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It's R Life
We are a family of 7 and we homeschool our 5 kids. We also cover topics related to adoption, large family life, daily activities such as cooking, shopping hauls, travel, holiday traditions and parenting children from the toddler years to teens. We love to share the good, the bad and maybe the occasional ugly. There is never a dull moment...so stick around! You'll be glad you did!
Welcome to It's R Life! (Formerly, The Rich Life!) We are so very glad you are here.
Raegan !
Raegan ! 14 hours ago
You guys should do virtual Disney rides on RUvid! Look up virtual Disney!!❤️❤️
Josh Ogden
Josh Ogden 14 hours ago
I put A reminder on for to day vlogs
Karak L
Karak L 15 hours ago
I watch ur vlogs an eat #StayAtHome
Karak L
Karak L 15 hours ago
Yay love you guys
Allie Bizette
Allie Bizette 15 hours ago
I am out of school until April 20
Lala Loopsy
Lala Loopsy 16 hours ago
From Bethlehem pa ! Love y’all !
ava show
ava show 16 hours ago
Hi is my tiktok @Qeeun_A
ava show
ava show 16 hours ago
All of your kids are so smart and beautiful.I am praying for all of you guys I love you guys.please go subscribe to my channel please love you guys
FNG _SWEAT 17 hours ago
Does Brinley have a different dad?
Nevaeh Martin
Nevaeh Martin 17 hours ago
I'm in England and it is really slow here people dont worry alot
Koala 800
Koala 800 18 hours ago
Who else is in Shelter in Home?
Christine Osorio
Christine Osorio 18 hours ago
I live in florida
Choir Servant
Choir Servant 18 hours ago
Can you guys keep my family and I in your prayers? I lost my mom on February 23, 2020 after church. I know I already said this, but i really miss my mom. God blessed day
Madeline Christopher
During quarantine I eat do packets and watch you guys!
Poppy Gayfer
Poppy Gayfer 20 hours ago
I am in England and we are in isolation and macdonadls is closed sad times! love you guys x
Madeline Christopher
Yeah here we can’t leave unless we go o the grocery store! I am so stressed! Everything I wanted to do now I can’t!
Colette Strombeck
Colette Strombeck 21 hour ago
Hey Kendal
Annika squires
Annika squires 21 hour ago
Love you
Confident WhoIAm
Confident WhoIAm 23 hours ago
Comments are back on? Immediately scrolled down to have a look 😅😍🙋🏻‍♀️
Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez Day ago
Hi I'm so happy that they have comments now. I've been watching your channel for over a couple months now but I never got to say hi. I think your family is such a true, loving, caring and honest family and I hope that you stay well. I always watch you guys get when I feel down bc you guys make me happy with Hampton's dancing to watching the girls do tiktoks. All of you are gorgeous and genuine ppl and you shouldn't be getting getting the hate you guys get.
Sara Robbins
Sara Robbins Day ago
It is a fight over diapers,wipes and toilet paper.
riley busse
riley busse Day ago
I don’t get it you ride to get points what
riley busse
riley busse Day ago
I don’t get it you ride to get points what
Nicole Biggs
Nicole Biggs Day ago
Hampton is a little tease.
Fatma Sheikh
Fatma Sheikh Day ago
Are you guys still doing fam jam
Jasmine LaRose
They only allow one adult in every store in the stores here kids can’t go to the store at all.
idkyo82 Day ago
I feel sorry for Emily that she was just sitting on the couch, while you guys were filming and buying stuff
idkyo82 Day ago
My School is closed till April 27. I'm from Washington and we still have toilet paper.
Sereen Dhailieh
During quarantine I’ve been playing on my Nintendo switch, and playing roblox! I wish I could swim everyday but I live in Canada and it’s too cold right now🥶
marjory zapalac
Wash your hands and be safe
Lauren Parker
we had to move off of campus, and having class online for the rest of the semesters, might not be able to go back next fall. really hope that's fake news
Liz Wheeler
Liz Wheeler Day ago
I LOVE Dogs Day ago
My school is closed till May 1 and I think I am going to lose my mind!!🤯😫
Pam Espinoza
Pam Espinoza Day ago
Where is your cute kitty?
Lilah Diggs
Lilah Diggs Day ago
I love watching you guys every week! Also I love your guys’ intro but it would be cool to see you all make a new one once this virus stuff is over!
Yeet Doggos
Yeet Doggos Day ago
So happy comments are back on! Love you guys!
Mindy Van Horn
Wow, so happy to be able to chat! I have been Crocheting and playing games with the Grandkids, take self improvement courses, pray(lots)! I've done a lot of baking, reading and decluttering!
Venus Bucci
Venus Bucci Day ago
Green beans raw with ranch
Rachael Rauch
I had to buy some baby wipes but it’s something
Nancy Hake
Nancy Hake Day ago
Our area in CT is under shelter in place. You can go to the grocery store, drs, bank, gas station, curb side pick up at restaurants, etc.
