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2 months ago
Colin Morin
Colin Morin 17 hours ago
"We will cover your unit as long as you pay for the these extras." Then the new one suddenly has a bunch of redesigned pieces? It sounds like the original actually had design flaws that lead to an electrical fire and are taking you for a ride. 🙄
Chris Mazeroll
Chris Mazeroll 17 hours ago
Intel nuc!
Kail Jonseu
Kail Jonseu 17 hours ago
1:35 Don't worry guys it was a drop test.
tek teker
tek teker 17 hours ago
Cartoon voice :)
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels 17 hours ago
I have the 2011 Imac and it is a great computer but Apple does need to get rid of the bezels and the chin bar and deliver an all screen computing experience, maybe even giving the Imac a curve screen will really make the computer look next gen. I won't be getting another Mac till the bezels gets smaller because my Imac looks the same as the ones on sale right now.
Vivian Valdi
Vivian Valdi 17 hours ago
Winyex 17 hours ago
As soon as I clicked on the video, I got a pulseway and you were in it!
Sea Drive
Sea Drive 17 hours ago
Everyone can run unregistered Windows 10, so why bother gaming on Linux?
August Beck
August Beck 17 hours ago
It's making me so mad that you just completely ruined the heat treat on that knife with the torch (normalized the steel) when you could've just heated a piece of mild steel sheet
James Poulson
James Poulson 17 hours ago
That dialogue box repeatedly asking you for permission was really bad.
Tech Circle
Tech Circle 17 hours ago
Who else thinks the audio was weird?
Robbin Milatz
Robbin Milatz 17 hours ago
Whenever I hook up bare wire to a set of speakers I always re-tighten the nuts the next days because as it turns out copper is quite soft. If those are 13mm nuts you can use a torque wrench set to 20-25Nm and try again the next day to see if it still clicks at 10Nm. This design flaw can be migitated by using a washer to spead the pressure over a wider area of the copper strip but I would advice to replace the Bolt with some spring steel type with fine pitch thread like an exhaust manifold bolt and up the torque to at least 35Nm to get some stretching action going on. Notice the connecting pads on your battery wiring connectors are probably spring loaded for no particular reason. A real fancy addition could be voltage sensing circuitry at the beginning and end of the copper strips coupled to an alarm when a voltage drop (resistance) is detected in the strip but I wouldn't count on a couple of resistors and a microcontroller to be a cheap addition looking at the price of network cards these days. Stay safe!
Andrejs 17 hours ago
did linus' balls drop he sounds like he's drunk but smarter
Nguyên Lý Hồ
Nguyên Lý Hồ 17 hours ago
Are you using a pirate copy of Premiere Pro? It must be cc 2020 now.
Shivansh Thapliyal
Shivansh Thapliyal 17 hours ago
What the hell with that background! 😑
Jasem Kashani
Jasem Kashani 17 hours ago
Is that Linus acting as a kid? Or, is that a kid acting as Linus? Until 'The Beard' - I could never tell.
Tam TPSC 17 hours ago
this is gold lol
Funky Poseidon
Funky Poseidon 17 hours ago
Lol I am this video 2 years later. But the same thing happened when I tried to send my Lenovo Legion Y520 for repairs. They told that the company emailed them saying that parts would take minimum 6 months and they will keep the laptop for 6months which was really weird. I refused. The problem was that back panel was broken and hinge was broken. After that I used superglue to attach the broken screws of hinge. And Now I am using it just like that. I feel that all companies are scamming consumers and we cant do anything!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Mayfield
Chris Mayfield 17 hours ago
when the advertised merch is more expensive than the computer he's working on...
BK Big Tone
BK Big Tone 17 hours ago
I guess the original name for this video caught some backlash. So much for being an unbiased reviewer that we could look to for informative influencer that didn't want to actually influence.
Jose Luis Canales Carballido
Tea bagging nerdstyle
kn0x 17 hours ago
How does Linus look both older AND younger with a beard???
Force Tha Pain
Force Tha Pain 17 hours ago
There has been a few things from Eaton that Ive hooked up that just came pretty messed up. One cabinet came without anything being hooked up inside of it.
SCP-096 17 hours ago
10:49 how did linus get the 4ds early
D.G.O 17 hours ago
Just wait for Zen 3.
Kuzb 17 hours ago
This aged like Nvidias gpu drivers....
