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New single "Heart Of A Champion feat Papa Roach & Ice 9 Kills" out now here:
ivanuki Hour ago
I've heard the song before. I don't know how and when but i've heard it like a month ago
Salomon Gonzalez
Smoke up, Hollywood undead, and call of duty warzone
hi there
hi there Hour ago
кринжово, но все же лучше, чем последние два альбома спенсер как всегда охуенный
Scypher theDecipher
Imagine deadbite is actually the new member of hu
SuchAlow_ [Jenni]
SuchAlow_ [Jenni] 2 hours ago
Yeah i donno.. i could see 14y old me bang for this.. but it just sounds too mutch of a HU.. after seeing that ink was in here too (only spencer, still cool doe) i got my hopes up for a "new and fresh sound" but it just sounds so generic that i cant.. like yea im just a random ass person but why hell you even put ink on feats when its only spencer doing medicore vocals.. like we know he can do mutch better.. for me id go for 6/10 at this song. Way too generic sounding and just did not tickle my butthole the way i wanted.. Still cool doe and song works but sadly.. i wont most likely not listen it. I mean HU is still great shit and all.. but is it me or do these guys know other type of songs than just this one same sound..
Emiliano Playz
Emiliano Playz 4 hours ago
Lol I like how the retro parts it reminds me of a game called double dragon
{•Meowa UwU}•
{•Meowa UwU}• 4 hours ago
Other people reading suicide notes: Omg this is so bad... why would they want to die Depressoes reading suicide notes: *this*
Calla 4 hours ago
I do be wanting that fighting game
Alex Wayzoo
Alex Wayzoo 4 hours ago
bull shit
Travieso Sivarté
Travieso Sivarté 5 hours ago
You can't put a coin in to get 3 more tears.
Maverick1337 6 hours ago
Rich Rage
Rich Rage 7 hours ago
Hey scotty, its tilman fattio and were here at the golden casino ::skips ad::
Heather Gordon
Heather Gordon 7 hours ago
I keep listening to this over and over, I love it!!
Beau Beau
Beau Beau 8 hours ago
I love each one of these guys but wow I didn't like that song one bit
Tharra Meland
Tharra Meland 9 hours ago
Finally! I love this band but since Five released there hasn't been anymore good songs coming out until now. Hollywood undead keep them coming 💙
Snr. Froggy Mooopew
This came out on my 20th birthday but I'm only just now seeing this? Damn. Best birthday present ever! Even if I didn't open it until a week after, but still! This is bad ass!!!!!
wicked1z 10 hours ago
Seriously, when's the release date on the retro style beat 'em up. Make it online co-op and add some gimmicks, think it would sell.
I R 10 hours ago
Yo dude holy fuck!!! This is straight fucking fire!!! God damn boys please bring us more bangers like this, im an old school undead fan and im really diggin this rn! 🤘
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin 10 hours ago
Ive got 6 cuts fresh. Not the pleasure.
Ethan Payne
Ethan Payne 10 hours ago
And that everywhere I go reference damn
Ethan Payne
Ethan Payne 10 hours ago
Wow I got hella been to hell vibes from Johnny's verse
Medusa Stone
Medusa Stone 10 hours ago
GeorgeNotFound during a Minecraft manhunt against Dream.
Up to Me
Up to Me 10 hours ago
Masks is back
Twilight Sporkle
Twilight Sporkle 11 hours ago
Well shit now I don't know if I like this or the album version better, dammit... Guess I'll just have to have both.
Will Wenger
Will Wenger 11 hours ago
My failed suicide song 🎵 🎶 💔
Macy Jenson
Macy Jenson 10 hours ago
Brand Schaffer
Brand Schaffer 11 hours ago
Sick line up , never heard of Ice Nine but he killed it here
Tarynn Gresham
Tarynn Gresham 11 hours ago
"Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the dead bite! Wrap a rope around your head! And watch you as you take flight!" Fucking love this song. Second I saw Dead Bites I immediately started hearing this song in my head.
Ramngaihawma Ralte
Ramngaihawma Ralte 12 hours ago
Second verse..
Angel Moon
Angel Moon 12 hours ago
Distracted from the vision. Not a single one is who they used to be. Not a single one lives the dream they envisioned. HU died long ago. This is no longer them.
Ryan Guzman
Ryan Guzman 12 hours ago
This is a super group here. You guys could all make many bad ass albums together. Definitely tour together.
Caseyisdrowning 13 hours ago
oh you had a emo phase??? sing the entire song
Matthew Copley
Matthew Copley 13 hours ago
Is there a new member of hollywood undead? Knowing that there was a person behind that mask?
Paul Theisen JR
Paul Theisen JR 13 hours ago
Can we talk about charlie in this song tho, straight fire.
