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zoazimz Day ago
Omg, get to the point.. Zzz
mismos00 Day ago
Race = ancestry. Physical attributes are a proxy to race. You people must know this
Margo :3c
Margo :3c Day ago
Damn this good for ib history thanks gang
Dave S
Dave S Day ago
looks more like a seagull
Johnny Metal 999Army
HEY YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE PEYOTE, they got High and saw their gods in the fire.,
Johnny Metal 999Army
Eric the Reds son Discovered NewfoundLand..
Johnny Metal 999Army
Before I Press play again after the Into I hope u will mention that recently the Origins of Natives has been proved to be fro Siberia
Christopher Avery
Would you say nothing observable can travel the speedof light?
Shax Saladin
Shax Saladin Day ago
-plane crashes in the mountains unreachable for rescue missions for at least two weaks; Would it stil be a taboo to eat other people?
Robot Hunter
Robot Hunter Day ago
Shopping for Sherlock gives my life meaning. That and over a minute of intros and commercials before reaching the video.
iBlu Day ago
as some others may have pointed out, the Hagia Sophia was a mosque until the 1920s, at which point Ataturk made it a museum. So though it retains some of the historical trappings of a mosque, it is not, in fact, a functional mosque OR church - just a really awesome museum.
Gabriel M
Gabriel M Day ago
please reupload without jokes intended for 12 year olds
Delia Vona
Delia Vona Day ago
This guy is a joke. He actually thinks he's an intellectual.
Sid P
Sid P Day ago
2:59 When you gotta piss, but gotta finish your duty first.
Sid P
Sid P Day ago
Ehemmm... Physics.
Wenzy Day ago
I miss and respect Denis Ritchie very much. The first computer science book I read is his "The C Programing Language" about 8 years ago. I was so impressed by his wisdom and broad knowledge. God bless him!
Hema Singh
Hema Singh Day ago
How did the derivative of position became x=7t^6
HeadphonePlayz MC
Im grade 5...anyone too
Heath charles
Your so annoying
Kai _
Kai _ Day ago
“Texas actually used to have Democrats”
Hema Singh
Hema Singh Day ago
What is x=t^2
saggy Day ago
Erin Eubanks
Erin Eubanks Day ago
Excellent timing. Goes right along with that quote regarding being doomed to repeat history...
It's actually like 2:40 am for me lol
Pink Panther
Pink Panther Day ago
THis video is so good (even my social studies teacher love this so so much!)
Sarah Kendle
Sarah Kendle Day ago
My great grandfather survived the entire duration of the war and had experienced so much on the many battlefields he fought on (he served in Mesopotamia, Egypt and France), he caught malaria, got torpedoed and then lost a lung due to mustard gas in the trenches. Yet when he returned back home to Croydon, England the world he had left was not the same to the one he returned to and for the majority of the 1920s and 1930s he worked in so many random jobs just so that he could support his family. I think a big misconception about the 1920s is that it was roaring, but for the normal person on the street, especially in Europe, it wasn't - they didn't have time to party much as they had nations and lives to rebuild.
Jesse Biliran
This seems like a very biased comparison between austerity and expansionary fiscal policy.
zeleni sok
zeleni sok Day ago
IDK why John mentions only the Communists as the opposite of Nazis, and ignores the SPD socialists, who were much more numerous than KPD - both in parliament, and in street clashes against the SA.
Dave Vaidya
Dave Vaidya Day ago
Organic Chemistry Tutor.
Ilustrado Day ago
Ray Perez
Ray Perez Day ago
This invasion of the sea was probably celtic or welsh kingdoms from the far west? Along side a collapse of these central governments. You'll find Celtic kindgoms or the gauls, but the gauls were the wrong term, italian descents describe gaul as meaning barbarian or someone who doesn't speak their native tongue. But these wars and invasions have been seen for centuries, into ancient greek territory and middle eastern territory. So this notion of sea people, could very well be the Celtic kingdoms and welsh kindgoms of old.
David Hammerbeck
Mistake-orama. Gogol wrote before Tolstoy, and "The Government Inspector" was seen by the then-current tsar during Gogol's life. Chekhov was against drinking, so linking him with lots of vodka is misleading. No mention made of Griboyedov and "Woe for Wit" the most important play in Russia before Gogol, nor or Sukhovo-Kobylin. And his Russian pronunciation is miserable.
Ggdivhjkjl Day ago
@11:49 That explains a lot of today's politics.
Oint Flyment
Oint Flyment Day ago
100% like ^ for effort. Glad that you made it. Yet, a however, already: St Adolph is in Kek green face - the mesage is ... ? And Herr H practiced before a mirror ! OOH ! A Pooh fter ! And which modern politician does not before a performance ? And which actors don't ? Same type. Once again another 'history' show that dares not critisize the globalist rulers. They did fund WWI & WWii after all, But, hey ! That's a minor Tragedy & Hope-less to expose facts.
