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Q: What do you use to record?
A: I use OBS
Q: What do you use to edit your videos?
A: I use Vegas 12 to edit and Render
Q: What Microphone do you use?
A: I use the AT2035 Studio Condenser microphone, I also use a Line6 UX2 for audio compression and condensing.
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Lonely Pilot
Lonely Pilot Minute ago
you should drift while doing your deliveries cuz Tofuu delivery. (initial d reference in case anyone doesn't get it)
xxxAzaan Plays!!
xxxAzaan Plays!! Minute ago
Instead of buying 200k steps for a rebirth I saw you can get 2 rebirths for like this much robux 👇
Hypurr- Tech
Hypurr- Tech 2 minutes ago
Bro you had 3 MORE BOXES to use
Gaming Gorilla
Gaming Gorilla 3 minutes ago
If this comment gets at least 25 likes I’ll make a ROBLOX video and subscribe to the first 5 likes and comments
Jasonking537 4 minutes ago
There is turtles in here
David Heck
David Heck 5 minutes ago
Watch blox watch
Jayden Vs hero Bryan
Jayden Vs hero Bryan 5 minutes ago
Ayyy 31 thousand viewer
Grace Gacer
Grace Gacer 6 minutes ago
Tofuu!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS 😍😍 😍
GamerXV1 6 minutes ago
You also can make a neon pet for 4 of the same pet
HOF-_- skillz
HOF-_- skillz 7 minutes ago
watermaelon zzz
watermaelon zzz 8 minutes ago
Me:dad i need new phone dad:why? me:cause i smash the like button
Randolf Cabagnot
Randolf Cabagnot 8 minutes ago
Tofuu : * spends almost at million rubux * Me : *Facepalms*
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 8 minutes ago
HOF-_- skillz
HOF-_- skillz 8 minutes ago
Eto is a he >:(
HOF-_- skillz
HOF-_- skillz 9 minutes ago
Kryptik 9 minutes ago
Gage_347 9 minutes ago
Does anyone know if double strength and speed stack on top of the different realms? Like since space gym is 3 times will it also double because of the double strength purchase or no?
Scott Ha
Scott Ha 10 minutes ago
I hope you win in the RB BATTLE Tournament
Cookiesmithy 10 minutes ago
Hi tofu I love your vids and I have subscribed and turned on notifications for u everyone subscribe to joe
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 11 minutes ago
Jennifer Harrell
Jennifer Harrell 12 minutes ago
I do if not .can u plz friend me
maria Stuart
maria Stuart 12 minutes ago
Tofuu can u not spend that much robux
LET ME 5678 DANCE 13 minutes ago
Yooo yo forsaken I play this every day and time to wach you play today booom you now a like in jail break you make a crime boom hey just tryna rihme
Magda Contreras
Magda Contreras 14 minutes ago
Why is the cost of a order in numbers like 123457
Logan Lunsford
Logan Lunsford 14 minutes ago
Pls I need robux pls give me my name is LoganYEAAH
Wolfie Zoe
Wolfie Zoe 15 minutes ago
GamerXV1 16 minutes ago
Remember when you adopted a hater
GamerXV1 16 minutes ago
You have actually played adopt me
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 17 minutes ago
Robby 17 minutes ago
You can make neons pet whith 4 full grow
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson 18 minutes ago
Y u game no freeeeeee I no robuxxx
Patricio Molina
Patricio Molina 19 minutes ago
I spend 0 robux and more powerful than tofuu but it took a lot time it took 3 weeks
Huy Tvsa
Huy Tvsa 19 minutes ago
U spend tooo much robux
migs mc adventure mangilit
Like a parrot
CoolHandLuke YT
CoolHandLuke YT 19 minutes ago
Luke66r roblox name tofuu bro your the best
migs mc adventure mangilit
Tofuu some of the legendary egg jungle egg
JENNIFER Lance 19 minutes ago
Rana Elhelbawy
Rana Elhelbawy 20 minutes ago
2:40 me:who lives in a shell under the sea people: tofuu robux pants
Jamal Janes
Jamal Janes 20 minutes ago
shaylah joy
shaylah joy 20 minutes ago
Keep it up play some more to ghoul please
carmine foley
carmine foley 21 minute ago
Forsaken watch Naruto if you don't
Jamal Janes
Jamal Janes 21 minute ago
Hunter Eaton
Hunter Eaton 22 minutes ago
Joe you if you friend me it will make my day and I play roblox cuz of you lol it's my birthday
Sept Ember
Sept Ember 22 minutes ago
Trade me unicorn pls
Madzx Tube
Madzx Tube 22 minutes ago
Hey joe I have been a fan for let’s say maybe like 2 years mm k something like around that but because I can’t get this item on Roblox I wanted to ask you..... I have tryed trading hangout and stuff but I have like nothing.... And I was wondering if u wanted to trade something for this item that item cost about 28,000 or something like that but it is the fire horns or the ice horn things
The Roblox Gameplay Mobile & PC
congrats on 3M Tofuu
