Ultimate Fighting Championship es la organización líder de artes marciales mixtas en el mundo. A lo largo de la última década y con el apoyo de las comisiones atléticas a través de los Estados Unidos. UFC se ha transformado de ser un simple espectáculo a ser una organización de deportes altamente respetada. Grandes peleas entre las superestrellas de artes marciales mixtas con reconocimiento a nivel mundial se han convertido en uno de los eventos más populares de deportes, sobrepasando el record de pay-per-view previamente sostenido por el boxeo y la lucha profesional. Fanáticos de los deportes han dejado saber que quieren ver realismo cuando miran deportes, y UFC es claramente "¡ LO MAS REAL QUE SE PUEDE SER!"
Adoel Abdullah
Adoel Abdullah 15 hours ago
Si tony cadoek kantun we hahaok si bueuk mah🤣🤣
Tatamolly Mollycat
Tatamolly Mollycat 15 hours ago
Ronda the best
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 15 hours ago
Dominick Cruz doesn't know how ridiculous he sounds saying that he's tried to gas khabib out oh, yeah we can see which is face hahaha that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
FK A 15 hours ago
14:18 A wrestler standing up and exchanging punches with a boxer/striker is a testament to the fact that Khabib outclassed Connor in all aspects of mixed martial arts.
Syaiful Bahri
Syaiful Bahri 15 hours ago
I, m not Enough, you said oleh ole😀by jakarta suport khabib
Meer Mosharaf
Meer Mosharaf 15 hours ago
2nd Donald trump 😹
Meer Mosharaf
Meer Mosharaf 15 hours ago
I swear this guy needs syncretist someone help him
FK A 15 hours ago
8:25 TKO right there. The referee should have ended the match here and Khabib had already won. But we know how they wanted Connor to win. It's ok, Khabib would make him tap out like a sissy later LOL
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 15 hours ago
People like Dominick Cruz you could see that he wanted McGregor to win trying to pump up McGregor all he time hoping he will win and they get like that because they want to see khabib lose so they can say we thought it was good but it wasn't as good as McGregor but he proved them all wrong now only standing toe-to-toe boxing and of course out grappling him to get a neck crank not even a joke in McGregor tap like a b i o t c h hahaha
Kaki youTube
Kaki youTube 15 hours ago
Hahahaha its a arca?
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 15 hours ago
Those spanish UFC COmmentators are the worst....
Saleh Baron
Saleh Baron 15 hours ago
Minuto 4:29 cómo se aman
tomi_ dina_
tomi_ dina_ 15 hours ago
Где русские?😂
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa 15 hours ago
These commentators were so Pro McGregor when he first came in pumping him up just like everybody else yeah he won fight to come in and took it by storm in some ways but really if you look at a competition he had they were up and comers just to see was which Max Holloway went the whole fight with him didn't get knocked out was out drunk but never really rocked UB Dustin Poirier what's a lucky clip off the back of his head which end of the fight early which made him look good and then the other Fighters eBay they had made them right but who did they'd be the one khabib stepped in against equal a better opposition well we see what the result of that was but the way these guys are so Pro McGregor everyone spread McGregor saying the king is back the king never left because khabib has always been on top he's the real king!
Mạnh Huyen
Mạnh Huyen 15 hours ago
Khabit 😛😛😛😛
Mạnh Huyen
Mạnh Huyen 15 hours ago
Gặp kabit tắt máy
Syaiful Bahri
Syaiful Bahri 15 hours ago
Indonesia suport khabib I love khabib
Saqlain Rajpoot
Saqlain Rajpoot 15 hours ago
I can't stop myself for watching again and again great man khabib ❤️
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 15 hours ago
Cruz is really trash commentator.
Álvaro Aguilar Cerezo
Dicen que hacen falta 5 personas para abrazar el cuello de Juan Espino
Dr Dre 3009
Dr Dre 3009 15 hours ago
Yamasaki is never accused of early stoppage
FK A 15 hours ago
And Tony thought he had a chance with Khabib LOL. Getting knocked out from a wrester speaks volumes about Tony's skills LOL
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 15 hours ago
el regreso de la era de los gladiadores sin escrúpulos, la humanidad en declive !!!
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 15 hours ago
le retour de l'âge des gladiateurs sans aucun scrupule, l'humanité en déclin !!!
Mohamed ishak Ishak
Mohamed ishak Ishak 16 hours ago
Miss you kabib
Mata the One-X
Mata the One-X 16 hours ago
"I come here for smash dis guy." Indeed he did.
Mud Wayne
Mud Wayne 16 hours ago
Never seen Brock get so weak in wwe
zio hero
zio hero 16 hours ago
I like velazques
Aamir's Galaxy
Aamir's Galaxy 16 hours ago
I feel like Khabib didn’t retire for ever, once he comes back at I feel like he’s going to fight Floyd Mayweather. Plus he’s only 32!
