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Boomer Bob
Boomer Bob 20 hours ago
The November election comes down to a DemonRat Socialist which is COMMUNISM vs. Republican Capitalism FREE America! No Choice!
Red Ficher
Red Ficher 20 hours ago
Yet she will win again in a landslide.
desroth 20 hours ago
Didn't Bernie blow up into a millionaire? I mean I haven't heard him scream about the millionaires and the billionaires since he got his millions, he is only talking about the billionaires. What a tool...
Joe Petri
Joe Petri 20 hours ago
Biden: “we’re going to South Carolina.” End up in South Dakota. 😂🤣😂
Ged Valente
Ged Valente 20 hours ago
So who runs the biggest racket: Don The Con Trumpino or Bernie Bombats Sauderano. felony charges TO DATE: * Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and confidant, has been convinced on multiple counts. * Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer and business associate, is in prison. * Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, is in prison. * Rick Gates, Trump's former campaign vice chairman, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing. * Michael Flynn, Trump's former White House national security advisor, has been convicted and is awaiting sentencing. * George Papadopoulos, Trump's former campaign advisor on foreign policy, has already served his prison sentence. * Alex van der Zwaan, a lawyer who worked with Manafort and Gates. has already served his prison sentence.
goaway 20 hours ago
Tucker, it is pretty obvious your guest is using a bad version of google translate because she answers questions you didn't ask and fails to answer those you did ask. Obviously she's an honest, well meaning politician with fully functioning brain trained well in our excellent educations system so the only possible explanation is bad translation. Too bad because I'm sure she has a very logical explanation for what is happening and could easily enlighten us deplorables if only we were intelligent enough to get our point across. Shame on us, we're unfit to wipe her elite shoes 😁
Linda Duvall
Linda Duvall 20 hours ago
Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it, all of this.
Prrrfect Minouchat
Prrrfect Minouchat 20 hours ago
...And his hair still looks great! Hi,Patti!
Bear 20 hours ago
props to Warren
Voula Sepeda
Voula Sepeda 20 hours ago
Yeah sure....on an alien planet maybe....
rustusandroid 20 hours ago
"Centrist Democrats"...... There are none. All the candidates have exactly the same political views. So Bernie it is.
Sampson711 Dean
Sampson711 Dean 20 hours ago
Stop posting old s*** as if it was new... fn jerk off
Rusty Wood music
Rusty Wood music 20 hours ago
Money can buy lots of ads. But money can't buy you a personality nor brains! Buh bye Felicia!😄
Yousavedbro Heaven Bound
Writing is on the wall. Indoctrination leftists who ignorantly falsely believe being a lazy government dependen bum is the way. *SOCIALISM IS FAILED IDEOLOGY* for INDOCTRINATED DRONES. "The leech has two daughters. 'Give! Give!' they cry. "There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say, 'Enough!': proverbs 30:15 there's nothing new under the sun what's been tried before, will be tried again. The definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Bernie is pushing a failed ideology exploiting the desperation delusions of in debt college indoctrinated institutionalize slaves.. you reap what you sow and Bernie is the result. Bernie is the result of victimhood minded, easily triggered non hard-workingg, God hating indoctrinated slaves. Jesus Christ is the future. Not failed socialism.
GenericNameHERE 20 hours ago
Crawling back huh? Get that harpy out of here.
Artemus Over Easy
Artemus Over Easy 20 hours ago
Can not wait to see what comeback Bernie has when the msm really kick in his “Russia hoax”. The fallacy that Bernie supporters completely ignore is that their own taxes are going to go up too. Not just the rich as Bernie portends. Who do you think will be paying for increased costs for goods and services when companies pull money out of the US and go elsewhere? Who’s going to pick up the cost of all the govt paid programs Sanders is schlepping to the crowd?? You are utterly deluded if you think the middle class will benefit one cent under a Bernie Sanders govt.
Sweetcherries Justice4All
Laura Glass
Laura Glass 20 hours ago
You people really are blind. Can't see this guy is stealing this country blind! Playing golf, getting paid outlandish amounts for secret service to stay at his resorts and you buy it hook line and sinker! Such suckers! He is Puttins puppet!!!!