Brittany Simmons
These videos are everything tbh
Bea Duroi
Bea Duroi Day ago
Everybody here is grinding for their exam while I just want to learn more about American history 😂
Wolf Hammer
Wolf Hammer Day ago
4:35 false! God commanding the killing of Abraham’s son as a test. Abraham did not kill he son. Learn your bible
seokbi Day ago
That's not to the point, the point was he ordered a killing although the overall idea of killing is considered immoral. The immorality of that action is the entire reason killing is considered wrong because it stemmed from gods definition of good and bad. So to command something which he already had considered immoral is why this man in the video said it is felt that God finds actions acceptable or not depending on what he chooses
The Truth
The Truth Day ago
John you forgot to plug cc Anatomy and physiology when you had the skull
Jose Diola
Jose Diola Day ago
west philosophers are bunch of simpletons, not the scientist though..
Smith Sam
Smith Sam Day ago
age restriction....
Jo Luffman
Jo Luffman Day ago
Dude, as someone who is still struggling with not smoking 5 years after quitting, congratulations.
Nirosha Silva
Mohamed Gad
Mohamed Gad Day ago
And then? What else? All the Muslims who said that they r proud what u do in your daily life? JUST WASTING TIME IN SOCIAL MEDIA What a digesting mindset
A Day ago
This dude is really good, but talks too damn fast lol
MALI Fitness
MALI Fitness Day ago
Ah, this is good but she talks so fast!
humptyS Day ago
1:34 But the flying ones did
Jezarela Pulido
I watch him in my biology class all the time!
Luke Eckstein
1. Obviously it is the Czech Republic 2.Italy used to belong to the Holy Roman Empire for many centuries. So, therefore, yes vulgar latin was spoken there, as well as latin being used by the church and authority. 3. Although the HRE lost most of control of Italy by the Wars in Lombardy's end in 1454, Maximillian I (HRE before Charles V) had claims to Milan, being married to the daughter of the duke of Milan. However, during his reign, as a result of the War of the League of Cambrai, he definitively lost control of most of Italy. As a result, his successor, Charles V, was the last Holy Roman Emperor to be crowned King of Italy and the nations name was likewise changed from Holy Roman Empire to Holy Roman Empire of the German Confederation. As a result, Venice regained territory by the wars end, Switzerland gained independence, and the treaty of Noyon signed by Charles V in 1516 recognized French claims to Milan and Spanish claims to Naples, thus ending any hopes of HRE influence in the region. 4. If the HRM couldn't raise an army, it wouldn't have survived so long in the center battle ground of Europe. 5. The HRE was further weakened after the 30 years war and the HRE during Voltaire's time was just a shadow of what it once was.
Unordinary Blossom
2:54 lmao
Geoffrey Waldo
High mass star: Does this planetary nebula make me look fat?
Mayra Malpica
I only studied alchemy because of Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood and I do not regret it.
Michele Curry
Love this fast talkiing guy! Great learning, informative videos. Use these videos in my classes.
Arthur Santarem Gomes
that was realllyyyyyyy bad.... comparing to your normal standarts...
Paul Crooks
Paul Crooks Day ago
I epwant a date Art ann
Sean Steo
Sean Steo Day ago
But, in the long term, it's worth asking whether or not any decision you make cannot be traced back to a previous decision or string of decisions. If you, at any point, have the opportunity to avoid a given situation (regardless of whether you have any ability to control that decision in the moment) you become responsible for the latter decision BECAUSE you made the former one. If a device makes me vote Democrat regardless of whether I want to or not, I'm still responsible for that action because it was my own decisions that led me to a position by which I could be forced to vote one way or another. In this way, perhaps responsibility is a more constant pressure than we understand it to be
Karim EL Sharif
Lloyd Aguirre
Maybe there's a very very small blackhole inside it?
teen@heart Day ago
Once again very well and balanced summarised!
Murderino Day ago
I have that shirt.... lol Awesome
Sarayu Sarayu
Thank you for saying Nevada and not Nevahda !!!! XD
Takis are gUd
I’m just scared of the eternity part..like we could be something we either do or don’t like FOR ETERNITY Doesn’t that get boring😞
Young Eli
Young Eli Day ago
U actually have to be intelligent to even reach this level of information, God bless u all
Real Name
Real Name Day ago
"Mussolini wanted to make Italy great again." Now where have I heard something similar to that from a politician recently?
Anmol Krishana
Earth was much better place before islam.
Dave B
Dave B Day ago
Far better then my part time professor. Thanks mate.
路鸣泽 Day ago
Mongol of Yuan dynasty cheated Han ethnic really terrible. They even call Han people "The sheep that have two feet" and eat them.