CrashBandicot1995 16 hours ago
holy shit i thought his conditioning was bad, but then i realized this was a 5 round bout
Anderson Orozco
Anderson Orozco 16 hours ago
Maravilloso video
siti mamah
siti mamah 16 hours ago
diaz LOL STUPID.. 👎👎👎👎
Tomas Cabj
Tomas Cabj 16 hours ago
The channel is called ufc in Spanish and no comment in Spanish that sad. thanks Google translator
مدينة العلم
Looking at Khabib's fights, this one looks very boring.
quazinazrul islam
quazinazrul islam 16 hours ago
What a thrilling feeling to watch it Between The Eagle, Khabib and others! Whenever i feel dull, i see khabib's fight to get myself excited and energetic. May Allah bless khabib.
David Navas
David Navas 16 hours ago
Ole Joel a dar el callo es🇪🇸
Каракоз Исакова
Конор ты ишак😏🤣
Balaji C
Balaji C 16 hours ago
He got his back punctured by Khabib
miiimente seeretuerzze
Los árbitros de la UFC son gilipollas?
Ciro Garcia
Ciro Garcia 17 hours ago
Pinche McGregor tiene un estilo de boxeo chingon creo que es uno de los mejores boxeadores en la UFC
zio hero
zio hero 17 hours ago
Khabib is the best...!!! Mc gregor and dennis is looser crazy dog..!!!
Sri Kanth
Sri Kanth 17 hours ago
Su Yini
Su Yini 17 hours ago
😂😂😂 After the fight, this is hilarious
anass bondex
anass bondex 17 hours ago
McGregor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aryan shah 09
Aryan shah 09 17 hours ago
I am big fan Justin 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Nev 17 hours ago
His toughest challenge yet he never granted him the revenge. What a loser Khabib!! Run, run for you "legacy"!!
anass bondex
anass bondex 17 hours ago
McGregor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sami Khan
Sami Khan 17 hours ago
Khabib is the heart of eveyone . everyone loves u my brother :)
Elnegosiososio 17 hours ago
Menuda mierda de comentarios
H.S.C. reformas y servicios
khabib el mejor de la historia
King Kane
King Kane 17 hours ago
Fight of a decade... who is here after his retirement :-(
Paul Lamau
Paul Lamau 17 hours ago
Yeah..... imanuel macron need a pscyater
Devin Smoot
Devin Smoot 17 hours ago
Stayed for the yellow camel toe
Angel vqz
Angel vqz 17 hours ago
6:06 alv lo reinicio hasta lo puse en cámara lenta para más placer🥴
jack Toui
jack Toui 17 hours ago
5:08 Nate back is gonna break Joe rogan : good move by nate here
bilal afridi
bilal afridi 17 hours ago
I can see that fight is fake 100 percent
Aigul Dyumkulova
Aigul Dyumkulova 17 hours ago
Valentina muchas gracio. 💪💪💪👍👍❤️❤️❤️🥊🥊🥊🥊
Mohammad Siddiq Amon
Referee did great job and stop fights.
Joe Todaro
Joe Todaro 18 hours ago
Anyone else want to see Romero in a boxing ring?!
Deno Js
Deno Js 18 hours ago
Now he is just a history. He need more fight or move up the weightclass and keep fight. 32 year olds and retire bullshit!
G Red
G Red 18 hours ago
3:49 That leg kick was nasty
covcha40 18 hours ago
Maliki Plus
Maliki Plus 18 hours ago
This match will be unforgettable
Sharon Ah-Chong
Sharon Ah-Chong 18 hours ago
Was this his first loss?
Yura Kim
Yura Kim 18 hours ago
Very close fight. One more round and Romero probably would've won, he had more in him but here is how i scored it Round 1 - Whittaker Round 2 - Whittaker Round 3 - Romero Round 4 - Whittaker Round 5 - Romero In 4th round Romero was saving energy for the 5th. He rocked Whittaker but Whittaker stood and got back into fighting right away. Whittaker has an incredible heart. Romero is a beast.
Lo mejor fue cuando El Trota le parte la madre y le dice: "aqui se habla" Greene es un fraude
Download Movie
Download Movie 18 hours ago
i come because the legend is retired
dhani ram
dhani ram 18 hours ago
Ya kalah lah,. Biasa bersandiwara di smackdown
Mohamed Salman
Mohamed Salman 18 hours ago
🔥King khabib😎🔥
Miles Smith
Miles Smith 18 hours ago
Cody fights with too much emotion........he needs to relax......
bilal afridi
bilal afridi 18 hours ago
ALLHUMDULILLAH my hero khabib from Pakistan
Ant Rey
Ant Rey 18 hours ago
I watch this regularly to remind myself Conor is ALL HYPE.
Juan Cadenas
Juan Cadenas 18 hours ago
Juan Espino mi ídolo a partir de ahora
Mark Me
Mark Me 18 hours ago
2 of best Martial Artists ever. Great fight. Watched it many times never gets old Nate's Jiu jitsu tho? He should have used it more. I think hes better on ground/ pound than Connor? Respect to Both fighters!!
фламинго фламинго
фламинго фламинго
Dody iskandar
Dody iskandar 18 hours ago
Brock is not ready. I see that.
abian Priadinho
abian Priadinho 18 hours ago
Fighting gaethje is incapable of fighting Khabib, being arrogant will give priority to the quality of CHICKEN ...
bek 18 hours ago
ELIO GABRIEL 19 hours ago
El mejor,el favorito de Dios🙏, el más respetuoso de sus leyes,Rusian power. 🐻👊