Aaron Burriss
Aaron Burriss
Aaron Burriss
Hello! My name is Aaron. I was born in the Philippines but now I live in LA with my dog Guppy! I'm usually filming videos like challenges, sketches, and vlogs with my friends and family!
Welcome to my channel and always remember to BE TRUE and BE YOU!!
isabella suarez
isabella suarez 28 minutes ago
from that ONE HEARTBROKEN QUESTION i assume aaron wanted to date roni and she wasn't ready, or thought it was too soon, or wanted to stay as friends a bit longer...
Fewfy Dip
Fewfy Dip Hour ago
Drive through vaccines??? Jeee that's so fucktastic ridiculous
Jack Reed
Jack Reed 3 hours ago
Check back in 3 years my little fellow good luck.
Dean Wilsher
Dean Wilsher 4 hours ago
Oh dear. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Lexi🧡💜 5 hours ago
Yes please let him do your makeup
Joshua Carson
Joshua Carson 5 hours ago
In 20 years we're going to be seeing commercials saying did you get the koof vaccine. If so please call 1-800 I followed the science.
Hielo Gogo
Hielo Gogo 6 hours ago
You're young and healthy. You had better natural immunity against new covid variants but now because of the vaccin less. Study from Israel has proven this.
Braindead willingly giving away permission for something illegal in the first place. You deserve anything that comes with it since you are responsible for the green light. No pity for thoughtless actions.
Irish Truth
Irish Truth 10 hours ago
He should be super nervous after getting that poison put into him....
Burgher 16 hours ago
Lmao wow. I’ll trust my natural immunity.
Mark Nasser
Mark Nasser 17 hours ago
How much you get paid for your little advertisement?? Hope you make part 2 when you have medical issues
Benson Richardson
Benson Richardson 19 hours ago
It is not a vaccine!!!!
angelossauro 20 hours ago
They didn’t even gave him a information about the side effects and that no one is accountable for this side effects. Only himself 🤣 Little boy you got played big time.
angelossauro 20 hours ago
FU! Don’t tell what to do! If you don’t care about science and your health and want to support corrup politicians and the Big Pharma. Go on. But stop telling people what they should do!
1DVSB 23 hours ago
Just wait a few years for the long term side effects to kick in….. then you will truly understand what experimental drug means.
Mackenzie Lieber
My favorite line “I feel like Bryce hall getting slapped by Austin McBroom”😂
Ken Haveachat
Never fear, theres lots of reactions to share in.. myocarditis, pericarditis, anaphylactic shock, bells palsey, guilaine barré or clots...heart .. brain .. lung... spin the wheel, everyone's a winner!
Andy Day ago
You all gonna get affect for doing this !! Happy two years of your life!!
Corz Illa
Corz Illa Day ago
Well as long as your life is 3 seconds… your sweet
Matthew Padgett
Please get “vaccinated”? Hell no!
Denise Skinner
Everyone promoting the Covid19, US Military's bioweapon will be EXECUTED for crimes against humanity.
seven miller
seven miller Day ago
Dr Richard Flemming nuclear cardiologist looks him up
Jan McIntyre
Jan McIntyre Day ago
Vera Day ago
Damn, I’ve had to give way more authorization and paperwork to get my ears pierced. This video confirms every suspicion anyone has. Why does the flu shot hurt, yet this one literally feels like a butterfly landing on your arm?
Debi Wolek
Debi Wolek Day ago
Well what happened? Give it a minute or two then get your boosters.
Jungkook7 Day ago
what hap
Sandra Paunkovicova
Very poot content!!!!! Hope you are still singing and telling how ,, all easy is ,,😂🤷🏼‍♀️. Waiting for you in the next Lockdown, because of high number between vaccinating people
Kai Ikaika
Kai Ikaika Day ago
Fu you do what you think is right for you and leave the rest alone.
Dayana Mejia
Dayana Mejia Day ago
Aaron Merrelltwins 4:59 PM Wed Sep 22 75% Aaron I Love You ❤️😘💕🤩🥰😃😀😄
Donuts Lover
Donuts Lover Day ago
Nessa hairstyle is so cute and veronica hairstyle is also nice 😍😍
Rob E
Rob E Day ago
I bet there a plenty of videos like this shit from the swine flu injections. Ask them how they are today!
Rob E
Rob E Day ago
If you thought the actual injection hurts you have invented naivety! Wait for it!
