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BlackMuddyRiver 11 hours ago
I do not even see Bloomberg ads I do not watch cable t.v. most people I know cut the cable.
Don Wright
Don Wright 14 hours ago
Whatta dweeb!
Kevin William Walker
Okay but what tattoo did you get here?
Kingsford 18 hours ago
Galen is so cute in these
K Mc
K Mc 20 hours ago
I’ve got a crush on Galen
AJ7 20 hours ago
Does this surprise anyone...?
alexgameface 21 hour ago
I love this. Mostly just straight facts that help me understand the state. Thank you.
Emma Lammers
Emma Lammers 21 hour ago
This is adorable. I definitely need more of whatever that was in my life. SO PRECIOUS GALEN!!❤️❤️❤️
Zeke Crossbeak
Zeke Crossbeak 22 hours ago
Wicked informative and funny!
Who kissed Galen and why am I jealous?
LC CL Day ago
in another words. . it was a ripoff company to scam players of they hard earned money while they do all the work. ..lol
Ray Holden
Ray Holden Day ago
WA State ballots have dropped. We are a total mail in state. No caucus. No poll sites. The state even pre pays postage to return our ballots. It's almost harder not to vote so just do it. Let's make it the largest turnout ever.
Michael Blackwood
My life goal is to buy this man a drink.
Tyler Rehkopf
Appreciate Nate reppin the D
kespos2100 Day ago
Starting to build some RUvid traction ;) Happy to see it :D these are great
a doe a deer
a doe a deer Day ago
i’m having the competition for the state to see who represents our state, should I learn other languages/learn portions of languages or should I just study the words (the words of the champions)
Entirely Indifferent
A: Nothing. Not a d@mn thing.
robotsongs Day ago
"Hey Nate. We need a couple thousand dollars. We need to go shoot.... A thing."
Motti Day ago
I would love a video like this for each Super Tuesday state from Galen lol. Hes having a blast
Green Apple
Green Apple Day ago
Pete 2020
Green Apple
Green Apple Day ago
Why does everyone believe if it goes to a contested convention that they'll nominate bloomberg? Ik he has a lot of money, but why wouldn't they just nominate Buttigieg, Biden or Klobuchar? Even Warren?
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi Day ago
Brenton Clark
I love how much fun Galen was clearly having when he made this video! :D
Yogan Barrientos
your right guy in video!
Patrick Harris
And the award for most clever thumbnail goes to...
Tom Morrison
Tom Morrison Day ago
Galen's developing a pretty solid second career as a comedian -- great job!
Keen Invent
Keen Invent Day ago
Chloë Briedé
Galen had way too much fun with this.
The Nerdsmith
Galen was having entirely too much fun making this video!
Bryan S
Bryan S Day ago
When the front runner of their party is a screaming Socialist that owns three homes and is a Millionaire. Ah ha,ha
Doug Bevins
Doug Bevins Day ago
Every son of a bitch in Nevada has ten times the representation as every citizen in California has in the American federal senate, six time more than citizens of Florida, seven times more than citizens in Texas and six times more than every citizen of New York. That disproportion of representation is worked into the presidential selection process the apportionment of the Electoral College. What makes Nevada voters special? They pricks of are an offense to the American values of equal protection and one person one vote. Now that the Senate has stripped the rule of law off the government, why should the rest of us put up with this shit. Since it is now a government by party rule rather than a self-government of free people acting under a rule of law, aren't we finally free to fix those bastards in Nevada for thinking they are ten or seven or six times as important as citizens as we are. What are we sheep? What do have to lose? It isn't a legal process anymore it a zombie of party rule staggering to oppress us out of thoughtless inertia. Damn them all, both those in Washington D.C. and in little empty state who think they are going to be able to tell us how to live forever under a system that favors them by multiples. Damn them all twice.
Bill Brown
Bill Brown Day ago
What makes Nevada unique is how Cali sends in buses on highway 10 in drives to vote IN NV & CA.