Coffy Mix
Coffy Mix 20 hours ago
I am not a Bloomberg fan but, it seems that being successful in this country is now seen as something to be ashamed of, what's the purpose of becoming successful if you have politicians like Bernie Sanders, a millionaire himself and Hollywood celebrities who are worth millions lecture some one for becoming a success, Don't know about the rest of you,but that is just pure hypocrisy
Bryan Purdy
Bryan Purdy 20 hours ago
Bernie is going to be our next president. Finally a REAL leader.
jason johnston
jason johnston 20 hours ago
That man is guilty, sold our country out! The truth will get you 💩
671homey 20 hours ago
Godzilla is a great metaphor for My President!
Frank Ferrandiz
Frank Ferrandiz 20 hours ago
Noah Count
Noah Count 20 hours ago
Absolutely excellent, Jeanine. You are a national treasure!
ELTON GIBSON 20 hours ago
Biden is Pelosi in drag.
DeathShadow 20 hours ago
Trump is always true to himself unlike the Dems who change their accents depending on the audience!
Frank Ferrandiz
Frank Ferrandiz 20 hours ago
Lorry Mckiernan
Lorry Mckiernan 20 hours ago
The democrats are composed of low life's and psychopaths led by a near 80 year old hate monger and her henchmen bug eyes schiff and Nadler
Beer Hound's Beer Reviews!
I cant wait to vote for Trump again.
Frank Ferrandiz
Frank Ferrandiz 20 hours ago
Lori Wagaman
Lori Wagaman 20 hours ago
The super delegates wont let the candidate be Bernie. Bloomberg isn't winning like they expected so I fully expect them to bring a ticket out at the end of Hillary and Michelle.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans 20 hours ago
Any law abiding democrat better than pathological liar trump, Putins puppet. Its a shame that Americans are "either or" voters, incapable of supporting a third party.
Rico Von Spacewolf
Rico Von Spacewolf 20 hours ago
Trump supporters are either feeble minded suckers hustled by a Known New York con man and proven liar or willing traitors to the United States. Which one are you?
OSRS OSRS 20 hours ago
People focus on Africans and on Hispanics pointing fingers on they are the bad ones and the threats to throw off the ones that you really need to fear the silent stupid ones with a trick up there sleeves. From my understanding, Donald Trump is president and this is going on atm and dont forget his ambition for power and hasent done a darn thing but make chinease more money.
Red Ficher
Red Ficher 20 hours ago
Wow didn't know there were that many stupid youngesters in the U.S. maybe we should raise the voting age to say 35 years old Darn kids think its there time when in actuality its not. You morons need to grow up b-4 you try to run the country.
Jay Quinn
Jay Quinn 20 hours ago
Trumps getting in Guinness book of world records for most votes in a reelection.
Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard 20 hours ago
Dirt Ball
Dirt Ball 20 hours ago
Look at this disheveled loser, parasitic slob Bernie. Looks like a putrid walking mummified zombie. This is what you get when you have three generations of beta male democrats who run out on their kids, leaving them with a stupid woman who can barely take care of herself let alone her stupid little worthless brats. You get millions of dependent losers who need everyone else to supply them with money, healthcare, tuition etc
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan 20 hours ago
Bernie "White people don't know what it's like being poor" Sanders. When you have friends like that who needs enemies? Sanders won't ever be my candidate. Not because he believes in democracy and social values but because his position as a man of wealth blinds him to the truth of American problems. There is a vast swath of the country that Sanders does not understand nor does he realize exists. He's old, he's disconnected and he's done very little with the time he's had. If elected he may well be the worst president we've ever had.
HELLYEAH 1313 20 hours ago
The Democrats have nothing better to do than to accuse Trump of something that's untrue. Nancy claims, "The evidence is clear", yet she got debunked before throwing a temper tantrum tearing copies of Trump's speech like a sore loser. She is a clear representation of the Democrats.
Bisser Iordanov
Bisser Iordanov 20 hours ago
America fought the communism and socialism for more than 100 years and now people are expected to choose commie for president, hahahahahahaha. Never mind his mind is gone in the loony bin but democrats hate him too .
rdtdriller 20 hours ago
2nd place, makes you the first loser.
Gibson J50
Gibson J50 20 hours ago
Bloomberg has no more understanding of reality than a one celled protozoa.
Marshall Kinrade
Marshall Kinrade 20 hours ago
Give everyone off them a one way ticket out off the us, they obviouslly hate the country and should be helped to leave asap, peace activists my a'' left wing socialists who need to be emptied.
