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Damian Centanni
Damian Centanni 4 hours ago
Thanks, Kelley!😊🇺🇸
ajdw85 4 hours ago
You got to think ahead and be prepared just in case. COOL and SMART Really.Now we need parachutes and life jackets on planes just a thought🤷‍♀️
MSA 454
MSA 454 4 hours ago
It would be smoother in the rv due to the longer wheelbase. It's private property, how long until he just locks the gate.
JB 5 hours ago
They need to stop giving her deals and charge her with a felony so she loses her guns. She can't control herself and will shoot someone sooner or later.
Wiser1FOREVER 5 hours ago
Rioters are just opportunistic thieves who prey on circumstances they REALLY don't care about! Criminals of all colors/races couldn't care less who get hurt, so long as they get their cheap excuse to pillage!
Katie Burke
Katie Burke 5 hours ago
I love this guy...I love dogs too...♡
Jeffery Blackhorse
Jeffery Blackhorse 5 hours ago
OHH!! "Hi GoooooohhH!!!!" "💋"!!!!
CYBER SHIN0BI 5 hours ago
Greg Dickey
Greg Dickey 5 hours ago
Anther waste of taxpayer money. The US is so messed up.
Eclipse1369 5 hours ago
Yay Lee! So cool that you guys are getting so much airplay
Beverly Kelly
Beverly Kelly 6 hours ago
They seek justice for a murdered man. He's a man ok.
Susan Ahearn
Susan Ahearn 6 hours ago
Donald Up
Donald Up 6 hours ago
WTF is going on in Minnesota???🤔
WolfsburgWarehouse 6 hours ago
When my house in Vancouver WA. was looted for everything I own, Officer Adam Millard and Sargent Darren McShea eventually converted my entire collection to the perpetrator's own use (that means cops gave it all away) 65 yrs old, looted for everything I own
Vita thervil
Vita thervil 6 hours ago
They need to investigate this judge.....goodbye loser.
C Wie
C Wie 6 hours ago
How does Wheeler drive to work without fear of assassination?
Ironfist Dave
Ironfist Dave 6 hours ago
Cool ride 🤙🏽 Isaiah 24:1 says earth gets turned upside down 🤦🏻🗯
C Wie
C Wie 6 hours ago
Subaru people
C Wie
C Wie 6 hours ago
darkhorse 6 hours ago
So you have a WARRANT and you elect to drive a vehicle with EXPIRED or dead registration. This alone would qualify you for the dumbest (lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid, dull witted. )person on the face of the earth. But wait there is more. You then are going to RESIST ARREST well what can I say. COMPLY DON'T DIE my stupid friend.
Little Fishy
Little Fishy 6 hours ago
Why do American women have such creaky, sqawky, crackly voices? Great to see a focus on fitness fitness but the lady in blue's voice is so dry and thin.
C Wie
C Wie 6 hours ago
Aren't white suburban Liberal women wonderful?
C Wie
C Wie 6 hours ago
Stop crime is easy. Bring charges on Ted and Schmitt. Go after council and drag them off to jail. Marshall law and make ANTIFA a terrorist group. By September you'll be crime free
Melinda 6 hours ago
the wild places are where the evil ones hide from eyes of public if you go out there you better go armed and not go alone....no one will hear you scream
Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune 7 hours ago
Oh my god...please let them keep the tree. It's so gorgeous...
The Watcher
The Watcher 7 hours ago
Riiiiiight a air freshener. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lspace 7 hours ago
Air tight and no mention of oxygen? Got food and water for 40 days but what about air?? How do u go to the toilet? Does it stay upright or will u just be spinning out of control coz then the inside will be covered in vomit. Need a huge chain anchored to something deep in the ground so it can rise with the water but can't go too far or be dragged out to sea.
SEAN GAGNIER 7 hours ago
What an absolutely useless "news" segment that provides absolutely no useful information.
clown hunter
clown hunter 7 hours ago
Sombody's taking these kids
Anthony Gentili
Anthony Gentili 7 hours ago
I want a mech
clown hunter
clown hunter 7 hours ago
The authorities need to search these forests.This is not acceptable.Its not fu*king magic!
clown hunter
clown hunter 7 hours ago
This says a 'rediculouse' amount..one is too many children
JR 8 hours ago
If this shit keep happen forward in the future a war might happen sooner or later.
