- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.
I Am Santa Claus
9 months ago
Matej Marković
Matej Marković 15 hours ago
Limited edition bit theres 69k
The Luke Show
The Luke Show 15 hours ago
I thought Kris and Carl helped you
Ryan DeRocco
Ryan DeRocco 15 hours ago
Mr beast learn to skate at the braille house.
Nebula turboz
Nebula turboz 15 hours ago
NathanCanadian 15 hours ago
3:45 someone had to input numbers each time he signed a shirt oof
David Feron
David Feron 15 hours ago
Jimmy you are so sweet you actually did this for everyone Who bought a shirt!you deserve the best in life💖
Taylor Christensen
Taylor Christensen 15 hours ago
I would die the first day anyone else
Too Much
Too Much 15 hours ago
This is mrbeast stalling on spending money because he's low😂
MartinRonky 15 hours ago
Kjs17 15 hours ago
Who else bought the merch? It’s fire👌
Wiggl4ever 15 hours ago
November 1st? That's my birthday :D
1y6 15 hours ago
So close to 69,420 it hurts man
Wish, Hope, Faith 3
Wish, Hope, Faith 3 15 hours ago
Poor mrbeast
Jason F
Jason F 15 hours ago
First world problems, I feel so sorry for you.
Anime Loverz
Anime Loverz 15 hours ago
You guys trying to kill Jimmy by buying all this shirts. Which is why, go buy more shirts!
Muaxh03 15 hours ago
just don't wash the tshirt lol
QUEEN - TAP-My P!C:* To F.CUK! Me Tonight
chris hasnt been in many videos recently :( *Who else misses chris?* 😧
Genesis Casanova
Genesis Casanova 15 hours ago
i got it I GOT IT
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 15 hours ago
Rixilty 15 hours ago
Me : Wondering where my shirt is The shirt :
thug pug gaming
thug pug gaming 15 hours ago
He's a man of his word that's wut makes him a good youtuber
Diego S
Diego S 15 hours ago
Honestly Mr Beast is one of the most wholesome conent creator I've seen. He's up there with the best of the best and I hope his career is a long one
Abigayle And Carleigh
Claimyour ticket before 500k
typical lazar
typical lazar 15 hours ago
Caleb 15 hours ago
Who else thinks mr beast is the best youtuber
David Leist
David Leist 15 hours ago
MrBeast is hands down the best youtuber ever
Clifford Debit
Clifford Debit 15 hours ago
Expect Mr beast for signing the merch let's give him what he deserve a 40 million subscribe
Max G
Max G 15 hours ago
Wow, 1/9 to win the Tesla and the guy has it. He’s gonna love to drive that. Fckng awesome
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming 15 hours ago
τᴀρ_ᴏɴ_му_ρɾᴏƒɪɩє_ρɪᴄᴛᴜɾє_❀... sᴏᴍᴛʜɪɴɢ_sᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ_🎁💎 💖💖💖,,..,
Trent Plumlee
Trent Plumlee 15 hours ago
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 15 hours ago
He is the coolest
step songs inc
step songs inc 15 hours ago
mr beast got those minecraft pillow case
Jewish Shrek
Jewish Shrek 15 hours ago
Why cocomelon still have more subscribers then Mr beast
Fortnite oofs
Fortnite oofs 15 hours ago
can you post more vids there is no content on yt
Milana Orlov
Milana Orlov 15 hours ago
Can we still buy them? Or is it too late
Machess 15 hours ago
Well now you know how to sign your next shirt when you become famous. 😉
MolecularTree 15 hours ago
lol doing it for us right right. and the 800k you gunna make off it. love you always will but that was a little silly
Anderzon Galvez
Anderzon Galvez 15 hours ago
Moisty Man
Moisty Man 15 hours ago
It washed out :/
Rissie Cooking
Rissie Cooking 15 hours ago
Congratulations on 40 million
Kahiari Vibing
Kahiari Vibing 15 hours ago
Imagine disliking Mr.. Beast
Outbreak 15 hours ago
What did you do buy earth?
Yoitsmicah 15 hours ago
I think the shirts more rare if he didn’t sign it lol
Mikey Raquepo
Mikey Raquepo 15 hours ago
No lie my birthday is November 1st 😅 I will try to buy a shirt if u have any 4xl available
Normelt 15 hours ago
He signed so many shirts he has the power to Kill a human in 0.47 seconds with his pinky finger
Milan Bashirtash
Milan Bashirtash 15 hours ago
My reaction when I saw how many shirts O:
MatthewPlays 15 hours ago
Angaiha Ralte
Angaiha Ralte 15 hours ago
I love you so so so much Jimmy. You inspire me to keep my words and give the best I can to people in need. Keep grinding brother, you're the best!
Welch Boyz
Welch Boyz 15 hours ago
Yakuzah 15 hours ago
what a beast
Brak Ortiz
Brak Ortiz 15 hours ago
Yep ik it’s ok
Winter Heart
Winter Heart 15 hours ago
oh... no...
Keegan Tran
Keegan Tran 15 hours ago
my uncle passed yesterday and me beasts cheers me up 😊
Syntax EU
Syntax EU 15 hours ago
claim your early tickets here
Jeremy McCommons
Jeremy McCommons 15 hours ago
I’m commenting this before I watch it, my guess, he donated a CRAP ton of money to COVID relief funds.
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 15 hours ago
Can be in one of your videos
Christopher Svatora
Christopher Svatora 15 hours ago
what happened to MrBeast6000???
الوطن غالي
الوطن غالي 15 hours ago
Mrbeast is the best he wasn't his time for us his the bestttt
Cypher Foxx
Cypher Foxx 15 hours ago
I love how he doesn't do it for the money he does it to make people happy =)
Atlas Exiled
Atlas Exiled 15 hours ago
That's absolutely insane.
James Wood
James Wood 15 hours ago
You should do first to break a world record
Keeop09 ‘
Keeop09 ‘ 15 hours ago
Bro credits to u
Sawyer Ramage
Sawyer Ramage 15 hours ago
It’s fine cause it makes it better when you do upload
15k subs no videos challenge
Mrbeast videos are evolving and so is mrbeast
Kai Moya
Kai Moya 15 hours ago
He sells that much merch?!?
WillBloxian 15 hours ago
guys i have a secret to tell you CHRIS FORGOT TO MOISTERIZE :O
Random Dude
Random Dude 15 hours ago
I love how mr beast doesn’t own a mansion and fancy expensive stuff and is super humble
Johnny BIO
Johnny BIO 15 hours ago
Make this the most liked comment on RUvid
Mr Beast Plss Vlog To Philipines
Lil Wrong Way
Lil Wrong Way 15 hours ago
Ya should have love streamed it.
Tony Knudsen
Tony Knudsen 15 hours ago
Average between shirts and hoodies on Mr.Beasts shirts is 45 dollars meaning he made about 3 million dollars these shirts alone...
Wave 15 hours ago
Verified channels go brrr
Brian Ringler
Brian Ringler 15 hours ago
You messed up
The_ Dominator
The_ Dominator 15 hours ago
It’s ok jimmy we forgive you
n a t s u
n a t s u 15 hours ago
The amount of money mr beast has put into his videos is crazy and he still pays his crew and camera man hes probs a billionare!
Ankon 15 hours ago
Samantha B
Samantha B 15 hours ago
First hour!!!!
Tiger Dude63
Tiger Dude63 15 hours ago
15k subs no videos challenge
Mrbeast videos are evolving and so is mrbeast