Shadow Mysterious
Shadow Mysterious 13 hours ago
Watching this, I now wanna play this video game
Leanne Wilson
Leanne Wilson 13 hours ago
The best thing to come out of 2020!
samantha locklear
samantha locklear 13 hours ago
I love this and I can't stop looking at Danny's well build arms. I have a weakness against guys with sexy arms.
Kami L
Kami L 13 hours ago
That's new. Me like. Masks is back. Loving ma boy Danny. ❤️
S160 2jayZee
S160 2jayZee 14 hours ago
DC movie score🤘💯
Cass dubz
Cass dubz 14 hours ago
This is exactly what I needed 🥰🥰
Spookie Ghost
Spookie Ghost 14 hours ago
Y'all should do a collab with nothing nowhere
x0xCRUSHERx0x 14 hours ago
‘Bout fuckin’ time Tech linked with The Undead!!!!!
Caroline Bendl
Caroline Bendl 15 hours ago
que role mais aleatório puta merda
Joshua Sikora
Joshua Sikora 15 hours ago
Idk about the rest of you but this shit hits so hard
Shannon Liuzzo
Shannon Liuzzo 15 hours ago
Keep going guys,I love your songs,I fucking love you music
Kevin J Coonsis
Kevin J Coonsis 15 hours ago
whoooo you got my taste
Hilda Licea
Hilda Licea 16 hours ago
I love the band Hollywood undead and ice nine kills
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 16 hours ago
Who listens to this trash
Criclue XD
Criclue XD 16 hours ago
bruh this sounds so cheerful but then you notices it's a suicide note
Jason Acosta
Jason Acosta 16 hours ago
Dude am a big fan of ice nine kills
nicolas de la vega
nicolas de la vega 16 hours ago
Rowen Setchell
Rowen Setchell 17 hours ago
For real thought it said papa roach and nine inch nails, wasn't disappointed though
Noah Covington
Noah Covington 17 hours ago
cuddles4283 17 hours ago
ImSoCreative 18 hours ago
girls at my school sing this shit all the time
doire aintu
doire aintu 18 hours ago
Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead and Ice Nine Kills together, it's like the last 20 years of my musical taste fused into one tonight.
Chase Smith
Chase Smith 18 hours ago
The masks are back!!!!!!
The ABacross
The ABacross 19 hours ago
I only came here for Ice Nine Kills. I don't give a shit about Papa Roach or Hollywood Undead.
doire aintu
doire aintu 18 hours ago
good song. very good song. i like how charlie starts rapping. charlie scenes verse describes my life. GOOD WORK HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD. GREETINGS FROM LITHUANIA
Sendy _ Sts
Sendy _ Sts 19 hours ago
Aaaa, Jacoby! ❤❤
Alan McHone
Alan McHone 19 hours ago
If I could like this song more than once I would! I've already had it on repeat for the last hour!
『• Y a s h a r a h •』
My FBI agent is probably worried for my mental health🤠✌
Ignatious Koopa
Ignatious Koopa 19 hours ago
I luv j3t
Fox Play
Fox Play 19 hours ago
super cool clip
AYE SQUAD 19 hours ago
I remember these guys from MySpace lmao
Marj Becker
Marj Becker 19 hours ago
All the best artists
Anime.Cosplayer.33 20 hours ago
9 yrs later and its STILL a relatable bop
youhuardme youhuardme
this is so whack lol
the apprentist
the apprentist 20 hours ago
tyler whitaker
tyler whitaker 20 hours ago
Beautiful song . Especially loving the street fighter references
Veridan 21 hour ago
these masks are so fucking awesome
Johannes Ortner
Johannes Ortner 21 hour ago
HU + Spencer and Jacoby, gosh, i'm so hard fangirling right now. That's what i call a perfect HU vibe! Great Video too guys, you rock it! All three bands were GREAT this year in Vienna!
Aubrey Lorton
Aubrey Lorton 21 hour ago
why do i always miss the premieres :( This song is lit though!!!
Jake 21 hour ago
This could have been so much more... but I'd play the shit out of the game. Who's behind the "Dead Bite" mask?
Rene 1971
Rene 1971 21 hour ago
Omg u should listen to 2 Pez he’s going after RSN hard
MrCrashSpectra 21 hour ago
not bad but honestly a little disappointed there wasn't a spencer breakdown
Crow Crittenden
Crow Crittenden 21 hour ago
yay!!! i love you guys
Natanielis Ronkaitis
good song. very good song. i like how charlie starts rapping. charlie scenes verse describes my life. GOOD WORK HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD. GREETINGS FROM LITHUANIA
MaxSvoL 21 hour ago
Клип огонь!
Colby Ballow
Colby Ballow 22 hours ago
Literally the best fucking collaboration since Ozzy and post last year