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pabloc106 23 minutes ago
lag at 3:14
S. Smith
S. Smith 23 minutes ago
Selling fewer copies may make game development less profitable. Less profitable will scare the big corporate publishers, as well as some developers. But I argue it won't hurt the industry, because although the majority of initial sales will be when it's fresh, and resales later on... Resales let more people learn of and start talking about the games, Just like streams, growing a community, and that would mean the total sales, of both initial and resale, creates a bigger likelihood of more initial sales for developers next project. And if you think of it, streams redistribute gameplay, but if these indie devs, AAA devs, or publishers try to charge the streamers or viewers, the communities will shrink, rather than the free advertising redistribution adds. So if the game is good that 'lost profit' may really be 'future investment' if they make a newer game later on. If developers genuinely enjoy making games rather than feel obligated to push a product, and rebalance costs(right now many games have stupidly inefficient budgets), 'less profitable' will not mean 'not profitable'. Indie devs would be profitable after only a small following, as the the creation software and digital distribution have many choices that are cheap or free, for even one person teams. Also enjoying a job makes it both easier to do and learn to do well. Things will change, always pros and cons of some sort, but change weeds out those who cannot. Plus some people will still horde their copies no matter what, because even if it's transferable, the libraries can't fill an entire room in the same way as physical media filled shelves. /sorry for the wall of text, I wasn't expecting to write an essay while half asleep.../
Polaki Komane
Polaki Komane 25 minutes ago
It would be nice with an English tab option... it looks lovely though
Fiton 25 minutes ago
imagine renting a theater hosting a show and inviting all your family to watch you roast you boss
kin wow
kin wow 25 minutes ago
How to block add on my iPhone when I use utube app.
KyokoLewd Osu
KyokoLewd Osu 26 minutes ago
18:43 : How To Build A Gaming PC Me: How To Not Build A Gaming PC
mrdaxtercrane 26 minutes ago
jojo do the *S T O N K S*
Zangief-chan 27 minutes ago
damn i want to work for you guys just for the discounts
Marion Mico
Marion Mico 27 minutes ago
Linus: I knew I was going to find something stolen. Tyler: It wast'n stolen if you gave it to me. hahaha everytime linus see something came from the company he's saying it was stolen hahahaha I like it. It really hit me hard.
Neby Moges
Neby Moges 27 minutes ago
what is turtleshoe.wav
Rashed Bin Omar
Rashed Bin Omar 27 minutes ago
When you said Containter no 2 There was a picture behind you in the side of the self. And this picture represent my country Bangladesh. Our struggle of freedom. Now i really feel proud to be bangali. I hope you will visit my country bangladesh. I will really fell happy if you do so.
Ducky DoGaming
Ducky DoGaming 27 minutes ago
I was actually shocked that it didn't go to Jake because of all that it was clear his PC was used for, but I can't appreciate if Tyler's wife needs it more.
CryhmeTime 28 minutes ago
i want to see LTT media group cycle their way to th #1 Cinebench score.
Fida Zaman
Fida Zaman 28 minutes ago
Why only Twitter, why not both Twitter and RUvid! It's the RUvid where i found you Linus, not the Twitter.
Alex Pana
Alex Pana 29 minutes ago
machine for 2-3 years (buys a non RTX 1080ti)
CryhmeTime 30 minutes ago
11:54 Linus paying himself?
Lawrence Wagner
Lawrence Wagner 31 minute ago
Sock under the bed Gee I wonder why ..
PlagueInjected 31 minute ago
Seriously, the amount of theft should not be tolerated.
Derek Rowe
Derek Rowe 31 minute ago
lol dudes front door has the hinges on the outside must be a Canadian thing and linus counts to 3 like a german
DesostaR :
DesostaR : 31 minute ago
Reasons to work at LTT: You can buy cheap hardware Upcoming Minecraft derver
schonzen 31 minute ago
TeraCopy is life, new UI is trash though.
Telemarketer 32 minutes ago
Of course he choses the dumbest person to be the winner
Brady Pottinger
Brady Pottinger 33 minutes ago
5:51 Yooo I got the same socks
ButtMan 54
ButtMan 54 33 minutes ago
6:14 hey ! thats a poster from our country im proud
InsAznKlown 3
InsAznKlown 3 33 minutes ago
Do you think this would be sufficient for minor Solidworks designing?
