Thomas Petrou
Thomas Petrou
Thomas Petrou
My name is Thomas Petrou and I daily vlogged for 3 years of my life. It was an amazing experience that led me to create The Hype House with my closest friends. Here's my life now.
Saying Goodbye
4 months ago
Michael Is In Love
5 months ago
Goodbye TikTok
5 months ago
6 months ago
Mia's Pregnant...
8 months ago
Jessica Simon
Jessica Simon 7 hours ago
spicy Ramen
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Ramirez 7 hours ago
Lisa corbally
Lisa corbally 7 hours ago
Charlis face when she walked in
Tessa Kaufman
Tessa Kaufman 8 hours ago
gummy soda
Isabella Callahan
Isabella Callahan 8 hours ago
gummy soda
Hazel San Luis
Hazel San Luis 8 hours ago
you guys got a puppy!
Danicka Dastous-Bigras
Parrot lion
Naima Floyd
Naima Floyd 8 hours ago
𝕲𝖚𝖒𝖒𝖞 𝖘𝖔𝖉𝖆
Ava Costello
Ava Costello 8 hours ago
Pink leopards
Ava Costello
Ava Costello 9 hours ago
Braddison is real
Neha Islam
Neha Islam 9 hours ago
Chase driving Everyone else in the back:aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chase sttoppp
Kyla singh
Kyla singh 9 hours ago
Joshlynn Munoz
Joshlynn Munoz 9 hours ago
Gummy soda
maddy binns
maddy binns 9 hours ago
gummy soda yummmmmmm
Breanna kirk
Breanna kirk 10 hours ago
Vinnie is so smart.
Anne MacKenzie
Anne MacKenzie 10 hours ago
The only one who actually comments Larry’s gay
Megan-Ellen Spencer-Brown
Gummy soda
Tayvon Pimentel
Tayvon Pimentel 10 hours ago
You say the N-word, that’s so gross
Siya S Kumar
Siya S Kumar 10 hours ago
Aarin Kelly
Aarin Kelly 11 hours ago
gummy soda
Addison Goodwin
Addison Goodwin 11 hours ago
Gummy soda
emilyplays adoptme
emilyplays adoptme 11 hours ago
ⓨⓔⓢ ⓝⓔⓢⓢⓐ ⓢⓗⓞⓤⓛⓓ ⓙⓞⓘⓝ
alesha torredimare
alesha torredimare 11 hours ago
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Laya Abouchakra
Laya Abouchakra 12 hours ago
Gummy soda
Mercedes Gowland
Mercedes Gowland 12 hours ago
gummy soda
Libby Davies
Libby Davies 12 hours ago
Mia is juwt like me oml
Aaron Wilkinson
Aaron Wilkinson 12 hours ago
i am 11 and i can crack an egg with mu fist l
Aaron Wilkinson
Aaron Wilkinson 12 hours ago
snow ball love u guys
Aaron Wilkinson
Aaron Wilkinson 13 hours ago
kayleigh x
kayleigh x 13 hours ago
not me watching thomas’ vlogs for vinnie
Angelina S
Angelina S 13 hours ago
gummy soda
Honora Stewart
Honora Stewart 14 hours ago
Purple corn
Asia Munoz
Asia Munoz 14 hours ago
Gummy soda
Kaya Pawlak
Kaya Pawlak 15 hours ago
I kinda find it funny that he says the merch is at every target it ain't
Ava Costello
Ava Costello 15 hours ago
Joinnnnnnnnnn Pink Buffalo
Lassawna Kenlock
Lassawna Kenlock 15 hours ago
Why is Thomas so nice and funny
Help me reach 10k With no videos
To the person reading this: you’re gorgeous and don’t let anyone bring you down 😌❤️
Samira Khosravi
Samira Khosravi 9 hours ago
Thank you! That's so sweet of you, you too. Have a great day everyone reading this! :)
Cute Wolf
Cute Wolf 15 hours ago
Noah is a wholesome teddy bear
Allison Thornton
Allison Thornton 16 hours ago
Gummy soda
Emily Jarratt
Emily Jarratt 16 hours ago
Golden lama
Megan Diaz
Megan Diaz 16 hours ago
Gummy Soda
Tyler Huynh
Tyler Huynh 16 hours ago
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Jorge Avendaño
Jorge Avendaño 17 hours ago
Gummy soda
Shahla alzarooni
Shahla alzarooni 17 hours ago
Nooooo because chase cheated with her so NO
Mario A Crespo
Mario A Crespo 17 hours ago
Which hype house member is taller than me I’m 5’3 in height or 160.02 in cm?
Ella Bolling
Ella Bolling 17 hours ago
Gummy Soda
Matilda Lloyd
Matilda Lloyd 17 hours ago
Liver blue berry waffles
Vinnie has a Small d#ck
Damn vin the vincer do be wearing clothes 😔👊
Adrienne Sellars
Adrienne Sellars 17 hours ago
I miss all of the old hype house content. Though this makes me laugh
Chloe Anne.
Chloe Anne. 17 hours ago
Is nobody talking bout Michaels Britney Spears top
CHØCØ_MØCØ 17 hours ago
Lol addison is a badass, never knew she curses also her voice is SO CUTE!! ❤️
Konstantina Siganakis
Sleepy timmy
ThE Acosta fam
ThE Acosta fam 18 hours ago
Gummy soda
CHØCØ_MØCØ 18 hours ago
Ok I'm watching this after chases room but we'll all kinda no that Thomas and everyone else kinda ships them!? I mean I might be wrong..
isy.d 18 hours ago
I’m sorry your getting sued what will happen to the hype house?
Peyton Eliasen
Peyton Eliasen 18 hours ago
Gummy soda
Peyton Eliasen
Peyton Eliasen 18 hours ago
Hii tell Mia and Cover they are the Best
Melanie Shariat
Melanie Shariat 18 hours ago
Gummy sodaaa
Kelly Kubasek
Kelly Kubasek 18 hours ago
sushi Lama
Desiree Gonzalez
Desiree Gonzalez 19 hours ago
gummy soda
Jafarie King
Jafarie King 19 hours ago
Gummy soda
Makaley Hadder
Makaley Hadder 19 hours ago
Larry’s gay
HypeHouse Cam
HypeHouse Cam 19 hours ago
well well
Jasmine Party girl
Jasmine Party girl 19 hours ago
Gummy soda
Ella Tomarchio
Ella Tomarchio 19 hours ago
jake is definitly my fav member
T Queen
T Queen 19 hours ago
Gummy soda 😏😌
lyly101 19 hours ago
SORRY NAI.....hello?? HAHA xd
Alexi Gaspari
Alexi Gaspari 19 hours ago
Lemon grass
Alexi Gaspari
Alexi Gaspari 19 hours ago
Guys my sister and I are huge fans would you Mind saying hi back in the comments
sam d
sam d 19 hours ago
Imagine seeing the satellite view of them wrestling haha
Harper Kelly
Harper Kelly 19 hours ago
when jack and mia hugged🥺🥺🥺🥺
Sasha hussain
Sasha hussain 19 hours ago
Fluffy tomatoes
Emma Whittley
Emma Whittley 20 hours ago
Gummy soda lol
Imani Williams
Imani Williams 20 hours ago
Michel committed suicide- 🥲
Imani Williams
Imani Williams 20 hours ago
Jaelynn S
Jaelynn S 20 hours ago
Gummy soda club ☺️
Amanda Muro
Amanda Muro 20 hours ago