Dream Vine
Dream Vine
Dream Vine
Just Dream...
Nathan Bolin-McCall
ITS 18
Tonio Atkins
Tonio Atkins 11 days ago
Lizbeth Brito
Lizbeth Brito 13 days ago
Neicy Allen
Neicy Allen 14 days ago
In the middle
Neicy Allen
Neicy Allen 14 days ago
I'm the middle
Neicy Allen
Neicy Allen 14 days ago
Issac career in the middle
Kenneth Gabriel Fernandez
This I so funny
Kenneth Gabriel Fernandez
His fully messy
Bd ratan
Bd ratan 21 day ago
I have a question What is *soap*
RaQuan Williamson
RaQuan Williamson 22 days ago
6:29 she was just playin best friend 😂😂
Reee Flex
Reee Flex 22 days ago
Everyone goes for Chips or Soda LMAO
Loyiswa Mabhena
Loyiswa Mabhena 23 days ago
The robber with manners
Matthew Higgins
Matthew Higgins 23 days ago
Who laughed during the first 5 mins of the vid cause I sure did
Karthik 12
Karthik 12 24 days ago
15:29 is it just me or he looks like the weeknd in this...
miyukii 22 days ago
omfg, nah bruh u on crack, cuz that's just u
F M 24 days ago
You two are too cute!! Your relationship is special, always take care of it!
Cyrus Cys
Cyrus Cys 24 days ago
Cooooool .
Ayman Br official
Ayman Br official 24 days ago
Like 👍🌹
Gabby Guerra
Gabby Guerra 24 days ago
Larry Montgomery
Larry Montgomery 25 days ago
I really wonder if his voice ever gets tired or just stops, cause he always yells!!
Memphis Perenara
Memphis Perenara 26 days ago
5:26 did you notice he said marcus instead of lucas. LOL
Latasha Willis
Latasha Willis 27 days ago
When is your b day
Noob! 27 days ago
Rezion Swifty
Rezion Swifty 28 days ago
i hate u
Gurshaan Kataria
Gurshaan Kataria 29 days ago
What is 6x3
Anthony Ciriaco
Anthony Ciriaco 29 days ago
Cammy Meuse
Cammy Meuse 29 days ago
Cammy Meuse
Cammy Meuse 29 days ago
caroline betancourt
Chene Evans
Chene Evans 29 days ago
6×3 = 18
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward Month ago
I would love wearing that Santa jacket
Dawud Abduljebar
The soap was funny as hell
Rodolfo Garcia
Rodolfo Garcia Month ago
Fun Fact:Your read a fun fact :p
Kayden James (kj1530)
big rager
Jonal Reed
Jonal Reed Month ago
Lani Calipari-Jones
Did anybody ever find out if he has a twin
Dhakiyah Bell
Dhakiyah Bell Month ago
Samantha Esther
Samantha Esther Month ago
what is the name of the song 25 : 07
World Vines Creator
i really like chetos and u?
Keisha Harneyhaywood
XxDustyFlowerx X
Easy 21
Vitalie Moraras
Vitalie Moraras Month ago
Nicolas Clury
Nicolas Clury Month ago
U have the worst girlfriend ever
Elizabeth leach
Elizabeth leach Month ago
We don't waste food in dis house
Joseph Emily
Joseph Emily Month ago
I fell bad at 13:12
Jhania Brown
Jhania Brown Month ago
barley ate this dry a$$ chicken
Olivez Online
Olivez Online Month ago
Nobody knows what 6×3 is
ッLord539 Month ago
bro this is impossible. Hardstop Lucas has to be one of the funniest people ever
Dannieal Affendy
Dani dagame
Dani dagame Month ago
I still wear
Freshyboy Month ago
I got two ads about the new keyboard ⌨️ and i just realized I already had it
Mizuki Yokoyama
Mizuki Yokoyama Month ago
Brandon Rolen
Brandon Rolen Month ago
Robin Month ago
4:02 WOW
Jashawn Mack
Jashawn Mack Month ago
I am not playing no games🤑🤑
Ghosthoyt12 Month ago
The one at 7:38 is funny
mrmusic27331 Month ago
and am in 4 grade
mrmusic27331 Month ago
6x3 is 18
Kerwin Anderson
Kerwin Anderson Month ago
I can't stop laughing
Kirby Sonic
Kirby Sonic Month ago
Sometimes I just wanna watch something so I watch these things and all the time I think:These aren’t funny somehow.
BlaxieG Month ago
I love it when he does the serious face XD 😂
khaled mohamed
khaled mohamed Month ago
Manal Hasboun
Manal Hasboun Month ago
Show Time
Show Time Month ago
Get ur math teacher. Who? MRS PATRICK. *bust the door*. BOOM WHAT?????!!!!!!!
Shirley Kennerly
When Marcus don't no how to read 😂😂
Shirley Kennerly
When your little brother is a magicianand hates you
Shirley Kennerly
Yolna Geneus
Yolna Geneus Month ago
I hurt my neck trying not to laugh here 😂😂😂 like if you did too
Jashawn Mack
Jashawn Mack Month ago
6×3= 18
Jashawn Mack
Jashawn Mack Month ago
I am not playing these games🤑🤑
Shadøw Hypxr gæchå
Kirby Sonic
Kirby Sonic Month ago
Xuancao Tran
Xuancao Tran Month ago
HAHA lol I lought so har HAHAHAAAAHAHAH
nightmare kid
nightmare kid Month ago
6×3 18 I think
Michael Goings
Michael Goings Month ago
me: whats the propblem Hardstop lucas: math propblems me: oh i can help you whats 6x3? hardstop lucas: ??? me: 6X3 hardstop lucas i dont know me:6x3 hardstop lucas I LIDGET DONT KNOW me: 63 hardstop lucas: WHAT IS IT me: WHAT IS IT... me: get your mom hardstop lucas; why? me: TORESA! toresa: WHAT! me: HOMEWORK toresa: whats 6x3? hardstop lucas: I DONT KNOW toresa: 6X3 hardstop lucas:WHAT IS IT toresa: WHAT IS IT... toresa: get your math teather hardstop lucas: who? toresa: mr. patrick BOOM mr patrick: WHAT toresa: homework mr patrick: I TOLD YOU THIS WHAT 6X3 hardstop lucas: I DONT KNOW! mr patrick: IF JONNY HAD 19 AMONT OF DISH SOAP HOW MUCH WOULD HE HAVE hardstop lucas: HOW MUCH mr patrick: HOW MUCH
Michael Goings
Michael Goings Month ago
get it lolololollolololololololololollolollolloolloloollololololollooolololollololololol ololollollololooololololloollolooloololololololooololloollllolllolololololololoolo oo loloolo l o lo o ol oo l ol ol o lolo
Gaming Rhianna
Gaming Rhianna Month ago
5:29 😭😂😂
Tommy Lanigan
Tommy Lanigan Month ago
Cory Suba
Cory Suba Month ago
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog Month ago
DorianB Pennix
DorianB Pennix Month ago
dream vine is super funny
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