CryhmeTime 34 minutes ago
Could just have used some relays in the mid of an ethernet cable? Would require much less energy also.
lxdimension 34 minutes ago
This is another reason not to buy anything apple.... ever. I've never touched them with a bargepole and never will. SCUM of the earth and the worst face of authoritarian corporatism.
Jon Holmes
Jon Holmes 34 minutes ago
Has to be one of the sexiest computers I've ever seen. Wish he had a total price counter 😂
supergamer001 35 minutes ago
Legend of the Five Rings <3
jesus valenciacruz
jesus valenciacruz 35 minutes ago
I still feel old watching this video I had the v70 for my first phone
Anthony Takata
Anthony Takata 36 minutes ago
8:34 RIP Kindle 3...
Quarrel 36 minutes ago
So wait. The guy with the worst pc setup out of all three won? I thought it was for the best? I understand how he needed it the most, but the contest was the person with the best rig won, and clearly the last guy had the BEST set up.
Mihajlo Mršić
Mihajlo Mršić 36 minutes ago
Linux Linus Mac
Lincy Kunjumon
Lincy Kunjumon 37 minutes ago
Not worth it!!
TearJu 38 minutes ago
That's a schmall sock bro.
ChillyFilly Gaming
ChillyFilly Gaming 39 minutes ago
Jobs are for suckers, fraud is for the cool kids.
pho ?
pho ? 39 minutes ago
linus found the sock oh god
pho ?
pho ? 40 minutes ago
ngl you need a haircut lol
Chistian Almaguer
Chistian Almaguer 41 minute ago
Victor Camargo
Victor Camargo 41 minute ago
I bet Linus will open the core i9 and carefully put it back.
schonzen 42 minutes ago
If only the 499P9H cost as little as $499...
doroneic2004 42 minutes ago
אתה לסבית
hunge craft
hunge craft 43 minutes ago
Coloca lengenda pra português
Gaming Nation
Gaming Nation 43 minutes ago
Stop being a dick to tyler man, He is the only human in your hellhole
Justin Murtagh
Justin Murtagh 44 minutes ago
Fun fact: According to the developers, Call of Duty has more exclusive single-player gamers than exclusive multi-player gamers (well, they did several versions ago).
Keshro 44 minutes ago
Tyler reminds me of Brian Posehn. A lot actually.
MK x90
MK x90 44 minutes ago
"Yes. Give me all the free money" lol dammit Dennis
michaels blogs
michaels blogs 45 minutes ago
5:14 that's not tap water, that is your hdmi cord, right?
ET_Explorer 45 minutes ago
I notice that linus employees only use intel cpus in there system, and no ryzens.
balderm 45 minutes ago
I feel like Jake was the one that needed it the most, since at least he plays games with it and streams on a 4c/8t thread cpu from early 2017
Kyamil Nasuf
Kyamil Nasuf 46 minutes ago
Oh, another Intel sponsored one already? Man, you sure seem to be working close with them lately. It's as if they really want to claw back some mindshare. And, you know - who are YOU to turn down money, right?
Ze Jin
Ze Jin 46 minutes ago
Drop it!
gavin derheim
gavin derheim 46 minutes ago
Man oh man if I had the money for these setups. I'd be in heaven
jason dads
jason dads 47 minutes ago
How do guys find the elite controller 2?
thatcheeseguy 47 minutes ago
pecan wood is good for red meat, use apple if you want a lighter flavor
BOY BOY 47 minutes ago
I would love to see your friend on more videos XD
Meer Shah
Meer Shah 48 minutes ago
I wanted to see Luke's setup
Flame Beats
Flame Beats 48 minutes ago
10:04 starts playing Fallout 76 music while talking with the guy that tried it and didn't like it
Emma 49 minutes ago
tyler's mouse is so dirty >.>
王太阳 49 minutes ago
Breath of the Wild sucks. I bought a Switch just to check and sold it 50 hours after finishing this overated shit.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 50 minutes ago
Spying jokes. Really?
Walrus 27
Walrus 27 51 minute ago
He spent more time talking about that thicc chair
R O X Λ S 52 minutes ago
14:22 the first thing I noticed was the same fan I use from fucking who knows how long ago
Dark Comet
Dark Comet 52 minutes ago
you need a welder/machinist now?
Josh Hockman
Josh Hockman 53 minutes ago
Don't touch that sock......
ZecoRho 53 minutes ago
Usb ports on the right... When will hardware design brainlets learn?