Nevaeh Macinnis
your not quarantining yourself your going for a drive like every two days i haven’t been anywhere in 3 weeks
Allison Wineski
Hi. You should do a no hands challenge for 24 hours
Charli King
Charli King Day ago
i am in Australia an i am on self isolation
Just Soaps
Just Soaps Day ago
All are shops in England are close not food stores they still open
Just Soaps
Just Soaps Day ago
We call it lockdown in England & are doctors are close
Myriam Roy
Myriam Roy Day ago
My school is maybe closed until September
Karleigh Nielsen
Can you please go look at my think that I send you on insta. Karleighgrace
Sophia Clark
Sophia Clark Day ago
Literally ONLY the grocery stores are open in my area
Lilly Cornwell
i love yalk don’t y’all love florida i live here too maybe whenever disney opens up we could meet up if we go down when your there your the cutest family on the internet
Michael Moore
i live in caliornia and were under a pretty strict lockdown, in orange county
Amy Cook
Amy Cook Day ago
Love y'all. I watch RUvid videos all day.
Just Soaps
Just Soaps Day ago
Hi from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 x
Annabelle Troutman
Love y'all's channel y'all are literally the best and that's on me 💯😁 love yall's vids!!
Michelle Van Tongeren
Here in California I have been in the house for almost three weeks. I can't stand being at home. I am a social butterfly. My birthday is next month and I was going to go to Disneyland. I am sad
Eliza •
Eliza • Day ago
i don’t have school for the rest of the year it’s crazy
HallieB Vlogs
It's r life!! My parents told my family something very exciting that we are going to go to Disneyland next week. Since of coronavirus it got canceled as yours did too it sucks
Myah Marchand
We are just social distancing by choice we can go for walks, to parks to the stores and go for drives!
Kasey Skelly
Kasey Skelly Day ago
Good but I have a lot of school work
Misty Ross
Misty Ross Day ago
I love ur family. Been playing videos games with hubby
Myah Marchand
I love your channel so much! You guys are so fun to watch and the nicest and funniest ever!
Myah Marchand
Where I’m from they only allow one person in per family, I haven’t been yet but my parents have so I’m not sure what else but they have X’s where you can and can’t stand..
Lara’s Verden
Hi it’s R life Im actually a danish fan and right now we are also in a Corona “lockdown” we can go out but our land is locked down .But i make my homework,clean my room,eat food😂what are you guys doing over swimming?
Tia Davis
Tia Davis Day ago
I didnt even look for comments until kendal announced there was comments!! Lol but we're in Washington, its rainining...were stuck inside! And having 3 yr old it's hard to occupy him😥 and I'm not working so were strapped on options.
Myah Marchand
My school is probably over
Myah Marchand
Quarantine is pretty boring 😂
Myah Marchand
Doing great:))
Hannah Houser
i am so glad comments are back on!! how are y’all doing kendal
sadie conley
sadie conley Day ago
my mom works for Youngliving and we use thives hand sanitizer
Lindsey Smalley
Hampton has come along way
Miss Walker
Miss Walker Day ago
Your eye makeup is so good kendall !!! X
Caylee Babb
Caylee Babb Day ago
Finally the comments are back! Woop woop
Carmen .5999
Carmen .5999 Day ago
I bet you $497 you won’t reply and follow my Instagram of my tiktok
Lee Allen Beal
Kapri is so sweet to bones!
Just Soaps
Just Soaps Day ago
I from England we be in lockdown for coming up 2 weeks but I have diabetes I be in for 3 weeks x
Jenn Savant
Jenn Savant Day ago
Here’s a tip look at your small stores for toilet paper. Also been able to find some at gas stations
Joseph Minerva
Hey I’m new💕💕 Love your channel!
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
Do you guys drink alcohol?
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
Y’all make fun of Addison’s mum but you behave the same way.
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
It's R Life love you and I’m sorry.❤️
It's R Life
It's R Life Day ago
Well you are unbelievably rude with your comments about my son. I may block you if you continue
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
It's R Life lol sorry just love Addison and you guys are always dissing her but I love you guys too
It's R Life
It's R Life Day ago
Awesome!! 👏
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
Does the brown kid has problems?
It's R Life
It's R Life Day ago
He sure does, he’s autistic and has special needs. He’s also African American. Are you racist by the way?
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
Are you guys mormom?
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby Day ago
It's R Life hahahah spelling mistake. Aight was just wondering
It's R Life
It's R Life Day ago
Sweetie, it’s Mormon, and no we are not. But I’m thinking you might should get back to your school work 😘
The rie rie show Schanley
Love you guys the girls should start a sister channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Madden McSorley
0:37 😂 Brinley's face 😂
Ava grace
Ava grace Day ago
Just buy toilet paper on line and thank me later
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen Day ago
Girl i feel you!! I feel this video so hard! My daughter needs her eyebrows waxed. I need my roots dyed! LOL!!! Thankfully i had my nails removed right before this happened and never found time to get them redone before everything went bananas! I totally thought you were series about Evie cutting out your extensions! hahaha yep you got me! Thank you so much for this video. I can not express enough to you just how much i needed this today!! I was feeling pretty hopeless. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Yall stay safe!
Sophinos Channel
Comments 😂 yayyyy
Chelsea Donahoe
Hi I love ur channel I am bored but I do puzzles I eat I play basketball and I am waiting for my pool to open
Kayla Griffin
Costco had it at opening if you go back it’s limit of 1 per family but they did have it
Gianna’s Journey
Hampton is so cute saying his numbers💖I love you Guys so much!❤️
Kykyq Day ago
I love you guys and you help us push through it
Kykyq Day ago
Maryland is not in shutdown yet but we think it will soon
The rie rie show Schanley
Love you guys I’m home schooled too Hampton is doing so good❤️❤️❤️
Aila Framer
Aila Framer Day ago
I’m so so happy that the comments are back yay 🥳xx