Wayne Darling
Nicholas abdicated, Bolsheviks killed his him and his whole family, because they were scared the wouldn't survive a return of a tsar or any rightful heir.
Winnie Inyumba
Ethan Adams Bikes
Does anyone else find it ironic that he's wearing a pink floyd shirt?
Wayne Darling
You're not a history teacher. You're at best a fast talking youtuber. Show your degree.
I think you could've mentioned Napoleon's American adventures since you mentioned his African ones. He sold off Louisiana and blundered into creating independence for Spanish America and Haiti. It's hard to really fully judge Napoleon. He did so much, and yet also he had such wild and crazy ambition far beyond what could've ever been possible, and it's hard to really understand why.
Wayne Darling
Conflating issues again to deny how bad what you support actually is.
Wayne Darling
Lenin was super worried about the ordinary Russian response.
Wayne Darling
So world war 2 under Stalin.
Wayne Darling
This ought to be fun. Can't wait for the Romanov response.
Spit823 Day ago
How can you research enough info to make a video like this and still not pronounce Weimar correctly
Hell yeah, Gold medal C student at state math AcDec here. Rep that C STUDENT Genius.
kevnar Day ago
I actually knew most of this stuff. Thanks, Bill Bryson!
Wayne Darling
This guy can't tell you anything a cable channel can tell you. They just do it much better. He is a propagandist. Marxist at best Communist at reality.
ZappaBlues Day ago
Come the glorwious Wevowution!!
Wayne Darling
He's using fast talk with a slightly elevated voice, to conflate the fact he lives in a fantasy world. Witness everything he says he knows is wrong he gets all deep and quiet. When he wishes to lie he gets high and harsh.
Yonnick Hackshaw
If bones are physically moved by muscles, what are physically pulling muscles?
Wayne Darling
Can you prove anything? Show your homework.
Steve Lenores
The absolute worst video on origin of life I've ever witnessed. Only clears the low hurdle of non-creationism barely. Recommend skipping this one as a complete waste of time and CPU memory.
It's weird to learn about wars in between learning about the social movements that lead into them, because so much of war is practically a mechanical process. People learn and develop all these complex strategies to execute their wars, but either they work or they don't, and tracking that feels like a totally different academic discipline. The social forces that created the war have minimal input on how successful the overall thing is in the long run, and it is only in the pursuit of peace to end the war that social forces start to make the difference again.
Wayne Darling
Resonant conclusion of facts he clearly tells you aren't facts. Hmmmm. Conflating one issue against another.
Mohamed Hassan
Muslims pay zakat (زكاة), simply, money taken from the rich to the poor. Similarly, non-muslims pay gizya (جزية). However, not all of them pay it, so children, women, old and poor people won't pay a gizya. In general, the main idea that anyone should understand about Islam is it isn't like other religions. This is why you can find political, economical or even scientifical basis in Islam. For us -Muslims- there is only one religion but with different forms upon man's history, all the prophets delivered the same message of worshipping one god. But the last form of this religion is Islam, where it came in a complete elegant shape combining between life and hereafter by the words of Allah (Holy Quran) then his messenger (Prophet Muhammad), it would be hard to explain this in a post, but it is really worth searching.
Mclovin69 Day ago
Nice bedhead
Will Kelly
Will Kelly Day ago
I learned about it from Captain Picard.
Hazel Day ago
Wtf I’m learning this in school and I’m doing my hw about the roaring 20s rn
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa Day ago
Not only Haiti practices what is called Voodou, bt other Countries in The Caribbean and South America. Santeria in Cuba, Obeah in Jamaica, Candomblé in Brazil
Angie Chang
Angie Chang Day ago
Jake Paul
Angie Chang
Angie Chang Day ago
A tweety? No, a treaty.
Henry Savoy
Henry Savoy Day ago
So we have a bunch of people use to watching TV with A.C going to Vietnam with flying roaches and mosquitoes that’s big as your finger.
What do you mean Holden is the first one to pay a prostitute to not have sex? Happens all the time in the goddamn movies.
Max Farley
Max Farley Day ago
10:41 "and he one that ends it" - I laughed so hard at that......then I remembered the corona virus. Not so funny anymore.
Mr Green, Mr Green! The graphics team is Thought Cafe, not Thought Bubble. I think you've had a little too much Jack Daniels.
shadowhawk Day ago
Ive lived in Florida for around 24 years, been through like 10 or more large hurricanes. The day before a hurricane a 24 pack of water is around $3.50, and its at every gas station. I don't think hoarding causes too many problems since I buy like 5 every hurricane.
PASTRAMIKick Day ago
"The Lost Generation" is sadly a very appropriate name
Strobe Day ago
I liked the cue, notes and summary method. I believe that is a helpful process, strikingly less used than the others, but incredible.