여미
Bam bear
Bam bear 11 hours ago
ปั่นทุกวันเลยย แต่วิวไม่ขยับไปไหนเลยยวงนี้ดีมากๆเลยนะแต่เสียดายที่ไม่ค่อยมีใครฟังและติดตามวงนี้😢 แต่เราจะซัพพอร์ตวงนี้ตลอดไป💜
채요이 11 hours ago
차은우 사랑해..
Sam- aroha
Sam- aroha 11 hours ago
Still in love with this 😍❤
윤지 12 hours ago
로맨스 - 치즈 일기예보 - 치즈 사랑인가요 - 치즈,에릭남 +)치즈님 노래들 커버 듣고 싶어요,, 그 음색으로 부르면 너무 좋을거 같아요오ㅠ +)사랑인가요는 누구랑 같이 불러주면 더 좋고여
민주한 12 hours ago
Rocky is underrated.
Rocille Sawian
Rocille Sawian 12 hours ago
They are so handsome😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lougai Fermin
Lougai Fermin 12 hours ago
Cruuuuush HAHAHA
hung nguyen
hung nguyen 12 hours ago
me pretending to understand Korean for 18 minutes straight :)
채요이 12 hours ago
Symphonic Zion
Symphonic Zion 12 hours ago
Jinjin and Rocky being professional dancers and there is MJ at the corner being a goofball😂😂
Xura SUPER M 12 hours ago
Cant believe that MJ has a angel voice Im craxy about it , the song is perfect with his voice And moonbinnie oppa is so ........wowwwwww ♡
LILIAN KIM 12 hours ago
12M soon! 💕
Judyanne Dato
Judyanne Dato 12 hours ago
Astro fan ever😊
Piotr Umiński
Piotr Umiński 12 hours ago
Wracasz do historii?
Piotr Umiński
Piotr Umiński 12 hours ago
Nauczcie mnie tak tańczyć
Sarah Kang
Sarah Kang 12 hours ago
이 귀염 덩어리들!!! The Cutest things in the world!
Tae _
Tae _ 12 hours ago
The first time i saw this thumbnail, I thought he used snapchat
민주한 12 hours ago
Gonna stream this until everyone stop sleeping on them
GH P 13 hours ago
애기들이야 애기들🥰🥰 예뻐죽어
Melliza Beth Pangan
Melliza Beth Pangan 13 hours ago
happy day for rocky day :)
EJ Chiu
EJ Chiu 13 hours ago
Rocky's eyes at 2:45 ahhhh!
Asmita Magar
Asmita Magar 13 hours ago
Trinity Savant
Trinity Savant 13 hours ago
Daphne 13 hours ago
I'm very envious that the ppl in the scene when saw them
Daphne 13 hours ago
this hb video roha very like it hehe kkk ♥
AraTv 13 hours ago
why is he so cute?? awwwwhhh i love you moonbinieee
윤지민 13 hours ago
축하합니다 당신은 한국어를 찾으셨어요 걍 소녀팬맘 녹일라고 작정하고 찍엇네...❤️❤️
F I F I 13 hours ago
몌힌soule 13 hours ago
아앙ㅜ 이오빠들 진짜 저세상 텐션ㅜ큐ㅜㅜ흥스트로💦💜 진짜 너무 조아아💗 feat:한국인들 이제 여기 댓다세요..아니 외국인 아로하분들만 위에잇구..여기여기❗여기에요! 이제 한국분들 여기다가 우리 별둥이들 칭찬이랑 달아줘요오👍💜💗
Marvie De Vera
Marvie De Vera 14 hours ago
Happy bday rocky shiiii.. Saranghaeyo.. Be happy.. Be healthy always.. Enjoi ur day.. ☺️
Jes Papong
Jes Papong 14 hours ago
Jes Papong
Jes Papong 14 hours ago
Jes Papong
Jes Papong 14 hours ago
It's sow fanny 😂😂😂
Jes Papong
Jes Papong 15 hours ago
Happy birthday to rocky
v e n i c e
v e n i c e 15 hours ago
WoW. This was hilarious. Aesthetic. Amazing. And talent overload. Damn. Also happy (“early”) bday rocky! U sure rock! ❤️ 🧸 💜
Meisya .C.
Meisya .C. 15 hours ago
SCH Rocky🎊🎉😍
Diana 15 hours ago
I'm done with kpop boysss DoNe
Dian Dalimunthe
Dian Dalimunthe 15 hours ago
Ganteng sejak dini
Widya Aprilia
Widya Aprilia 15 hours ago
Subtitel please
Trinity Savant
Trinity Savant 15 hours ago
i have no words to express how happy this song makes me
Delma HumereZ
Delma HumereZ 15 hours ago
Ah baby <3
Kathleen Monje
Kathleen Monje 15 hours ago
Give us more of videos like this pleaaaaase 😭😭💖💖💖💖💖
CutDrama 16 hours ago
They're so good...