JR 4 hours ago
@J K how about this in punctuate STFU you don't understand what's going on what we dealing with everyday is something happened to your love one gets killed by the police for nothing keep that same energy in the comment section.
J K 7 hours ago
Or you could learn to punctuate.
Kenneth Surgent
Kenneth Surgent 8 hours ago
Alien abduction, Sasquatch, the things the governments world wide will not talk about? But Mountain Lion's are well known to grab up kids and haul them long distance.
danksta lemonaide
danksta lemonaide 8 hours ago
That looks like the weeknds cousin weekday
Peter Martnez
Peter Martnez 8 hours ago
Lol come on lady you just evacuate don't sit in your garage like a dumb ass
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 8 hours ago
Protests could have waited until they got the facts. Duane Wright was out on bond being accused of aggravated robbery, so he might have been pulled over for a man arrest warrant regarding that case. He sounds as though he was not a law abiding citizen, so I will reserve judgment on police until the facts come out.
Big Red
Big Red 8 hours ago
I think hes tired of hearing anti white remarks against him he did what he had to do to protect his life
Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston 8 hours ago
No justice, no peace. Destroy the system.
Gandalf the White
Gandalf the White 8 hours ago
television is daycare for the elderly
J.G W 8 hours ago
Stop Asian hate
Life After Death
Life After Death 8 hours ago
Might be saving on water but what about the electricity. That facility is huge.
apa100 8 hours ago
Sure it will broke if you get a heavy bus or truck hitting you
Ginger Grant
Ginger Grant 9 hours ago
GD Trumpers! WTH, I have to wait a year????
Jeff Baca
Jeff Baca 9 hours ago
Sue the pants of them, it’s the only way change will happen.
Caleb Connors
Caleb Connors 9 hours ago
"Im pRoFfEsIoNaL" we can see right thru ur face, my dear.
Jahagir Hosen
Jahagir Hosen 9 hours ago
Jahagir Hosen
Jahagir Hosen 9 hours ago
Oonnko jknkmom. Mining
Live your life cause no harm
YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND POLICING AND BLACK PEOPLE. Police target black people for 2 reason 1. its easier to get an arrest out of them and the charge will stick because of poverty the inability to get an attorney instead of a Public defender. 2 the federal money the government pays out to police department base on arrest: Quota system. They implanted in area and just pull people over for anything and do searches of their person and vehicle. Their ticket stick and you could be facing hundreds of dollars in ticket that you cant afford not only that you miss a court date BENCH WARRANT.... something tells me that is what the warrant is for. I challenge people to go to any district court traffic in america and take a look at who is there. It sad that they killed him when he would eventually have to stop. What troubles me is there was no threat of violence but he was killed anyway. In the city of Ferguson Missouri home of michael brown and the riots there. 80 percent of the black people in city have outstanding tickets...see what i mean. It when policing becomes TOXIC to a community where it better off not having them around.
tileformiles 9 hours ago
There was no testing of the vaccine on pregnant women (FACT), and you wonder why pregnant mothers won't take this experimental concoction?
dead fish tell no tales
Doesn't sound like it was just his air fresheners
Sandra Leary
Sandra Leary 9 hours ago
Crazy3210 9 hours ago
Jai Norman
Jai Norman 9 hours ago
Better get justice or united will burn down once again.
Kauri Maher
Kauri Maher 9 hours ago
thanks for the informative video
Mu Hu
Mu Hu 9 hours ago
These protesters are the biggest (and free) allies to Russia and China.
WydGlydJim 9 hours ago
Ain’t nobody gonna be “squatting” in my home....they’ll be lying flat on their back.
Plum Smuggler
Plum Smuggler 10 hours ago
It's hard for the government to let go of the power...
Yafo, Is
Yafo, Is 7 hours ago
thy are provoking practical thinking ppl to a GUN BATTLE. Let it Begin!