Whippett_ 17 hours ago
Small hands lol
Isfar Malik
Isfar Malik 17 hours ago
No one: LINUS: You wanna know how much poor you are
Mystic 17 hours ago
this mans seems so damn humble
ThiccDucc 17 hours ago
linus really earned his 10mil subs
Skalgar 17 hours ago
They recycled the box
Anon 17 hours ago
Now its time to make a full fledged aio gaming pc
Marcos Cordero
Marcos Cordero 17 hours ago
Do you still fix motherboards??
J Xavi
J Xavi 17 hours ago
Throwing massive rocks at austin evans 🤣
Sunny Gupta
Sunny Gupta 17 hours ago
AMD is love cause it is better
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 17 hours ago
Ouff you need to shave wow patchy 😂
Birdco N
Birdco N 17 hours ago
didnt know you didnt have to say a video is sponsored anymore
Jose Sousa
Jose Sousa 17 hours ago
He seems shy
Kitten Gamer
Kitten Gamer 17 hours ago
Memes suck.
Mystic 18 hours ago
Would Be Fun If You Replaced My Empty Desk With A Gaming Setup ;)
Renzel Ferriol
Renzel Ferriol 18 hours ago
i thought you gonna use latte panda on that
Wes Designs
Wes Designs 18 hours ago
Bec its US
Kile Gates
Kile Gates 18 hours ago
What's Bert's favorite ice cream? Sherbert
zweck4629 18 hours ago
Amds price/performance is now 3x of what intel offered 3 years ago (7700k vs 3900x). Competition works.
Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care 18 hours ago
You’re surrounded by Asians in hongcouver. It’s a rice drop.
Fredrick Welch
Fredrick Welch 18 hours ago
I have a family member who is an Eaton Certified UPS Engineer. He said that Eaton do this sort stuff on purpose so that you have to use their install team. Then you have no claim when the bus bars are loose and you didn't check them. If you weren't an influencer, they wouldn't have covered your new UPS chassis.
DjMadlogik Jimi
DjMadlogik Jimi 18 hours ago
despite all the shadiness you mentioned about opera's management company, I've been using opera for about 3 years ish, because I tried a lot of other browsers and found them unreliable and unstable, especially chrome with it's dodgy flash player always crashing and freezing, opera is as advertised 'Opera Stable' but the addition of GX is really helpful, thx for review tho man :D biggupz
raiu0009 18 hours ago
Also would love to see a 2020 version but with other companies like Digital Storm, Xidax, Xotic, Avadirect...
Alan Eddy
Alan Eddy 18 hours ago
Hey guys...what happened to this build? It's been awhile. Is it a Covid casualty?
Bryce Johnson
Bryce Johnson 18 hours ago
RTX voice has changed the world since this video was published.
Naught Reaper
Naught Reaper 18 hours ago
It’s low vibration so she won’t steal it😂🤣
Malcolm Ogilvy
Malcolm Ogilvy 18 hours ago
Two of them acer monitors but 27" version for £45 each with a viewsonic vx2757 for £50 in the middle makes a decent enough three monitor gaming set up for dirt lulz got em in my bedroom while got two 165hz ASUS 27" gaming monitors and will be getting a 240hz ein for the middle in my sitting room as the main focal view point is the middle screen the side monitors do not need to be as fast and crispy as the central monitor.
Swerve Aviation
Swerve Aviation 18 hours ago
Wait your 4 year old had a Razer laptop and a phone I can’t even get a 500$ pc
Robert Gessner
Robert Gessner 18 hours ago
did he even say if they were useful or not because i didn't hear that
Gaming For Pizza
Gaming For Pizza 18 hours ago
Disney Star Wars movies suck, get over it.
Berzerker 2K600
Berzerker 2K600 18 hours ago
Wrong those old cpus are worth more as collectibles than for their gold
shaolin95 18 hours ago
Catch up with slower game performance and other stuff like Photoshop? Higher lag, ram compatibility issues... No thanks ..
Tj Smithson
Tj Smithson 18 hours ago
Smooth video
Edward Man
Edward Man 18 hours ago
How's the OT rate in LMG?