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno 23 minutes ago
I love midoria
Aud Gaming
Aud Gaming 23 minutes ago
Landen West
Landen West 23 minutes ago
Who remembers when joe(tofuu) ate tofu
Ezequiel Medina-Salazar
you sassy
Sképpy 23 minutes ago
I GOT ALL PETS in 1 day
roblox queen
roblox queen 24 minutes ago
If you get 4 pet of the same and there adults then you can get a neo pet
Hunter Eaton
Hunter Eaton 24 minutes ago
I want a dragon and unicorn user hunter82537
xian dwayne Alarcon
xian dwayne Alarcon 24 minutes ago
Toffu you need 4 grown to have a neon unicorn
Nathan Sanchez
Nathan Sanchez 24 minutes ago
Play pet simulator agian
cathybernstein 25 minutes ago
Savan Men
Savan Men 25 minutes ago
A like if you like his videos I like his videos and I’m a kid, I’m a boy i I’m subscribed 🤗
Aaron and nina Chen gaming
I only have 28,000 strength in boxing simulator
ricky lopez
ricky lopez 27 minutes ago
All steps completed
sar jayaraman
sar jayaraman 27 minutes ago
It’s wasn’t a simulator, yet the video WAS GREAT
jefferson Truong
jefferson Truong 28 minutes ago
You can only get two legendary on the royal egg
Michelle Shields
Michelle Shields 28 minutes ago
I want a legendary so bad! My user is: michellecheerleader
Barbara Santamaria
Barbara Santamaria 29 minutes ago
i love your vidosssssssss
marie Anderson
marie Anderson 29 minutes ago
Hey tofu I'll want you you are going to do I didn't think you were going to do Lyft
Lynette Baker
Lynette Baker 29 minutes ago
Watch Jerumhi
MARK FOXX 30 minutes ago
I have 12 rebirths
Rosi Pineda
Rosi Pineda 30 minutes ago
they dont have hp Ok
tegan penney
tegan penney 31 minute ago
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 32 minutes ago
Wow that's awesome for you "All of the haters that said I wouldn't turn out to be anything but I sure showed them cuase look at me now 🤗
Dragonfly0909 Loneliness
If you guys want some neon pets come to my name mermaid EGH to Wawa and die on the TV on my phone right now if you get for the same thing you can turn it into a neon Pat
Preston playz 222222333
The end of days my Marin Corbin Sony
The cyan Cuber
The cyan Cuber 34 minutes ago
julio pino
julio pino 34 minutes ago
Woah your glasses are big and huge like your gonna eat them like a ROBUX glasses 4:30
Eric Lineback
Eric Lineback 34 minutes ago
Can I please please please have a dragon I'll give you bannana car username Giggles113
Preston playz 222222333
No this is Patrick
DAT DUDE 35 minutes ago
f l i i p i n g r i f f i n
Michael Brock
Michael Brock 35 minutes ago
I got your game and your galaxy suite
sb737 sonic pro
sb737 sonic pro 36 minutes ago
Play spamming simulator because they have you as a pet and play melon simulator it's a fun game
Dequion Anderson
Dequion Anderson 37 minutes ago
San me100 rbax
Dequion Anderson
Dequion Anderson 28 minutes ago
Sae me 10000 robx my name. is man man 0809
Hyunju Bae
Hyunju Bae 39 minutes ago
Tofuu is awesome pls like this cuz i never gotta like before:(
Bryan Pulido
Bryan Pulido 39 minutes ago
Hey forstaken i can give u neon uni. For ur account? Deal? Deal????
Preston playz 222222333
Making SpongeBob John Cena there
Claudia's DIY
Claudia's DIY 41 minute ago
MONEA Russell
MONEA Russell 41 minute ago
I was drinking orange juice like if you were
staf113 kickoff
staf113 kickoff 41 minute ago
Play more sim games plz
LUIS MONROY 42 minutes ago
Tofuu play mad city
Rachel Russell
Rachel Russell 42 minutes ago
Nolan Shoemaker
Nolan Shoemaker 42 minutes ago
I put a thumbs up on the video
gokublack Rosie
gokublack Rosie 43 minutes ago
U have to get parrot in jungle egg a nd peguien un the ICE cream shop
emman noel lacea
emman noel lacea 44 minutes ago
Give me pet pls emmanzki123456
VERY GOOD VIDS HD 44 minutes ago
Why didnt u get the golden penguin
Ximena Perez
Ximena Perez 44 minutes ago
please and thankyou
Ximena Perez
Ximena Perez 44 minutes ago
I want a legendary pet tofuu
Jessica Temple
Jessica Temple 44 minutes ago
i like your veeows
JTs story's
JTs story's 45 minutes ago
He said domonus frideodus the blue dominus
lil_twain23 Gray
lil_twain23 Gray 45 minutes ago
SINCE Uwaste your robux on games why dont u give some to fanes but i love your cannel tofuu and i will still suport u like if u agree
Jaeceon Walls
Jaeceon Walls 47 minutes ago
I play robox
Ezra Attias
Ezra Attias 48 minutes ago
Everyone knows todoroki is the best joe
Elvis Lin
Elvis Lin 48 minutes ago
I want one I been watching u for a long time
Ethan Lin
Ethan Lin 48 minutes ago
Can you get deku’s quirk n boku no roblox remastered