Green Flash
Green Flash Day ago
Galen's price is only $100? I'll pay!!
Daniel B.
Daniel B. Day ago
Lmao this is about Nevada but it was filmed in Yonkers wtf
kapa1611 Day ago
@Daniel B. oh ok. it's a terrible casino then xD
Daniel B.
Daniel B. Day ago
@kapa1611 Ive been there dude it's all electronic machines
kapa1611 Day ago
@Daniel B. they might have filmed in areas without workers (you know, so they can have a closed set, without interrupting the normal operation too much)... the shots in this video are not like polls, they may not be a representative sample of what the casino looks like ;)
Daniel B.
Daniel B. Day ago
It's also all electronic machines there no chips no dealers just straight robbery
evenman27 Day ago
You used a lower case L instead of the division line character in the title. "What Makes Nevada Voters Unique? l FiveThirtyEight" vs "What Makes Nevada Voters Unique? | FiveThirtyEight" Second one looks much cleaner.
Justin Adams
Justin Adams 16 hours ago
Odd. I wonder if it was an editing choice for international font support
kapa1611 Day ago
lol, i'm sorry |o|. that looks much cleaner! :P
Belligerent Instigator
When we are talking about Democrats, nothing is different, they are still low information, make shit up about Trump, and have no idea what their Party is responsible for.
Belligerent Instigator
@VAUGHN!!! Studies show when someone believes something, contrary evidence makes them cling to it even more, but I will entertain this little experiment anyway. - Trump Rallies Increase Hate crimes: ruvid.net/video/video-z5snnZfoDtc.html - Barron is not Trump's Son: ruvid.net/video/video-62Dx0M4W_8c.html - The whole Trump-Russia Collusion narrative: www.vox.com/2018/6/11/17438386/trump-russia-collusion - Adam Schiff making up all sorts of lies, including inventing a conversation that never happened: thefederalist.com/2019/09/26/adam-schiff-makes-up-his-own-transcript-of-call-between-trump-and-ukraine-president/ -Trump being a racist -Trump being a homophobe Do I really need to bring in more examples?
VAUGHN!!! Day ago
Belligerent Instigator tell me exactly what Democrats are making up about trump and maybe I’ll believe you
Belligerent Instigator
@VAUGHN!!! Well, I'm also telling the truth, so it doesn't matter what my name is.
VAUGHN!!! Day ago
Your name does a good job at describing you
dat boi
dat boi Day ago
Nevada is and always will be a red freedom loving state and no democrat or socialist will change that! Imagine Bundy ranch on a massive scale if you try any ultra liberal BS here
John Kappelmeier
Nevada has been a blue state for a while
Sorry fellow Nevadan, but the majority of the folks here are blue.
Brian Peugh
Brian Peugh Day ago
Go Bernie
BDMF 1967
BDMF 1967 Day ago
Blank Day ago
Wow so black people get the label black or African American but Asians only get the label asian?? Stop this virtue signaling bs
xr440r Day ago
Democrats would do well to divide into there constituent parts. The communist party. The squad. The deep state. And of course, the slave party. Then, you wouldn't have debates between say, Sleepy creepy hairy legs Joe, and say, the guy that wants to get it in the butt in the oval office.
GohModley Day ago
Judy DinkiDi
Judy DinkiDi Day ago
That was cute. Galen you are having way too much fun!
wendy barwood
HMMM ... NV RANKS 8TH IN THE NATION FOR unions in the work force? How do they feel about Trump wanting to demolish unions? Is that why they aren't endorsing anyone?
wendy barwood
Is your dad a Trump supporter?
wendy barwood
@King0fDepravity It's nonsensical? How naive! That LOL may be on you!
wendy barwood
@Tom Morrison not to mention, health insurance....
wendy barwood my dad is with the painters union in Nevada and he seems oblivious that trump is trying to take away from what he’s worked so hard for. It’s nonsensical lol
Tom Morrison
Tom Morrison Day ago
@dat boi well, if you enjoy holidays -- especially holidays with pay -- days off, a minimum wage, and, oh, yeah, days off instead of 7 day workweeks -- be sure to thank a union man or woman...