The Bastard Gift
The Bastard Gift 10 hours ago
The parents are right to be concerned thus their protest is the right thing to do.
Kenneth Carter
Kenneth Carter 10 hours ago
0:36 vom.lol
Rhee Peete
Rhee Peete 10 hours ago
Complete BS
Shannan Schisler
Shannan Schisler 10 hours ago
I'm sure you will find a good way to heal on Weedborn.
its a wacky world
its a wacky world 10 hours ago
Dumb Dumb Dumb. Voters remember DEMOCRATS did this to your city. DEMOCRATS are the reason for all your problems. STOP BEING STUPID!! Get rid of them!
Cng215 10 hours ago
Air fresheners?!?!
Jack Canttellyou
Jack Canttellyou 10 hours ago
Kenneth Riley
Kenneth Riley 10 hours ago
I guess driving away is a threat to the police now
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz 9 hours ago
Its not a threat to them, its a threat to innocent people walking. Guy could be hitting those corners and take out someone walking and kill them. but honestly, why would he drive away?
Mayor Fuglycool
Mayor Fuglycool 10 hours ago
So how to you vent it for air ? Do you have to open the door ? Mayor Fuglycool
Kollen Cahrd
Kollen Cahrd 10 hours ago
Why is chauvins lawyer in the Thumbnail?
E. Fortune
E. Fortune 10 hours ago
How would she fish from that thing, is she expecting to wash ashore a desert island?
Me 10 hours ago
Way too many contractors scam their customers.
Eddie Gonzales
Eddie Gonzales 10 hours ago
She's just as crooked as her husband they both need to be put in prison these are reckless cold hearted business owners they put that kid life in danger
TNF 10 hours ago
Paint it white and you got yourself a saiyan pod
sjingelling 10 hours ago
Sir, thats not airfreshners i smell, pls step out of the car. *flees from cops*drives towards cops*shot*
Andy Davis
Andy Davis 10 hours ago
Air fresheners hanging from rear view mirrors is a big problem in the world today.
Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston 7 hours ago
@Ethan Weeter They didn't know about the warrant until he was pulled over for the air freshener. Police across the country have been using this as a way to pull people over to ask questions or search vehicles.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 8 hours ago
@Tyler Livingston Wright was out on bond for an aggravated robbery trial. So, if he committed the robbery, he was likely pulled over for that or a violation of bond rather than just the air freshener.
Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston 8 hours ago
I've been seeing police pulling people over for this a lot lately. It may be their new tactic when they wish to harass/murder someone with no real reason.
Just Coz
Just Coz 11 hours ago
Failed to obey the law. Failed to obey court officers. Failed to get away. *Bye Fallicia*
Strawberry Díaz
Strawberry Díaz 5 hours ago
@Fatal Schmelz right that’s what makes no scene
Fatal Schmelz
Fatal Schmelz 7 hours ago
Failed to realize her tazer was a gun.
HAWKEYE Montgomery
HAWKEYE Montgomery 11 hours ago
The man looks like he may have some black blood in him so they will have to release him and let him run free to kill and kill again!!
KOIN 6 10 hours ago
/W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +/1/9/2/8/7/0/7/8/3/2/5.......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON
KOIN 6 10 hours ago
Thanks for watching
HAWKEYE Montgomery
HAWKEYE Montgomery 11 hours ago
If parents don't want their student children to be shot, how about taking the role of a parent and raising them correctly?!?! Idiots!!!
Volodymyr Matvieiev
Volodymyr Matvieiev 11 hours ago
Freedom of action and support for all government officials and the Police.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 7 hours ago
@Volodymyr Matvieiev Yes, but that does not make them judge, jury, and executioner either though.
Volodymyr Matvieiev
@Ethan Weeter The highest rule of governance is the rule of law and the Police are the representatives and protection of this rule.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter 8 hours ago
Need to eliminate deferred immunity for all police though. They should be held to same laws as we are.
S.L. Perion TV
S.L. Perion TV 11 hours ago
Send that cop to jail for life. Read all these racist in the comments saying he was a "criminal". 😂😂😂