Aaron P.B.
Aaron P.B. 20 hours ago
These idiots have the dumbest responses to why they had a total scumbag as thier favorite guest. Brian Stelter faking his questioning of why they trusted him was typically of the pathetic joke that he is.
Timothy K
Timothy K 20 hours ago
You never see any republicans acting like the leftist democrats. All the violence is on the left. Trump 2020 😎🇺🇸
Bryan Purdy
Bryan Purdy 20 hours ago
Bloomberg is actually rich, Trump is not. Pretty simple.
Ann B
Ann B 20 hours ago
Thanks again Tucker for doing this show.
Chewybrand 20 hours ago
Waste of a video!
Lora Larose
Lora Larose 20 hours ago
Well it be if Bernie gets a hold of it
Joe Pirelli
Joe Pirelli 20 hours ago
Mark Steyn is sooooo fricking funny!!!
Johnathan Busse
Johnathan Busse 20 hours ago
Joe biden is the last person that should be bashing stop and frisk lol
Marc Right
Marc Right 20 hours ago
Bernie and the Democrats are simpleminded fools. "Never" is when I'd vote for them.
Andrew Blanchard
Andrew Blanchard 20 hours ago
SARAS DAMAN 20 hours ago
Brendt Johnson
Brendt Johnson 20 hours ago
I don't hear very many people talking about what Bloomberg said back to Sanders in reference to his socialist ideas and Sanders owning three or four houses and being a millionaire himself.
Mike Marder
Mike Marder 20 hours ago
ouargli sam
ouargli sam 20 hours ago
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee 20 hours ago
Paid leave foh
N. B.
N. B. 20 hours ago
And they call us THE DEPLORABLES....Look at the faces of these poor creatures...no Smiles , no American Spirit or Happniness... not even because they THINK they are going to get all those FREEBIES...that they dream of....its like a line of them heading to have their heads cut off...They hate America for sure.....no patriotism colors showing and NO AMERICAN FLAGS WAVING. What Idiots!!! They all need to start going to a Trump rally so they see, how A true American loves their Country and how WE STAND FOR OUR AMERICAN FLAG AND KNEEL FOR OUR CROSS... GOD BLESS AMERICA ...GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY. TRUMP 2020 !!!
jimmer hardy
jimmer hardy 20 hours ago
For most, the biggest POTUS skill is to make the country, those who participate, happy again. It's that's simple.
Blaine Rogers
Blaine Rogers 20 hours ago
Fake news!
Michelle Spierings
Michelle Spierings 20 hours ago
She looks scary. The thumbnail even more scary!
Sara Penn
Sara Penn 20 hours ago
Bloomberg looks like a lizard in a human costume... plot twist: he’s actually 900 years old.
william kannon
william kannon 20 hours ago
Fox News, Thanks Chairman Lindsey Graham & I.G. Michael Horowitz for this "MAGA" VIDEO!!! God Bless, Fox News, Lindsey & Michael!!! Today's Date: 2/23/2020!!! Subject #1. Viewers: Please, Listen to Lindsey & Mike's INFORMATION Details!!! God Bless, Viewers!!! Subject #2. Graham Opens I.G. Hearing with Scathing take on FISA Report: The System Failed!!! God Bless, The FISA Courts!!! Subject #3. God Bless, POTUS Donald J. TRUMP, His Family & All Other AMERICAN Nov. 3rd, 2020 VOTING PATRIOTS!!!
K B 20 hours ago
Wasnt there a better team to join than Russia?
david garcia
david garcia 20 hours ago
Why doesn't Ramos go back into Mexico and demand the Rights of his poor countrymen there first before he tries telling the USA his opinions.
Cartel893 20 hours ago
Trump would slaughter him. I bet mini Mike dont even want to win anymore
C. A. J.
C. A. J. 20 hours ago
Sure Biden... sure you creepy old man
Brian Gudio
Brian Gudio 20 hours ago
Nevada proved Bernie Sander's ground organization will defeat President Trump in the general election.
jmua04 20 hours ago
Democrats are stone cold losers. True degenerates and reprobates.