Andrew Owens
Andrew Owens Day ago
You're doing great Galen!
Of course. Nevada is all about sin. Of course they are regressive.
Diamond Back
Diamond Back Day ago
Im waiting to see how much Bloomberg drops in Nevada. It seems all the papers are talking about how he's buying delegates and super delegates. And what's scary is that's from liberal news papers. If it was fox is be like " well it's a spin... But ya... DNC is being totally straight up since 538 changed the chances to no one receiving the needed delegates and it will go to the convention. Someone is getting scared and I think it's the DNC.
Mass Kreations
There zip code? Bc I think these politicians have made it very clear that they don’t trust the people to vote bc they might not vote for there criminal selves, so there gonna allow people to vote just to keep peace but we all know the voting system is out. Y’all ain’t taking no chances now that trump keeps beating y’all at your own games
Mass Kreations
Fermiticus exactly! I guess they think it’s less obvious they start making there excuses now rather than waiting until they lose again!
Fermiticus Day ago
...and...they're already setting up the blame on Russia, for 2020.
Carlos Rodriguez
Makes sense. Progressives who hate capitalism but like casinos.
David Hale
David Hale Day ago
Look at all that capitalism. Isn’t it great?
David Powell
David Powell Day ago
I have to admit I saw the title and expected a bunch of BS. Well, I was surprised that this guy is spot on. Bravo for truth on the internet - a rare thing.
Hugh Betcha
Hugh Betcha Day ago
If you want to see what "progressives" will do to Nevada just look what they have done to California. Poverty and tent cities popping up everywhere!
The AlienRobotAnthropologist
@Eric Devito Who gives a shit? GDP doesn't matter to individuals unless you have millions in the stock market. Even then, you don't actually have any incentive to live there, you just own everything there and want to see it make you lots of money.
Hugh Betcha
Hugh Betcha Day ago
@Eric Devito I guess they aren't spending any on the homeless.
Eric Devito
Eric Devito Day ago
Hugh Betcha California has a GDP larger than most countries
Robert Sanders
They don't call Vegas the "Sin City" for nothing... If Vegas is really all that Nevada has to really offer, then explain how it's being "the most diverse state" is making any difference at all, for the betterment of Nevada.
Robert Sanders you’re right, it’s very equal part, we even have Haitian refugees working as cleaners at the casinos:p so it’s diverse, but it’s not diverse like they describe, the media can’t imagine a bunch of white folk also wanting Bernie as our candidate lol
The AlienRobotAnthropologist
When we needed a place to test nuclear weapons or dump nuclear waste, we picked NV for a reason.
Robert Sanders
@King0fDepravity Never been there, I have heard of Reno, the so-called divorce capital of the world... I'm not putting Nevada down! I just do not see the whole bit about it's being the most diverse city has done anything to boost diversity for its OWN sake. !
Robert Sanders there are many cities in Nevada, Las Vegas is apparently the only one you’ve heard, which isn’t even our capital lmao
workaholic53 Day ago
Amazing that the California transplants along with the illegal aliens have overwhelmed the long time rural conservative Nevadans. Las Vegas and Reno/Carson City are now California east, while the rest of the state is rural and has nothing in common with the urban areas which set the policies that govern the rest of the state. Most of the rural areas only tolerate the oppression of those who have nothing in common with them and are making the laws.
Fermiticus Day ago
@VAUGHN!!! Transplants voted for what they have fled from (not all, of course)....then continue to vote the same way in their new home...wrecking it for everyone else. Look at Colorado, and watch every other state that cali's move to.
VAUGHN!!! Day ago
I hope you know illegal aliens are unable to vote... And so what if it's transplants doing the voting.