Mariluz Morales Gomez
Los amo... 11M
precious. 16 hours ago
timestamps and their names?
Sam- aroha
Sam- aroha 12 hours ago
These are some of their sidestracks that you can listen to know more about their music: Again, I'll be there, you are my world, All about you, Go and stop, When the wind blows, Moonwalk, Role play, Love wheel, Heart brew love, Merry go round, Run, Because its you, Innocent/First love, Bloom, By your side, With you, Butterfly and One & Only(specially for Arohas to clebrate 4th devut anniversary) <3
Sam- aroha
Sam- aroha 12 hours ago
Welcome It is some info about the members 0:11 Moonbin: 98' liner, lead vocalist and dancer, also actor, had a role in 'Moment at eighteen, was on hiatus due to health concerns during Blue Flame promotions. Insta @moon_ko_ng 0:21 Cha eun woo: 97' liner, vocalist and visual of the group, also an actor, main lead of 'My id is gangnam beauty' and 'Rookie Historian'. Insta @eunwo.o_c 0:32 Sanha: 00' liner, lead vocalist and maknae, also starred in web drama 'love formula 11M'. Insta @ddana_yoon 0:54 Mj: Kim Myungjun, 94' liner, Main vocalist, happy virus of the group, best high notes. Has a variety show 'Blanket kicks at night' along With Sanha. Insta @mj_7.7.7 1:18 Rocky: Park Minhyuk, 99' liner, Main dancer and lead rapper, also wrote and composed 'when the wind blows of this album', choreographer, also a vocalist. Insta @minhyuk202523 2:23 Jinjin: ParkJinwoo, 96' liner, leader, Main rapper, wrote all the rap parts of this album along with Rocky, also wrote and composed 'Bloom' of last album along with Mj. Has rap songs 'Like a King' and 'Mad Max'. Insta @ast_jinjin They all acted in web drama 'to be continued' you can watch that to know them more :) also they have special ddocas(Mvs) for Arohas like You and me, Call out and 1 in a million
Aroha Arohi
Aroha Arohi 16 hours ago
Let's reach 12M asap!! Don't stop streaming rohas..
RAKI 16 hours ago
I didn’t like yummy when it was released and here is rocky making that song stuck in my head. Ugh. Aroha loves all of rakdi’s song recommendations 😍
Catherine Joy
Catherine Joy 16 hours ago
The outfit that MJ is wearing is more MJ than MJ is MJ. That make sense?
Roxxy 16 hours ago
I miss this babys
응예 16 hours ago
잘생겼다는 말도 은우한테는 식상하겠지..?😢
rika ayu
rika ayu 16 hours ago
No understand how speaking
경수아 Kyung Soo Ah
I really love you rocky! 💜 Happy birthday! 🎂
eunwoo astro
eunwoo astro 17 hours ago
This is really cute
Kadek Widiantari
Kadek Widiantari 17 hours ago
Happy 19,4 m views
kyungsoo's military wife
Happy birthday Rocky! Ily MJ! ♡
Nine Angles
Nine Angles 17 hours ago
I cant wait for the ot6 version
내일. 17 hours ago
너무 귀여워요ㅠㅠ😙💖
firda kh
firda kh 17 hours ago
At least once a day i come back here just to listen to this. It's my fave song!
Trym mrd
Trym mrd 17 hours ago
Omooo so cute 😘
박은아 17 hours ago
이 노래 엄청 좋아하는데..ㅠㅠ제 최애가 불러주시다니..!!사랑해여..ㅠㅠ
AstrosAroha. 17 hours ago
Who are you watching the whole time? Rocky and jinjin or MJ at the back?? Lmaoo
via marie tan
via marie tan 17 hours ago
I already miss BinWooSan. And I miss MyungJinHyuk too😍😘
Katlego K
Katlego K 17 hours ago
I just love this video so much😍
TinTin01 18 hours ago
Belated Happy Birthday again, Rocky!!💙🔥
Syazlin Amira
Syazlin Amira 18 hours ago
Omgg moonbin played unfair exo song aaaaa i wanna screammmmm i love both of them exo and astro 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️
syazwani aziz
syazwani aziz 18 hours ago
Hahahahahahaha! I know its MJ from the start! Hahahahaha
Faith 18 hours ago
help i can’t stop watching this video. 😂
Irene 18 hours ago
Happy Rocky day 🌺❤️🎀🌺❤️🎀
Yadira suli
Yadira suli 18 hours ago
너무 좋아해
jennguyen 18 hours ago
rocky is so underrated he's so talented ahhhhh
Safa Azzahra
Safa Azzahra 19 hours ago
aaaa so cuteee , love youuu
Huang Zai
Huang Zai 19 hours ago
Eunwoo take care