Felix Cuvreau
Felix Cuvreau 20 hours ago
Bloomberg is not in the race to become president, he is in it to avoid campaign finance law. They got the idea from their 2016-17 accusations on Trump, and Southpark. His actions are intentionally a stand-in for Trump in the democratic primary campaign.
epigmelo 20 hours ago
loser democrat. said he wont vote for bernie. might at as well be a magat. cus thats what hes enabling.
josephgaviota 20 hours ago
Republicans need come out in full force this November ... she's got THAT right.
ouargli sam
ouargli sam 20 hours ago
Jacqueline Campbell
Jacqueline Campbell 20 hours ago
Things seem to always come to light at some point. Words and actions rarely stay under the cover up. Does America need a President able to buy that office? If so a poor person in this country have little chance of winning. . No matter how hard they try.
Amazing Koala
Amazing Koala 20 hours ago
"men have to rise to the occasion to meet us where we are" - shaming language immediately used, belittling men, selfishly putting women's own needs first and expecting men to accommodate women at every turn of the way.
Richard Keith
Richard Keith 20 hours ago
Greyhound is wrong. US citizens safety comes first! Illegal aliens suck.🇺🇸
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 20 hours ago
these 3 stooges sound even dumber than Cortez does, a losing situation for that community
Oldliver Goodhag
Oldliver Goodhag 20 hours ago
Nadler is a sick puppy..he needs to be incarcerated..Hes a real dipshitz...
Jose Navas
Jose Navas 20 hours ago
Judge Jeanine; All this talk on social economic issues. It's as if the Robin Hood mentality exist. Let's rob from the rich and give to the poor? Certainly the wealthy have gain the system though their intermediaries in the House and Senate. Ms are we as a nation heading to our own Rubicon? I hope not? Be well
WillieRants 20 hours ago
Liberals = ME ME ME ME and I I I I and GIMME GIMME GIMME
George Swift
George Swift 20 hours ago
These allegations need to be treated like a felony and try the ones responsible!
Lora Larose
Lora Larose 20 hours ago
If they not breaking the law I mean ok
Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
There still seem to be two justice systems.
Funk Enstein
Funk Enstein 20 hours ago
Sanctuary cities are unconstitutional and politicians need to be held accountable for proclaiming themselves as such.
pinch mesh
pinch mesh 20 hours ago
Quixotic ? I'll bet Bloomberg NEVER rescued a single female that didn't want to be rescued. Sickum Ms. Jeanie !
Robert McCorkle
Robert McCorkle 20 hours ago
I guess a lot of people don't want to spend their money, they want the gov't to have it. Stupid!
Randy Polizzi
Randy Polizzi 20 hours ago
A Democrat is a Republican president and a Republican is trying to win the Democrat nomination. What’s next? Don Jr. 2024
Rico Von Spacewolf
Rico Von Spacewolf 20 hours ago
Donald Trump is a lasagna of incompetence...so many layers of lies, cover ups, ignorance and hate. He does it all in front of his supporters and they just eat up. They eat up all the lies and beg for more...and claim deepstate Democrat blah blah blah Obama Hillary... mean while we have a actual Russian asset in the White House and trump dummies don’t care. Trump idiots have killed America in the name of America but are just too ignorant to see it.
longhairedLibbie 2
longhairedLibbie 2 20 hours ago
magatrash mental retardation...on the hoof..
Buford T. Justice
Buford T. Justice 20 hours ago
Stop and frisk works it's not racist
KnowledgeIsPower 20 hours ago
Sounds like they're deliberately yelling loud to sound loud and in greater number than the few number that they appear to be. I couldn't listen to all of it because the unnatural yelling was unbearable.
longhairedLibbie 2
longhairedLibbie 2 20 hours ago
Richard Gobin
Richard Gobin 20 hours ago
In all of America this is what the democrats produced as candidates......so sad yet so good for our future. Thank you democrats
epigmelo 20 hours ago
this fool advocating for establishment candidates.
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed
MAGA 2020! But Mayor Bloomberg's Stop and Frisk WORKED the numbers don't lie.
Terry Ritchie
Terry Ritchie 20 hours ago
Nice picture of Biden throwing up the Baal worshiping sign thinking we don't see.
WillieRants 20 hours ago
I heard one of Bloomberg's radio spots while I was in IL. It was pathetic. It was literally all about Obama and what he's doing. It was weak on all fronts.
anthony sacerdote
anthony sacerdote 20 hours ago
His face.....is so..... orange....