Kirk Grimm
Kirk Grimm Day ago
Luke warm regressives
Dumb Dumb
Dumb Dumb Day ago
Are they Chinese casinos ??
lol nah
Robert Sanders
What is this weird dude holding a doll?
ViN DZO Day ago
Nevada dems are butt heads
VAUGHN!!! Day ago
marlene riggs
Man, you really got them.
Patriotic Asian Populist
Wow Propaganda and the PROPAGANDISTS that promote them.🤨🤔
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby Day ago
Prostitutes and pension gamblers are deciding our future.
Clout Gang
Clout Gang Day ago
Nevada is going to Trump. Nobody cares
Clout Gang
Clout Gang Day ago
@HaveGotToGitGud Nobody gives af about climate change. Only midwits thinks thats what Americans care about
@Dave Calvo Prayer doesn't do shit. Nevadans aren't so stupid as to vote for a president that will just make climate change worse. NV is going blue by double digits, deal with it.
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo Day ago
We can only pray they smarten up and vote for Trump
Nope. Nevada is likely blue.
Michael Anderson
“Majority minority” and that is reason 85826473 why I hate the left. Just wow!
John Kappelmeier
marlene riggs
Majority in Nevada, Minority in America. That's why I hate people that don't think shit through and troll on RUvid.
*':RickK* RocKStar:'*
The moment you walk into a casino and shout , free money for votes. 🤔
Michael Anderson
Remember Bernie Sanders said that taxing 90% of your income is not at all too much.
gravityking Day ago
I hope 538 predicts Trump winning the Jackpot aka 538's Kiss of Death.
godsson711 Day ago
Bro did he just sell his ass for more liquor and gambling. I think he gots it backwards lol
Epic Brian The Historian
I loooove this format so much. Now I dream of reporting about politics and have half as much fun as Galen does. Keep up the great work and the nice props
pethdr Márquez
I'm a reno nevada resident Bernie all way
Fermiticus lol nah. Not sure where you’re getting 52% cause I’d like to see the source but here is Bernie’s tax plan www.bernietax.com/#0;0;s
Fermiticus Day ago
Bernie.... Wants to raise min/wage to $15, sounds great. Medicare for all....sounds great. To pay for that medicare for all, he wants to raise taxes to 52%, for all who make over $29K. $15/hr, at 40hrs, puts you above $30K...take away that 52% and you're making just under $7.50/hr. Cost of everything will go up, so companies can pay the extra wages...meaning your dollar won't go as far as it does now. In the long run, you make less money, while the gov. takes even more. But hey, at least you'll be healthy while you struggle even harder to make ends meet. You'll "feel the Bern" alright.
Elko rep here. Bernie all day son
VAUGHN!!! Day ago
@Dave Calvo He's not communist. Do you even know the difference?
Jorge de la Selva
538? Remember how they predicted a Hillary win? Stick to sports!
Jorge de la Selva
@Dave Calvo You mean cheat with the help of his daddy Putin?
Jorge de la Selva
@Tucker Bell You mean, how grammar works in order to communicate? Lol
Tucker Bell
Tucker Bell Day ago
​@Jorge de la Selva those with the capacity to understand how fractions work.
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo Day ago
@paradoxmo it doesn't matter who the Dems pick, Trump is going to win by a land slide
Jorge de la Selva
@paradoxmo Let's put this another way. Silver was for Hillary even though polling showed Sanders trouncing Trump. 538 went with its "Hillary leads in polls" narrative and then had to concede that although their polling was better than most, they could not predict Trump's win. Meanwhile, the DNC conspired against Sanders as they are doing now. In the end, who cares about 538 polling if it's wrong in the end??!!
Erin Schwartz
helllll yeah
Chelenides Day ago
Good stuff, Galen! Creepy-ass baby-doll though.
Fitzy77 Day ago
Cute video!