ScaR PrauDa
ScaR PrauDa 18 hours ago
Not clean
Jack Scarletta
Jack Scarletta 18 hours ago
price is the reason why i switch from Intel to AMD
Pedro Gabriel Haddad
How was it supposed to connect to the internet?
patrick akkermans
patrick akkermans 18 hours ago
fix your audio
ziblot123 18 hours ago
The original was great. I have had more problems with my 2018 model. It got stuck on HiSierra upgrade. All I could get was schematic pic of a moude? And a rectangular pic of what looks lke a laptop I guess. It just went back and forth. AND NO DVD. So they lied to me, said leave it here it needs new HD. WRONG. They called me a week later and said "Shes ready. THEY DID NOTHING. NOTHING. I kepts screwing around with it and boor disks of various types, (Linux incl) And somehow I got it reinstalled. No thanx to Mac people. BTW I have a 2019 model, with the DVD drive. I gave it to my son..I want it vack. Never one day of trouble.
Frederik Jespersen
Frederik Jespersen 18 hours ago
It is still a 360 degree shutter, it looks so bad
Swerve Aviation
Swerve Aviation 18 hours ago
Your kid is very lucky
MODERN COMBAT 18 hours ago
Simp ....
Salt N Sunshine
Salt N Sunshine 18 hours ago
Airflow? I haven't heard that name in years.
"Who uses a 24" monitor?" Me watching on my 15" laptop monitor:
Nat 18 hours ago
RIP for that G.C
GODER 18 hours ago
Hey, I am poor and can't afford gaming pc ( not even a pc under 300 bucks). Can you give me one? Idk if you do so
Joe Witz
Joe Witz 18 hours ago
Beto Odinson
Beto Odinson 18 hours ago
Nobody needs cameras on a laptop. A person who can buy this laptop surely has a phone with a way better camera for videoconferences.
Vinson Ciawandy
Vinson Ciawandy 18 hours ago
wait, if it possible to install android on switch. does that mean it is also possible to install switch on android?
thebrapman 18 hours ago
Zip tie mod? uuhhh I think you mean tweezer mod.
CAPGames 18 hours ago
would have been easier to Vesa mount the Rpi. Also the RPi 4 has cooling issues so some sort of active cooling is highly recommended
Klaus Daume
Klaus Daume 18 hours ago
If you keep playing around with stuff like this I would recommend to check the monitors psu pinout. It is very likely the logic board gets fed with 5V. With some minor soldering, you could ditch one of the cables. Also you may look for hdmi fpc cables and a cheap hdmi splitter, extending the use of the monitor, to switch between the rpi and the then external hdmi input. Also I would like to see a follow up with the rk3399 board, running moonlight on Android. I have done something similar once and moonlight have me much better latencies than steam link (both available on Android anyway)
Matt 18 hours ago
Linus: $300 + $300 + $300 = $1000 Every economist: $$$$$
Avram Stanton
Avram Stanton 18 hours ago
Linus...$50 for underwear?? Really???
Nolyism 18 hours ago
Im beginning to wonder if he drops things on purpose now.
Geonade 18 hours ago
Electrician guy reminds me of Chris Pratt
Beth Targett
Beth Targett 18 hours ago
Welcome back to Linus Drop Tips
JupiterCrusher 18 hours ago
But does it run Chrome with 2 tabs?
Kapil Patel
Kapil Patel 18 hours ago
Linus can you do a theryotical comparison of how Intel processor would be if it is 7nm instead of 14, things like power consumption, effect on clock, etc. I think intel is going to beat AMD very soon
Christian Cummings
Christian Cummings 18 hours ago
My card was declined at walmart today.
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur 18 hours ago
Me wan do backflips in the courtyard
Super BottleBros
Super BottleBros 18 hours ago
i disliked just because of the fact that *DISCORD IS ON LIGHT MODE*
FWIKYLIKY 18 hours ago
6:12 he said doodoo.
Temelcea Razvan
Temelcea Razvan 18 hours ago
dennis: hang your teacher... hmmm... that doesn’t sound just right... ohhh. he meant tetris
BoyoBoy 18 hours ago
He's been working on sample 17 with Abstergo.
Sayem Prodhan Ananta
Put the power adapter inside and It'll be real cool!
Jonah DeleseLeuc
Jonah DeleseLeuc 18 hours ago
Why did they go for a 650 instead of a 750 or 950? They are equally dirt cheap and you can actually game on them lol
Aditya Dhjhcj
Aditya Dhjhcj 18 hours ago
Calm down
Sonac 18 hours ago
Those nuts worked their way off due to AC current. Fun fact: Bayonet light bulbs are much more common now because screw bulbs used to unscrew themselves over time. Those nuts should be secured with a lock nut in my opinion. And faster which becomes live should really be secured with a lock nut.
Mamix. 18 hours ago
Max Kühn
Max Kühn 18 hours ago
They should just have implemented these features into their normal browser, instead of making a new one..