Bhumika Poojari
Veronica omggggg ❤️😂😂😂😂
Qeenara Alifaningdyah
Poor Aaron
The Tiny_Kaylee
How did Aaron get a concussion? My parents thought I may have had a concussion the week of a cheer comp (cheer comp was on the weekend and I have 2 teams, 1 trainings are Mondays and Wednesdays and the 2nd team trainings are Tuesdays and Wednesdays) on Tuesday I had hpe a girl ran into me and hit my head with her shoulder, had a headache for 3 hours straight and I didn't tell me teacher for like an hr or something, so fun I didn't have a concussion though. If you read that, thanks for reading about my weird story which is irrelevant lol
自由人 Day ago
He didn't read book of Revelation 13:16-18
Alisha Day ago
Yikes. So many anti vaxxers in the comments. It’s scary how disturbingly stupid so many people are and refuse to change.
you are being duped
Was this video of the 1st booster or the 9th booster? The amount of money being made by pharmaceuticals is beyond known numbers
Deborah Wang
Deborah Wang 2 days ago
As a nurse we were trained to observe a patient for at least 15 min after an intramuscular injection...this guy is dismissed to drive away. What happens if he has a reaction, you know, like anaphylaxis or a seizure. I admitted a patient last week who had massive strokes the day after her 2nd shot, her life is ruined. Shame on you all who are promoting this shot for young people who are at such a low risk from covid. We should be protecting our children from this experiment.
Thais Silva
Thais Silva Day ago
I have seen people die due emotions. Stroke, heart attack, etc.
Taylor 2 days ago
roni's heart is broken when she has to leave the cat🥺🥺💗💗
TheJordanRoberts 2 days ago
Lemmings!! Follow your master Biden
sunny simmons
sunny simmons 2 days ago
sarah s
sarah s 2 days ago
Let's see how your heart looks in a year, hope it works out well for you, but we can't know reactions that early.
Sarah Brandin
Sarah Brandin 2 days ago
I did not see a needle go in..
Charity Stout
Charity Stout 2 days ago
I always felt that they know that we know. And they'll tell us after they secretly get married. 😁🤟💜
BlueBeam1776 2 days ago
Another committed suicide looks like
crazyvoice12 2 days ago
Waiting for the next video of the 2nd dose. If he actually goes back
Brett 2 days ago
I didn’t realize being a lab rat was such a noble cause these days
Wictoria Olofsson
They just left him 😱😲 in sweden tjey let you sit down for an hour with meducal supervision. They dont let you out of the facility until they sure your ok. Driving car is not really recommended either as the side effects comes later. My friend fell down to the floor and he needed medical care could not talk nor walk properly for 6 month after the needle shot
Shauna Morey
Shauna Morey 2 days ago
Update us this winter my dude! You may be singing a different tune! God bless!
Pink Prism
Pink Prism 2 days ago
Lmao- the singing got me!
Nick Thomasulo
Nick Thomasulo 2 days ago
Personal choice good for you not me.
Angel of Beauty
Angel of Beauty 2 days ago
Roni is the cutest!
Angel of Beauty
Angel of Beauty 2 days ago
All F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans at 0.21 😳😅
Sharleen C
Sharleen C 2 days ago
get well soon Aaron
Rozelle Po
Rozelle Po 2 days ago
Get well soon Aaron
Jenna Kathleen
Jenna Kathleen 2 days ago
Hey Aaron, if you see this, would you please caption your videos so they’re accessible to everyone?
N Marak
N Marak 3 days ago
Only ronron shippers will watch his vlogs/video hehe Am I true ??
Hero toga
Hero toga 3 days ago
He looked do concerned when he couldn't find roni
Hero toga
Hero toga 3 days ago
The hoodi is from mha duh
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera 3 days ago
Only licensed medical doctors can give medical advice. Just saying 😉
RaneeH 3 days ago
Andrea Snow
Andrea Snow 3 days ago
show us the giraffe behind you pls!!
Kimberley Christensen
Were you told the possible side effects? Your risks of dying of covid vs your risk of side effects?
A J 3 days ago
Now, update us in 3 years... If you're still a live
Bear Hall
Bear Hall 3 days ago
How annoying and pandering is this? The needle is the last thing about this that concerns me. I've been through Rabies shots... it ain't the needle you wanna worry about. It is the haste which likely led to safety measures being being skipped on that concerns me the most... amplified by the lack of liability... amplified more by the political pressure.... amplified more by the dismissal of other potential treatments that seem promising but we won't know because they aren't given a chance... just vax vax vax.
jay mason
jay mason 3 days ago
This is stupid
Dayana Mejia
Dayana Mejia 3 days ago
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Dayana Mejia
Dayana Mejia 3 days ago
Aaron I love you 💕❤️😘 I Up Next
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Hickey 3 days ago
u dont hear from someone in a week and u emediatey think they r dead
Eileen Ayude
Eileen Ayude 3 days ago
Me crying every time I see a cat that doesn’t have a home
Gary Piper
Gary Piper 3 days ago
Sterilised !! Hope nothing worse than that happens to you.
Eric Bear
Eric Bear 3 days ago
Screw this nerd