Nazboleon Bolshaparte
“We didn’t film this in Nevada but when you saw the casino in the background you definitely thought it was Nevada at first huh ;^)”
Tom Coogan
Tom Coogan Day ago
I don't always agree with FiveThirtyEight's analysis but I can't help but love them during voting because of how giddy they all are
Trap Town xyz
Omar Pachecano
Galen! Galen! Galen!
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott Day ago
No honey, no... you're viable b/c you're a black women with regards to being a potential VP pick. Is The Oprah going to call all the Dem candidates for you too? Didn't work for your attempt at being Gov of Ga. All these people running around, like the lemmings in the View audience, saying she's great she's great, is she? Name 3 things she stands for........um....... yep, thought so. She's way left of center too btw. Maybe she is smart b/c she's up on Marketing lesson number one: if theres not a need - create one, she's done that. People think Comrade Sanders will pick her - he won't.
Darrell Joslin
Black people bone other blacks all the time. It seems like black men do not want to work for whites and Jewish businessman. IM WHITE AND I HAVE TO WORK FOR OTHER. PEOPLE. I NEVER GOT A JOB FROM A POOR MAN. RICKY GOT GOT BY HIS OWN RACE. HIS MOTHER SHOULD HAVE WHIPPED HIS ASS WITH A SWITCH. THOSE GUYS ARE HUSTLERS.
Stan Hunter
Stan Hunter Day ago
Omg how many times are you gonna say "like"
zyl zyl
zyl zyl Day ago
Demon-cracy is set as a plague , since 1799 when they decided to murder the King in France it became a regime , giving birth to fascism nazism socialism communism populism anarchism who are extremist radical branch movements ... Vote for all these Volchevique fascist Nazism demoncrat socialist
Todd Ward
Todd Ward Day ago
With the latest reports that Russia is trying to influence the Democratic Primary... has there been a deep dive into what lead to Bernie's steep surge in the national polls and Biden's decline shortly after your model was released?
Elaine Thompson
Warren was on fire and they downplay that here! This is the most dispassionate take on a debate that I have ever seen. At several points the audience exclaimed "ohhhhh.....owwwwww...Ohhhhhh!"
Larry Bulthouse
Larry Bulthouse
Alexandro Rocca
Some people are welcoming the idea of a heist during the DNC convention, just to see the damn party go down in flames because that would definitely happen.
Gilles Huioutu
Gilles Huioutu 2 days ago
The demonrats will be crushed In november !
Harley Weedwax
Harley Weedwax 2 days ago
Williams ends up with the Saints which is P's home team..ironic
Harley Weedwax
Harley Weedwax 2 days ago
Master P and Will Ferrell should make a movie about this
Mad Mike
Mad Mike 2 days ago
"Folks, hes mini Mike, hes coming to take your guns and he wants to tell you how big of a soda you can drink. Not good." -Trump goes on to win 48/50 states in the biggest landslide win since McGovern/Nixon
David Williams
David Williams 10 hours ago
Only dumbest of dumb scared off by that
Benjamin Woodruff
After the intro can you please turn that music off? I thought I was either going crazy or that my ears were ringing.
Milo Kahney
Milo Kahney 2 days ago
Wow this is fun!
hellcat1988 2 days ago
I can just imagine Warren's reaction when she heard about berg being in the debate. "Oh! A wallstreet guy. I know how to murder these guys!"
mundane 2 days ago
still have 2 more pages to study and the bee is TOMORROW 😳 maybe 7th grade's gonna be my year
Nate's Scottish teens comment 🤣
peekaboots01 2 days ago
How many talking heads are going to tell us Bloomberg lost. We know! We saw!
Emcee Cheeks
Emcee Cheeks 2 days ago
Bloomberg is a moderate... LMFAO stick to the numbers guys
Dimgaard 2 days ago
Still crushing hard on Clare Malone
Mike G
Mike G 2 days ago
"super duper", wearing her levi's jacket with valley girl 'tude. ZERO added value.
Robert Corona
Robert Corona 2 days ago
Liberals sucks
Robert Corona
Robert Corona 2 days ago
Liberals sucks