Lizzy Capri
Lizzy Capri
Lizzy Capri
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10 months ago
OriginalPhoenix 58 minutes ago
Whats wrong with the creepy roads why are there tall grass efery where
Mr Lamborghini
Mr Lamborghini 58 minutes ago
5:37 you can kinda see Carter's lambo
Sorbee Toh
Sorbee Toh Hour ago
1:06 Liz confessed haha
Ciara Joy
Ciara Joy Hour ago
The title gives away were you are going
Ines Floccuzio
lizzy you should actually get back together with carter
Evie Budge
Evie Budge Hour ago
How else miss’s Lizzy Stephen and carters vids together 🥺
Bens Roblox Gaming
That’s definitely the new team RAR house the shape was a Lamborghini and the same car so I think it is definitely it !!
My Life With Jordan !
How was the car hello my am yet I’ve put my art up well sudden Jordan naughty
Siphomandla Radebe
lizzy:he is like flurting with me carter: move on lizzy
Grandville The Grandville
Lizzy why you push carter out don't do it anymore OK liz
Billie King
Billie King Hour ago
Billie King
Violeti Chan Tung
Zohaib Hussain
Cartoon shaped up to save
Just Javier
Just Javier Hour ago
She got it bad for carter
Sana Sangar
Sana Sangar Hour ago
Violeti Chan Tung
Go have a chat sabotaged letters that’s not fair
Madanlal Bagrecha
Lucy _Gaming
Lucy _Gaming Hour ago
I had this disliked for some reason Me: QUICK SWITCH
Wait can you please go to the UK and live there please so I can see you and be in your video please 🙏
chris field
chris field Hour ago
Carter spoke before ryan
nerisa nicolas
I was laughing so hard that i fell on the floor when Ryan Asked Siri if he was cute
Anas Khalid
Anas Khalid Hour ago
This is carter’s house
Ruth Hayward
Ruth Hayward Hour ago
I’m telling carter sorry
Amira Shams
Amira Shams Hour ago
Carter lizzy is tracing u
Deva Raja Sivam
CyborgUpPoint A
Move in with carter
chloe boersma
chloe boersma Hour ago
Wow...liz is breaking in alot these days.🤣
Roo Suppel
Roo Suppel Hour ago
In carter's ri tic you can see the Navigator
nicole _vxc
nicole _vxc Hour ago
My dream dog is a husky too
Quinn Lockhart
I absolutely love your vids
Umaiba P.K
Umaiba P.K Hour ago
Hi how are you
Atiaf Fawzi
Atiaf Fawzi Hour ago
hes going to be mad i think
Sobia Mohsin ronald
Who thinks milli looks big
Deva Raja Sivam
Deliver it to my house the address is ametis terases house number 49 jalan BP 14 in Malaysia
Brileigh Brown
No boo boo no
Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall Hour ago
I'm telling carter
syn janice
syn janice Hour ago
#Baby 100dolr
shadow domst killer
Wait Liz
Your so annoying
Iya Veronica Samson
#carzy for life
Yordan Kirov
Yordan Kirov Hour ago
Cheryjgrhutgshhsuhshhsl Johannes
Pull there pants down
Erika Villegas
Erika Villegas
Wait what oooooooooooopppppppppppppp’sssssssssssssssssss
Anjas Irvano
Anjas Irvano Hour ago
The name is dust
sean wilson
sean wilson Hour ago
SHAH Ali Hour ago
Checkout Lizzy's other channel Lizzy Capri LC
YoloHolly Hour ago
There was a head in the window like if you saw it too.
Youtube Shakers
All the dislike are from #dontkickryanandstoveout team and I am one of them
Anica Guzman
Anica Guzman Hour ago
Erika Villegas
Lizzie won
Dominic Ayalogu
it's the house
Erika Villegas
Izzy took 2 secons Carter took 3secons
Ruby’s Awesome Life
Cater it is lissy
sub to me fred bro
Nice edits
8 Mowlah
8 Mowlah Hour ago
I saw Ryan and stove
Coreylee Dawson
LIZZ I'm a big fan
Shafaq Agha
Shafaq Agha Hour ago
Please tell me
Atif ahmad Butt
Why did you brake up
Anitha Shyam
Anitha Shyam Hour ago
Hello my name is Roshan
brayan gonzalez
Ryan and stove
Blesilda Justo
I'm sor Carter is so mad 😡 Liz
Anica Guzman
Anica Guzman Hour ago
Shafaq Agha
Shafaq Agha Hour ago
Lizzy waer did you bye this lego from
Ean Chealini
Ean Chealini Hour ago
#hot tub
Anne Inyangete
You don't fit Carter
Hi Lizzy
Ella Hour ago
Sean Mugo
Sean Mugo Hour ago
Who. Else is still wondering what Ryans dream car is from last vid
Junior Brown
Junior Brown Hour ago
Why you keep stalking
M. Rohit
M. Rohit Hour ago
Stay safe liz
Anica Guzman
Anica Guzman Hour ago
Lizzy it could be land or water 😱😱😱😱
Alexis Baker
Alexis Baker Hour ago
Team pink
Shabana Rizwan
She said that she left her camera man out the gate then who was filming when she was catching milly. 🤔 10:27
Ottoline Astley-King
why doesn't stove just make his own food and get his own crisps
Tina Chaplin
Tina Chaplin Hour ago
I like lizzy
Pachava Vanaja
I love carters videos
Ella Hour ago
that is not enough!!!!!!!!
Renee Olifent
Renee Olifent Hour ago
that is the team RAR house Lizzy.
yeet SOS
yeet SOS Hour ago
TBNR Valadin
TBNR Valadin Hour ago
How come lizzy can sneak into houses and carter can to but when ryan and stove sneak in its a different story
yeet SOS
yeet SOS Hour ago
canter is je-lous
Violeti Chan Tung
She’s going to bite you
Chloe Hour ago
#Carter wins
Izabela Dominiczak-Dziedzic
Long moving Lizzy.
Kaylee Faught
Kaylee Faught 2 hours ago
jelena markovic
jelena markovic 2 hours ago
Is this carters house
damaya harria
damaya harria 2 hours ago
yes that is the home
Rina Regjepallari
Rina Regjepallari 2 hours ago
ALL TYPES 2 hours ago
Maggi will be jelous
Sans ,
Sans , 2 hours ago
ALL TYPES 2 hours ago
Pls say shanzay
George Takla
George Takla 2 hours ago
where do you live
Kelly Kevany
Kelly Kevany 2 hours ago
I am mad at carda
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer Hernandez 2 hours ago
Keep all of them they are so cute 👌
Vansh Singh
Vansh Singh 2 hours ago
They. Ar. BOS
aliffnorhaqeemy 2 hours ago
Jush live at Sharer house
Willow Goldstraw
Willow Goldstraw 2 hours ago
The Gaming Ahmad
The Gaming Ahmad 2 hours ago
I think this is it