Loan Kaisa
Loan Kaisa 53 minutes ago
Nice PC
aly wongster
aly wongster 53 minutes ago
3 months 60 12 months 180... It's the same. Linus 2019 ceo of LTT computing enthusiast 😂😂😂
thebrainbuilder 55 minutes ago
I would use the kraken liquid cooling system by nzxt because it gives a good look But the problem is it’s liquid cooling
XBMColdschool 56 minutes ago
I can't believe Linus went touched his employees home keyboard & mouse... eeewwww
oliver !!
oliver !! 56 minutes ago
Instead of upgrading whoever had the best PC you should have downgraded them
Robert Hjalmarsen
Robert Hjalmarsen 57 minutes ago
I'm shocked. This is horrible 😂
Tor Soya
Tor Soya 58 minutes ago
Dont Dis the IKEA Chari, Specialy net if its the Markus Chair :D
Natalie Yeo
Natalie Yeo 58 minutes ago
pretty obvious there are plenty of unsold 9900K's in Intel's warehouse... not many sane customer would actually buy it
PandaGmail 58 minutes ago
I have that same white corner table 😂 but instead of putting the pc in there, I have my monitor there, I never thought someone could do that 😂
The_DuD3 58 minutes ago
Where do you submit the stuff
Grape 59 minutes ago
Linus shouldn’t let his workers stream, because they’ll gain his following and make more money streaming
Michael Wilkes
Agree with most, but file explorer is way worse than mac. 'column view' is awesome, 'group by size' is amazing, and when the hell is windows going to list folder sizes in the size column? Been waiting over 15 years for that one. Right click properties? give me a break. Loved the video by the way. You probably get more hate from these videos, but keep making them, we love it :)
Yumao Hour ago
哈哈哈哈Dennis还是中国人思路,just agree
LTT Staff: Damn Fallout 76 is 16 times the details, I guess lets build a gaming setup for it! Todd: *It Just Works* LTT Staff: *Tell Me Lies, Tell me Sweet Little Lies!*
lordraptor11 Hour ago
friends at ek, thanks now I know what brand NOT to buy. thanks
Meaning Hour ago
I want a full video on the cleaning of his setup
Zach Brannigan
Steam may be concerned about the implications, but I think their workaround would be like the community marketplace but for the games. I wonder what kind of responsibilities the owner of the 100% guaranteed legitimate game and 100% perfectly transferable title would be if they were to sell it to a rando. Would Steam require a buy-back policy for the seller if they wanted to return it to the seller? Would that lead to a group of people who would buy the game to avoid P2P or IGG pirated games, download it, and then return it for their money? Would I have to worry about that kind of scam? Or would the act of downloading it invalidate the ability to return?
Robert F
Robert F Hour ago
If you make it so both of the operating systems can at least read each others partitions, as in drop in the Boot Camps HFS+ file system drivers into Windows, I think file transfer would be a heck of a lot faster...
William Tempelmann
my mans paints warhammer, new favorite ltt member
Martin Lindgren
I still use my Core2Duo 2ghz laptop from 2008
Omar F. Rodriguez Morales
Linus can send you my drive? I dropped it accidentally, my computer recognises there is an USB device connected but no filesystem is mounted, scenario number 5 perhaps?
Jarred K
Jarred K Hour ago
I want more monitors too...
faraany3k Hour ago
Video is not helpful at all
Chevy Silverado 6.0
We went to school with a kid called Lennus and we called him linnus lol you’re names a joke.
Re mu
Re mu Hour ago
so... Linus Cleaning Tips?
Siún Coogan
Siún Coogan Hour ago
Mmmmm, communist spyware
Koolaskoalas Hour ago
feel free and welcome to come to my place in Australia and clean what the heck you want and as I don't have access to all the special deals your guys get . Again may I say feel free and very welcome to leave the I9 9900k and Asus ROG MAXIMUS Xi FORMULA motherboard here with the very appreciative me. I'll chuck some shrimp on the bbq when ya 's get here.
TomWi Hour ago
sorry, but in a real men's cave is neither sun nor cleaning ladies! the rooms have their own unique and special flora and fauna so vulnerable that any interference with this orderly chaos would result in an immediate destruction of the entire habitat. and yes .... I speak from experience 👀😲😂😂👍👍🍺🍺🍺
Shay Levy
Shay Levy Hour ago
OLED displays turn off dark pixels?
Jacobob2 Hour ago
I wish you guys would abandon the stick it on the cpu approach and try the TEC on the other side (radiator side). Apply the 500 watts of cooling to the thermal energy in the reservoir.
Chevy Silverado 6.0
Why you gotta be a punk like that